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7 Ridiculous Things We've Done In Games Just For Trophies

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Rob presents our list of 7 ridiculous things we've done in games just for trophies. Can you think of any more? Or do you have an idea you'd love to see turned into a Friday Feature? Let us know in the comments! 7 Videogames We Failed To Finish: http://bit.ly/1KVMnqD 7 Most WTF Bosses in Games: http://bit.ly/1RklMrK 7 Arguments Every Gamer Has Had: http://bit.ly/1OM0bd7 Thanks to Alex Sprackling for this one! PlayStation Access TV brings you the latest UK PS3, PS4 and PSVita news, events and goodies each week, giving you unprecedented access to the biggest games and events on PlayStation. Subscribe now to ensure you never miss out: http://bit.ly/AccessSub Want more? Rob's Twitter: http://bit.ly/RobPearson Dave's Twitter: http://bit.ly/DavidJackson Nath's Twitter: http://bit.ly/NathanDitum Hollie's Twitter: http://bit.ly/HollieBennett Join us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/AccessFB Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/TweetAccess
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Text Comments (1592)
firestorm5432 (16 hours ago)
There was another weird one in mgs2 where snake is kissing a girly poster in a locker or something
Rebecca Smith (2 days ago)
I don't come here for delsin .
Jerol Owens (15 days ago)
I am only subscribed for the Friday special... am I a heathen?
Reshen Srinath Bahadur (16 days ago)
1:48 I thought I unlocked a trophy for a sec then looked to see what it was. This is what trophies do to you.
JeffRB (19 days ago)
I did lightning dancer back when ff10 first came out on ps2 and not for the trophy even tho now that games reward you for stuff like that I wish there was a trophy system back then. (ps my older brother and his friend couldn't do it and I did and I impressed them so much they thought I cheated with a game shark or something because they could just nt do it} I forget how long it took me might of been one oof those up all night gaming sessions I loved when I was a kid
joao vicente (1 month ago)
"Take the Canoli " in GTA Vice City is other trophy that could be on this video. You have to repetedly make a cheat throw about 5 hours...
DriftKingz (1 month ago)
The craziest thing I’ve done for a several trophies is grinding gran turismo sport for 2 hours
Frostyblade 88 (1 month ago)
The sentinel trophy from no man's sky needs to hang itself. You basically have to sit in a bunker on a hostile plant for 16 HOURS with the only thing you actually do being refilling your life support every 2 hours or so and this the LAST TROPHY I need for the no man's sky platinum. It's so damn close
Frostyblade 88 (1 month ago)
I only need the high chaos trophy and flesh and steel for dishonored 2 platinum but I can't make my self do it even though over beat the game 4 times now
Frostyblade 88 (1 month ago)
This makes me sad now that they killed off delsim I loved him PLEASE BRING HIM BACK
Big Smoke (2 months ago)
lolo str (2 months ago)
you should get a trothy in overwatch when you make a good teamcomp in quikplay,soloque
Orbi Man (2 months ago)
I killed an enemy with a toilet! Worth it!
bigpat 1066 (2 months ago)
Looking under the persons skirt in lolypop chainsaw for the i swear it was a accident
Jon Pon (2 months ago)
I used to love trophy hunting. Until Sony cancelled my account because of a hacker. Now I can’t be arsed
Felipe Rodrigues (2 months ago)
The cursed chocobo race was way harder than dodging 200 lightning bolts imo.
Dmitry Jean (2 months ago)
I hate that rodent 😂
A is for Annihilation (2 months ago)
I guess I'm weird as I get my trophies by accident & forget to even look up what they r to complete them. I don't really think about it til I see vids like this which r hilarious btw. It is cool getting a trophy tho, especially by surprise.
random beats (3 months ago)
1:39 am rn trying to watch this but it gotta buffer
Viktor Branka (3 months ago)
The "Endurance Series Complete,, trophy requires you to play it 24 hours without pausing, this trophy should be removed, playing 24 hours without a pause can cause neurological sickness like photosensitive epilepsy.
Katy Schwarz (3 months ago)
Worst moment of my gaming life - getting to 199 lightning strike dodges and fumbling the last one >_< I pretty much cried and quit the game - only to come back the next day and do the whole thing again. I can still hear that soundtrack ... never managed the bloody chocobo balloon thing for Tidus’s weapon though.
DragonKing (3 months ago)
I've beaten almost all the halo games I own (3, 1 remastered, 4, reach and almost 3 odst on heroic. Halo reach on legendary. And if you've played any halo game, they can be hard just on normal. So...yeah.
