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Top 10 Upcoming HORROR Games 2017 & 2018 | PS4, Xbox One, PC

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Here 10 of Bests New Horror games 2017 and 2018 will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Pc . please SUBSCRIBE to support me also leave comment to share your thoughts
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Text Comments (267)
Avinash Verma (5 months ago)
Avinash Verma (5 months ago)
fuck me
Sunil Shrimali (5 months ago)
I subscribe
just Q (5 months ago)
What about "prey"
Tony Burnett (6 months ago)
and imagine thoses games with the VR mask .... just terrific
Petite Mariee (8 months ago)
Some games like Outlast 2. e.g Call of Cthulhu
SolidSnake12231 (8 months ago)
Number One : Visage
June17th (9 months ago)
evil within 2 is coming out?! why I haven't heard about it?
Coc Account (9 months ago)
mustbhave shown nazi zombies from ww2
Dorothy Lampard (10 months ago)
What was the 10th game???
ImTheAlphaNow 10 (10 months ago)
Really annoying how most cool games come out on pc :/
Adnane Daiblo (10 months ago)
WaW , thé evil within 2 😂 IS the bast
Craft Craft (10 months ago)
I am so depressed and I wish I can become a ghost and disappear
Ana Sofia Monteiro (9 months ago)
Crafty Sammy what's wrong? U can talk 2 me if u want too
Jay Hovah (10 months ago)
odd that Agony isn't on this list
Jay Hovah (10 months ago)
evil within 2 is amazing.. but man those hair graphics are still terrible
dra6o0n (10 months ago)
Yomawari Midnight Shadows is releasing in October 24th, and it's not in this list? Also what's with the list of FPS horror games?
Al (10 months ago)
The house reminds me more of Mary Shaw
DOOM OCTOPUS (10 months ago)
That HR Geiger style one looks really interesting
lordzedo22 (10 months ago)
The Evil Within 2 is only one i cared,..i really hate "hide n seek" or "run for your life" type of horror game...
dra6o0n (10 months ago)
You might wanna check out Yomawari's Sequel this October.
Sharkdiver345 (10 months ago)
I see the Conjuring. I cringe. The Conjuring is one of the worst horror movies ever
thunderbreak (10 months ago)
Just my 2 cents, first person horror game is a cop-out. Don't have to worry about animation, don't have to worry about character design, don't have to worry about in game cosmetic changes. Just add a screaming voice and it's "immersive".
Shadowlurker the Marauder (10 months ago)
I'm here to shit bricks and play horror games.. but I'm all out of games
Lost Oceans (10 months ago)
hey a Call of Cuthulu remake, can't wait!
TANNER EDGE (10 months ago)
0:30 Dead silence anyone?
Elsa Debroglie (10 months ago)
I know why you came to this video and to your disappointment they only show it for roughly a second. 4:44
Shadow60f (10 months ago)
Okay what the heck is people's obsession with cthulu, I get it, seeing him drives you mad but by that premise in any game it makes him pointless as you can never actually see him which just makes him a stupid concept to use in a game dood XD
Shadow60f (10 months ago)
I just want a horror game that isn't just jumpscare after jumpscare, I want to look at something and feel so uncomfortable that it makes me scared to even think it's going to get me, provoking a natural reaction to loud noise is just a cheap and pathetic way to scare people dood.. -_-
Shadow60f (10 months ago)
I don't think you got my point, I'm basically saying both eternal darkness and this game specifically using cthulus name would have been scary without the big bad monster because you can never actually see the big bad monster...ever, he will literally drive you insane to the max if you see him and anything less would make it a terrible cthulu, he's a wasted excuse of an antagonist in these games dood. Also game devs must literally do 0% research if that's the case seeing as insanity is literally his main thing, it's gotta be like the first thing that even pops up about him when you do a search dood. XD
ClownBrian (10 months ago)
not really, ever heard about eternal darkness? If they managed to screw with you on the same level it could be one of the best hits this year. Also so many game developers jump onto it without fully grasping the horror concept on cthulhu, so we can just hope they manage it.
Amy Williams (10 months ago)
I can't wait for the evil within 2.
LycanicPotato (10 months ago)
Scorn looks like a mesh of Giger and Beksinski. I'm so excited.
Da girly thing:3 (10 months ago)
I seriously need UNTIL DAWN 2
witchapparatus (10 months ago)
Scorn is set for sometime in 2018 now. Hit up their website and they'll explain the rest.
Mothified (10 months ago)
1:46 is that a free asset? ._. WEll...at least CoC and Scorn look nice
Morgan Knight (10 months ago)
well now i know wat im gonna do when these games come out wait for someone to post a video about em and watch it cus im a wuss and my pc sucks
Hwakk Gaming (10 months ago)
The Evil Within 2 is already own all of them
Hakrius (10 months ago)
Way too many of these games are first person, which leads me to believe that Jumpscares will be prime in these games... and while jump scares are fine, they aren't really horror.
Super Saiyan 5 Goku black (10 months ago)
Definitely looked forward playing the evil within 2😂
Some One (10 months ago)
All new horror games it's just the same shit...first person-jump scares-and about 5 hours of gameplay.
