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State of Decay 2 - Before You Buy

20528 ratings | 1056757 views
State of Decay 2 (PC, Xbox One) is the sequel to the zombie apocalypse group survival simulator. Does it live up to the lofty premise? DISCORD: https://discordapp.com/invite/gameranx Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Text Comments (3783)
gameranx (4 months ago)
Favorite zombie game ever? (come on, this is an easy question)
WeeabooDan (15 days ago)
gameranx dying light and left 4 dead 2
Viktor Drobnjak (1 month ago)
Tanner Hornung (1 month ago)
Dying light
War _king (1 month ago)
Dying light
DarkWo1f997 (1 month ago)
gameranx dying light.
PureRok (3 days ago)
"Rotating them out when they're tired." So they didn't fix the one issue I had with the first game. I don't want to rotate characters. I want MY character, and to play just them. Guess I'll pass.
This game totally rocks and its alot of fun, very enjoyable
Fat_Al's Gaming (14 days ago)
To me it only had a few hours of game play till it got repetitive and boring
Johnathan moran (14 days ago)
1and 2 was free
Johnathan moran (14 days ago)
It's a good game it was free for me
Zeal Clandestine (15 days ago)
How to play with controller in pc?
SamYouPlays (15 days ago)
DayZ Xbox Edition: before you buy
xXHIGHV0LT4GEXx (16 days ago)
I hate what you do sometime some of the things you say that are bad are entitled to your opinion. Leave a like if you agree
Legisai (21 days ago)
To be fair, Ubisoft Games are more buggy, with a bigger budget sooooooo !!
Mitchell Fenton (23 days ago)
I just got the game and I love it however, when I play on I have been having some save issues were I lose lots of my stuff (on pc). On xbox the sound keeps cutting out every now and again but apart from them issues the game is great
Kermit Memes 0w0 (24 days ago)
6:00 LEL
Chris & Jan Taylor (25 days ago)
I wanted a little more out of it more things to do better quests ._.. 6.5 outta 10 for me .
Spinning Teabag (28 days ago)
I'm on Playstation and this is the one game I'd buy an Xbox for. Looks great to me.
New Haloxx YT (28 days ago)
Cost please
GiacoC (29 days ago)
Polished reskinned dissappointment........waste of time sadly I feel lucky I pirated it before wasting money...realise it isn't good...and deleted
LKNANML (1 month ago)
We seriously need a pause when map is open mod in offline mode. I don't need that much "realism" in my survival games. Having a ton of fun otherwise. Ammo is more abundant. I know you can hand off rucksacks. Wish there was a way to simply hand backpack items off without switching characters or tossing them on the ground. Only other grip is ending up playing a lot at night. Sometimes you just want to get something done when you have limited game time. I seem always end up playing at night when I am short on time. LOL Oh one more. Anyone else have mission issues like not being able to find the person you need to talk to? It's been happening a lot lately. Nobody around and no dead body to tell me to move on. Sometimes they talk to you from inside a house. Go in. Damn ghosts got me again. Word of advice for new players. NEVER give your companion Molotovs. Surrounded by dead guys in a house and all of sudden you hear glass break. Tell me you didn't toss a (everything is now on fire) molotov..........
Danny Thompson (1 month ago)
Brought the game a min In and it's amazing 5 stars
Lachigan (1 month ago)
Before you buy anything on the Microsoft store, don't buy things on the Microsoft store.
meilute sesute (1 month ago)
I got the ultimate edition
Martin Heine (1 month ago)
Das ist Mal ein richtig schlechtes Spiel ...warum müssen die alle versuchen den dayz Mod nachzumachen und keiner schafft es da ran zu kommen noch nicht einmal die standalone schafft das
Boogie Thug Rose (1 month ago)
Dead Frontier 2 > State Of Decay 2
MetalShredMaddNESS (1 month ago)
State of Decay was everything I wanted in a game. I used to always talk about wanting to play a GTA style zombie game when GTA San Andreas came out so SoD was so much fun and I played it a lot. It was buggy and definitely not perfect but its the game I always wanted. When I heard about 2 I was hoping they would go all out and make what could've been THE ultimate zombie game but the seem to have played it safe. Not to mention it looks like old bugs are still present after watching this video.
Boogie Thug Rose (1 month ago)
Dead Frontier 2
KSHITIJ GUPTA (1 month ago)
Can we play state of decay 2 offline
Ivan di blasi (1 month ago)
requisiti minimi?
