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★BIG WIN!! WONDER 4 TOWER★ BUFFALO w. SUPER FREE GAMES! Slot Machine Bonus (Aristocrat)

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BIG BUFFALO WIN on the WONDER 4 TOWER slot machine by Aristocrat. I'm hoping for the huge SUPER FREE GAMES win next time, but for now, you can see how it's done by another player :) ▶️ Play HOT SHOT CASINO SLOTS! http://bit.ly/2pDv6mp ★★★★HOT SHOT CASINO SLOTS★★★★ Love the thrill of Las Vegas and the excitement of crazy BIG WINS? Play the hottest slots online for FREE at Hot Shot Casino! Discover new ways to spin all your favorite games, such as Raging Rhino, Blazing 7's, 88 Fortunes, and more! Collect daily bonuses, earn FREE COINS, play new games each month and blaze through tournaments as you play authentic slots straight from the casino floor! With Hot Shot Casino, bring the full Vegas experience wherever you go and start spinning now!
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Text Comments (89)
Glad the machine gave back it was looking like a hoover at one point! The queens came out nicely on both bonuses!
Thank you SLOTMANJACK! Right on...i'm still on the hunt for my first Buffalo jackpot! BTW, how's your hunt for the first Ainsworth? I need some status updates mister! 😃
Windy City Frenzy (11 months ago)
Nice wins! That lady standing touching the screen was interesting haven't seen that approach yet! Fun video Albert! Congrats 😎👍🏽🍾
Thank you Windy City Frenzy! But OH!! That was a man not a lady LOL 😃😆
EZ LIFE SLOT JACKPOTS (11 months ago)
Nice runs on wonder 4 tower, the game does not like me and does not want to handpay at max bet!
RUDE Tower I say!!
EmanRocknSlots (11 months ago)
You owned it! I hope you get an excellent Super Free Game bonus one of these days!
Thanks Eman! That would be a nice challenge! :)
Slot Traveler (11 months ago)
I saw a lady at my local hit on 5 dragons! I didn't know on 5 dragons the retrigger adds the number of games rather than picking a new feature! Queens for days!!! We all want to do it like Nick! :)
Yesss!! I wan't my Tower hand pay too! Thank you Slot Traveler! 😃
scratchin77 (11 months ago)
Lmfao at that first person on wonder 4 rubbing away! Some guy at my local the other day was closing his eyes everytime he pressed the button and putting both hands on the screen like he was praying haha. That was an awesome hit Al
Thank you scratchin77! Guess everyone has their own technique that they stand by! 😃
Dejavu Slots (11 months ago)
I always wanted to try the tower one. You did better on regular game than super free games. I usually don't do well on super games. Congrats on the win.
Thank you Dejavu! Those Super Free Games are so tough to get and it's always a bummer when they crap out early before you can even get to the top. I'll keep trying though! Look forward to seeing you two try it too! 😃
2SlotDivas (11 months ago)
Congrats to you and your friend. You've inspired me to give these another try. Thanks Albert!
Thank you 2SlotDivas! Good luck to you and that tower too!! 😃
Isidro Bucio (11 months ago)
Great wins Albert. When are u going to make video on aruze game like ultra stack lion, ultra stack panda, u.s. tiki torch etc?
Thank you Isidro! You really like the Ultra Stack games?! I wouldn't have guessed! OK, next time in Vegas when I have more access to Aruze I'll give them a spin. You better bring me good luck!! 😃
Pau H (11 months ago)
Oh man we also have that screen rubber in our local casino and it seems that he was cleaning the screen with a "lucky" cloth lol always a fun time when we see him "cleaning" the screen of the machine
That's hysterical Pau hahah! I have yet to see a player do that at any of our local casinos. We just get the mild to wild to aggressive screen rubbers & bangers that are always amusing to watch from afar 😃
MrFnrights (11 months ago)
Daaaamn! That game has always served me well! Nicely done!
