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EXTINCTION Official Reveal Trailer (2018)

11866 ratings | 2001410 views
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Text Comments (1629)
Naresh (3 months ago)
Is it movie or what?
SaffronTown (3 months ago)
Attack on persia?
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06pag (5 months ago)
The Ackerman order.
LuisM. Lodi (5 months ago)
Hell yeah. Let's slaughter giants *-*
dark knight3470 (6 months ago)
Just saying the Gore really contradicts the cheery colors used, not to mention the giant growing back his arm and the cut itself looks cheery too, can't tell if this is a lighthearted game or a serious one Ill pass gave me that Prince of Persia disbelief (except PoP did it right)
Juste Some tips (7 months ago)
This is awsome game I have download it already for free get in here you too its awsome http://motefiles.com/extinction2018
*Great Game so far*
annon # (7 months ago)
careful game is terrible
EvoLifeSword (7 months ago)
Since when do Ogres get that type of regeneration?
Jon Segundo (7 months ago)
Assassins Creed + Shadow of the Colossus + Clash of Clans
Twin Falcon (7 months ago)
This is why you don't feed trolls
uoiouii (7 months ago)
Looks like fortnite
KingPanda (7 months ago)
Anyone know if this is going to be co op
Fahad Fahad (7 months ago)
how i can get this game
Aaron W. Nichols (7 months ago)
Let's see what this reminds me of... Attack on Titan, for the plot Shadow of the Collosus, for fighting giant creatures in a puzzle-like manner Assassins Creed, with parkour and medieval aesthetic Sunset Overdrive, with the slightly cartoony, colourful art style and supercharged movement Dragons Dogma, hack n slash combat with little enemies while climbing the big ones
bigdamnb (7 months ago)
kinda looks like fortnite
leewardstyle (8 months ago)
Might we get this Chosen One a smaller sword? I mean really.
Adriano Queiroz (8 months ago)
the HULK?
Luis Sandoval (8 months ago)
Attack on titan ninja vs ogre edition Not to mention terrible graphics, it’s 2018 but weee getting 2004 graphics
CARZILLA (8 months ago)
5 dollar game at most
Vibo2 Aomi (8 months ago)
worst character design ever
Thee Accuser (8 months ago)
Kratos looking at this like PFFTTT.. weak. Killed bigger.
Last in Class Rebel (8 months ago)
Dapper Cat (8 months ago)
Why did this trailer sound like an old 80's action movie. "One man, one destiny, and an entire army of giants! Prince of Persia in EXTINCTION!"
Damian (8 months ago)
Titan Orcs Must Die !
ItsTheLegend27x (8 months ago)
I was thinking about getting it buuut, decided to get monster Hunter instead
Mah Rose Beauty Parlour (8 months ago)
story of Dajjaal , gog magog
Lambicus (8 months ago)
Assassin's Creed of Persia on Titan
Pintu Mohanty (8 months ago)
Ali Baba (8 months ago)
I need God of War on Xbox one nowwwwwwww
I saw Mikasa on the roof 😉
S/O satyam SaTyaM (8 months ago)
Great animation
sweet ass (9 months ago)
Should make this for movie
illuminati ashem (9 months ago)
When will this comeout
Menty the gemini (9 months ago)
just like god of war
Bartholomew Trump (9 months ago)
1:06 shit I did not know that ORCS can re generate their severed arms
Blanca Martinez (9 months ago)
My brother like we watch look like favoritos!!!!!!
ARZZIO (9 months ago)
When eren meets assassins
Peter Deng (9 months ago)
attack on titans
bayumas bayu (9 months ago)
mantap ini game
Oktay Canlı (9 months ago)
thıs game fake attack on tıtan
Iain Allison (9 months ago)
cough* attack on titan cough* cough*
I so want to see what happens. YOU CANT DO THIS TO ME. 😭😭😭
Bittu Pkkka (10 months ago)
Good game
Doodad (10 months ago)
This is fucking ridiculous.