Tossed Burrito90 (4 months ago)
Carrying a gold penguin through half of Golem City in Deus Ex Mankind Divided.
legendof6789 ! (4 months ago)
Knowingly getting Jodie rapped for the together forever trophy in beyond two souls
Lj Pictures (4 months ago)
I miss the badger
Spaget God (4 months ago)
I'm probably the only one who plays on Xbox but watches PlayStation access they are just so amazing
Lava Proof (4 months ago)
For the first one............ Yeah..... For trophies....
3rdworldgwaming (4 months ago)
I did the 200 lightning bolts....I still remember how I got it don....lot of breaks in between....getting wakkas legendary weapon drop was the worst....those stupid blitzball games
ErzTubeHD PM (4 months ago)
What about days of the tentacle?
OmniDeku (5 months ago)
getting that final fantasy trophy was a pain but worth it
Liam Prescott (5 months ago)
100 feathers in AC 2
Arianna Monson (6 months ago)
“Winning a chocobo race in under 0 seconds”? I think I need an explanation
Grant Kruger (7 months ago)
Which game was the most emotionally draining?
Th0t_Destroyer Oof (7 months ago)
I was 6 or 7 when I played GOW ps3 and I didn't see the easy mode thing
Jujubis (8 months ago)
Getting arrested 50 times in GTA San Andreas also.
Calvin McPhail (8 months ago)
I've built all the celestial weapon in ffx
User (8 months ago)
My last console was a PS2 about I still love to channel.
John Young (9 months ago)
Literally any game where you’ve got to collect loads of collectibles. Killing 200 birds in gta 4 springs to mind
Sophie Hitchcox (9 months ago)
Oh god the lightning 😭😭 always right before you get to 200 bam you get hit and have to start again 😭😭
pbjent (9 months ago)
I played with poop in Duke Nukem.
MATTHEW575M (10 months ago)
What about Nathan Drake slapping an enemy with a fish trophy in Uncharted 3?
manny gonza (10 months ago)
I so love when you ran all the way upstairs just to film that tally. Lolz
Lil Firewall (10 months ago)
When FPS’s weren’t FPS’s
Benjamin Spieker (11 months ago)
Kill sb with a fish wow i killed sb with the arm of a spider
Richard Barker (11 months ago)
The Punisher ps2 was full of interesting ways to kill enemies. I wish that they would do a Special remastered edition for Ps4
Sam Sweetman (1 year ago)
Why isn't tapping a Mayonnaise jar on this list?
Pelago _ (1 year ago)
Haha I remember getting that green frog trophy in snake eater, I just wanted that invisible camo.
Flip3nt _42 (1 year ago)
I murdered my way through infamouse second son just cause my friend told me the evil way trophie was rarer than the good way It was very fun
Ethan Williams (1 year ago)
Ok I'll be honest I got the red dead redemption one without knowing it was a trophy
Joe Cooke (1 year ago)
Is Delsin rodent a reference to delsin rowe from infamous second son?
Easyview (1 year ago)
Dragon age origins: did “it” with all characters possible, a trophy for each, putting me 4 steps closer to the platinum.
titan cragheart (1 year ago)
These are amazing
ThePeanutGallery (1 year ago)
I tried to get the psychotic/return of the prankster achievement in a Fallout game that didn't have that achievement
MasterZebulin (1 year ago)
You get a trophy for watching the opening cinematic in a Disgaea game. No, seriously.
death 2 PlayStation
RecruitofApollo (1 year ago)
I remember I got "Dastardly" without even knowing it was a trophy. I only did it because it would be a funny thing to do.
Calbenmike (1 year ago)
My Name is Mayo. That is all.
yousof karimi (1 year ago)
I guss you should've mentioned GTA V kiflam! Runing 5 mile on foot is just one task in this pain in the a.. trophy🤣😂
Michael Dunleavy (1 year ago)
Was there not a trophy in Resi5 for killing an enemy with a rotten egg, that was infuriating
Chillin Charizard (1 year ago)
In spelunkey to get the co-op achievement I added another player and just carried them through the whole game.
Matilda Bailey (1 year ago)
accompany message mean fate envelope privacy specific mall.
Thehulksterbeast (1 year ago)
I did shoot all the keratins in mgs 3 but I didn't get a trophie for it I got a ACHIEVEMENT . Please don't hate me I do have a PS4 now lol
Andy R (1 year ago)
What about the snake beater trophy in MGS2? Much more disturbing than the sexting trophy.
