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What Happened to Extreme Sports Games?

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Back in the early 2000s, extreme sports games were being released constantly by major publishers. Today, those games are extremely rare to find and one does come around it doesn't get a whole lot of attention. What happened? Gameplay Provided by: Rad Rat Video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM_qHztpYLsC6IHgOm4WlYw TylerLasagna: https://www.youtube.com/user/TylerLasagna Music: Kevin Macleod - Chillin Hard Kevin Macleod - Secrets of the Schoolyard Never Too Late - I'm Not Giving Up On This One
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Sitdown (3 months ago)
Great video what is the name of that mountain bike game u where playing at 7:15
Kyle Cochlin (6 months ago)
No talk about any of the MX games?
stuffthefame (6 months ago)
On A Roll is a new rollerblading game you can buy on steam. although it's still not complete. it's new and doesn't really compare to previous rollerblading games. Also Aggressive Inline was a flop! The game ROLLING on PS2 and Xbox was the better one.
TheRealTanman (6 months ago)
Sean Palmer snowboarding for ps2 👌
Evan Gilmore (6 months ago)
I wish there was more nfl and nba street games damn
Evan Gilmore (6 months ago)
Have you ever played 1080 snowboarding on n64?
Emcee Nati (6 months ago)
As soon as the video starts, I feel like he sounds burnt on saying THPS.
Barnhouse Studios (6 months ago)
Great video!
Noah Zimmerer (6 months ago)
thps is still better than skate. Played thps3 and thpg and skate 2 & 3
JAG (6 months ago)
4:17 B-but what about the 2012 one? Great & interesting video, had a blast watching it!
Kent Curlew (6 months ago)
I am disliking because you said they tried their best to make thps5 a good game, that’s a false statement,
David Robertson (6 months ago)
The most popular game in the industry rite now and has been since skate 3 came out is called micro transactions. I'm sure they did a study and found that most people who play these games wouldn't want to ride blank board trucks wheels clothes and have to pay for each little upgrade that used to be free in previous titles.
TrialzGTAS (6 months ago)
Looking forward to more content, Ice
Tyler Belt (6 months ago)
Great video man
aleks nickless (6 months ago)
get out.
Goobra (6 months ago)
Wooooo the legend is back😁
Simon Oliver (6 months ago)
Personally id say Steep is more like Amped than SSX. Other than the first game, SSX was all about non-realism and wacky cartooney tricks and characters. Amped was focused on realism.
Simon Oliver (6 months ago)
prior to THPS there were a couple skateboarding games such as 720 and Street Skater
Mitch S. (6 months ago)
Fishaman (6 months ago)
love the pop punk background vibe to fit the times
Eastern Eggs Unboxing (6 months ago)
I'd give all hair out of my ass and even hands for a current gen tony hawk's game
Anthony Vaughan (6 months ago)
Still waiting for Matt hoffman pro bmx 3......
CathodeRay (6 months ago)
THUG 5 and HD are fucking awful
NickSkate7 (6 months ago)
Sick! Glad to see you’re back man
Lavender Llama (6 months ago)
5:27 shout out to Call Me Kevin! (;
Fisticuffs 88 (6 months ago)
Nobody wants to play a game about something they could do in real life
ShiggyDiggyDoo (6 months ago)
An SSX game came out in 2012, actually a very underated and fun game.
Kristaps Plotnieks (6 months ago)
Hi men! Love your videos!. I was playing thps3 on ps2 and try messing around the debug mode, where you can explore levels beyond borders and i found some interesting things on Tokyo level ( realy long train bridge with long trains) also on "Suburbia" and "skater island" some mysterious black cubes and "airport" have unfinished same level in mirror look, just below the real level. I just wondering if you are aware off this and maybe would like to make a video about debug mode secrets?
Ricky Dupon (6 months ago)
I honestly played Skate 3, I like it but at the same time, it makes me miss the old Arcade styles of controls from the old tony hawk games. Great video once again ice.
Grey God (6 months ago)
I think what happened to extreme sports games is what happened to the racing genre. Arcade style gameplay had its run but eventually realism was more sought after. However the Skate franchise's launch sales figures on all three games weren't good enough to prove that to EA. Hopefully Session is able to spark something over at EA in the future or maybe even something with the Birdman himself and we could have a whole turning point for the extreme sports genre.
WilliamTheFailure (6 months ago)
Yay! you finally made a new video! Your channel isn't dead after all.
cursorh3ad (6 months ago)
Good to see you back mate.
lamboman68 (6 months ago)
Back then life was so much better
Alex Menchaca (6 months ago)
Finally your back. Are you gonna continue your proving ground play through?
okuta (6 months ago)
I would like to see Sony reboots Cool Boarders or Skate 4
masemaster35 (6 months ago)
“I can’t think of the most popular game right now”... uhh fortnite is all around me always. It is definitely the most popular game in 5+ years. (I’m not a fortnite kid just someone making observations)
Wayne K (6 months ago)
Andrew Reynolds wasn't in the original? did he never ride for birdhouse?
