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15 New Upcoming Games 2017 & 2018 | NINTENDO 3DS

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Here 15 of Bests New Upcoming games 2017 & 2018 will release for Nintendo 3DS . please SUBSCRIBE to support me also leave comment to share your thoughts
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Text Comments (49)
Alex Morales (1 hour ago)
All these games look so corny lmaoooooo
Constantine Vontas (5 months ago)
Anyone Else Getting The Nintendo Switch "Honey" Ad? Well does no one notice that even with the coupon the switch he's supposedly buying is 50 dollars more than retail price?
Pastel Mikadzuki (6 months ago)
I want snack world so bad. Omg.
Marina Di Pasquale (7 months ago)
Siamo nel 2018 quasi! But The Snak World?!...
Marina Di Pasquale (8 months ago)
The Snack World in 2017?! MA DOVE?!!!...
Ssr Eren (8 months ago)
dbz fighterz should be on 3ds and 2ds
JL T (10 months ago)
3DS is pretty much a RPG machine. For me that's a good thing...
Lim Forrand (10 months ago)
With all the list mentioned, I "MAY" play Miitopia/ Monster hunter (pkm base) and that's it the rest is kinda show the end of 3ds line. thanks for the showcase
Chris Yoko (10 months ago)
Why are there so many Chinese games?
Micha Chernobyl Malana (9 months ago)
don't you mean Japanese?
The Traveler (10 months ago)
2:05 For a moment there, I thought that was Edward Elric.
DNA México (10 months ago)
whatching this video and just thinking in some moments: "what the fuck"?
Paul Veldman (10 months ago)
where is mhxx?
Seba Hildt (9 months ago)
Jess Ransdell-Smith (11 months ago)
I really hope Final Fantasy Picross comes to the west!
Jardeson Barbosa (11 months ago)
I love my 3ds, but I'm so tired of Japanese games.
punchthatlaptop gaming (11 months ago)
monster Hunter yeeeeaaah
punchthatlaptop gaming (11 months ago)
monster Hunter yeeeeaaah
Poppy Williams (11 months ago)
Thanks!!! Poppy in Georgia- https://www.pinterest.com/poppystitches/
GEN-01 (11 months ago)
Persona Q2 + Etrian Odyssey V + Dragon Quest XI + Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon + METROID + SMT Strange Journey Remake + Monster Hunter Stories! 3DS still going strong haha!
wapak kapow (11 months ago)
dayum more awesome games in 3ds library.. cant wait
stevensays1 (11 months ago)
So you put Sushi Striker, but not Samus Returns? Why?
F Game Killer (11 months ago)
i did but not in this list, watch this one https://youtu.be/0aGsmkZblE0
Vincent Derkacht (11 months ago)
strange journey remake = yes mainline dq game to 3ds = yes (still hoping for dq monsters 3ds translations) new etririan odyssey = yes ghouls and ghosts looking game? = sure lol 3ds is definitely still going strong.
Shanice Kiong (11 months ago)
Vincent Derkacht i
Shanice Kiong (11 months ago)
Vincent Derkacht I
DevilBuster Kaz (11 months ago)
SMT and Dragon Quest hell yeah
CakeWizard04 (1 year ago)
Monster Hunter Stories = Monster Hunter themed Pokemon
Jonathan Gough (5 months ago)
CakeWizard04 I only played the demo but I like it
punchthatlaptop gaming (11 months ago)
Santiago Ponce play monster Hunter
Santiago Ponce (11 months ago)
CakeWizard04 that game reminds me of windwaker hd with the graphics
peter Garcia (1 year ago)
im only hyped for monster hunter stories it wouldve been awesome if they would of done it for the swit h as well since i have one already
peter Garcia (11 months ago)
Santiago Ponce currently in use sorry
Santiago Ponce (11 months ago)
heymynameispeter g can I have your switch
Holion 7296 (1 year ago)
whats so good about etrian odssey? that game always put me to sleep
fumomo fumosarum (11 months ago)
I think it's not for everyone. You're either into it or you're not. For me, it is the only contemporary "dungeon crawler" game that's interesting and fun. It is captivating to me due to it's art direction, gameplay concept and storytelling. The freedom to create a custom party of 5 and embark on an adventure to explore a dangerous, unknown place... That's just nice. And relaxing.
Jafan Fauzi (11 months ago)
Kevin Wei i like it because it can help me fall asleep
Daryl Pang (1 year ago)
me too, i get very impatient drawing maps
Yozu Z (1 year ago)
Radiant historia underrated
fumomo fumosarum (11 months ago)
the DS version has nicer artwork though, imo... it has more class.
Sanchez Jr (11 months ago)
Yoseph Siagan I'm waiting for that game.. I was about to buy the ds version, but then I found out about the remake :P
Zélina Preschia (1 year ago)
MH stories + Snack World + Dragon Quest XI + METROID + Miitopia .
Maestro Drake (1 year ago)
Still awaiting gameplay for the 3DS version of Fire Emblem Warriors.
Name your channel (11 months ago)
Trollazord aw man that would be shitty, if you have a gamestop you could get some trade in value for it, probably only be like $50 tho
Trollazord (11 months ago)
Carlos Perez I only bought the 2ds not too long ago so I'm broke
Carlos Perez (11 months ago)
Trollazord get the new 2ds xl
Trollazord (11 months ago)
Annoying that its only for new 3ds and I have a 2ds

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