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Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu: WHOA...ONLINE IS CONFIRMED!! (Online Service, Battles, Trading)

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Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee are officially announced but there was some confusion as to weather the game would have many online features or not. We seem to finally have some clarity on the subject and we are pleased with the outcome. Let us know what YOU think in the comments below! Online Confirmation: http://www.newsweek.com/pokemon-lets-go-pikachu-eevee-online-features-subscription-954348 Pokémon.com Q+A: https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/pokemon-creators-share-more-details/ Join On Us On Discord: https://discord.gg/vNfSYzy Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce
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Text Comments (346)
Kazite (1 month ago)
I wood buy Tetris instead of that Pokemon go simulator
Neural (1 month ago)
online for only 151 pokemon would make to easy local makes more sense for trading
Diamondly Playz (1 month ago)
This game will be so much harder for the people who dont play pokemon!
Shawn Boley (1 month ago)
Yeah their is far to much still not known. I'm still getting the eevee edition regardless. But people need to chill out and quit complaining about the catching system because their isn't enough info yet.
Reky Rolen Kencana (1 month ago)
It was confused how the pokemons level up if without wild battle or something.
JSavageIs Only (1 month ago)
That pokemon game is gonna be shit.
Alex Rath (1 month ago)
Will it connect with PokeBank? 🤔
MH DARKSTORM (1 month ago)
Alex Rath nope
Broseph (1 month ago)
Don’t get me wrong I love Pokémon, but this looks like it’s just full of gimmicks.
5w4Gy0l0# (1 month ago)
They better let us catch pokemon like in other games cause the pokemon go style sucks. Like give us an option to turn it off at the beginning of the game when we're giving our name. If they do that then one of the biggest cons of the games will be fixed
Robert Dagata (1 month ago)
Nintendo treats it's players like trash.
Dominique Sunday (1 month ago)
So the game CAN go online, but there won't be any global trades or battles??? WHAT?
DEATH KNIGHT (1 month ago)
I cant wait for these games to come out in November I'm ready to play them gen one was my favorite I'm hyped for these games
Pcwizard7 (1 month ago)
I ve been wanting a more modern looking game since firered and leafgreen for Gen 1 Pokemon and i can understand why not having hard core leadboard battles so i m happy
Galaxia Shadow (1 month ago)
Pokemon GO Kill Yourself: Switch Edition
FINALSTRIKE007 (1 month ago)
My question is how in the heck do you level your Pokémon up? Without wild battles it takes the entire leveling system out? I’m confused.
ARandomToasters Sister (1 month ago)
So you will need to pay money to play pokemon online.
Jake Nelson (1 month ago)
+SwitchForce is Pokémon bank going to be used with this game.
Veegsredds (1 month ago)
Where is my baby Wonder Trade? :(
Christian Flores (1 month ago)
Just PREORDER Both copies !! Looking forward to it!!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😎😁
SamuCosmog (1 month ago)
Kenneth Fernandez (1 month ago)
This game would be gold if after you beat the game you can get pokes up to gen 7 no just the original 151
BTNagasaki (1 month ago)
Time for an action replay for the switch
BrandyLovesAnime (1 month ago)
Wonder what how many Pokémon will be in it
Street Squirrel (1 month ago)
Didn’t need online in pokemon yellow why would I need online in the remake of Pokémon yellow...
Dasyn31 (1 month ago)
Can somebody please tell me what are these "hardcore" missing features everybody's talking about?? The only thing they took out from previous games was wild pokemon battling and I wouldn't call that a "hardcore" feature. It was more tedious and annoying than anything.
Mufasa Punch (1 month ago)
No, I need breeding.
Daniel Tan (1 month ago)
I hope the online service has much more than currently stated, even though the price is good the services we get don't really match up to the price :/
iTzHyPeRShoTz (1 month ago)
krakelwok (1 month ago)
I thought all social components would be delegated to the Go app. Still, as mentioned in the video, fighting wild Pokémon for XP was the bulk of the core game loop. If that's replaced by a motion control minigame, how does training and evolving actually work in this one?
caleb woolman (1 month ago)
to bad to trade u have to pay for it
Frankie Ortega (1 month ago)
A lot of people are mad that they don’t have wonder trade but it’s the original 151 what difference does it make 😂
Phoenix Makins (1 month ago)
I was gonna get this game as an accessory for Pokemon go until they announced it only has gen 1 which I caught all of in Pokemon go, so I'll wait for gen 8 next year
oldenvye6432 (1 month ago)
So if that's an analogue stick on the pokeball can you play the whole game using that as a controller?