BlockishTunic1 (1 month ago)
As a dedicated player of the first game, the original was defiantly better.
Dio Santana (1 month ago)
I got a one year old and a house to worry about supply management for. I'll pass. Lol
Chruska (1 month ago)
Cross play? Cool. Thinking to get this with friends
ENZO PLAY GAMES (1 month ago)
pra vc que curte state of decay , eu fiz um trailer especial pra ele ,se liga ai https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQRlWgUUzKA
Paul Kersey (1 month ago)
The game does not have enough white people
Paul Kersey (1 month ago)
I did not pay for it anyway. And I use a trainer for unlimited supplies.
Luc Konosuke (1 month ago)
Idk why people keep complaining that the game is repetitive. Would you be expecting a cut-scene with a big boss being blown up with a missile like in Resident Evil? There's tons of zombie game: Dead island, Left 4 Dead, walking dead and Resident Evil, Last of Us and Days Gone. Many of them fail to grasp the true aspect of zombie game which is to survive, find shelter and be able to defend oneself, avoid being bitten and that a zombie also only dies by blowing his brain. Resident Evil is pure action while Dead Island has unreal weapon, I'm not saying State of Decay 2 stimulate the zombie apocalyse 100% but it does it in a more realistic way than most games.
Amir Khan (1 month ago)
yiejopwuo ofb
Mat B (1 month ago)
One more thing before buying this cool game, its just for WINDOWS 10 AND XBOX, if you have other windows it wont run and you will have lost that money, so saaad.
LKNANML (1 month ago)
Think of SOD2 as a large DLC for the first one and you wont be disappointed. If your looking for major changes and a new take on the world look elsewhere. Just at the point where it's time to find a new home location. So far it's pretty good. I really liked the first one and while 2 really just seems like an extended DLC it's been fun. Few issues. Combat does devolve into click the mouse till everything is dead. I would have liked to see some player initiated moves depending on you who are at the time. Get 4 or more Zs around you and it is extremely difficult to pick who you want to hit. Got caught in a doorway and the camera got blocked. Couldn't move and nearly lost a guy. Pulled out a gun and just fired all over. Had I not had it I am sure that guy would be dead. Guns. I do like the availability of ammo. You get to use them more often in 2. Dealing with other group missions time out way to fast. If you don't talk to them right away they seem to get pissed and leave. Few bugs. Fell into the map. Screamer got stuck inside rocks right outside my base close enough to keep calling Zs. Few crashes to the desktop. A trade window between characters in my group would be nice as well as a window when trading with groups. Accidentally traded a few things and the price instantly doubled if I wanted them back. It's still a bit rough around the edges but I think it's priced where it should be. DLC is thus far pretty disappointing. Glad I didn't buy the deluxe version.
Terro Touch (1 month ago)
Do they got this for ps4?
Supreme Leader Nugget (1 month ago)
So i’m looking for a good open-world survival game to play with four people on xbox, which is why i’ve started looking into SOD2. But it’s $50 on the Xbox store and the reviews aren’t the best, so is there anything similar but better? Or is this a good game?
Boogie Thug Rose (1 month ago)
Dead Frontier 2 is coming out Aug 31st and its Free2play on Steam
JustLooking (1 month ago)
I'm into it. I wanted a base manager type of game and the game delivers that. Also, so glad they didn't do a shadow of mordor 2 thing and rake us over the coals with lootboxes. I think it deserves a higher rating based on what you get for the price.
Hunter Christenberry (1 month ago)
*Buys State of Decay 2* Watches this video afterwards...
saeid safaei (1 month ago)
i played State of Decay 2&1 but State of Decay 1 is better ;)
Simone Zenobi (1 month ago)
It's identical to state of decay one. Which I could still bear.. but it's more annoying than fun when everytime you decide you are going out looking for med there re 4 communities asking you for help. I want to be able to choose in game when I play. State of decay doesn't let you. Either you help people or you progress in the game. To go on I had to ignore all the requests for supplies.
Jennifer Rose (1 month ago)
It's sounds interesting i need to get my hands on it!!
chickon dank (1 month ago)
Really this came out after i bought and i bought it a little early
Dave Kane (2 months ago)
I found this game entirely boring but it's my fault. I didn't really like the first one but I gave it a shot anyways.
