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New Nintendo Switch Controller Options!

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The Nintendo Switch just got a new wired controller option from PowerA, how does it stack up to the pro controller and Hori? Wanna grab one? Mario: http://amzn.to/2ylUf9N Zelda: http://amzn.to/2z6oRcQ *Gear I Use* Camera: Sony A7S II: http://amzn.to/2t6Q8qR Zeiss Lens: http://amzn.to/2v4ql3N Macro Lens: http://amzn.to/2sIAfax Wide angle: http://amzn.to/2t6vBT2 Sound: MKE 600 Mic: http://amzn.to/2v4w6yv SD Mix-Pre 3: http://amzn.to/2tHcqRR Cable: http://amzn.to/2ub5krW Other: Game Capture: http://amzn.to/2v4O5F3 Social Network Things! Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kevinkenson Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/kevinkenson
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Text Comments (442)
Kevin Kenson (8 months ago)
If you want to grab one of these controllers check em out here! http://amzn.to/2z6oRcQ
VECTOR V (13 days ago)
Kevin Kenson
WindowsChamp (6 months ago)
No mention on the changeable sticks? You complain about them but never bring up it comes with two other sets of sticks that are interchangeable have different heights and can be concave or convex.
Jake Belarmino (6 months ago)
Kevin Kenson KIM
crispy Kobi (6 months ago)
so how do i synk the Zelda 1
Jay-low Hey-low (7 months ago)
Kevin Kenson you’re awesome
aFinalNote (11 days ago)
They're doing a sale on the cheap ones. Thanks bro, you were very clear on the pros and cons.
ZippetySticks (24 days ago)
Just preordered one of these with the new Crash Bandicoot design. Maybe I should cancel the preorder.
Nokia 3310 (24 days ago)
help pls, the left stick isnt working that great. its hard to explain the problem. for example, in botw, when link is moving forwards, he stops, moves backwarks for a sec, and then starts walking forward again. its worse because you cant calibrate it in the settings. i have the wired mario one without the interchangable sticks
Iceboxlexie (24 days ago)
I personally love the d pad on this controller
GamingTV (25 days ago)
i swear, nintendo couldn't have any more boring controllers as that dull solid black one
It is wireless?
Sheikh Islam (29 days ago)
Planning on getting a switch this week can someone tell me how many USB ports the switch has on the dock. Like can I connect multiple wired controllers for multiplayer ?
Digital king (1 month ago)
I hate the glossy d-pad design on the wired controller
Alex Guillen (1 month ago)
Im just gonna get the wired control instead of spending $70 on an expensive controller.
ZarioKiller X (1 month ago)
Are the buttons on the controllers similar to the joy cons. Cause if it is, I'm okay with buying it.
Huntley (1 month ago)
But I really like the sticks and buttons on the new controller......
Daniel Claggett (1 month ago)
I currently have the zelda themed powerA controller and it does the job REALLY well.
Stephen Csoma (1 month ago)
I got that power A. They action is outstanding on it. If you dont have to cash for a pro its definitely a good option
Paul F (1 month ago)
Is there a way (a 3rd party controller+adapter, etc) to get some type of controller to work on the switch where I can remap the buttons (switch the a and b and the x and y)? I know you can use xbox controllers with the switch with an adapter but the a button is still the a button. I want to be able to remap them (or rather just have it set up like my xbox controller). I get Nintendo doesn't want this. However playing Xbox since it's launch and now just buying the switch, it's driving my nuts. Especially when I play games on both devices like Minecraft where muscle memory is now my worst enemy.
Yurrupt (1 month ago)
I like how on the joy cons the triggers are loud but the shoulder buttons are silent, while on the PowerA the triggers are silent and the shoulder buttons are loud.
seamus rub (2 months ago)
Kevin I am mad at you and Nintendo I bought this under your recommendation (DON'T BUY) TRASH
illidin23 (2 months ago)
I am grabbing the legend of Zelda wired controller for pc (since steam added support for it) and leave the more expensive controller for the switch and to add variety for my controller options on said pc
Wayverlee Just Dance (2 months ago)
Isn’t HORI working with Nintendo? Or am I wrong?
Angel Coto (2 months ago)
I use motion controls for splatoon 2
Max Larose (2 months ago)
The wire is an obvious deal breaker. It's 2018. There's no need for wires in a controller anymore.
Panda Michaud (2 months ago)
Is there motion controls for say, Splatoon 2?
Wesley Mok (2 months ago)
I love this controller it works fine for me
Washmi Wijeratne (2 months ago)
The original pro controller looks pretty ugly
DARKPOTATO18 (2 months ago)
my Zelda controller doesn’t have a snyc button
DARKPOTATO18 (2 months ago)
it’s doesn’t work.
Small n Proud (3 months ago)
Not to be mean but damn these you tubers are picky with electronics just think of the technology back then compared to now.
Alexis T (3 months ago)
I have a pro controller
N1n10DoBoy (3 months ago)
Check out the new Mario, Luigi & Star pro controller!