RƎVƎNGƎ (6 months ago)
Ayy ur back ❤
Mr Snrub (6 months ago)
nice vid
Rad Rat Video (6 months ago)
The video turned out great bro! Can't wait to see what you come up with next.
Icebears4ever (6 months ago)
Thanks Rad Rat!
kenneth schaijk (6 months ago)
check out PIPE, a new bmx game in development
Fanchus (6 months ago)
You should make a video about underrated or overlooked extreme sports games you like!!
Icebears4ever (6 months ago)
Fanchus (6 months ago)
Great video icebear!! There’s a really big improvement in quality from previous videos of yours, well done. We are all eagerly waiting for new extreme sports games!!
metalbowser23 (6 months ago)
Sadly a Sony fanboy Where’s the Dave mirra games
Daisuke Young (6 months ago)
07:33 13 hours!?! How!?! I got bored of it in less than 2!
Pentex Sucks (6 months ago)
You have a sexy voice
Daisuke Young (6 months ago)
00:27 You show off.
Daisuke Young (6 months ago)
Nike, that's what happened. Just kidding, I'm an edgy guy. It was corporativism.
vague (6 months ago)
good shit btw
vague (6 months ago)
thug hd what’s that?
Eric danial (6 months ago)
Im happy thtvur back,What happened to thpg part 4?
Andrieta Sena (6 months ago)
Icebears4ever its me merkymerk206201 from ps4 great video
V B (6 months ago)
Icebears you are back!
CY On The Beat (6 months ago)
great video
Dre Cristo (6 months ago)
Tony hawks pro skater 5 is the worst skate game ever made. I blame that game on the death of skateboarding games
Prololan (6 months ago)
1van_the_terrible _ (6 months ago)
GangsterBeat Producer (6 months ago)
Ea doesn‘t look at the skate franchise anymore. They just count for the battlefield and fifa franchise. Activison just count for the call of duty franchise. That‘s make me really sad
Scruggs (6 months ago)
At least Tony Hawk said he would be interested in doing a new game, but I don't think it would be from the same publishers or developers as Pro Skater 5. He should find a new studio to create something similar to the old games, but fresh and actually enjoyable. I remember playing all the Tony Hawk games as a kid non-stop.
haha (6 months ago)
You said ssx hasn’t had a new game since 2005, but there was a new ssx game that came out in 2011
haha (6 months ago)
Well what happened to video games in general? Most games that come out today are just sequels or remakes to already established video game franchises
Lavender Llama (6 months ago)
just like Hollywood! it's disappointing
Master Knife (6 months ago)
haha Yeah and most of them are extremely overpriced and only come with like half of the actual game. At least the Japanese don't use microtransactions in video games
DALLAS- -DEBO (6 months ago)
Mykolas Bartkus (6 months ago)
Go check out my instagram page https://www.instagram.com/adrenalineinourblood/
spongebelt (6 months ago)
Great video dude!!
Kiko (6 months ago)
Dude u back keep making videos
SpriteBanana (6 months ago)
Ayy your back! Great Video!
TheDiaryOfAnOxymoron (6 months ago)
If there were quality extreme sports games with solid responsive gameplay and decent levels, more people would pick them up and play. The extreme sport game attempts that have come out in the last 5-10 years have been terrible and deserve a lack of support. Game developers need to stop thinking that being different is the key. Being fun is the key. Focus on gameplay, levels, and an overall enjoyable experience first, then focus on the microtransactions and fitting in new trendy stuff once a great game is complete.
Redwood Mystic (6 months ago)
On a Roll! Play On a Roll! It's a blading game, aggressive inline. It's out on PC and it's supposed to come out on console this year.
D12Disease (6 months ago)
True words.
Big Sexy (6 months ago)
American Wasteland was the last great Tony hawk game, Tony hawk's project 8 was the last good Tony hawk game, Tony hawk's proving ground was the last okay Tony hawk game. I don't know how a team can just progressively make their series worse. Robomodo couldn't even make proper animations and physics on a game series that had already been good. Skate 2 was amazing and skate 3 was okay but a disappointment. I'm really hoping session actually achieves their goal of making a great Skateboarding game. This current Gen is almost over and we haven't gotten a decent Skateboarding game
Jonathan Doe (6 months ago)
"We're not trying to do Skate 4" could also be a legal disclaimer. Also, welcome back!
Icebears4ever (6 months ago)
Highly doubt that, they're simply trying to make their own game.