Daniel Richards (10 months ago)
Last Year looks like a ripoff of Dead By Daylight (and F13)
Rachel Atkinson (10 months ago)
The Observer sounds like the Final Cut movie with Robin Williams.
Nagelfar (10 months ago)
where is visage?
Alex (10 months ago)
Is it just me or did people stop being creative
BillyBobTurtle (10 months ago)
Omg, those games look fantastic. I mean literally all of them.
Joel Smerber (10 months ago)
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01GW8Y17G/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=merb09-20&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B01GW8Y17G&linkId=fc70d6d16ef7abfe1722ccf4a4be6882 I am obsessed with RE7, what an incredible game! It's for sale on amazon right now for $39! Awesome deal!
_xBIGBOSSx_ (10 months ago)
The evil within 2 is gonna be awesome!
YandereCathy (10 months ago)
Anyone know the name of the beat from Today is my birthday gameplay trailer thing??
Majin FOX (10 months ago)
1:01 ...is that...is that the Slenderman..? Is that the Slenderman in a "Conjuring" video game? ...Im not going to lie, that's actually pretty cool.
AudienceKillerGaming (10 months ago)
Scorn Looks very H.R. Giger-esque.
mLeczny mLecz (10 months ago)
The Evil WIthin 2 !!!!!!!!!
Creepy Kid (10 months ago)
thanks to P.T ( and maybe resident evil 7), the house setting got insanely popular in horror genre. And I can tell you why horror title devs love using fucking houses. 2 (maybe 3) words. Hallway, windows.... AND FUCKING DOORS. Doors are just too perfect. Fuck doors. They are made to be jumpscare material. Every fucking door looks creepy. More so than the actual creature thatll jumpscare the shit out of you once you take a peak into the next room. And hallways? Because fucking lisa thats why... fuck houses in general. If I was to stumble through a scary fucking house, you know what i would do? Find a source of fire, taking that shit down with me. If you are in a house with mutants or fucking horror shit, you wont survive. So why not suicide mission that shit down with you. And guiding that shit down to hell where it came from. Thats rite motherfucker
Creepy Kid (10 months ago)
my god. The evil within 2 trailer was beautiful. With all those long hallways, fucking banging as doors, and freaky abominations. Proves me rite, yo!
Drew Byrd (10 months ago)
Idk how I feel about the evil within since I now know it's all virtual reality
RetechDragonflame (10 months ago)
Would be nice if they showed a bit more of Scorn. All they showed is that everything is extremely biological, but no horror (unless it was supposed to be hidden in weirding player out with everything).
Oink ards (10 months ago)
I've yet to see THE THING 2019.
Supa Flask (10 months ago)
Really looking forward to Evil Within 2, the first one was the bomb!
RpgBlaster Rpg (10 months ago)
The grudge is back yeahhhhhhhhhh
Howya Doin (10 months ago)
These horror games on pc suck major ass.
gaddes scott (10 months ago)
looking forward to evil within 2
No Name (10 months ago)
Me wants to play "Its My Birthday"
Lucas Carrizo (10 months ago)
Noooo en serio ... estos son los juegos de terror ,LOL
The Archivalist (10 months ago)
I dont know about you but I really love the HR Giger vibes I'm getting from Scorn.
D.A.C XtinaFighter (10 months ago)
Scorn? Um ew
moom beam (10 months ago)
I think that white day game is on iPhone u just have to pay for it
Anthony Pescrillo (10 months ago)
Evil within 2 I'm pumped for 👌
killeing (10 months ago)
Oh god Evil within 2 is coming out this year O_o?! Awesome! I can't wait to see the death scenes ^^!
Jake Daughrity-Johnson (10 months ago)
Scorn looks boring and not scary.
I am going to play all of them. But I am still waiting for house of wax videos game. If they'll make one any time soon
Soso sisi (10 months ago)
The evil within dead space editon huh?
Eric F (10 months ago)
The Evil Within 2! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!
Menma Uzumaki (10 months ago)
Eric F IKR
Rachael Parkes (10 months ago)
I love horror games
Menma Uzumaki (10 months ago)
Rachael Parkes me too
stripe801 (10 months ago)
oh wow aLL first person but one what a fucking surprise
Mop (10 months ago)
at least the evil within looks good. even if you didnt like the first at least they're trying to keep survival horror alive.
Federikke Juul (10 months ago)
I really like scary games and game plays
Jonathan Symes (10 months ago)
Wait a minute I'm sure I saw a video showing pc ps4 xbox 1 for scorn
Ricardo Contreras (10 months ago)
Jonathan Symes this video seems to leave out info because White Day is for PS4 and PC. it's not a ps4 exclusive
stevy johnson (10 months ago)
CANT W8 FOR THE EVIL WITHIN 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe Bebi (10 months ago)
Time for us to go back into STEM this Halloween!
Munie L (10 months ago)
Master Kenchass penisgay ii
Sabrina Reynolds (10 months ago)
Me neither!!!!