Johno Daz (1 month ago)
Really nice video guys. Let's Go Pokémon games having online play is awesome. 4th Edge Out.
UnoriginalValol (1 month ago)
I'm honestly really excited to see how this goes, and I'm glad it has some form of online, and can't wait to try it!
Dean Pan (1 month ago)
Think about this. Online battling won’t require you to breed for 20 hours, this will just be grab a great charizard and go. That’s really cool.
Dean Pan (1 month ago)
Of course there’s online...
C14hurchy (1 month ago)
This is only a very good thing. I expected this but still had my doubts and needed for it to be confirmed. Still really gutted about the lack of wild Pokemon fighting and the grind as this has always been a massive part of original Pokemon. If you do in fact have to battle other trainers to level up your Pokemon what happens if you're constantly battling/getting challenged or challenging trainers with really high Pokemon? Having wild Pokemon to battle/grind/and to weaken with the potential to kill a Pokemon before you capture it really is a big part of the game or at least original Pokemon.
Outer Tsuchinoko (1 month ago)
Can you guys investigate whether shiny pokemon can be catchable in the game. We know from the Q&A that a shiny transferred from Pokemon Go will be shiny in Let's Go, but no clarification on whether or not they can be caught in Let's Go. Many in the shiny hunting community are wondering this because of the new way pokemon appear in the wild instead of being random encounters.
JAMES C (1 month ago)
The haters don't own a switch so does it really matter if they are happy?
Toxzii (1 month ago)
Guys. We will still be getting a new way on how to grind even tho we didnt see any battle vs wild pokemon. Ok? Just get this. We have only been seeing a trailer of the game. After E3 we all will forget about the missunderstandings.
Noel Silva (1 month ago)
I'm glad it having online and nothing else because hacked Pokemon are out the window. And hope they fix that problem with the 2019 game. And I'm a little glad that we still get experience points from catching and battling this just make the game a little harder when it comes to gym battle because u can't just enter and overpowered them u maybe have to plan and error but also if it comes down to it u can ask for help and do the gym in co-op. So can't wait for more info and these games. I already put them both on pre-order. 🤗
Tech Mario (1 month ago)
Well now as we're starting to gain more information about these games that can be great in their own way, I believe now we can all have things to be excited for new mechanics and new regional styles. I feel bad for being disappointed at first. There shall be no more hate for this even if you didn't like pokemon go, Nintendo gained much more profit and fanbases. They can use more profit for better games to follow. It will be the best E3 for a long time!
Moshe (1 month ago)
Now only if they include the pokebank ill have 0 problems. Dont Care about battling wild pokemon cause I run away or repel from those bums as it is
NULL Such Edge (1 month ago)
LittleNick (1 month ago)
Why remove the GTS and Wonder Trade?! That's the easiest ways to fill up your Pokedex. Terrible decision Game Freak.
Trendy Hipsta (1 month ago)
LittleNick It’s not, you can easily transfer all your 151 Pokémon from Pokémon GO. lol
Pasi. (1 month ago)
Im so sold and hyped OMGGGG
Daniel Campbell (1 month ago)
I just want it to use the pokemon bank
Felix Thunderheart (1 month ago)
I just want to just simple trade and battle with random people
nitemare267 (1 month ago)
people mad about the no wild pokemon battle but keep it real once you got leveled up enough you pretty much ran from every battle
Joey van Maanen (1 month ago)
Online play was confirmed days ago... What are you guys doing?
NidoKing (1 month ago)
I just wanna fight wild pokes
Siimon (1 month ago)
It will use the online service ONLY for ranking/sending gift... but the Coop part is split screen ONLY. As for PvP... it's confirmed that it won't be like Sun/Moon. I believe the PvP part will be a lot closer to Pokemon GO then anything else. P.S. I love your videos... their really funny!
Brian Dubya (1 month ago)
Whats the point in battling if you have to spend your time pretending to throw pokeballs at your tv over and over to catch pokemon. That's the dumbest facebook mom shit I have ever heard.
