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Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018 with Cecilia & Nathan

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We streamed the new Halloween event for Overwatch on our Twitch! Follow us for daily live streams: https://www.twitch.tv/kotaku For more videos, news, previews and reviews, go to http://kotaku.com
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Text Comments (9)
DevilVocano (7 days ago)
Mccree 50% hit accuracy
Darren Ivano (7 days ago)
please tell me that the person playing McCree is Michael j fox on a seizure on the euthanasia coaster while an earthquake is happening
You said gameplay and all I got was complaining...
Fingersoop I (7 days ago)
Is all Overwatch at this point deserves.
The Moondial (8 days ago)
Same event. No reason to go back to Overwatch.
Nathan Kessler (8 days ago)
Go through this whole thing and don't even use the new skins when you play...SMH
Sunesen (8 days ago)
Must be some internal Overwatch speak when they say "Boobs are bad". XD
crcoghill (8 days ago)
WHAT!? the Hammond one is "Bad"? No. I believe people deserve their own opinion, but this is wrong.
Rvolnoitilomed (8 days ago)
Haha first

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