Areya Linnea (10 months ago)
I see a messy house, I want to clean it...
SeculaRxHumanisT (10 months ago)
Wish you could see my house and follow through with your idea
Night Light (10 months ago)
Games like these as cheesy as some are inspired helped inspire my CP Channel so heck if you guys like creepy stories please check em out!
Shin Chan (10 months ago)
Someone needs to link Pandorya here xDD
Shin Chan (10 months ago)
1:00 Looks like Slenderman is coming for you ;)
Steve Forbes (10 months ago)
Sad we get nothing mind blowing or original anymore. Why have games stopped evolving?
Demon saga (10 months ago)
I must tell markiplier to play this game
Bach Vine (10 months ago)
They need to remaster Silent Hill with better graphics!
oman25 (10 months ago)
I wish sadly konami will never sell the IP:( O well at lest it still hold up very well today I kind of find the ps1 graphics to add to the atmosphere best ps1 game in my opinion.
NoJamChaeng (10 months ago)
Fourbery Jones (10 months ago)
3:30 : Like in the movie Mama from Guillermo del Toro. ^^
Mary Tiffany (10 months ago)
They're redoing white day!!!!!!
Tomi (10 months ago)
white day again? How many version is white day gonna have.
Ookami inazuma (10 months ago)
it's like asking how many versions of resident evil 4 there are.... you just don't bother anymore XD
Dj Devoid (10 months ago)
Can't wait for evil within 2
Ren (10 months ago)
Can't wait to see the high school students to trip over oxygen when running away from me in Last Year.
looks more like "top 10 upcoming walking simulators"... if you want this you dont need to wait, just go to steam greenlight... ugh...
Christina Kwon (10 months ago)
Imo the remastered White Day is more for fans who stuck by the game for nearly 20 years. I think ppl who didn't go to school in Korea will miss out a lot because the creators use the environment that would seem mundane to Korean students against the player. (Fyi they often stay at school well into the night to study.) The voice acting was, and still is, weird af though. I wish they'd gotten rid of it...
End Boss Eleven (10 months ago)
Upcoming walking simulators 2017-2018
Kylie Punky Pixie Dowers (10 months ago)
A blind Al Bundy as a serial killer in Last year, lol
JannieJubille (10 months ago)
catharsis, catharsis, catharsis
Harlock Munba (10 months ago)
Looking forward to the TOOL music video Oh i mean, Scorn.
Anggita Agito16 (10 months ago)
i wish i can play Scorn
Ignited Foxy (10 months ago)
Dead space silent hill and fnaf should return
Lunasol 332 (10 months ago)
Ignited Foxy Fnaf can wait a couple of years. You can say this with Silent Hill, but Fnaf is just... ugh. But I see one or two original gems. Scorn seems as example more than interesting!
Charlie Holmes (10 months ago)
I love how slow people run in horror games if i was in a horror game situation and i was chased by psycho monster things i"d be running my fucking ass off
Charlie Holmes (10 months ago)
First evil within was a disappointment it was good but not what i expected i was hoping for a horror game not an action packed survival game that happens to be creepy
oman25 (10 months ago)
Charile Homes play it on nightmare mode one hit and it all over ha good time on that difficulty.
Christina Kwon (10 months ago)
Charlie Holmes / I was really disappointed but I think it was mostly because my expectations were way too high, its being Mikami Shinji's pet project and all. It seemed like a messy mesh of RE and SH and ended up being neither. A lot of good ideas and great atmosphere but the game somehow didn't click with me. The second one looks like it's worth giving a chance though
Marlem Rguez (10 months ago)
Charlie Holmes I kind of liked it, probably because I like the type of games where you can explore and find things like ammo, what kind of annoyed me was when fighting some bosses or enemies.
YaoiAngel00 (10 months ago)
Killer mode sort of gives an unfair advantage to the killer, do the survivors have something similar?
YaoiAngel00 (10 months ago)
can they kill him? Jason in 13th took quite abit to kill him, but it was possible.
wtfkaraa (10 months ago)
The thing is will these games be as good as the trailer shows them as?
Ijime - San (10 months ago)
Scorn seems more like a sci-fi rather than horror game to me tbh. I don't mind the fleshy settings tho, reminds me of Queensland in Alice Madness Returns and The Evil Within. <3 Extremely hyped for The Evil Within 2, Call of Cthulhu and Scorn.
oman25 (10 months ago)
Wolfie same such an awesome game.
Sharkdiver345 (10 months ago)
You should play: American Mcgee's Alice. That game is way better than the sequel: Madness Returns
WØLFIE (10 months ago)
WØLFIE (10 months ago)
AudienceKillerGaming (10 months ago)
Looks very H.R. Giger-esque.
Shannon Curtis (10 months ago)
that "today is my birthday" one reminds me a bit of Outlast
Koge Inuu (10 months ago)
Scorn looks disgusting af
moom beam (10 months ago)
Koge Inuu nice icon lmao
ya boo (10 months ago)
Koge Inuu touch my scorn man
Popcornid (10 months ago)
Why every new horror games has to be FPS?

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