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20 Must-Own Nintendo Switch Games 1 Year Later

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It's officially passed a year since the Switch's initial release, Now It's time to count down it's most outstanding titles. What are your Top 20 Switch Games? What did you think of the list, anything you would change?
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neoxide h (2 hours ago)
breath of the wilds story is total shit. the game is fantastic and probably still the best on switch but you can't honestly say the story is great its below average for sure
Treeves 40 (4 hours ago)
ok haha I legit yelled "what" when you said sonic forces but then you said just kidding haha
Astral Frost (6 hours ago)
Lists like this just demonstrate why its not worth getting a Switch. When you take out the padding of all the ports and multiplats you really aren’t left with much.
Tuba sings Tenor (12 hours ago)
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 easily cracks my top three. I find it's story way better than Breath of the Wild's, I like the characters (both personality and design wise), the gameplay is addicting and fun, and bonding with and upgrading new Blades is endlessly satisfying.
Paul Branwhite (14 hours ago)
Celeste, Thumper, The Darkest Dungeon and 9 Parchments.
GalacCee (15 hours ago)
Well, I would have put Splatoon 2 at number one, but this list was very accurate
SomeRandomGuy (17 hours ago)
I don’t have 20 games, only 16, so I’ll name my top 10 10.Enter the Gungeon 9.Steamworld Dig 2 8.Stardew Valley 7.Thumper 6.Celeste 5.Sonic Mania 4.Mariokart 8 Deluxe 3.Super Mario Odyssey 2.Splatoon 2 1.Breath of the wild (Duh)
Alec Palomino (17 hours ago)
Damn, no shout out to Darkest Dungeon?
Ben Schran (1 day ago)
Why are all the words backwards
Dillbob1 (1 day ago)
No one ever includes Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+. It still has one of the best, if not the best, replay and timesink values of any game on the market.
Andreea Kis (2 days ago)
The sonic joke scared the shit out of me
Kuma Wilson (2 days ago)
you serious about Outlast 2? Outlast 1 i can understand. decent game. but Outlast 2 aka "run away and do nothing else" is such a bad and disappointing game..
Alejandra Ortega (3 days ago)
Ali Hassan (4 days ago)
no mario rabbits RIP
Peter Johansson (4 days ago)
Golf Story, one of the best modern RPGs I've played.
NJG (4 days ago)
No Shovel Knight, Celeste, or Sonic Mania?
Drew Tube (5 days ago)
And shovel night
Drew Tube (5 days ago)
You forgot sonic mania
Mac Denton (5 days ago)
Solid list Dude, it’s the 20 I would have picked. With one caveat, I would’ve added Pokén
Este Wey (5 days ago)
That mirrored view kind of fucked me up hahaha. Keep it up! Great channel! Subbed
Louis Milner (5 days ago)
Donkey long common
MrSmileyFaceGames (6 days ago)
Why is everything mirrored? You know that simply mirroring the footage won't save you from the risk of being flagged for copy right.
dark60054 (6 days ago)
HAHAHA "No, just kidding"
Antoine Pestel (6 days ago)
That Sonic Forces joke was KILLER! That being said, I really think Celeste should be on that list, can't imagine leaving such a masterpiece out of mine! ( which would also include titles like BOTW, Odyssey, XC2, Splatoon 2, MK8, Overcooked : great games! )
Lucius Vorenus (6 days ago)
your list is complete fucking garbage. you dunno shit.
Jon Mack (7 days ago)
Am I the only one who disliked mario odyssey?
Matthew Oburke (7 days ago)
Here is my personal top 5 5: Bayonetta 2 4: Splatoon 2 3: Celeste 2: Super Mario Odyssey 1: The Legend of Zelda; Breath of the Wild Zelda BOTW and Mario Odyssey are easily among the greatest games ever crafted! The former being quite possibly the greatest game I have ever played period! So they are the obvious choices for the top 2 spots. but I do have to mention how good these other incredible games are and why you should play them! Celeste completely blew me away! I have not played an indie title that I have enjoyed quite as much as Celeste. It's not only an incredible platformer, but it also contains an incredibly powerful story that many people can relate too. It's easily one of the few games I would give a perfect 10. Then of course there is Splatoon 2 which is by far the best multiplayer game on the system right now! It's just such a blast to play and I will probably be playing it for years to come. And Bayonetta 2 is a one of a kind, unbelievably fun and beautiful action game that really is something that every gamer should experience.