Thank you MrFnrights! Good to hear! I'm gonna keep on climbing that tower!! 😃
Claire Pierson (11 months ago)
grats womderful
Thank you Claire! Appreciate it! 😃
miss nisha (11 months ago)
👍🏽👏🏽 very nice Albert
Thank you Miss Nisha! 😃
Jennifer Goodwin (11 months ago)
There must be something to that rubbing the screen ritual for your neighbor to collect over $800  from his game -- but then, you didn't rub the screen on your machine and you won $500 and cashed out close to $1000. Maybe it' just comes down to having the courage to make these big bets looking for super games on with all the tower in play.  I hope you both do it next time.
Thanks Jennifer! I'll have to do a special experiment video where I rub vs. don't rub my screen and see if say those Mystical Unicorns, Napoleons, or King of Africa lions drop as they should with the rubbing technique! I'll just need to bring plenty of hand sanitizer being the germaphobe that I am! 😉
Jadey88 (11 months ago)
Great video! Beautiful win on that last spin in the bonus Albert!!
Thank you Jadey!! 😃
Nice wins Albert!! Maybe next time add a rub down and it will be even better!!
Hahahah! I will try that next time and see!! 😃
Blimpus (11 months ago)
Awesome Albert. Was so cool to meet you that night at the Orleans casino.I thought we were just going to talk about kittys Lol! My wife and I are big fans. Keep em coming.
Thank you BRV! It's so nice to hear from you! One of the highlights of my last Vegas trip was running into surprised viewers that were sitting right next to me! You all were so cool rooting me and my Miss Kitty on! Sadly, Miss Kitty wasn't feeling it. Thank you for that fun moment and maybe I'll run into you all at the Orleans again! 😀😀😄
slotvideos (11 months ago)
Awesome vid Keanu! And by Keanu I mean your ass was in the matrix on this shit! U were stopping the reels slowing it down, feeling it dawg feeling it!! I thought for sure u would stop at $500 on session but nope 😂😂 curious what difference was with 2x2x2 vs 3x3x3 on that last spin!! Still awesome- and you're neighbor was gangster I'm gonna tower myself next time I play this!! Hilarious!!!
Keanu!!! 😂😂😂 I think your video commentary is even more hilarious LOL. Thank you SV!
NG Slot (11 months ago)
Last spin hit was very nice.CONGRATS Albert.I love this new wonder tower but never hit at this slots.Last time i get a bonus w $12 bet at wonder tower buffalo gold ,but didn't get nice win
NG Slot (11 months ago)
Betting low you can win more and lose less.Best of luck bro
Thank you NG Slot! Yeah, this tower can be tough on the wallet..especially at $12 spins! I haven't found the Wonder 4 Tower Buffalo Gold yet but I likely won't be betting that high 😄
Dr. Nick's Slot Hits (11 months ago)
That screen rubber was cracking me up! I remember you showing me him before lol! That's hilarious! And you had an awesome run on that machine too, Albert! Next time rub the screen lol! Thanks for sharing!
Thanks Nick! YES!!! I will pay homage to him if and when I can just get tons of Super Free Games with the full Tower unlocked LOL
Carol Mc (11 months ago)
Nice win, Albert! Congrats!!! :-)
Thank you Carol! Buffaloooooo!
Tim Snead (11 months ago)
WOW! Great win Albert! A BIG congrats to you!!!
Thanks Tim!! 😃
Inware (11 months ago)
Nice win Albert! You need a camera man so you can try that dual hand screen rub a try!
LOL Inware! Don't you know it!! 😃
amber Mills (11 months ago)
Awesome win way to go Albert
Thank you Amber!! 😃
hockeycub19 (11 months ago)
Good job recuperating your money lol
Thank you hockeycub19! Don't you know...had enough and it was time to cash out! 😃
Julia J (11 months ago)
Congrats Albert, very nice video 😊
Thank you Julia!!! 😃
Meraida Fermin (11 months ago)
Albert! Congratulations! You are hitting this one very hard to the ballpark. 😎⚾🎰 Your neighbor is now has the psychic powers to reveal the JACKPOT winnings on Wonder Tower. Albert keep up with the big winnings! Most likely I may not be able have signal on my phone due to Hurricane Irma that's approaching strong to Florida where I live. I am praying for all our Floridians have a safe place to go and to be with their families. 🌬
Meraida Fermin (11 months ago)
Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos Thanks Albert!