Varsha Sankpal (2 months ago)
How u get the character with the hoodie
Leo Casi (2 months ago)
no,just buy it ...its fun af
Indie Ink (2 months ago)
I would like to play this game but I only have a ps4 and my computer is for work. Though i love my ps4 if i wanna play a zombie game ill wait for re 2 or days gone or the last of us 2 or ill buy re1 and 0.... Holy shit therecare alot of zombie games.
_Andrew_ beastmode_ (2 months ago)
First 1min told me to buy
Beasty Pro (2 months ago)
No shit, if you are playing anything on Xbox it's shit If I ever get a Xbox I'm gonna feel dead inside PS4 Is the way to go!😄
Hastings direct (1 month ago)
Beasty Pro I have an Xbox and everything's pretty fast.sooooo
Gabii Navarrete (2 months ago)
xd lo mando al psicologo y pal lobby amigo :D No lo habia visto entero hasta ahora asique.........Quien diria que el youtuber mas odiado lo dejaria mal parado al mexi vergas,que de verga tiene poco :v
shane albertyn (2 months ago)
i love this game
XXVII,OMWTH (2 months ago)
All round laggy piece of 💩
Tom Reid (2 months ago)
Played it. Would never buy it.
john haley (2 months ago)
This game is s disgrace as a xbox exclusive, horrible performance
Tide Pod (2 months ago)
Ha ha ha ha ha I have Xbox game pass i did not BUY IT🤗🤗🤗🤣🔫
ChirpyBiscut TV (2 months ago)
It is a good game
Horacio Osborne (2 months ago)
My perspective is that I I have ps4 and I want to play state of decay 2 but it’s so gay that it’s only for Xbox 1
Holland Alexandra (2 months ago)
I got the game then I watched this
Nexus The Red (2 months ago)
i just got the game for my laptop. the game looks sweet in my opinion from what ive seen in trailors and gameplay from youtubers.
PHIL SPENCER (2 months ago)
This game suck
Pear哥 (2 months ago)
Eh, looks a bit boring. I'll give it a pass.
Mad Dissident III (2 months ago)
I love how characters just spontaneously die when I start the game up.
Kekky Crazy (2 months ago)
I have a question can i play on PC with someone on Xbox ?
Button mashy ? Have you played Spiderman which by the way lol itll be the same as Batman games all you have to do is keep pressing the punch button and spidey slut will directly hit them no need to move around lol
chill 240p ghost (2 months ago)
This channel is run by casuals and gives inaccurate reviews. You gave UFC 3 a shit review when it had just come out and hadn't even been fixed yet, now it's fixed and gameplay is much more realistic but there's barely more than 3k players online at once thanks to dickheads like u judging it when it was brand new and non-updated 😠 "before you buy" is bullshit, you pump out a review the second a game is released, do u know how fucking stupid that is? just about every game nowadays is fucked up at launch in one way or another. How about you wait for patches and updates before making a final decision next time. Casual gamers rely on videos like these to decide whether a game is worth it or not. Realize your power and start thinking deeper please.
MMBNMalternateaccoun (2 months ago)
I just bought this game to play with my brother since its cross platform for PC and xbox. It seems pretty good.
LvLZero Marvel (2 months ago)
I really enjoy the game, I thought the first one was good and in my opinion the second one is a massive improvement definitely would recommend this game, its a nice change of pace from the various shooters that keep releasing. It’s not the hottest game of the year but definitely worth the buy.
ObsessionPC (2 months ago)
Pretty much on the nose.
C K (2 months ago)
Looks repetitive
Ron Jans (2 months ago)
Is there character customization???
PUMPdid9dmg (2 months ago)
Why am I watching this if I already have it😂
Lukas Stuklund (2 months ago)
So when you play multiplayer do you share the base, or is it just the host that owns the base and the "Guest" is not allowed to do anything or is it like a server where you can join whenever (without the host) to continue playing and fixing your character? Just want a clear explnation about the multiplayer part becuase im quite lost on that part and im thinking of buying the game Thanks!
Gary Conrad (2 months ago)
Hastings direct (1 month ago)
Ana_A all he said was yeh
MOHD AFIQ (2 months ago)
"Hey Joe do you want play zombie game "
Savion Bold (2 months ago)
I love it
Ana_A (2 months ago)
Same. I see they've been paying attention and fixing glitches and added a bunch of new stuff in relation to the previous game; zombies behave more interestingly and the community building is more intricate. Been playing and watching it here (has no commentary ) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LtGzBZLedU&t=466s
Dwayne Jones (2 months ago)
Chick at GameStop forgot to ring up my games so I got this game for free 😂
Ana_A (2 months ago)
lol lucky you. It's been pretty fun playing it. I see they've been paying attention and fixing glitches and added a bunch of new stuff in relation to the previous game; zombies behave more interestingly and the community building is more intricate. Been playing and watching it here (has no commentary ) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LtGzBZLedU&t=466s
DeltaCommentary (2 months ago)
Jokes on you I pirated it.
