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Top 10 Turn Based Strategy Games

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Despite many games turning to action and excitement, some will always chase after that slow and steady thinking pace. Join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Turn Based Strategy Games. Subscribe►►http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c... Facebook►►http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo. Twitter►►http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo Instagram►►http://instagram.com/watchmojo Suggestion Tool►►http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest Channel Page►►http://www.youtube.com/watchmojo For this list, we’ve selected the video games that best use the traditional turn-based strategy format, so things, though not to be confused with turn-based combat of certain RPG’s, those games have lists of their own. And,as always, only one game per series. Special Thanks to our users "Callum Prentice" & "Shawn Frary" for suggesting this topic with our interactive Suggestion tool at WatchMojo.com/suggest Check out the voting page here, http://watchmojo.com/suggest/Top+10+Turn+Based+Strategy+Games Want a WatchMojo cup, mug, t-shirts, pen, sticker and even a water bottle? Get them all when you order your MojoBox gift set here: http://watchmojo.com/store/ WatchMojo is a leading producer of reference online video content, covering the People, Places and Trends you care about. We update DAILY with 4-5 Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Versus clips on movies, video games, music, pop culture and more!
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Text Comments (1865)
Gentry Brown (19 days ago)
Disgea should make the list.
Armz Magilageti (20 days ago)
Civ 3 > all other Civ games
Logen M (26 days ago)
I feel like the new xcom belongs in anither sub-genre of turn-based strategy games with the likes of jagged alliance and others alike cause it uses environments as cover and stuff. Same with valkyria chronicles. I say this cause as an xcom fan these other games don't appeal to me as much apart from banner Saga and valkyria chronicles.
XBase Aquino (1 month ago)
You Forgot Something: Civilization
Fe awakening: “the everlueding threat of permadeath” haha...casual mode. Still prefer the 2D sprites. Screw the time travel
Marko Campos (1 month ago)
>>>>> Brigandine - The Legend of Forsena <<<<<
Guts (1 month ago)
No mario and rabbits kingdom battle Absolutely unacceptable disliked
Bruno Verona (1 month ago)
OMERTA is one of the best too!!
rytram prophet (2 months ago)
it REALLY pisses me off that "Sword of The Stars" is not included in this list @WatchMojo.com you need to do a "top 10 4X Games" list
rytram prophet (2 months ago)
Final Fantasy: Tactics is an amazing game with a great story. VERY highly recommended.
24 horas jogando. (2 months ago)
Miss Darkest Dungeon.
Hans Berg (2 months ago)
Battle Isle 3 Shadow of the Emperor is missing. Very old game from 95. Very hard.
Will Wyatt (2 months ago)
You spelled Gladius wrong. There is no civilization or 5 in it anywhere.
Joshua Wilson (2 months ago)
Anyone remember Hogs of War or Future Tatics?
Joshua Wilson (2 months ago)
Some of my favorites are the disgaea series, fire emblem the one on GameCube and ogre battles.
Jayant Sharma (2 months ago)
Moment of harsh truth... Xcom Enemy within (android/iOS) is the best strategy based game console ever released on playstore Ppl don't like it because they can't play it okay.... Go n play f**k CoC games or optimise your phone for better games
bdel80 (3 months ago)
Star trek Birth of the Federation for my top turned based strategy game
Gilbert Martin (3 months ago)
Battle Academy.
4thRonin (3 months ago)
Vandal Hearts for PS1?
blastoise charmander (3 months ago)
No disgaea?
Darko Petrovic (3 months ago)
Battle isle? History line 1914-1918 ?
Vegan Warlord (3 months ago)
civ and total war are not TBS
BlackJet X (3 months ago)
try 'Gorky 17'
DJ Doc's Videos (3 months ago)
Too much cartoony garbage and flavor of the week games for my taste.
Derrick Suit (3 months ago)
Vandal Hearts is the best
No Combat Mission series? Pfffft.
Neiller Magno (3 months ago)
Where is Front Mission ?
Bintang Rizcky (3 months ago)
tbh i expect next gen games, but why do i get ps1 games?
Tetrix0 (3 months ago)
Horrible tastes. The worst Fire Emblem and the worst Civilization are on the list.
Kewryn (3 months ago)
Congratulation! Not only does HALF of titles aren't even strategies, in th video itself it is stated at on two occassions some of its entries have battles in REAL TIME. Worthless list, especially if you take into an account the fact that Heroes3 is below top 5 and "Age of Wonders" didn't even make the list.
mike reor tricano (4 months ago)
front mission
1989Brolly1989 (4 months ago)
Where is Disciples II Rise of the Elves ?
badejong (4 months ago)
XCOM (2), Dune and Heroes of Might and Magic
Tomoki Sakurai (4 months ago)
Worms game goodw
Do you have knowledge of "der langrisser? at least a honorable mention
Qwufi (4 months ago)
Yeah...Alpha Centauri is only mentioned, not even on the list, but half of the "best games" are anime biased? You just throw shits together, dont you? Its a massive dislike.