Rohith K (1 month ago)
1:38 GTS is not the bells & whistles its pretty important
Ya Lai (1 month ago)
gts is great for me on ultra sun. ive bred a couple boxes full of bagon and recieved dragonite, deciueye and charizard for them.
Juice (1 month ago)
The GTS really isn't all that good. Sure, it's been in all games since gen 4; however, in all games, it's also turned out to be incredibly unreliable as time goes on. Full of people asking for mythical pokemon or impossible pokemon when all you want is something uncommon. The only times I've found it useful are for when I'm willing to trade a pokemon for something considerably less rare than it, or when I'm trying to evolve certain pokemon. In these games, there's only going to be pokemon from Kanto, so there's not a lot that evolve through trading - Machoke, Haunter, Kadabra and Graveler - and even then, you'd have to trade *your* Graveler for someone *else's* Graveler, in which case a lot of people would prefer to keep the Graveler they caught and trained up themselves. With such a small pokedex, it won't be very hard to catch 'em all in Let's Go anyway. I don't mean to go all "defend Let's Go with your life" or anything, just want to point out why the GTS wouldn't be so great even if it was in Let's Go. Hopefully it comes back in Gen 8, 'cause that's when it'll help with the pokedex a lot more. :)
Maiyu (1 month ago)
NightroBlaze Lvl 9 or below Ho-Oh for my Magikarp, deal?
NightroBlaze (1 month ago)
Rohith K From my experience, not really, it's just full of people asking for event mythical and legendary pokemon in exchange of a weedle
Ivan Lopez (1 month ago)
I waited for something, watched all the leaks, I'm not disappointed.
Eternal Beauty (1 month ago)
I still need more info on this game as i am quite on the fence between getting it and not. Really leaning towards not getting it but this pulls me back a tad. But only having the original 151 is a huge let down...
Steven Dierkes (1 month ago)
No gps ?! :(
Cris Borzani (1 month ago)
Take my money!! I’ll be getting that pokeball joy con. 🤗
Molly (1 month ago)
I think the message got mixed up because the online won't use the paid Nintendo Online Service, but will have online functionality.
ProfJanks (1 month ago)
Online was the difference between buying or not buying
cloudfair2 (1 month ago)
Actually the inclusion of Nintendo’s online service is definitely a minus for me. (Not saying I don’t want online play I just don’t want to pay for the online service) For the most part I play with an isolationist mentality but I do come out to trade from time to time but that hardly seems worth paying for to me :/
stapuft (1 month ago)
Hey mabie, they didn't get the message mixed. Mabie it will have online fearures, just not using the Nintendo online! HERES HOPEING!
Thefallengamer93 (1 month ago)
Everybody butthurt I like it I just gotta get a switch
Dalium (1 month ago)
I want these games to be compatible with the main series at least.
Samuel Hind (1 month ago)
when i first saw the trailer i was kinda bummed, but when i found out that this isn't gen 8, it made me happier and i'm actually pretty excited for it TEAM PIKACHU
Michael Wadsworth (1 month ago)
I can deal with the no wild battles as long as we have this. Hell, we’ll get gen 8 next year anyway.
Ramen117 (1 month ago)
This makes it a bit better for me. I'll see how I feel after the reviews.
Daryl Caruthers (1 month ago)
Btw what core features is this game lacking? Catching, training, and battling are all what attracted me to pokemon and its all in this game so this is a must buy for me. Im just curious what sets it apart from your average pokemon game.
Pixel (1 month ago)
Daryl Caruthers from what we know the only thing that is different is catching other than its a main series pokemon game
Kerrag3 (1 month ago)
Person casually catches a dratini. Me: opens pokemon go to only see Pidgey and Ratatta.
Ledarius Finnie (1 month ago)
Good video Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu WHOA ... Online is Confirmed !! Online Service Battles Trading this from Switch Force other new game come November 16, 2018 that what it show
RossOriginals (1 month ago)
You know, I feel like trading is such an important part of the game that it should be the one thing that you *don't* need a Switch Online subscription for. From Diamond and Pearl up to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon we've been able to trade seamlessly over the internet from anywhere with anyone for free without needing any extra services. Battling online is probably fair to have as part of the Switch Online service, and even maybe the GTS (it'd suck but I could live with it), but trading with friends is SUCH a huge part of the games, it really needs to stay free.
