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My DIY Clear Nintendo Switch!

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Check out this DIY clear Nintendo Switch case & Joy-Con. Links to all the necessary parts below! Let me know what you guys think about it in the comments! It was a lot harder to do than I expected but I love the outcome of this shell. Clear Switch/Joy-Con Shell Set: https://dopeass.link/2wmTnkf Clear Joy-Con Shells: https://dopeass.link/2wzUB6W My Took Kit: https://dopeass.link/2fcSYd2 Subscribe to CrazyDopetastic: https://dopeass.link/CrazyDopetastic SWITCH: 4606-0713-6899 PSN/XBL: freetheunknown BACKGROUND MUSIC BY: Spinelli Salem INTRO/OUTRO MUSIC BY: Hav, Inc. FOLLOW CRAZYDOPETASTIC: INSTAGRAM: @CrazyDopetastic TWITTER: @CrazyDopetastic THE GEAR I USE: CAMERA: https://dopeass.link/2v8PADy MICROPHONE: https://dopeass.link/2fhO6mj RECORDER: https://dopeass.link/2vroYQC MEMORY CARD: https://dopeass.link/2ucVtlY HARD DRIVE: https://dopeass.link/2v8EM8o LIGHTING: https://dopeass.link/2vBU7Bf GAME CAPTURE: https://dopeass.link/2hwtYOa CAPTURE SOFTWARE: https://dopeass.link/2uVnDgE ——————————————————————— If you'd like to send products, items or fan mail please use the address below. Tuan X 924 Bergen Ave #241 Jersey City, NJ 07306 I may unbox it in a future video! This is nerd culture!
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CrazyDopetastic (10 months ago)
Would you do this to your Switch?
Viet Trung Phan (7 months ago)
Does case and Joycon shells become yellow like other cheap clear plastic? Thanks for your video btw.
Alpha slakoth (8 months ago)
I made mine atomic purple, looks awesome but I had a few issues with the shells. All solved now and I would not recommend doing this if you dont have any experience with these kind of things. The result is totally worth it thoug.
xXMasterJ360Xx (8 months ago)
I wouldn't recommend doing it if you only have 1 set of Joycons. But with the right tools and slow paced guide its worth it
Bubble Rhino (9 months ago)
I wouldn't risk it...
Kristin Stuthard-Mendoza (9 months ago)
CrazyDopetastic I wouldn't because I'm too chicken haha if I had two switches I would. This looks awesome!!
Michael L (18 days ago)
The FTC ruled that you can’t have a warranty voided for opening electronics, so there’s no worry for this anymore. If you break something internally however, then you void the warranty. So just be careful.
Fancy Zelda (3 months ago)
I did this for my Joy-cons only. Sadly the left trigger button feels a bit loose. But other than that it's beautiful.
Smiilysurpent (4 months ago)
Durron 19 (4 months ago)
I'll buy the joy cons on eBay the body I think I can do
I would never do that to my Nintendo Switch
Kenneth Strange (7 months ago)
I wouldn’t
Otimo (7 months ago)
Would I? I already did it! Got to have the purple though clear though just like my old controller and the gbc I never had
George lugg (7 months ago)
I wouldn't risk it with my switch as I don't have the money to buy a new one if I break it
Gnik4144 (8 months ago)
If we get a switch for Xmas we are definitely getting one
Meem Ain (8 months ago)
I wish they release a pair of green joy cons both of them in green not like with the splatoon 2 joy cons in which left joy con is green and right joy con is pink
CrazyDopetastic (8 months ago)
Same, hopefully we get a Luigi game with some Green Joy-Con.
Logan Browne (8 months ago)
I would definitely do it to my Joycon but probably not the switch itself
Benjamin Aberra (9 months ago)
It’s cool but I don’t wanna mess up my switch
jimmy torres (9 months ago)
Tyler Rickard (9 months ago)
I would totally do this but I wouldn't do it on the console itself. The Joy-Cons are easily replaceable.
ericbazinga (9 months ago)
I definitely want the transparent JoyCons, but not a transparent Switch. I'm not putting a hard-to-find $300 system under a process like that. What if I break it while changing out shells? Plus, voiding the warranty is the last thing I want to do. Again, what if I break it? Voiding the warranty on the JoyCons is something I can live with (especially when the end result looks so awesome), but definitely not the system itself.
Jonathan Castillo (9 months ago)
Videos are dope man!🤙🏽
CrazyDopetastic (9 months ago)
Thanks bro
LinkToo (9 months ago)
I don't want to do it to my joycons, cause I like the neon blue and red so i'd have to buy another pair. Hopefully, Nintendo decides to do clear colored joycons in the future
LinkToo (9 months ago)
you did it right, keeping the original buttons, they look much better than the super famicom colored ones
kimikimkim kimkimkim (9 months ago)
Your Switch looked too good​, it had nothing to hide
TheWeaponTalks?! (9 months ago)
Dope video bro
CrazyDopetastic (9 months ago)
+TheWeaponTalks?! Thanks fam
barry dawson (10 months ago)
i stripped a screw at the table back my triwing wont unscrew it what do i do the same screw driver is fine for unscrewin my joycons................:
barry dawson (10 months ago)
i stripped a screw at the table back my triwing wont unscrew it what do i do the same screw driver is fine for unscrewin my joycons................:(
Monster Fueled (10 months ago)
I just did this yesterday. The first time is super intimidating and hard. But once you know what you're doing its really pretty easy and a lot of fun. I plan on doing more in the future.