Kamen Petrov (4 months ago)
Lol Mojo top 10 is a joke like always. Lol HOMM3 - 6th place? Almost Every turn based player will say u this is the best ever turn based game.
Jeremy Brookes (4 months ago)
Warhammer 40,000 chaos gate?
Robert Hansson (5 months ago)
You really should check Vandal Hearts out, easy one of the best turnbased ever.
e hunterb (5 months ago)
Um gba is better for fire emblem and u chose awakinking
Pep Sudent (5 months ago)
my favorite is chess., lol
DuraheLL (5 months ago)
Sorry nothing Beat Heroes 3
Tomasz Fercho (5 months ago)
Disciples 2?
Agent Rupz (5 months ago)
Xcom is what only matters in this list.
moop (5 months ago)
Tactics Ogre Let us Cling Together isn’t on this? Noob mojo
amiserable (5 months ago)
civ 5 is garbage. complete garbage. XCOM FTW MF
byfo1991 (5 months ago)
Jagged Alliance 2 will forever be the best turn based strategy. And it does not even get honorable mention? This list sucks.
Tony Moretti (5 months ago)
Warsong nuff said!
Cosmin Militaru (5 months ago)
No DISCIPLES? Bullshit American list.
Yoh2704 (5 months ago)
Awakening...sorry but that game is only decent nothing more, fire emblem had better games before that, nintendo just didn't promote them at all.
Maxime Prometheas (5 months ago)
Not even an honourable mention for Panzer General? That game may be old, but it was absolutely phenomenal for its time.
João Paulo Correia (5 months ago)
Rome total is the best
Hatchumo (5 months ago)
Awakening is a great video game, but actually a pretty bad strategy game. Try Fates: Conquest or Radiant Dawn.
Derp Pug (5 months ago)
Where is Shining forces? that was amazing! sure it may have a smaller fanbase than other games but It was a hidden gem that was amazing! I grew up with both 1 and 2, Playing them over and over...
BubblegumJ TheGamer (5 months ago)
Atlas reactor? Ultra competitive great story and originalcharacters?
Marcelo Hernandez (6 months ago)
Blood Bowl?
Just Anoman (6 months ago)
Excuse me, but less than half of the games on the list are turn based strategy game (ironically, AoW, a honorable mention, is) Now, all of the games, san total war, employs a turn based battle system, but battle alone only makes it a TACTIC game, not strategy game. What differentiate a strategy versus tactic is that strategy employs macro, that is to say the control of economics. Take total war, for example, it is a turn based strategy, real time tactics game, because the strategy portion is turn based while the combat, i.e. tactic, portion is real time. HoMM series, on the other hand, is turn based strategy AND turn based tactic. Most of the game on the list does not have a turn based strategy portion, instead are RPGs, stories or mission driven on the primary scale, not strategy. You know how to differentiate strategy from tactics? When the majority of your units are expendable yet impactful if lost, that pretty much sums up strategy game. Units are too important and every loss can be game-ending? I'm sorry, that's probably an RPG tactic game. Units dying have no impact later on? That's just some sort of story driven mission based game. Only when economics of units is a thing, does it become a strategy game.
Only here for the memes (6 months ago)
I would've screamed if a Civ game wasn't top they are perhaps the best franchise in strategy ever created. Most franchises have one game in them that was a complete let down like Rome II in total war and the Hasbro X-COM games but civ has none
RYANALLS1 (6 months ago)
I liked Military Madness.
brad tyler (6 months ago)
Rome Total war is more RTS its not really a turn based strategy
Fernando Cardoso (6 months ago)
where´s Shining force series? speacialy SF3, one of the best games ever, and nº1 as strrpg, something´s wrong in this list imo.
Artyom Arty (6 months ago)
civ 4 is by far better than civ 5 or 6. Especially with all the mods that it has. Some of the mods for civ 4 should really be standalone games civ 5 has too many issues and annoyances. I dont understand how it made this list
Lone Ranger (6 months ago)
I hate these video game lists of yours Mojo. Not a single of of them contains my favourite JRPG, Blue Dragon.
ayf1983 (6 months ago)
Panzer General ?
manofconstantsorrow (6 months ago)
Europa Universalis, Invisible Inc., Football Manager...
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ZA C (6 months ago)
front mission, tactics ogre?