Andrew E (1 month ago)
So Gamestop isn't taking pre-orders for the Pokeball due to supply concerns...
Epic Ninfia (1 month ago)
like your even gonna use it
Gamer Jesse (1 month ago)
Hmmmm now people want this WoW
Barney The Brioche (1 month ago)
Great! I’m so hyped for this new game screw the haters you’re getting your core RPG next year be grateful that you’re getting 2 (well 4) games in the space of 2 years
DeanBeam (1 month ago)
Online or not wouldnt matter i'd buy it anyways loved pokemon yellow so i will love this game as well
Mellio the melon (1 month ago)
I can only afford smash and another 60$ game. So should i wait for pokemon 2019 and fight online with all gen pokemon or get Lets go and demolish everybody with mewtwo?
Darius Truxton (1 month ago)
My only complaint is starting out with Pikachu and Eevie. I would prefer Squirtle, charmander, or bulbasaur
Kevin (1 month ago)
Darius Truxton well too bad
Darius Truxton (1 month ago)
I don't want em later in the game. What do you psycho's take offence to everything?
cyka (1 month ago)
uh you ever played pokemon yellow before? you can catch all those 3 starters later in the game
Hayden (1 month ago)
This does relieve some stress. I am very scared that leveling is like in Go. If it is somewhat normal I will be much more happy m
Hayden (1 month ago)
I hope so. The real litmus test for me is if the competitive scene (Worlds, etc.) move to Let's Go or if they stay with UltraSunMoon until the 2019 game comes out. If the competitve scene moves over, Let's Go is good enough for me.
Yomoamus nane (1 month ago)
Hayden besides the GO like style of catching, there WILL BE traditional turn based combat plus I'm pretty sure you can level up by battling trainers and maybe they might add a method of gaining exp through catching Pokémon like Pokémon x and y, plus there will be online battles and online trading with other players. It's basically like an HD remake of Pokémon yellow #TeamEevee
Tbh I’m probably going to use two joy-con myself and make the game easier lol
Owen Fairley (1 month ago)
Who else is set on Let’s go Pikachu 😎🔥👌🏼
justinbsi0 (1 month ago)
I really hope that they add an item like the light ball for eevee. Pikachu is WAY more viable with light ball, so I think eevee should get an unique item too. (Light ball only works when being held by pikachu and it doubbles attack and sp. Attack.)
“It’s just a glorified spinoff with no online or wireless play” *are you sure about that*
Zer0 PATCH (1 month ago)
David Cortés DaFailboatFan Oof.
Umbreon (1 month ago)
yes! I thought they confirmed it wouldn't have it! there are still many problems obviously, such as no wild Pokemon battles and going back to Kanto, which means no Pokemon past Gen 1, but the games are starting to look somewhat better!
Raichu 26 (1 month ago)
Raichu 26 (1 month ago)
northenlight36 thx
Raichu 26 (1 month ago)
northenlight36 fucks sake
northenlight36 (1 month ago)
Raichu 26 Your partner Pikachu can't. Wild Pikachu can.
Lucci Club (1 month ago)
Why would you be confused about it getting a online service to it like come on now let’s be logical here
UglyhoodRAT (1 month ago)
first $20 plz.
SolgaleoGaming (1 month ago)
I've grown to be more excited for these games. They're gonna be lots of fun while we're waiting for the proper games! I don't mind the go catching mechanic because it'll most likely be gone in gen 8 because it's confirmed the 2019 game is like a regular Pokémon game. I'm hyped for both games and can't wait to see an upgraded kanto, because I was never alive for red and blue. Now online communication is confirmed, these games will be much more immersive and will have more replayability, to keep us engaged for the big gen 8!
rogue trooper (1 month ago)
@Tech Mario agreed, except that Pokemon GO making Nintendo $2 million each day probably doesn't come across as faulty to them ;)
Tech Mario (1 month ago)
SolgaleoGaming I'm just happy that they are finally bringing another kanto remake, and can use these new mechanics to give better insight for what the next real home console game has to offer. And these games will be truly unique even if pokemon go was faulty.