Zid z (10 months ago)
Fucking lame ass game fucking Wana be attack on titans lame as bitch
Mafiata D (10 months ago)
well you learn from god of war dats very impressive
Neo2266 (10 months ago)
Y’all ever heard of physics?
Universal Powder (3 months ago)
Neo2266 lol
Kunal Jaybhaye (10 months ago)
Attack on Titan?
Tricky mark (10 months ago)
that game of pc
D Gray (10 months ago)
So does the sword grow?
Andy Chih (10 months ago)
Prince of persia meets Shrek meets attack on titan?
Ridas Bušmanas (10 months ago)
This trailer literally reminds me the serious of Dragon Ball. Those titans are ruled by the King Piccolo who tries to take over the Earth. This hero is like Goku, who smashed the arm, but oh wait, he is Namekian, so he regenerated it. Can't wait to see Kamehame or evil containment wave!
Possibly Lost (10 months ago)
Pfffft... Not falling for ths one
hzajin Dab (10 months ago)
copy right attack of titan?
The Greatest Comeback (10 months ago)
Kennyqq:# (10 months ago)
Кранты пацыку, чекайте, его забьют битами)
Junn Kit Wong (10 months ago)
orcity vs humanity ?
p. f. (10 months ago)
Shingeki no kyojin but whit orcs :v
Hai Chao Tan (10 months ago)
i wanna see him kill one without any buildings nearby lol
Jushua Cagara (10 months ago)
Man he is he Look a like Conor McGregor
amllemans (10 months ago)
Wait.! isn't that a game.?
Jurijs Afanasjevs (10 months ago)
Its kind of a copy of Attack On Titan ,Am i right?Or do i have issues.
Shanmugapriyan M (10 months ago)
lucas lucas (10 months ago)
isso me lembra algo
Huskie Harbin (10 months ago)
Yass, no microtransactions (mtx) game
xasnly (11 months ago)
just needs giant women and it will be 10/10
xYuushax (11 months ago)
You really want to fight a giant without a 3d maneuver gear...
Pedriz (11 months ago)
Kds os Br???
mekimeki mek (11 months ago)
I hope it will make the movie.
captain P (11 months ago)
attack on titan ????
The BLACK WING KH (11 months ago)
His sword is too small to cut giant arm😂😂😂
Rachel Anderson (11 months ago)
I'm getting a god of war vibe from this game, I honestly hope that the game is good and gameplay would be nice to see.
Winyaan Galbar (11 months ago)
Aww was hopping for God game like Black&White...
ajndasdasda asdasdasd (11 months ago)
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Gameplay For Everything (11 months ago)
it looks like attack on titan!
TheSteelMagnum (11 months ago)
So we play as a hipster cosplaying as Robin in a game that's a clear rip-off of Attack on Titan? Sounds legit.
Ian Boehme (11 months ago)
IT is the same principe of attack on titan
Apeals (11 months ago)
its like attack on titan
Meme Station (11 months ago)
Not different from a every game
vignesh kumar (11 months ago)
I want to watch it in theatre as a movie
Christian Gamboa (11 months ago)
Fiona you're next
acdq 18 (11 months ago)
Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind der Jäger!!!
Patrick Lange (11 months ago)
Too bad the actual game doesn't look this good. I saw the clips of the actual gameplay and I was disappointed.
Muhammad Saleh (11 months ago)
so basically its *ATTACK ON SHREK*
naruto BR (11 months ago)
Bek Tatlun (11 months ago)
only if it wasnt so cartoonish
Fuzzy Wuzzy (11 months ago)
I thought there was already an Attack on Titan game.
DIARREIA NA MENTE (11 months ago)
SoFezMan (11 months ago)
*Attack On Ogre*
Alvaro Mp (11 months ago)
If this is a movie it's going to be unwatchable...
Gunn Burn (11 months ago)
I thought it was clash of clans giants and goblins vs the barbarian king.. xD
Ladislav Bereščík (11 months ago)
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Ladislav Bereščík (11 months ago)
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caveman Versace (11 months ago)
How the fuck does such a small sword cut through that big an arm?

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