Thanks Meraida! Appreciate you watching. Please take care!! I'm rooting for all you Floridians to come out safe after this storm! 🙏 🙏 🙏
Liliana Alvarez (11 months ago)
Thank you Liliana! Appreciate it! 😃
TheIdiotChallenge (11 months ago)
lmao screen rubbers.........they crack me up at the casino.....also love it when my neighbors sneak peeks at my bonuses and talk shit to themself about how im winning more than them.
Hahahhaha I see those dirty looks from my neighbors at times..especially when I just sit down and bonus!
Kevin Baker (11 months ago)
People that molest the screen like that creep me out.
Kevin Baker (11 months ago)
Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos Oh Albert, I love ya 😂
just kiddin! 😄
I only do it when no one is watching ;-)
hockeycub19 (11 months ago)
He raped it, its funny people think rubbing it will do anything
lumpilulu (11 months ago)
omg me too! LOL
Rican Bee (11 months ago)
Thank you Rican Bee! 😃
Canuck In Casino (11 months ago)
lol, I thought he would brake the screen eventually
Gentle rubs...those buffalos don't like it rough ;-)
wlwal1 (11 months ago)
Albert, You Are A Rock Star!! Nice win!!! Your neighbor was rubbing BIG WINS TOO!
Thank you wlwal1! It worked for him. I would like to do try that with all those super free games! 😃
@Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos. Yo, I usually watch new games videos. Grab some of my music here youtube com/XimerTracks
Thank you XimerTracks - NCS Music & Remixes! Appreciate it! 😃
Me Miss Marie (11 months ago)
They are playing Thunder Dome in the background?? I love that song lol. I love me some buffalos!
Hahaha good ear Christine! I noticed same while editing! 😂😂😂
Miss Liz- The One & Only (11 months ago)
Damn Albert, look at you all baller lol...Glad you got most of your money that you had after the first bonus, assuming that was the same session. That last bonus was beautiful, how I wish one or 2 lf those multipliers were 3's.. Awesome outcome, and your neighbor 😂😂😂 umm yeah sir you rub that machine, NO! LOL, I'm not a fan of people that do that.
Hahahah they were actually 2 Buffalo Tower sessions. I have a Pompeii Super Free Games session paired with the first Buffalo bonus that I haven't shown yet. And yes, 3 3Xs (27X) would have been so much different than the 3 2Xs (8X) I wound up getting. Would have been my first Buffalo handpay!! 😍😍😍 I'm determined!
Celeste Brown (11 months ago)
Great win! It's hard to get 3 sunsets with 3 different 5 of a kind winning combinations! I liked that. Thanks for sharing!
Thank you Celese! Right!!! Couldn't believe I got all those 5OAKs. I just wish I had a 3X in the mix but I'll still take that win 😛😛😄
Matthew's Slot Channel (11 months ago)
As much as I love G+ games, I blame them for this trend. I'd say 60% of the people I sit next to genuinely think they can impact the reels with their hands and the stop button. You take one of those folks, give them a full screen of Kronos once, and it's all downhill from there. It's like crack, next thing they know they're this guy sweating and stroking an aristocrat game.
Oh yeah! Those G+ Mystical Unicorns and King of Africa lions got lots of people at my local rubbing those G+ screens LOL. At times, it's quite a hoot to watch as some of them take their work VERY seriously and will even get upset when they see others not doing same as they think we're idiots for not stopping or dragging the reels during our bonus 😄
Kristin Goslin (11 months ago)
Way to go, Albert, nice win!! What a passionate neighbor you had there. He really feels those slot machine vibes! 😁😁😉💵
Hahah I would be doing same as the man if I had someone help film me! Thank you Kristin! 😄
Slotlady (11 months ago)
Very nice run! Hope you hit super games with the big bet next time! 🤑🤑🤑
Thanks Sarah! I hope so too! I want to be rubbing that screen top to bottom like the man here was LOL

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