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Upgrade your CPU... in four simple steps | Hardware

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Don’t be scared of upgrading your CPU, it’s easy! We’ll show you how to switch out a lowly Intel i5 for an all-singing, all-dancing K-series i7 for the all processing... in just four simple steps. Downloads: MSI Afterburner https://www.msi.com/page/afterburner CPU-Z http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html Cinebench R15 https://www.maxon.net/en/products/cinebench/ HWMonitor https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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Text Comments (31)
name not important (3 days ago)
Wow this is a very Helpful video liked!!
CATCODER PHP (9 days ago)
what is the case pc model?
nafi mohammed (12 days ago)
I do not know why my vram has decreased to 256mb when i bought my pc my dedicated memory was 512mb but after i found it 256mb i would like to have an answer please my system information "8GB RAM DDR3" Graphics Chipset "AMD Radeon HD 8200 / R3 Series" CPU Type "AMD E1-6015 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics" Windows Version "Windows 8.1 (64 bit)"
PCGamesN (12 days ago)
nafi mohammed Was sure the Beema APUs used shared memory across the system, so it would be using the 8GB of RAM as the VRAM. Didn't think the connected HD 8200 had its own dedicated memory, what's reporting your system's dedicated video memory?
solfizz (13 days ago)
If I do know that my motherboard is compatible with the cpu I want to ugrade to, will I still need to reset the bios? For reference, I am upgrading a 4690k OC'ed to a really sweet deal I found for a 4790k. Do I need to change the settings at all even? Thanks!
solfizz (13 days ago)
Thank you so much for that quick response! That makes a lot of sense and when it comes time I'll give that a shot. :)
PCGamesN (13 days ago)
solfizz for that in-generation upgrade you won't have to update your BIOS for it to work, but when you do install it is recommend putting the BIOS back to its default settings and working up from there. The different chip might not be able to deal with the same level of OC or it might do even better!
Rik Gaming! (1 month ago)
Replacing motherboard equals - Building a new pc
Rik Gaming! (16 days ago)
PCGamesN thx for the reply
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
Rik Gaming! Not quite, but yeah... mostly!
M O N K E Y (1 month ago)
yeah im running windows 10
M O N K E Y (1 month ago)
if i change my cpu ram and graphics card and keep my hard drive do i need to install drivers or any thing
M O N K E Y (1 month ago)
thanks 4 the help
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
M O N K E Y no worries, hope it all goes smoothly when you do upgrade!
M O N K E Y (1 month ago)
thanks very helpful
PCGamesN (1 month ago)
M O N K E Y depends on your version of Windows. Win10 is pretty good at grabbing the necessary drivers when you change the hardware over. If you're doing a big hardware swap though it might be worth, with Win10, switching to logging in with your MS account before you upgrade. Then it won't ask you to reactivate your license.
Falloutsp33dy1223 (1 month ago)
im looking to upgrade my i5 4440 to a i7 4790k and add some more ram from 16gb to 32gb you think ill be good to upgrade?
Unicorn Workhorse (2 months ago)
good guide but don't spill water on your shirt
PCGamesN (2 months ago)
Unicorn Workhorse ...better than on your PC. Definitely not done that. Nope. Never.
Marat Avetisyan (3 months ago)
Replacing Intel CPU with an AMD one? How is that ever possible?:)
whitee1992 (7 months ago)
dreading the cost of upgrading my system, i already have the best for my socket 1150. and its still ddr3 aswell. fml lol.
whitee1992 (7 months ago)
PCGamesN (7 months ago)
whitee1992 to be honest, if you're rocking a 4790 (or one of the Broadwell 5775C chips) then even though you've got nowhere to go in terms of upgrading, your platform will still be pretty strong in gaming terms for a good while yet. Save the money for GPU upgrades ;)
Street Guru (7 months ago)
First things first, you gotta go over Resolution Vs Refresh rate, where your CPU will determine the max fps you can get in the game for like 144hz or 240hz gaming. Like a Ryzen 3 1200 will do 4k 60hz gaming without much issue with a 1080ti. If you have a intel i5/i7 from the 2xxx K series or above, you're probably still set for playing most games at 60hz-144hz depending on the game and what you want to do. Linus just put out a video in regards to that. and if you have an i5, some games don't really scale past 4 CPU threads, so that needs to be looked into as well as paying to get just hyperthreading isn't going to help much there. As far as upgrading an older intel platform, can't say I'd recommend to do that with Ryzen around, Maybe if you already have a Z series motherboard, and are getting the i7 K part super cheap maybe. But otherwise considering that AM4 is supposed to be supported until 2020 I'd highly suggest instead of getting an older i7 you just bite the bullet and upgrade to AM4 with a cheap decent B350(starts at $70 or so) and an R5 chip, likely 1600 if not then an R3 1200, 1400 is in a weird spot, the CPU will cost the same(1600) and the upgrade package will cost the same if the i7 is near $300. The rest of the system can still be reused, except for the RAM of course which needs to be DDR4, likely dual channel as fast as you can get it for the least amount of money. Or just one of the "Ryzen Optimized" kits.
PCGamesN (2 months ago)
Aura yes, the AM4 socket is compatible right across the Ryzen range, so you will be able to upgrade to an 1800X.
Aura (2 months ago)
Street Guru I need some help I have a ryzen 3 1300x and a strix b350f motherboard can I upgrade it to a ryzen 7 1800x?
PCGamesN (7 months ago)
Street Guru thanks, this video is really just about the physical process of actually replacing your CPU (the steps for AMD and Intel are essentially the same) not really about whether you specifically need to. Regarding your point about not bothering to upgrade an old system, I have to disagree. Replacing the motherboard as well is a far more invasive procedure and not everyone wants to go that far. There's also the fact adding in a board and potentially new, and still rather pricey, memory is a lot of added expense too. And if you're sitting on an basic Pentium and your board will take an i5, for example, you'll still see a decent performance uplift from a relatively low-cost, simple upgrade.
TheColorfulPube (7 months ago)
If you have Intel you probably won't be able to just swap out cpus.
Falloutsp33dy1223 (1 month ago)
PCGamesN I’m looking to upgrade from i54440 to an i7 4970 you think I’ll have to update my motherboard and stuff what about my ram I have 16gb think I need more?
PCGamesN (7 months ago)
TheColorfulPube if you've gone for something like an i3 or an i5 you will be able to upgrade within that generation. Just check your motherboard's website for compatibility.
Indoriajs (7 months ago)

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