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Top 15 PS4 rare, Underrated Games

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Like the ps3, ps4 got a lot of amazing great games with low rate. These are in my opinion the top 15 so far. Please subscribe and like the video. #15 - Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X #14 - WipeOut Omega Collection #13 - Lawbreakers #12 - Mad Max #11 - Earth Defense Force 4.1 #10 - The Order 1886 #09 - Hitman The First Season #08 - DriveClub #07 - Brothers: A Tales of Two Sons #06 - Metro Redux #05 - Hue #04 - Hand of Fate 2 #03 - The Witness #02 - Valiant Heart's the Great War #01 - Abzù
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Squall Ranger (2 months ago)
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Sir Galahad (4 months ago)
*#SquallRanger** I think Mad Max was overlooked due to juggernauts that are The Witcher III Wild Hunt, Fallout 4, Assassin's Creed Syndicate & Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain coming out that same year not to mention other under the radar games like Just Cause 3 & Dying Light took the limelight away from the game. Also I doubt we will ever get "The Order 1888 Unholy Wars" since PlayStation owns the IP & Ready At Dawn has moved away from the partnership they had & now created games for the Oculus Rift not to mention that after the reception it got PlayStation is likely to not invest in it ever again*
Squall Ranger (4 months ago)
Sir Galahad if they have naughty dog that will be great
Sir Galahad (4 months ago)
*#Squall** Ranger I would love a sequel that fixes the issues the first one had & honestly I would love Naughty Dog take a swing at it*
Squall Ranger (4 months ago)
Sir Galahad it's kinda sad because you can see some great potential about The Oder 1886
Kocaine Kowboys (4 months ago)
I dont have much experience with ps4 games yet. Just got a ps4 though so we shall see how it goes.
Squall Ranger (4 months ago)
It's just a great console. And it's place for every kind of gamer
random gammer (4 months ago)
Cool vid man!!
Squall Ranger (4 months ago)
random gammer thank you dude
Squall Ranger (4 months ago)
For the record guys this list is just in random. So it doesn't mean one game is better than the other. As you know I'm sorry i tried my best about the English. Thank you!!
Euan Mccuish (4 months ago)
Good videos should do more keep practicing your english its quite hard to understand what your saying but very well done
Squall Ranger (4 months ago)
Euan Mccuish thank you for watching. I know about my English but thanks for the advice. I will try hard next time.
Cravez IV (4 months ago)
Squall Ranger (4 months ago)
Cravez IV thank you dude
Gaming Gardener (4 months ago)
🌲👑👍Cool Bro👍👑🌲
Squall Ranger (4 months ago)
Clash Gardener thank you
Alpha [BS] (4 months ago)
LOL!!! Nice video !!
Squall Ranger (4 months ago)
Sr UN5TOPP4BLE ok thank you for watching my videos
Alpha [BS] (4 months ago)
Squall Ranger I didn't even played Black ops 2 I want to play by I'm not playing in Xbox/PS/Pc
Squall Ranger (4 months ago)
Sr UN5TOPP4BLE thank you dude. If you like black ops 2 check my playlist and thank you again for watching
Xophel (4 months ago)
Very cool! Why don’t you try to remove the green screen in your intro?
Squall Ranger (4 months ago)
Xophel green screen? Can you be more specific?

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