Crimson Red Gremory (7 days ago)
Do not get Xenoverse 2 for the Switch if u already have it on PS4 or Xbox one It’s a great game and all but just don’t pay more for less ($30 for PS4/Xbox 1 ver. and $50 for Switch ver.) Xenoverse on ps4/xbox 1 is better than Xenoverse on Switch
Sam Vimes (7 days ago)
How is Dragon Quest Builders not on this list?
Chris R (7 days ago)
Golf Story
Matthew Oburke (7 days ago)
This is a really great list! I find it very impressive that the switch already has so many amazing games so early in it's lifespan. Can't wait for games like smash, Metroid and Pokemon!
Dryopithecinen (8 days ago)
Xenoblade on #12 hurts.... I'm missing Nights of Azure 2 on the list.
Jimmy Davidson (8 days ago)
Where's battle toads?
Geo S (8 days ago)
Bayonetta was the reason I bought the switch. I missed Bayonetta 2 due to never getting on the Wii ship. Once I heard they were releasing Bayonetta 3... I jumped on the switch train.
Mark Mauk (8 days ago)
What is it with all those shitty horrorgames? Who likes that?
UltraMan Joeylito (8 days ago)
Poor list in my opinion only.
Justin Herrera (8 days ago)
Damn why does everybody love outlast 2 i thought it was disappointing and not scary as the first one
Cybertron Laser Gamer (8 days ago)
Odyssey is better than Breath of the Wild. And Breath of the Wild sold more copies than Switch because Wii U. Us Wii U users didn't get our hand on one, or were waiting for other better games like Odyssey. And most of these aren't must-owns.
Basscool 4k (7 days ago)
I own both games and tbh I dint really like super mario odyssey if I had a list I would put odyssey in 5 or 4
Mark Mauk (7 days ago)
Cybertron Laser Gamer Its the other way around for me. I would rate Botw not only a bit better but way better than Odyssey. Dont get me wrong, I love Odyssey, but it is not even close to Zelda for me. Botw is the best game in ages for me.
Cybertron Laser Gamer (8 days ago)
Mark Mauk no way. Mario Odyssey brings joy. I played BotW, got boring I WATCH Odyssey videos, still are fun. Imagine when I actually play it.
Mark Mauk (8 days ago)
Cybertron Laser Gamer botw is def. Better
raszop (8 days ago)
Lego marvel 2 runs in 15 fps, and even worse in co-op. Camera is not working too, the screen is always split even if you are next to each other, which is bad considering it worked fine in marvel sh 1. Literally bullshit video, stopped watching after I saw Lego. Well earned downvote. Lego marvel 2 is unplayable. As for may 2018, this crap still stutters in the very first intro sequence, and gets worse when playing. Do not recommend.
Robert Higgins (9 days ago)
Did somebody say Shovel Knight AND Celeste didn't make this list...really!?
Call Me NoYoN Films (9 days ago)
There were more copies of Zelde sold then console because of two reasons: 1. Zelda fans that wants every official (and sometimes unofficial) Zelda thing, that has been released, even if they will never play/use it 2. And people that want to buy new Zelda game, and after years sell it still unpacked for big money
ScotlandSlag (9 days ago)
The gaming world needs to stop complaining about automatic combat systems. People grew up with these, let them make one every once in a while, with that classic feel, without us having to hear you complain about it, and go play kingdom hearts...
Andrew Ferguson (9 days ago)
im legit buying one next weekend
Simon Gaudreau (9 days ago)
Mario + Rabbids?
amongst ourselves (10 days ago)
i honestly thought mario odyssey sucked
Solaxe S (10 days ago)
Arms.. lol
Pwnpie (10 days ago)
Xenoverse 2 is one of the most broken games on switch and the most rehashed content from the first game. It shouldn’t even be on this list, LA Noire, Mario+Rabbids, Celeste, Shovel Knight and Steamworld Dig 2 are all way better games that should be mentioned before Xenoverse 2.