Christopher Pace (6 months ago)
Holy. shit.
Drawsome 209 (6 months ago)
In the past I had hopes of seeing more skateboarding games in the future but its unlikely to happen now.
Guy Reichert (6 months ago)
Fernando Guerrero Session is scheduled for a 2019 release
James Pelletier (6 months ago)
Anyone play bmxxx? I picked it up at my local grocery store. My mom paid for it lmao
Will Martin (6 months ago)
The most hours I spent on Skate 3 were creating parks. Loved recreating real life spots and wished they had basic themes so that all of our levels didn't look the same every time. Skate 4 (or a Skate-like game) featuring Tony Hawk + expanded level editing so that the players build onto game continuously (best designs chosen by the developer for the final game) would be my ideal approach. Skateboarding is a creative sport and I found the games that gave the most freedom were the most enjoyable. This idea would not required every player to create levels; Some would create, some would just skate. Might save the publisher some investment money too. PS - add surfing as as a side gameplay element.
arse (6 months ago)
Definitely look out for bmx streets, hasn't been a good bmx game since dave mirra 2. Basically the skate version of bmx games
baseballlover312 (6 months ago)
Awesome analysis. I miss the games, but you're right. I don't think they can really capture a new audience at this point while still appeasing the old fan base, and neither market is big enough by itself to justify more games.
Saint Noodles (6 months ago)
holy shit you’re not dead.
jeremytox (6 months ago)
I might have to disagree with the conclusion of the video, If devs make a game that could win the core audience hearts, It can win the general audience heart as well, a indie/AA studio could make a game that becomes popular for a niche audience, with a budget not as big as a AAA title, so there's not as much a risk for failure, and then when the core audience gets hyped and it could start attracting more casual players "it's great, it's been a while and it's refreshing" Trying to get the attention of the lowest common denominator from the start will end up in a failure because these people are simply not interested in these, they mostly play what their friends are also playing, battle royale being the big thing right now. And I really hope that Session becomes that game that turns mainstream, it's already getting attention from the core audience, and if the final product is good, something that makes you want to share it, it might be perfect. tl;dr: people should chill with the few games we have, but comparing things is not bad, mainstream wont give a shit if there's no core audience to start.
Dante Son Of Sparda (6 months ago)
Can we all agree that icebears is the best YouTuber ever
ChronoToaster (6 months ago)
Sad to see extreme sport games become less relevant. As a teen I can say that kids just don’t really wanna be outside as much honestly or more specifically skate
Manuel Fernandez (6 months ago)
I miss you!! Im si excited!!!
Chiok Luna (6 months ago)
yesh new video!!
Trevor Donegan (6 months ago)
So good to see you Back on YouTube!
Negriño G (6 months ago)
Great video, im glad you came back man
xanatori (6 months ago)
Finally a new video!
Hugo D (6 months ago)
great video! Very interesting! There is an independent bmx game called bmx Streets Pipe in development. It's basically Skate 3 but for bmx it's awesome! The game is available on steam, you should try it!
PuNkY (6 months ago)
Awesome video ! it's good to hear your analysis again ! I sent you a private message on YT two month ago, try to read it, there's a big review of Tony Hawk's Underground in it, and I'll be very happy if you can give me some feedback about it. And again, Great work !
Michael Navarro (6 months ago)
wwemonkey619 (6 months ago)
My second favorite type of game
ReeN Edits (6 months ago)
ay my fav youtuber is back, great video and if you liked steep maybe you like infinite air as well
vitorcage (6 months ago)
That last song is sick!
Iron Hawk (6 months ago)
Great video :)
Viktor Hilal (6 months ago)
Yaaaay another video
Activision O2 Channel (6 months ago)
Do a extreme sports games collection
182Moons (6 months ago)
LEGENDARY IceMan (6 months ago)
It will never come back. Late 90s and early 2000s was a perfect time for Extreme Sports Games because whole world was more edgy and Extreme Sports fit in with WWF, South Park, Jackass and other edgy things that were on TV.
Super Ultra Thanks Mom (6 months ago)
It wil probably return in some dope indie way. At least I hope so :-)
Nick Maatjes (6 months ago)
You are absolutely right!!!!!!!! i used to be fan of all of those as a 15 year old
Big Sexy (6 months ago)
90s and early 2000s were truly edgy. Punk music, Skateboarding, and ECW were the best. Honestly, though, if that came back today I wouldn't be too into it.
RB Vlogger (6 months ago)
Shaun Palmer's Pro Snowboarder is my favourite snowboarding game of all time, such an underrated game
mxadi25 (6 months ago)
top 10 anime returns
Christian Delonge (6 months ago)
Yes,you are alive!!!!

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