Danny With No Last Name (3 months ago)
They have updated the controller and tuned the price down to $25, the sticks arent bad and the dpad isnt bad
xShadows (3 months ago)
Does anyone know if there is a Pro Switch Zelda Theme WIRELESS Controller? I like the one in this video however it Not having Rumble, Motion Control, and NFC doesn’t sell me on the controller(And I hate wired). I also wouldn’t want to get a Pro Controller and put stickers all over it. I really like how the 3rd Party PowerA Zelda Controller looks like. Do they make Custom Pro Controllers? Any advice is helpful. Thanks
Sheikh Islam (29 days ago)
xShadows did you end up buying a controller ?
Happymonday 2015 (3 months ago)
I prefer the hori because the detachable D-pad is sick
mykal drakes (3 months ago)
Kevin Kenson: hater of not only the joy con grip but also now this controller well at least usage wise
Josue Compean (3 months ago)
How do you connectet it
JonnyBoyGamer XD (3 months ago)
What does wired mean? Do you have to connect it to the dock the whole time? Using USB?
Isaiah Milde (3 months ago)
JonnyBoyGamer XD It means exactly what it sounds like: It has a fuckin wire
Skull Crusher (3 months ago)
1:45 Oh hey bowser 😳
George The Thief (4 months ago)
The PowerA controller is actually sold in stores.
corbin87445 (4 months ago)
I have the Zelda Power A controller and I find no problem with it way better then joycon grip I just dont want to spend 80$ for a pro controller so the power A one works Great
Peruvian Mapping (4 months ago)
I have the Power-A controller but it won’t pair... help
FancySpoon (5 months ago)
i have one of thees wired controllers and the two sticks are wearing out where it presses against the plastic. disappointing.
SuperZombiepimp (5 months ago)
Or just but a converter much cheaper and it allowed you to use playstation and xbox contollers which moat people already own
Fortnite Arox (5 months ago)
Is it Wireless?
Mr Pernickety (5 months ago)
Hey, great and succinct review. I appreciate that.
Alan Celis (5 months ago)
My controller has lose joysticks and it when paying the joystick part rolls or it’s loses any one knows why help a lot
dyl pickle (5 months ago)
How do you pair it cause i keep hitting the triggers and nothing is happening
SpaceCowboy (5 months ago)
Those PowerA controllers are nice but I'll probably just buy the Pro controller first and then the PowerA controllers later on.
connorbnelson (5 months ago)
Gonna get the Hori. Thanks for the reviews!
connorbnelson (3 months ago)
Still haven't had any problems!
W33AB00 (3 months ago)
connorbnelson You shouldn't have done that.
leviarrion felix (5 months ago)
I have nes Zelda pro controller...
William McGuire (6 months ago)
You can just SWITCH it out.
Link Link (6 months ago)
Does this have a turbo button? That’s what I thought.
Alex Ortiz (6 months ago)
I´m getting this controller for fighting games only. D-Pad is better than Nintendo´s official pro controllers according to SpawnWave (he confirmed this by disassembling them both), wired controller=better response to commands and I always remove rumble when playing fighting games so that I don´t drop combos. I´ll be getting a pair of these controllers when Street fighter 30th anniversary collection launches. Other than fighting games though, I wouldn´t recommend the PowerA controllers as replacements for the official pro controllers. I have an official splatoon themed pro controller and it is my go-to controller for games like Splatoon, DOOM, Sonic Forces, Odyssey and Breath of the Wild. HD rumble, wireless and gyroscope just enhance your overall experience with those games.
g-arkham r-arkham (6 months ago)
Shit there no motion controls
Humanized Zombie (6 months ago)
1:09 if he pressed 'A'
runescape gamer (6 months ago)
Dude I got one for $16 on sale and it is great, however I know were your coming from, but I am still really happy with it
WindowsChamp (6 months ago)
No mention on the changeable sticks? You complain about them but never bring up it comes with two other sets of sticks that are interchangeable have different heights and can be concave or convex.
Twinkle Toes McFuckass (6 months ago)
*just use the joycon setup nigga*
Anthony Brickley (6 months ago)
I got one for Christmas and it works just fine but it’s just me.
The best gamer (6 months ago)
where i can find that mario controller
Bryce Kelly (6 months ago)
Can someone please help me. I bought 2 of these controllers for my Switch and neither one is working. I tried plugging in the cord into all 3 USB slots and none of them are working. None of the buttons work on the controller. Am I doing something wrong? I can't believe both controllers are broken on arrival. I also tried plugging something else into the USB port and it worked just fine so it's not the dock.
Carno 99 (6 months ago)
A Nintendo Switch pro controller looks like a Xbox s controller
CheekiBreekiGopnik (6 months ago)
He kept scaring me that way he was moving his hands with the controllers in them.
PoorBelfs (6 months ago)
Am I the only one who thinks the dpad is better on this controller then the pro?