Preesh Network (10 days ago)
insanely good lineup!
Zachery Hole (10 days ago)
Mario odyssey is a very good game but i still feel like everyone over hypes it
Seniku Moonjewel (10 days ago)
I own 3 of these 20 (Skyrim, XC2, Stardew) and I have no intention of getting the others.
TheProzacKid (10 days ago)
No Sonic Mania?
Sean CHOW (11 days ago)
I've spent more time on Darkest Dungeon than on Zelda BotW.
tacosR1 Gaming (11 days ago)
tacosR1 Gaming (11 days ago)
Im glad its not just JRPG’s on the switch, thats why i sold my 3ds
Dan Cassidy (11 days ago)
Good list and video some games on here I haven't heard of that I might give a try, but, I do not know anyone that has bought the switch just for stardew valley hahah
This list is not good I mean odyssey is on this list?! We all know that Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 is better then odyssey and the other 3D Mario games
Herodegon (6 days ago)
Then make a list. This person's opinion has nothing on your own.
FTWGamer (12 days ago)
If anyone thinks Xenoblade 2 has an automatic combat system has either taken 1 look at the game or is complete ass at the game. You have to set a lot of shit up in it, and auto attacking is a very small portion of what you do, only to regenerate your arts
Jin Night (12 days ago)
DJ Ranoia (13 days ago)
Great video! I would of added MARIO vs Rabbids however. Taken out Zeno but we are all so different.
CorleyisOver (13 days ago)
FNAFFAN 010705 (13 days ago)
on botw I'm so addicted i have it forreal and on a emulator for when my brother is playing
Stefan Bentsen (13 days ago)
Although Odyssey was great, but I think Galaxy 1 and 2 were better.
MinoTauR (13 days ago)
I don't even have 10 games
FF THECRAFTER (14 days ago)
Where sonic mania?
No troll and I?!I disliked!
josh the barber (14 days ago)
There's only 20 to get lol
Znakemaster (15 days ago)
I only have Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey for my Switch. Have so far only used it in docked mode since i'm not a big fan of how it feels to hold in handheld. However, i just ordered a Satisfye Gaming Grip for my switch and i'm looking forward to being able to play more games on it when it becomes more comfortable to hold. Still really hoping that games like Resident Evil 4 and 5 gets ported to the system as these are games i would love to be able to play on the go.
Mia Sparks (15 days ago)
MultiMeechy (15 days ago)
That sonic burn!! Lmao
Jere1570 (15 days ago)
No Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle? That's in my top 5!
sanji ren (15 days ago)
RE revelations one of the best re titles? sooo you are a casual gamer huh
DatDerp Derping (3 days ago)
sanji ren name some games. I wanna see a true gamer list. Or is it casual games like fortnite
Chris Toro (15 days ago)
Nope, it just deserves more credit than it gets. (like the little you're giving it) Since it has *Tons* of raid mode missions - I already beat 1-7 over 20 times, having an expansive co-op Resident Evil title is refreshing, and I don't see us getting Outbreak 3 anytime soon.
Straw Hat Daniel (16 days ago)
Lol when he said sonic forces
Jonathan O'Neill (16 days ago)
Great to see some love for Revelations 2! I’m currently playing it and it’s great fun! Feels like the old RE titles. I’m a new switch owner so I’ve only played through Mario Odyssey and am getting to Revelations 2 now. Definitely checking out Zelda next, but can I get the LEGO Marvel game on the eShop? If so, I might pick that one up, too!
David C. (16 days ago)
Am i the only one who spend more time viewing switch videos than actually playing with it?
Enrique Victorero (3 days ago)
youre not alone. I love my switch but seeing as the switch eshop has become a mini Steam store, its hard to not spend a lot of time online looking into the games.
Zero2XSammy (16 days ago)
100+ please try 2000 hour's of breathe of the wild and i still cant stop playing it
SAM BIRD (16 days ago)
I wanted to enjoy doom for switch, but the framerate is just so bad, even after the updates, its unplayable.