Matt Narciso (1 year ago)
The most ridiculous thing I've done is get a donut man arrested
Camaro ZL1 (1 year ago)
How about Project cars 24 Hours in real time
Spudacus Gaming (1 year ago)
no. 1 that's also a trophy in the goat simulator DLC 'payday'
AnimeDoom (1 year ago)
I did the FFX lightning dodging back on PS2 simply to have all the weapons at full power. I did on on PS4 purely because I wanted that platinum trophy. I never even use Lulu once you can start giving other characters more skills, she just isn't very good yet I've done that bloody annoying task twice.
epic gamer (1 year ago)
Watch Dogs 2 buying the stupidest shoes in the game.
Jordan Isle (1 year ago)
yeah i did some stuff just to get 1 or 2  witcher 3 trophies
WBZ Gaming (1 year ago)
I spent 27 hours finding all 100 feathers in assassins creed 2 to get the trophy and it was worth it
lightningalex2 (1 year ago)
In ghost recon wild lands, I blew myself up on purpose to get a bronze trophy
Mitchy_ASP (1 year ago)
GTA pigeons
cat scar (1 year ago)
outside Xbox VS PlayStation access who will win my vote is PS access
Donny Spofford (1 year ago)
I absolutely hated the Lighting Dodger trophy, I nearly had a heart attack trying to do it.
Apollyon Katastrefia (1 year ago)
delsen rodent is the reason i watch the show.
Chell Ray (1 year ago)
don't forget South Park: The stick of truth. My favourite is the one where you fart on an aborted nazi foetus
Jacktheboss4life (1 year ago)
how about on resident evil you can earn a trophie for being killed
David Pagel (1 year ago)
darksiders 1 the trophy with the horse -.- u must ride so long bla bla at thr horse i put the controller on circle run and go to gym haha after im being back... it was almost done ^^
Breeki Man (1 year ago)
excuse me? Russian jungle with crocodiles? I don't think it works that way
GiantFightingRobot (1 year ago)
I'm surprised Snake Beater wasn't in here.
Nathan Rafferty (1 year ago)
6:22 A street lamp in darksiders. just saying it sounds odd.
TheBuddha06 (1 year ago)
Wait… did you blatantly rip off the 'Dastardly' joke from Outside Xbox's video two years before you? You also made the 'evil villain with a twirly moustache' joke pretty much word for word.
mrsocko316 (1 year ago)
Arkham City, went offline, changed the date on the ps3 and visited the Calendar man on EVERY holiday.
Crappy_Ponies (1 year ago)
I did the first one just for fun and to see what would happen lol
Crappy_Ponies (1 year ago)
but then again I also tried people up and set them on fire
CH3MiC 23 (1 year ago)
Many Developers are just Fucked 🆙. The worst one are Mortal Kombat/DC Injustice Devs.
Hyper Gecko (1 year ago)
outsidexbox did something like you did for 'dastardly'
MsLinziKirsch (1 year ago)
What about burnout paradise when you need a webcam to get one trophy?
susanothegreat (1 year ago)
oh boy, lightning dancer the bane of my existence and source of many rage bursts-.-!
Rodney Hill (1 year ago)
Finally a Sleeping Dogs reference 😩👌🏽 loved it
memecubed the clock (1 year ago)
6:44 into the mouth *weird noise* *smack* noice
Monsuco (1 year ago)
Farting on a Nazi zombie aborted fetus in South Park: The Stick Of Truth. Too far?
SecYess (1 year ago)
Yes, people are hitting a glass of mayo for 5 hours for a platinum!... Humm... wait!...
i love dustin!!!!
horrorkesh (1 year ago)
I tried looking up a high school girls skirt just for a trophy.....totally worth it
Jhonny Lopez (1 year ago)
what about batmans one year thropy
Midnite St0rm (1 year ago)
You're also forgetting the one in MGS2 where you have to get caught jacking off
Blayt Mobile (1 year ago)
Sadly I did that not even knowing there was a achievement for it so......
Benny van nuffel (1 year ago)
gt 5 was to my opinion the last great gt game! getting the lisences all gold and the endurance races was what made gt great! think i played the endurance nurburgring wel over 50 times! and then there was no option to save in the pit! just drive 12 h straight a quick nap while your ps 3 was burning red hot then finish the last 12 hours! the licenses where the only real challenge wich i just couldn't let go! they had to be gold from gt 1 to gt 6 !
Jeff Hocker (1 year ago)
Didn't they also give you a trophy in MGS2 for the very worthless endeavor of maxing out your stamina bar by doing about 500 pull-ups or whatever? I'm just assuming they do, because I only bothered to accomplish that task back when the game was only available on the trophy-less PS2 and, y'know. . . why would I ever do that again?
Volphan Gaming (1 year ago)
I know this is not PlayStation but there is a trophy in Zelda Hyrule Warriors where you need to get killed by a chicken... Ah....Zelda logic....

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