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The Ultimate Game of Thrones Recap Seasons 1 - 6

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Here's our The Ultimate Game of Thrones Recap: Seasons 1-6 New and improved features for season 6, less Sean Bean more Hound. Subscribe to GR+ here: http://goo.gl/cnjsn1 With Season 6 just around the corner, here's just what you need to get you caught up: everything that's happened in Game of Thrones so far! http://www.gamesradar.com http://www.facebook.com/gamesradar http://www.twitter.com/gamesradar http://www.twitch.tv/gamesradar
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Text Comments (315)
Sanic Headgehag (1 day ago)
boutta spoil the whole show
yooooo1089 (3 days ago)
Went right over my head😮
Jens B (8 days ago)
2:18 - I do not know about you but I would have liked to see stannis war against religion, MC Hammer and Christmas. ;)
Syarif Hidayatullah (8 days ago)
Everytime I hear "hodor", I cri. It seems I don't have what it takes to rewatch the series after all.
TheZemb1999 (13 days ago)
yeah...hold the door...that was rough...
Allain de leon (26 days ago)
Awesome recap! Thanks for the vid :D
Shireen Abdul Jaleel (1 month ago)
So in total it's a sick history......
MyFluctuations (2 months ago)
So glad I never watched this show.
Julie Symonds (3 months ago)
Got an ad for a Game Of Thrones app game on this video lol
Isadora Nexø Lytting (3 months ago)
H8 that u say "Sean Bean" and not Ned....
Khushi Bhoj (3 months ago)
How did John become alive ?
Ifelis 013 (4 months ago)
You missed a detail: Lyanna Mormont and - THE KING IN THE NORTH!-
Atalantic Bow (5 months ago)
Game of thrones is exactally like Greek myths... Meaning its messed up. Too much
Nils Lorand (5 months ago)
I liked Tommen
Mattis Drocourt (5 months ago)
You prat!! We didn't know who was Snow's father at the end of season 6 😮 thanks for the spoil..
themrmystery47 (6 months ago)
This doesn't sound as interesting as the hype I been hearing. I guess I will pass on this show
MakowskiTheViking (6 months ago)
Great vid just what i needed to refresh my memory
Jay Attys (6 months ago)
lol this was hilarious and informative
FullRushLIVE (6 months ago)
Thank you.
Ranxrox (7 months ago)
0:25 Poor Rickon, always forgotten
Kimchi Koalaa (8 months ago)
I was late to the GoT game, I bought season 1-6 DVD last month. This week, I have binge watch all 6 seasons in 5 days... I LOVE IT!!
GamesRadar (8 months ago)
That's impressive!
dkursu (8 months ago)
-1 talk to fast
Matome Quest Moremi (8 months ago)
Thank You :)
Nocna Ptica (8 months ago)
wow this series is fucking horrible
When The Sound Resonates (10 months ago)
We know Ned starks sister is the mother of John Snow in season 6 but was it revealed that he's a Targaryen in season 6? @GamesRadar mentioned that he's the son of the ned's sister and the mad kings son... I thought that got revealed at the end of season 7 when Bran said he should be a Sand, not Snow, but Sam reveals that Rhaegar and Lyanna were married in a secret ceremony
tommy a (10 months ago)
"you're shit at dying, you know that?" - The Hound
Sunny Yoda (10 months ago)
I watched this at 2x speed.... I beat every other game of thrones watchers by.....
Abc Def (10 months ago)
Carter Bryson (10 months ago)
You missed the brienne and Jaime story, the arya/hound story and arya/gendry/nightswatch/brotherhood with banners story And the Sansa/ little finger story Plus the story with bran going to the 3 eyed raven The brotherhood with banners sending gendry off to melisandre and stannis Roberts death King of the north story The opening scene And probably more
Cheese Smoke (10 months ago)
Jorah did not attempt an assassination.
TypicalGiraffe (10 months ago)
Bran can't see the future he can only see things happening and things in the past
Tom Thedutchguy (10 months ago)
thank you for this video, now i know which season box i have to take to amsterdam comic con. (season 2 by the way, because Carice van Houten will be there)
Simon Asgeirsson (10 months ago)
many things you mention are from the season after, for example, daenerys did not take mereen in season 3, but season 4
Rebecca Shearer (10 months ago)
i tapped out at season 4, i might have to catch up again IT JUST IT CAN BE SO TEDIOUS
Cartoon Crash (10 months ago)
Do not click Read More,you have been warned Jon's real name is Aegon Jon & Dany had sex Jaime leaves Cersei Viserion is now a zombie dragon Theon stops being a pussy Littlefinger dies & the wall fell down
Zeus 999 (10 months ago)
You how could you forget Podrik Podrik fkin payne
VidyaSimran (10 months ago)
Gendry , still rowing his boat....will always be funny. I thought never send gendry anywhere alone, he tends to get lost. In S7x06, When they sent him to go back to east watch to send Raven, I couldn't believe that Gendry had become 'Flash' , was able to recognize his way back even though it was his 1st time north, and gave away his hammer & didn't even exchange it with a sword (what if he would've been attacked by a burning bear).
Teen Blues (10 months ago)
I am so confused it hurts.
Teen Blues (10 months ago)
why must my friend like this show.
Jakub Kubicz (10 months ago)
Well this recap sucks as fuck. So many important things are missed I cannot count them. Hail be to the autor for creating such stuff but... It should've been done better :/
P Victor (10 months ago)
As someone who hasn't seen Game of Thrones, that was a 12 minute stroke!
Tony Martinez (11 months ago)
so southpark was right?. sounds like everyone is double crossing the double crossing double crossers. twice
Hari Krishnan (11 months ago)
Jon Snow is the Son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Not the Mad King (Aerys Targaryen).
