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What happens when pro CS:GO players can bring their own gears (on LAN)

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Pro Counter-Strike : Global Offensive players should not be allowed to take their own gears at LAN events. Proof that pro players could bring their own gears at ELeague Major Boston rule 4.2.1.: http://cdn.eleague.com/img/ELEAGUE_Major_Boston_Rulebook.pdf Thanks /r/Vacsucks for the cheating clips.
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Text Comments (23)
game bros 200 (2 months ago)
I am your 1,000 sub
Nathan Brunner (2 months ago)
game bros 200 thanks
Superhero123Kaleb (2 months ago)
Plz upload more
Sebastián Santacruz (7 months ago)
Retarded video, I want the 2 minutes of my life back
Suno (8 months ago)
Are you stupid? None of these are even fishy, even considering I used to cheat so... don’t upload videos if you’re around Gold Nova / Silver
PokéKid (3 months ago)
PEPSEY he called him silver/gold as if the guy has never seen cheats before, not just for a rank insult lol
Michael (5 months ago)
Suno your the one that used to cheat so who are u calling a silver
Adam Kittenlover (5 months ago)
Kys suno...hacka
PewDiePie Kid72 (7 months ago)
B o u b A (8 months ago)
Budget Dan m
driex wenkz (8 months ago)
olof's clip is toooo shady man but the other clips are explainable
driex wenkz (8 months ago)
tarik's: he saw 2 t's so after killing fallen he pre-aimed for fer. jmqa: hes deciding to peek so he pre aimed the wall so he can have advantage but after hearing alot of nades, he decided to aim head level so he'll have more advantage on the pushing ct's. Lekro: he aimed just at the right spot (everyone on the high ranks aim there after jungle smoke) but after killing the ct he aimed at another ct which is more suspicious if the bullet hits cause thats how aimbot works, but you noticed it didnt hit soo it looks natural to me. the frags after it was all good you'll see natural flicks natural crosshair placement and good skills. simple: he's got a really awp shot so if its aimbot it would have hit. ALSO: THERES CALLED CROWD BAITING (N0thing have talked about this) where pros aim at the possible enemy's position so they would react and make noise and pros can hear their shouts and cheers. n0thing said the anti noise headset doesnt work 100% so they can still hear noises when its too loud. now to olof.... its tooo shady and unnatural i was like ''why???????????????'' he can be cheating
Rava ruff (8 months ago)
Guys pro players are gud gays they'd never cheat
daRt (8 months ago)
If everyone is cheating, is anyone cheating?
driex wenkz (8 months ago)
ohhh good point
ho lee fuk (8 months ago)
lex-gg (8 months ago)
It's 2018 upload in 60fps ffs
Nathan Brunner (8 months ago)
Sorry, this video is from 2018, but I am still living in 2012 and using Windows Movie Maker.
KappaChino (8 months ago)
i'm pretty sure they provide the names for the peripherals they use so Eleague can source them and give brand new ones to the players, this is how they have done it in previous.
Julius Meivo (8 months ago)
Do you actually know that they check it or is this something you made up to support your Argument. I almost certain they DONT check the gear.
Adrien Lucat (8 months ago)
How come this is a big news to you? ofc pro players bring out their own stuff, and ofc they're tested and inspected for any on-board memory, script file-like cheating medium. But this ain't new? it's always been like this in previous tournaments. in other cases it also state that new peripherals will be provided to accustomed pro users, they need to give a list of their proper config so they can be provided with, and yea also in other tounaments they won't allow "bring your own" styles. Check urself fool, this video was not legit and made me angry watching it...
Julius Meivo (8 months ago)
they dont
Nathan Brunner (8 months ago)
Look at the rule 4.2.1 of the ELEAGUE Major Boston Rulebook : http://cdn.eleague.com/img/ELEAGUE_Major_Boston_Rulebook.pdf It clearly says : "Players must provide their own mouse, keyboard, mouse pad, and earbuds for use on stage as well as in their practice rooms". This basically means that they have to use their own gears (mouse, keyboard and earbuds)... This is why I made this video, this is a shame that players are not given brand new peripherals at the pro level. Note that I also included in the video a part where you can clearly see they get their gears out of their own bags.

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