Seín2000 (6 months ago)
Different $23 and the other $70+
shadow64 dd (6 months ago)
I have the Mario one
Juan Delgado Diaz (6 months ago)
I've got a wired controller but it doesn't work. I keep plugging it and unplugging it but it doesn't work
THE SIGEBREAKER (6 months ago)
What tv are you playing on its really blurry
nintendo on top (6 months ago)
He didnt mention the elite style interchangeable thumb sticks
Napstar (6 months ago)
You just earned a sub! Amazing!
The Soupwizard (6 months ago)
I have the Mario one but I can't connect the controller :(
Anders Engebretson (6 months ago)
The Soupwizard interesting. Try shoving the cable into the controller as hard as you can and then try using each USB port on the dock until it recognizes the controller
The Christian Gamer! (6 months ago)
The Soupwizard sorry to hear that, mabye you could try returning it to the store you got it from
The Soupwizard (6 months ago)
The Christian Gamer! The switch doesn't recognise that I have plugged in the controller, I put in the USB on the console first then the controller, nothing
The Christian Gamer! (6 months ago)
The Soupwizard I got the zelda one and mine works. How is it not working?
onomatopoeia (6 months ago)
this controller is legitimately awful. don't waste your money. it feels cheap and it was laggy for me.
Jasiel Ortiz (6 months ago)
Can i use this controller on the wii u?
Bryan Ortiz (6 months ago)
Would this work in pc
JoeCR2105 (6 months ago)
To be honest in GB its £20, that's why its not the best, its a money saver, not the newest gaming controller out there is it, just wanted to give my opinion, no fights pls, luv u Kev ❤❤❤
Doing Cubing (7 months ago)
Anyone know a cheaper controller for the switch with motion controls?
Shawn Schreckengost (7 months ago)
Is it me or dose the Nintendo Switch Controller look like a Xbox 1 Controller.
XxItzLuisxX (7 months ago)
And xbox 360 controller
XxItzLuisxX (7 months ago)
That looks like xbox one controller
Lil' Meme man (7 months ago)
My friend, you are the king of the Switch.
Get Rekt (7 months ago)
Have anyone seen the controller be hold by a bowser amiibo in the video?
Alex Abdulhai (7 months ago)
I bought the red one because I thought it had motion and was wireless and it had Mario on it
Jayden Hamilton (7 months ago)
Another downside of wired controllers is that sometimes you can't use them from a really long distance.
Skullcrusher81 Smith (7 months ago)
Microsoft should copyright their Xbox button layout
Isaiah Milde (3 months ago)
Skullcrusher81 Smith Except the SNES did the diamond layout first
Leticia Trujillo (7 months ago)
Did any one else notice the G logo in the begining
Lucky Z 55 (7 months ago)
No vibration at all or u meant hd rumble thanx
Billybro 34 (7 months ago)
It just you controller mine dose note feel stiff and the d pad it really good
Sunset Rider (7 months ago)
Screw wired controllers
Carlo Martinez (7 months ago)
Kevin I have a question will the power a pro controller work in portable mode with a USB to USB c adaptor
cortjor1273 (7 months ago)
Can u please review this controller? Game Devil Switch PRO-S Controller Wireless
Blanca Mendez (7 months ago)
Does the amiibo work for wierd controller
Halozone YT (7 months ago)
Blanca Mendez no it has no nfc reader
Blanca Mendez (7 months ago)
Does it work for amiibo
Halozone YT (7 months ago)
Blanca Mendez no there is no nfc reader
The Pink Pistol (7 months ago)
A tip for recording off-screen footage like you had with Zelda here, turn down the TV's brightness so it doesn't get overexposed by the camera. If you can match the light of the shot with the light coming from the TV, it would look perfect.
Catherine Gunn (7 months ago)
I subscribed
Ruchit Patel (7 months ago)
Does anyone have a problem that that micro usb cable wont go into the controller? What should i do..? I really like this controller
Anders Engebretson (6 months ago)
Ruchit Patel no. It works with pretty much any micro USB cable
Basit Siddiqui (7 months ago)
I have the Hori and Power A but trust me nothing wrong with the Power A, love it.
4packdaddy (7 months ago)
Do not buy these they don’t even connect to the console
Angelo Apodaca (7 months ago)
You may need to update the console and enable USB Pro Controllers from the settings.
Basit Siddiqui (7 months ago)
4packdaddy yes they do
GregoryRJ8 (7 months ago)
This is a 32 dollar wireless controller that works on the Nintendo Switch. All you need is the dongle that comes with it. https://www.amazon.com/Bluetooth-Wireless-Controller-Win7-Win10-Smartphone/dp/B074S72WRV/ref=sr_1_cc_1?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1509166745&sr=1-1-catcorr&keywords=zd+t+wireless
LeeTaemins HairDye (7 months ago)
They have the Mario controller and the zelda controller at Walmart where I live I almost bought the Mario one but I put it back cause I really want a pro controller
D28 (8 months ago)
I have the same shirt😂😂😂😂
Yoshi Plays (8 months ago)
Please, for the love of god, end the sponsored cancer...if you wanna be a decent channel, you can't suck up to Hori forever...
Dr. switch (8 months ago)
I really want a switch
DABOMB 0104 (8 months ago)
Looks like a xbox one controller

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