Enrique Navarrete (11 months ago)
thank you so much.. liked and suscribed
Hayden Jones (11 months ago)
Katarina Stevanovic (11 months ago)
Jon is not Mad King's son, he is Rhaegar's son
Dreamy2dream (11 months ago)
thank you so much for this video! I really needed this! and I loved how you explain why Ned Stark died ! hahahaha
s (11 months ago)
thank you
Nikhchan's Gaming (11 months ago)
I was so pissed when Margery died! No more nude scenes of her!
Nikhchan's Gaming (11 months ago)
Filch...I might be a squib. But I killed the Stark family!
Jorge Narez (11 months ago)
Ive never watched the show and still havent and this all seems like one giant fucking mess lol id rather rewatch breaking bad, twd, or better call saul
Aeth Suneravelos (11 months ago)
Dany does the conquering. -Jon sacrifices Dany.- -Jon does the defending.- -Tyrion does the ruling.- Jon does the ruling.
Henrique Pina (11 months ago)
I put a thumbs up, but I could do without the lame jokes and the name puns. It's hard enough to cope with so many characters and names.
Sean Henry (11 months ago)
Anybody else just laughing through the recap of season 6 because of how fucked it really was. Like holy shit
Curry Rice (11 months ago)
0:27 Bran is not Ned's youngest son. Actually watch the show.
Dmitriy Belous (11 months ago)
You couldve made this video 15 min and include so much more important things. Explain the targaryens etc.
Gregoriano (11 months ago)
GOT: Soft porn disguised as a sad excuse of a story.
Claire Crawford (11 months ago)
hold the door bloody wrecked me
linda ahmed (11 months ago)
This show is load of shit. Don't know why so many people like this shit
Kilo Gram (11 months ago)
THANK YOU BRO. Exacly what I needed before going into season seven. :)
ESC Tes (11 months ago)
Still don't get it.
Giovanni Ab (11 months ago)
Your recap is shit tbh
Justin Wahlne (11 months ago)
I still have no idea what this show's about.
King Moreland (11 months ago)
Let me see one more dislike try me I dare you
gio o (11 months ago)
TONS of british irony
Faiza Adem (11 months ago)
Amazing recap thank you!!!!
Shabnam Sanatigar (11 months ago)
guys here's a cool deal I found on comprigo's facebook page. some cheap dvds and blurays for previous GoT seasons. here's the link https://www.facebook.com/comprigo.us/posts/366287973787998
Katherine Favell (11 months ago)
Well done, very helpful. Thanks!
Jeremey Johnson (11 months ago)
An absolute great job, and have answered many questions. Well done.
thanks, that helped me realise how stupid game of thrones is... still a very useful recap though. now i can watch season 7.. yay?.. i hate all the characters that are still alive... this show sucks, but it also sucks... you in. and now im stuck watching it. even though every episode disgusts and repulses me, and makes me quite angry when they kill off another good guy. but its all worth it in the end (maybe?) when you finally get to see the smug f#$%^rs get whats coming to them. did i mention i absolutley hate most of the characters?? also why did that lady and the hound fight? they both wanted to protect little girl stark? this show annoys me, lol
Steam Punk (11 months ago)
When I think of kings landing I think of Dubrovnik
Derek Pederson (11 months ago)
Why did I waste 60 hours when I could have watched this?
Askibin (11 months ago)
9:32 "because Jon is WAYYYY too pretty to die" ...so was Khal Drogo ...and look where HE is
Mohammad Waleed (11 months ago)
Where is the battle of blackwater??
Teryn (11 months ago)
0:54 I like how "trial by combat" is synced to Tyrion's lips. Nice detail!
tobo86 (8 months ago)
Second that. Lovely touch
Lynn Stratton-Cholewa (11 months ago)
show me!
Olz Wheat (11 months ago)
"Ned's youngest son, Bran" erm... Rickon??
Dkdkdkd Kekdkd (11 months ago)
Bran isn't Ned's youngest son
Alper (1 year ago)
i love you
fiesta51 (1 year ago)
Cathrine Glosli-Levin (1 year ago)
"her brother is a dick about the whole thing" xD
Yuki D. Soulassassin (1 year ago)
... Jorah never intended to take Daenerys's life oO
Kloshers (1 year ago)
great video I can't believe you spend your life making this content good luck mate
G W (1 year ago)
excellent recap! 😂
Helumi (1 year ago)
Of course I get a season 7 ad at the start.
Mohamed Ariff (1 year ago)
hendry is not still rowing his boat he is a lad for brienne of tarth
GrimXxRedemptions (1 year ago)
I go through everything to find out wtf is going on and I'm still confused
Dion Rowles (1 year ago)
Spoiler Alert
swissphillyd (1 year ago)
That was great man! Covered everything clearly and quickly :D
Demons Hunter (1 year ago)
stonecoffin (1 year ago)
"Winter is coming" is all i hear since the start! Show me some WHITEWALKERS!!
Viv Wallace (1 year ago)
Hodor T_T Don't remind me.
Nicky D (1 year ago)
i still didn't understand a single thing on this video
Joep Stijnes (1 year ago)
Isn't Jon Snow the son of Rhaegar and not the Mad king?
Literally God (11 months ago)
Joep Stijnes Yes
Evania Endellion (1 year ago)
Bran is Ned's second youngest son. You forgot Rickon
ANANJAN DE (1 year ago)
Tahani Abdulla (1 year ago)
Great job! thank you for refreshing my memory
Abbey Howe (1 year ago)
well this is gold. I am ready for GOT 7.
Bahar (1 year ago)
I'm offended that Poddrick wasn't even mentioned once <\3
Jim Jones (1 year ago)
Hold the door :(

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