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Beyond Good & Evil 2 - Official Cinematic Trailer (E3 2018)

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Beyond Good & Evil 2 - Official Cinematic Trailer (E3 2018) Ubisoft Conference • Platform: PS4, XB1, PC • Release Date: TBA ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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viewer3412 (11 days ago)
The two clips in here are not presented in chronological order.
FTLghost (14 days ago)
That naval canon kind of rockets launched at them...screw the rest of the city, right?
Earl Of Lemongrab (16 days ago)
BReeAhNee (17 days ago)
Omg Jade!! ❤️❤️
Lauren Kiley (20 days ago)
I thought this was supposed to be a prequel that takes place before Jade was born. It looks more like a sequel.
Schizophrenic Cynic (21 days ago)
This is quite simply one of the best looking game trailer's I have ever seen
Schizophrenic Cynic (21 days ago)
Oh please please let the game at least be close to this quality
Yojimbro71 (21 days ago)
There was no gameplay footage. Ubisoft has a history of being full of shit! Let's see what the actual game play is like😑
Davkin (21 days ago)
that wilhem scream 5:55
Sounds ΣPIC! (23 days ago)
I have waited years for this cinematic, (cause it fits a particular song ;) thank you.
Brittney M (24 days ago)
This isn't a game this is a epic masterpiece!!!! I can't wait to play this.
Trace Legacy (25 days ago)
In the first half we see EvilJade, but in the second part of the trailer we see what looks like Good Jade? My guess is she finds what shes looking for at the end of the trailer, and that leads to us losing her.
Trace Legacy (25 days ago)
Blake Hall (25 days ago)
Bit of a long time coming.
Ansgar (25 days ago)
Was für eine Scheiße, der Scheinemann & Affenmann.
Destiny Young (26 days ago)
Imhere for this
DeathbyPixels (27 days ago)
I thought this took place before Jade was even born. Maybe she was named after her grandmother or something?
Jarel Davis (27 days ago)
Does anyone want to hear what Jesus Christ has to say?
Josemdn 889 (27 days ago)
Jade Is Evil Here?
CHE GUEVARA (27 days ago)
Wats song at 5.05
Tvelok (27 days ago)
3:15 The Alpha sections (Domz) have appeared, with Shauni...
Oskar Ostapowicz (28 days ago)
Wow, swearing. Cool. Listen to that more swearing. Take my mum's money"
when will they show us gameplay
Eshan Udara (28 days ago)
you did it again Ubisoft! you're the best
el fanfarron (28 days ago)
w0w w0w ...amazing.
ian gitau (28 days ago)
Amazing animation and graphics!
Das Inhaberlicht (29 days ago)
Tbh i wish games like these came out with movies instead of games
Gabriel Da Silva (29 days ago)
Jade <3
King Penson II (29 days ago)
A monkey with a jetpack is so unfair
aventure hero (29 days ago)
Cant wait
SlayPlenty (29 days ago)
Nethersoft Games (29 days ago)
Loved the 1st one
Scoot Hayabusa (29 days ago)
wdf noooooooooooooooooo jade ok i gotta buy this now jax and dax this game and rachet and clank were the big 3 cartoon games that had the best storys.
Sailor_medjay (29 days ago)
Soo... is Jade good or bad bc the second trailer showed her inside of the ship as the captain?!??! The heck is going on😂 guess we have to wait for answers. *ALSO I THOUGHT UBISOFT SAID THIS WAS A PREQUEL??!!?!? I'M HELLA CONFUSED PLS EXPLAIN, UBISOFT*
dave dave (25 days ago)
your fine I was just in a bad mood when I wrote my reply so it came off as ruder than I intended
Sailor_medjay (26 days ago)
dave dave i see.... dunno if I should say thanks or sorry😂😂👏
dave dave (26 days ago)
Jade does have a mother you know it's not hard to put 2 and 2 together and finger out the Jade in this game is just a relative and Jade from part one is named after her.
BlackShotWolf (29 days ago)
3:01 No, no, no, no, no, no, no...NO! That is not how space works, Ubisoft. She was in the vacuum of space BEFORE her "space suit shield" covered her body. Her body should have exploded upon contact.
Armadyl Featherbreeze (17 days ago)
You don't explode upon contact if you go into space like that in real life... but you'd still die from the pressure differentiation though, as it would cause your blood to boil at least, whilst freezing at same time. In the trailer, the suit came on in less than 5 secs, so plenty of time to avoid the hazardous effects of space without a proper suit
dave dave (26 days ago)
dude its a game world its made to look cool not real
Ilya K. (1 month ago)
Guardians of the Galaxy or Avengers? No thanks, I want this one on the big screen! (I hope the game will be as epic as its CGI trailers)
Legna (1 month ago)
Why the fucking Jade is here? AAAAAAA
Marco Surprise (1 month ago)
if this is a prequel why jade exist?
Daxter250 (1 month ago)
eh? jade being merciless? or did i miss something? and what's with our lovely pig pey'j who got infested by the domz? did he get a cure?
Viet Phan (1 month ago)
What's Domino doing here?
GabroAMV (1 month ago)
i see Jade.. ok now i can buy the game
i am not a pro (1 month ago)
Is this open world
henryu zamasuki (1 month ago)
wonder what the pig must be cooking?
mewletter (28 days ago)
Anything without pork. Duh.