TrueBlueHedgehog (10 months ago)
Ask Aidda (10 months ago)
Very cool might try this on my spare bc I love the yellow too much
Jay_ Mania (10 months ago)
One word dope
Bboyovi Rama (10 months ago)
I would but i can't😂
Rai Rei (10 months ago)
and one more thing I'm waiting to get the Mario Odyssey version
Rai Rei (10 months ago)
also no lol
Rai Rei (10 months ago)
I'm back
VoluXian (10 months ago)
Th translucent joycons look so darn good on the grip. My gosh.
younghav (10 months ago)
next do it to that iPhoneX I'm sure you got pre-ordered already .....
younghav (10 months ago)
this is the fucking content I subscribed for yo...
CrazyDopetastic (10 months ago)
younghav 💪🏽
Garth Hunter (10 months ago)
No I would not do this the switch is still under warranty so I don't think so
Abram_R (10 months ago)
These are awesome! I love the buttons
PaperPopper (10 months ago)
Joy cons are so customizable oh my gosh.
Nicholas Gaming (10 months ago)
2:02 that looks awesome
Nicholas Gaming (10 months ago)
RETRO™ ‍ (10 months ago)
Im too scared to try this on my switch hah, Great video my dude!
CrazyDopetastic (10 months ago)
RETRO™ thanks
PortalPowerTV (10 months ago)
Looks totally DOPE! Great vid!
CrazyDopetastic (10 months ago)
PortalPowerTV thanks bro
Cloudy Mind Gaming (10 months ago)
2 hours... looks like it was worth it I would have to take some days off from work to do that lol good job looks so sick on the joycon grip
Fabrizio A (10 months ago)
I really wouldnt wanna screw my switch up
Rybn64 (10 months ago)
I really want to do this to my switch now.
CrazyDopetastic (10 months ago)
do it do it do it!
UndefinePanDa (10 months ago)
This reminds of those clear gamboy shells, anyways that looks awesome!!
Jalen Keo (10 months ago)
Lmao I'd do it but I'm gonna mess up instantly
CrazyDopetastic (10 months ago)
Danpie1212 (10 months ago)
I would love to do this but I don't want to disassemble my switch because I might break something
Nintendo Dot (10 months ago)
Love your vids but I wouldn't do that 1) I don't have a job 2) I'm to lazy to
CrazyDopetastic (10 months ago)
lol fair enough & thanks!
Armando Chavez (10 months ago)
The *JOYCONS* looks nice with that style but the console....eh. Would I ever do this to my switch? If I had an expert with me that does stuff like this CAUSE IF I DO THIS MYSELF IM PROBABLY GONNA MAKE MY SWITCH TURN INTO A BOOTLEG PSP Great video 👍🏼
CrazyDopetastic (10 months ago)
LOL thanks for watching
RayDae (10 months ago)
My OCD tendencies are too high to be doing something like this. 😰 Props to you for doing this and having your Switch still be in one piece!
CrazyDopetastic (10 months ago)
L Zal (10 months ago)
Looks cool but I'd F-it up if I tried that myself.
CrazyDopetastic (10 months ago)
Bryan Winkel (10 months ago)
Man, the blue transparent one looks SUPER SEXY! Unfortunately, I'm not experienced with this kind of thing, so I probably won't buy one anytime soon. Bummer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
CrazyDopetastic (10 months ago)
Indeed it does! It's not easy & takes some real patience lol plus the whole voiding your warranty thing lol
Landon Smith (10 months ago)
Bruh you have no idea how badly i want to do this. I even have spare gray joycons to do it with myself - just don’t wanna screw them up lol
CrazyDopetastic (10 months ago)
My #1 thought was "don't break this don't break this don't break this"
Juan Diaz (10 months ago)
Looks sick but I'd hate to mess it up lmfaooo
LUCKI PUP (9 months ago)
Juan Diaz I'm doing it but only the joycons, with a second pair tho, I ain't tryna fuck with my red and blue ones
CrazyDopetastic (10 months ago)
Lol 😆
Carlton English (10 months ago)
I did this to mine too but I have a blue case and white joycon. I'm loving the clear though but it wasn't available when I purchased mine.
CrazyDopetastic (10 months ago)
Zachary Avenger (10 months ago)
Cool switch, cool vid! Not something I would do but great job!
Zachary Avenger (10 months ago)
CrazyDopetastic, NO PROBLEM BRO! I also watch Kevin Kenson!
CrazyDopetastic (10 months ago)
Thanks bro!
TopGameNOAH (10 months ago)
I would love that, But I wouldn't want to mess with the hardware. That is amazing!
CrazyDopetastic (10 months ago)
I feel you on that. Glad I didn't break it lol
abc (10 months ago)
I think there's also a purple clear switch shell, that would be crazy, and pretty, dope, and also, fantastic
CrazyDopetastic (10 months ago)
Haha, indeed!
NintenDude (10 months ago)
#makeoneformepls jkjk but this looks DOPE
CrazyDopetastic (10 months ago)
Lol i love it

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