Frederick Wrigley (6 months ago)
The best TBS isn't mentioned. Of course, its graphics are merely serviceable, the interface takes getting used to, and the learning curve is somewhat steeper than Everest. I refer of course to Dominions 5, the deepest fantasy TBS ever released. Endless hours of play learning the ~100 different nations (and no two are alike), the hundreds of unique spells, the recruitment of commanders and soldiers, the dozens of artifacts, the deep, deep strategy, and learning the best counters to battlefield spells you will be attacked with. Every spell and effect in Dominions has a counter. It's not a cheap game ($39.95 currently on Steam), but you cannot get more gameplay per dollar spent. https://www.illwinter.com
Xalba (6 months ago)
Heroes of Might & Magic is the pinacle of the turn based estrategy games. Taking the best features of a great saga, it's brilliant and almost perfect, and should be the undisputed n1 of this list.
Dom Brownyo (6 months ago)
NO Jagged Alliance 2.
K Randell (7 months ago)
Shinning force 2 didn't even get a mention? For shame
MrKzynix (7 months ago)
kINGS BOUNTY, everyone?
MrKzynix (7 months ago)
Before "final fantasy tactics" there was a game called "VANDAL HEARTS" and "vandal hearts 2" REMEMBER YOUR GAMES;;;;
MR Moon (7 months ago)
welcome to the cheese house... so much nostalgia with worms but warhammer should be 1
Walt (7 months ago)
No Super Robot Wars?. Mazinger Z does not like your top ten list
Eador: Genesis
Jonathan Muñoz (7 months ago)
rome is better than Shogun 2? Shogun 2 is the best total war game
Axel Jönsson (7 months ago)
"Nintendo has a ton series under their name, but only one appeals to the strategy crowd" wait what? You mentioned Advance Wars literally just a of couple of minutes ago -_-
Haunter Dragon (7 months ago)
Surprised Disgaea wasn't mentioned and the lack of SMT Devil Survivor Overclocked. ((unless I missed them I'm trying not to fall asleep at the moment))
The Croatian Lad (7 months ago)
Not putting Heroes 3 in 1st place is just an embarrassment, seriously WatchMojo 6th? FInal Fantasy over heroes 3? That's just sad and delusional. In history of gaming there isn't better gem than Heroes 3.
Crimson Thunder (8 months ago)
civilization 4 is better than 5 for many reasons
NKcell89 (8 months ago)
Ring of Red is also a great turn based strategy game. It is a game like Valkyria Chronicles and XCOM.
Sodgerel Nyamdawaa (8 months ago)
Cant say this is good list because there is no XCOM in here
Kenton Nigrelli (8 months ago)
https://games.ravenblack.net/player check out the warlocks game, one of the best turn based strategy games of all time. No pay to win, just strategy. Accept one of my challenges and ill teach you the game
GEEK WORLD (8 months ago)
Battle for wesnoth should be there
Do Daang (8 months ago)
Heroes3 by far the best. What is this anime shiity games on the list like in every watchmojo videos...
Neven (8 months ago)
What?!? No Disciples 2?!?! Psssshhhhhh......
Philippe Nachtergal (8 months ago)
I loved Master of Orion 1 by for the way it avoided the need for micro-management so often plaguing turn based big scale games. I would add : - masters of magic - space empire (IV) - Civ CTP (not the same franchise as civ) - Imperialism - Warlords (I guess wargames should have a separate category but this franchise felt more strategy than wargame) - Stars ! Maybe a mention for Warlock and for Galactic Civilization. And I would certainly have given a real good ranking to the Age of Wonders franchise. And what about ports of table games ? Sure they aren't flashy and all but some are neat.
Brugar18 (8 months ago)
heroes should at least be in top 3 but other than that the list was made very well for once
Τασος Ελλας (8 months ago)
front mission 3??????
Fernando Schreiner (8 months ago)
Where's Galactic Civilization and Endless Space?
Vency Degracia (8 months ago)
I was afraid there'll be no FE entree here.
Jupri Chan (8 months ago)
Brigandine The Legend Forsena?
rarr10 (8 months ago)
Aarklash warhammer confrontation Silent Storm
orlanzo telfer (8 months ago)
no front mission, hogs of war
orlanzo telfer (8 months ago)
Hogs of war must be on this list...that game is better then worms
Tony Moretti (8 months ago)
Warsong!! Nuff said
MultiMemich (8 months ago)
Master Of Magic, forever in my heart.
Yveshku (8 months ago)
I have to admit. I came for this list expecting a Fire Emblem game. And I wasn't disappointed.
Enrique Cabeza (9 months ago)
Where is Jeanne D'Arc ?

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