Chris Toro (16 days ago)
Personally, I'm a perfectionist when it comes to frames, graphics and all. Considering what the switch is, Doom is easily my favorite switch game, I was just playing it yesterday. If you're that concerned with frames and 100% quality, you can get a cheap copy for pc on G2A (like I did). If you want it completely portable, the switch is a good option for that. When it comes down to it, it's still the same game overall. Just matters how much the quality bothers your eyes, I can personally handle it.
Random Guy (17 days ago)
Man I was expecting Sonic Mania.
Chikipichi (17 days ago)
Xd Sonic Forces
ivan tri mundial (17 days ago)
guns, gore and canoli is awesome.
Vitja RedHawk (17 days ago)
Where you all find this friends to play with :(
Trevor Lahey (18 days ago)
good list. Bayonetta 1 & 2 ftw! i never picked up Splat2, tho...
Shibby (18 days ago)
Mario was not a sandbox game..
Shibby (18 days ago)
Any games that will pull you into the story and have great storyline? Like Bioshock or Deus ex?
I think ur list was perfect
You realize most of those are ports? :/
End0rphin (18 days ago)
No Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze??
lonely boy (18 days ago)
So happy you put Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on here! It’s my favorite game of 2017
Brandon Guerrero (18 days ago)
Grown men really palyin splatoon?
Mark Junior (19 days ago)
When he said sonic forces i thought he was serious
Dom Noah (19 days ago)
Nice list. I have most of the games you listed and I agree with you. 👍🏾
Ai Rorello (19 days ago)
I actually am constantly disappointed with DB Xenoverse 2, mostly with their lazy game design (everything is a chore to do outside of battle, from choosing and starting missions, to multiplayer setups, to trying out new moves, to seeing what new events are going on, to wrong voice lines playing per text, etc etc). Add to the fact that this is the kind of game you want video capture added, but STILL hasn't done so - while indie developers are updating their games to include it - and... *SIGH* This game is an absolute mess. BUT I will say that I'm SUPER glad that I got this game for the Switch, rather than caved in and bought it for my PS4 or PC. I waited for the Switch version so I could play with my friends any time (local wireless), and so I'd have it on the go (back when I played Xenoverse 1, maxing out stats was such a slow process that it was frustrating knowing that I could have been playing better, more fun games on my TV rather than grind). And it's really paying off. Playing, leveling up, and customizing my characters is a lot less frustrating when I can play it on my bed, or on the go. It doesn't feel like I'm wasting my time, than if I were, to say, spend my time for it on my PC (though modding it is very intriguing for me... I'd mess with their menus and AI...). As for why I play it despite its chore-ness... Creating and reaching max level characters is seriously fun to play with friends. The fun really only truly begins when you've got maxed out levels, fully equipped presets with any and all Moves available, and have friends to play/compete with. Kinda like Pokemon. (except Pokemon at least gives you a strong sense of affinity with your Pokemon as you're leveling it up... And that's at least much faster)
moab smith bey (19 days ago)
He forgot to to include outlast 1 and 2. They are the best port to Nintendo switch made in my opinion.
Insane AJ (19 days ago)
he did sonic dirty ;D
Brutalious (19 days ago)
Arms? C'mon now... There are way better switch games you could have put on here.
JIM PATS LOSE (20 days ago)
None, Switch cost and arm and a leg. I stick to 3ds games!
Juan Monterrosa (20 days ago)
Entire video's text on screen is mirrored. Don't know why. Poor quality.
_CheetahPlayz _ (20 days ago)
Does no1 else seriously think Mario Odyssey is bad?
Brian Ligtenbarg (20 days ago)
Resident evil 2: over 80hours? U act like that's much. Dude i got sum games over 1000 hours.. xd 80 is nothing. And by that u can't say the game is 'good' when you only have 80+ hours. Come back when you got like 500+. This counts for all games(if u wanna state a game is good). If u don't then stay the fk away from gaming and let true gamers decide which game is good.
Stomper (20 days ago)
I have nearly 300 hours in breath of the wild
Zaid Dragneel (22 days ago)
bayo 2 should be at no.1 best game ever made

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