Alexis Cani (2 months ago)
I Really love the game, but it think that when you reach the stabilization of your crew you do not have much to do...
austin havlen (2 months ago)
Ive only played state of decay 2 for maybe 3 or 4 hours max and i think its pretty cool so far.
Mario Infante (2 months ago)
i havent bought this game yet but it looks badass!
Logan Bettle (2 months ago)
Can you play with your friends online?
Logan Bettle (2 months ago)
Can you play with your friends online?
Torex (2 months ago)
for the many years i have been waiting for the second game, I am extremely disappointed to the point were I phone up Microsoft and ask for a refund which they did allow. what really annoys me is the skybox, why the fuck is it constantly orange? it hurts my eyes. this blood plague shit is just another annoying infestation type thing you have to do. the game is just loot and kill, no purpose and no objective, theres no fucking ending like you just starve to death at the end. the game is bland and its just a remaster of the second one. the construction system is completely overhyped with these useless mods that just wastes time. the multiplayer is a good and fun way to troll people or get trolled like blowing up every car or blocking all entrances to your base some how.
TheStevenrobinson (2 months ago)
Name a single game that doesn't have bugs. Here's one even better, name a single piece of software that doesn't have bugs. All i'm saying is, maybe software is just buggy in general. The more complicated the more bugs. Wait till 2060 or some shit i'm sure video game developers will have much more knowledge of bugs and they will no longer exist. Until then, if it isn't game breaking, your wasting your breath bitching and complaining. Just don't buy it, the game will continue to do just fine without you intoxicating the community with your bitching. Cheers
TheStevenrobinson (2 months ago)
https://youtu.be/aoXrS_Qjudo?t=360 HAHAHAHAHA
W.D Graster Gaming (2 months ago)
Do u need online like for honor is it a open world for other people to play
Jamison S (2 months ago)
I personally got bored with this game in about 3 days, i've heard alot of people really love it though I just though it was kinda pointless
Connor Wolf (2 months ago)
i'm just asking since i'm worried that i need extra money for it Do you need Xbox Game pass & Xbox Live?
Marcus Crowe (2 months ago)
Everything is amazing except for the co-op
alex alex (2 months ago)
it so stupid only for win10
Paul Chambers (2 months ago)
It's ok. ONLY ok though. It's boring at times with no end game. lots of rinse and repeat and too much grind.
dardydo (2 months ago)
I was excited to hear the release of this game, but really bummed by the reviews. I'm scared to buy it now, but it's still bothering me that I haven't at least tried it... Oh well
Merrick Kent (2 months ago)
Do we need xbox live to play State of Decay 2 on PC?
john lemuel hidalgo (2 months ago)
All character were left handed? wtf
Alexander J. (2 months ago)
This game needs this at least : 1. Defenses for outposts like SOD1. 2. Having 3 live in survivors at outposts of upgraded. 3. Sewer entrance or caves with massive hordes and multiple freaks for big rewards. 4. Being able to reestablish the town by buy and building up various facilities within the town, (governor...walking dead town ie) 5. Enlarge hordes to 10 minimum zombies and 3 freaks, more engaging. 6. Gas should last longer just saying ?! 7. More outposts, should be 8 to 10 total.
*Stay-away of this Decay!*
Robert Sanchez (2 months ago)
what gets me pretty pissed and dissapointed is no split screen...itd be a pretty cool game to play with my lil bro but shits wack cuz of that
Snake BOI (2 months ago)
You can get stuck, on rocks so easily I get triggered everytime I see a rock
Knightly (2 months ago)
this game gets so damn overwhelming. Within 10 minutes you can get called by at least 2 survivors(that doesnt sound like a lot but it is at times) and if you don't respond to them quick enough that group becomes either hostile or disappears from the map. And even if you are attentive to them, you're fumbling for your own needs when you cant even just chill and loot for a minute
Warsrecker (2 months ago)
For a sequel It could be more, but we could have gotten less. I think it is the right amount, so I don't get stressed. Though it is a buggy mess, so much I could tell you a tale, so I just take my time, and wait for a sale :)

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