Mc-Laine_AC (1 month ago)
Damn that asian lady tho
Vegavoy (1 month ago)
seems way better than latest starwars
Georgi Galabov (1 month ago)
Looks like it will be a sequel after all! With Jade and Pey'j...
Constipated Parker (1 month ago)
This looks promising.
SCHOOL SHOOTER (1 month ago)
Zelda in space.
Sean Halnon (1 month ago)
Kinda would almost rather have this as a movie after seeing this
lily (1 month ago)
never played the first one...but so excited for this one that im downloading the first one to meet the world of this game
jenifer calvin (1 month ago)
And why is not a film?
Relict 805 (1 month ago)
looks amazing except the fact that you play a dirty and ugly monkey... Wish jade was the main char again...
KeepsakeAtlas (1 month ago)
looks like a movie damn
Raphael lo (1 month ago)
HELL YEAH! Faith restored in the game!
Chritopher30 Max (1 month ago)
Bar_Pirate (1 month ago)
grazy god (1 month ago)
dissident du jeu video (1 month ago)
yes dudes, it's a prequel, jade is young you don't see ?
WhyteLis21 (1 month ago)
Jade went to the dark side! 😱
Miguel Dias (1 month ago)
who let the negress fly a billion dollars starcraft ?
2WhoWhaBooHoo (1 month ago)
Wow just give us a movie that would be so cool :D
eronilson cardoso (1 month ago)
Enquanto isso sai AC a cada seis meses, ou menos...
Flo-Motion Lifestyle (1 month ago)
WTF! Jade!? That first trailer so insane it made me emotional! As well as most of the others who played the first game lol
Najee Jackson (1 month ago)
This shit looks Bananas
The Serpent Seedline (1 month ago)
Hopefully that monkey dies in the beginning of the game.
Tvelok (27 days ago)
DHF F (1 month ago)
The feel of this game is totally different from the first. The first one felt a lot more bright and friendly and this one looks like it was directed my Quentin Tarantino.
MIimo Reii (1 month ago)
This reminds me of Guardians of the Galaxy.
gale2384 (1 month ago)
Why realistic? The original had unique art design and caricatures.
Topaz Blu (1 month ago)
That's some pretty strong love there Pey'j.
sceti118 (1 month ago)
Can't wait for this
nghia sing ha (1 month ago)
i need to see some gameplay
dave dave (26 days ago)
then look it up they showed gameplay for it a while ago
Emmanuel Martindale (1 month ago)
wtf happened 2 jade? i cant even tell who the playable character is
Master Oak (1 month ago)
OK, who exactly do we play as? Since Jade is now obviously the villain.
Dila Bayındır (1 month ago)
its been 15 years since the first game, i was a little kid when i played it and it was my favorite game im so happy they finally decided to make the 2nd game :’)
King Plays (1 month ago)
I said beb man dont dance
Diego (1 month ago)
Zack Autrey (1 month ago)
Please be an amazing game. Need another game that will take more then a week to beat
La'Quia (1 month ago)
I love bad(ass) lead female characters in charge. Don't you?
LDN NDL (1 month ago)
This is the only game I am 100% getting, also thinking about doom eternal, Spider-Man and fallout 76 as well
Erika Anne (1 month ago)
Dafuq? I thought i was watching a movie!
VinceFool Game (1 month ago)
Im so exited ! Yo i'v wait for this
Badboy DCX (1 month ago)
Is Jade Evil now or bounty hunter? •___•
Big Woke (1 month ago)
smh might as well make a movie now
Teodor The Entertainer (1 month ago)
I hope it will be as good as the first one in terms of storyline!
Chad Sparrowe (1 month ago)
video games have come to a point where boob physics are standard. It's a beautiful time to play video games.
Cosmo (1 month ago)
This as a movie will be 10x better imo
sakurazukamorisubaru (1 month ago)
No wonder small Kim Kai wants them dead. o_O
Madmax500 (1 month ago)
Matthew Herman (1 month ago)
Renta Plaza (1 month ago)
There is an element of racism in the game the Monkey speaks with a Jamaican accent (Hay un elemento de racismo en el juego el Mono habla con acento Jamaiquino)
Renta Plaza (17 days ago)
whatever you say white monkey
Armadyl Featherbreeze (17 days ago)
Racism goes both ways, just like real life, it not just whites who are racist, blacks, arabs and asians are too
ShazamGod22 (1 month ago)
Sounds British to me
well the pig has an american accent so it slices both ways
Unes Duhal (1 month ago)
ZmTopReasons (1 month ago)
Where's pappa pig?
ZmTopReasons (1 month ago)
I though it said beyond two souls 2
pipe cortes (1 month ago)
cinemáticas que atrapan :D
Adam Sagehorn (1 month ago)
Three reasons to be disappointed. Ubisoft gave us nothing new just another cinematic trailer, with no gameplay a year later. No release date also. And kept it vague as shit. Basically just recycled last year's conference on the topic of this game. So wait until next year's E3 BG&E fans.
Its UBISOFT... No thank you
profsrkil187 (1 month ago)
OMG I AM SO READY FOR THIS. absolutely loved the first game and ive been waiting so long for this!
I'm Tyfyh (1 month ago)
What have they done to the 1st series!.. this is a completely different game but with the same names
eric eggleston (1 month ago)
Cant wait to play this... super excited...

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