EagleZtoTheGrave (1 month ago)
SolgaleoGaming What a time to be alive lol from a Gen 1 player, hope you like it.
mariopkmnzelda (1 month ago)
Before the trailer dropped: “Guys we only heard rumours, let’s not judge the game until we actually see it!!!!!” After the trailer dropped: “Guys we’ve only seen ONE trailer, wait till we have more info before judging it as bad!!!!!” Future predictions More info drops: “Guys we still haven’t seen the whole game, it’s not fair to say it’s bad yet!!!!!!!” The entire game leaks: “Guys we know everything about the game but we haven’t actually played it yet, it’s not fair to call it bad if you haven’t played it!!!!!!!” Game finally comes out: “The games not for you, stop calling it bad jeez, what do you mean you’ve paid $60 USD for it and are scared it shows signs of where Pokémon is going in the future, you’re not a real fan!!!!!!!!”
mariopkmnzelda (1 month ago)
William Parkman I’m not generalizing anyone, my comment is referring specifically to the people replying to the naysayers and only those people. Anyone who doesn’t attack people that call the games bad are not people I’m referring to with this comment.
SirDinkus (1 month ago)
This game is going to be good. Cry more please.
EagleZtoTheGrave (1 month ago)
Max Homza I wasn't ready lol 😁😂😂😭
VA BEAR (1 month ago)
UglyhoodRAT excuses huh, like the 2 year long Killary excuse tour 😂
Deathjaw derpy loli (1 month ago)
What about those pokemon that need to be trade to evolve?
Tryhardblackguy (1 month ago)
Online Co-op would be cool. Playing the full game in double battles would be great. Most trainers have more than one pokemon. The only reason it looked they were ganging up on the bug catcher in the trailer was because he had only 1 pokemon. If he had more tham one he probably would have taken out 2.
sakon10 (1 month ago)
Battle system seems to be the same, so if it has online, then I'm in.
R In the house (1 month ago)
No, still hot trash
Holly Dot (1 month ago)
I wish they'd shown the trailer and just shut up. Nintendo, as always, are terrible at clear messaging. Let's just wait until the next trailer for anything concrete.
Rav's Reality (1 month ago)
Give eevee an item similar to pikachu's lightball so its viable
Dominique Sunday (1 month ago)
Honestly pikachu is kinda trash even with the light ball. Imo they need to seriously power-up the eviolite and normalise the use of ANY non-fully-evolved pokemon in high-level battles, not just pikachu and eevee.
gavin .l (1 month ago)
Mufasa Punch nah i could still dystroy people with a 100 lv pikachu
Mufasa Punch (1 month ago)
Rav's Reality true, Pikachu get the face of pokemon but is trash without the lightball.
Ian Edwards (1 month ago)
Can't wait to play online, but.... can I play with my pro controller in docked mode? And if so how do you think we'd throw the Pokeball in game?
Yomoamus nane (1 month ago)
JDWMGB FOR REAL! No way, was this during an interview???
JDWMGB (1 month ago)
Its been confirmed that you can just press a button instead of using motion controls
Yomoamus nane (1 month ago)
Ian Edwards that's a good question I've been wondering that myself hopefully they reveal more details at E3. I'm pretty sure the pro controller has motion control, maybe you just flick the controller while holding it in a standard grip??? But honestly if I'm doing that while playing for hours and hours my hands will start to cramp up, I'll probably use the single joycon controller so that way my hands don't cramp up, it's a casual game so I'd want to be as comfortable as possible lol
Jesus Christ (1 month ago)
I was with my friends when 'Let's Go," was announced, and one of them said "You're subbed to switch force, right?" I said, "Yes." Then he said "Unsub." Then I said "Why?" Then he said "This comment was a waste of your time."
Javier Bloom (1 month ago)
I just hope you can still battle pokemon in the wild
Javier Bloom (1 month ago)
gavin .l very true I just hope we don’t have to catch a bunch of the same pokemon over and over again to level up
gavin .l (1 month ago)
Javier Bloom well you do get exp from catching a pokemon too
Javier Bloom (1 month ago)
DJK1NG Gaming I wonder how you train the pokemon then I used to just grind it out in the grass for hours
DJK1NG Gaming (1 month ago)
You can't. They took that completely out. There still a small possibility in battling Trio Birds and Mewtwo.
Preston Garton (1 month ago)
Wow this is actually pretty good! Day one buy for me ;)

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