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State of Decay 2 - Before You Buy

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State of Decay 2 (PC, Xbox One) is the sequel to the zombie apocalypse group survival simulator. Does it live up to the lofty premise? DISCORD: https://discordapp.com/invite/gameranx Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Text Comments (3725)
gameranx (2 months ago)
Favorite zombie game ever? (come on, this is an easy question)
Mohammed Hussain (9 hours ago)
Left for Dead
Stosh Lupinski (17 hours ago)
The last of us
State of decay and state of decay 2 of course
avocado man (3 days ago)
Dying light
OldMan Fart (3 days ago)
The last of us, the best game of all time in my opinion.
Dave Kane (1 day ago)
I found this game entirely boring but it's my fault. I didn't really like the first one but I gave it a shot anyways.
Varsha Sankpal (2 days ago)
How u get the character with the hoodie
Leo Casi (2 days ago)
no,just buy it ...its fun af
Indie Ink (3 days ago)
I would like to play this game but I only have a ps4 and my computer is for work. Though i love my ps4 if i wanna play a zombie game ill wait for re 2 or days gone or the last of us 2 or ill buy re1 and 0.... Holy shit therecare alot of zombie games.
_Andrew_ beastmode_ (4 days ago)
First 1min told me to buy
Beasty Pro (6 days ago)
No shit, if you are playing anything on Xbox it's shit If I ever get a Xbox I'm gonna feel dead inside PS4 Is the way to go!😄
Gabii Navarrete (7 days ago)
xd lo mando al psicologo y pal lobby amigo :D No lo habia visto entero hasta ahora asique.........Quien diria que el youtuber mas odiado lo dejaria mal parado al mexi vergas,que de verga tiene poco :v
shane albertyn (7 days ago)
i love this game
XXVII,OMWTH (7 days ago)
All round laggy piece of 💩
Tom Reid (7 days ago)
Played it. Would never buy it.
john haley (7 days ago)
This game is s disgrace as a xbox exclusive, horrible performance
Tide Pod (8 days ago)
Ha ha ha ha ha I have Xbox game pass i did not BUY IT🤗🤗🤗🤣🔫
ChirpyBiscut TV (8 days ago)
It is a good game
Horacio Osborne (9 days ago)
My perspective is that I I have ps4 and I want to play state of decay 2 but it’s so gay that it’s only for Xbox 1
Holland Alexandra (9 days ago)
I got the game then I watched this
Nexus The Red (11 days ago)
i just got the game for my laptop. the game looks sweet in my opinion from what ive seen in trailors and gameplay from youtubers.
PHIL SPENCER (12 days ago)
This game suck
Pear哥 (13 days ago)
Eh, looks a bit boring. I'll give it a pass.
Mad Dissident III (13 days ago)
I love how characters just spontaneously die when I start the game up.
Kekky Crazy (13 days ago)
I have a question can i play on PC with someone on Xbox ?
Button mashy ? Have you played Spiderman which by the way lol itll be the same as Batman games all you have to do is keep pressing the punch button and spidey slut will directly hit them no need to move around lol
chill 240p ghost (15 days ago)
This channel is run by casuals and gives inaccurate reviews. You gave UFC 3 a shit review when it had just come out and hadn't even been fixed yet, now it's fixed and gameplay is much more realistic but there's barely more than 3k players online at once thanks to dickheads like u judging it when it was brand new and non-updated 😠 "before you buy" is bullshit, you pump out a review the second a game is released, do u know how fucking stupid that is? just about every game nowadays is fucked up at launch in one way or another. How about you wait for patches and updates before making a final decision next time. Casual gamers rely on videos like these to decide whether a game is worth it or not. Realize your power and start thinking deeper please.
MMBNMalternateaccoun (16 days ago)
I just bought this game to play with my brother since its cross platform for PC and xbox. It seems pretty good.
Vaughn Jenkinson IV (16 days ago)
I really enjoy the game, I thought the first one was good and in my opinion the second one is a massive improvement definitely would recommend this game, its a nice change of pace from the various shooters that keep releasing. It’s not the hottest game of the year but definitely worth the buy.
ObsessionPC (17 days ago)
Pretty much on the nose.
C K (17 days ago)
Looks repetitive
Ron Jans (17 days ago)
Is there character customization???
Big Bison (18 days ago)
Why am I watching this if I already have it😂
Lukas Stuklund (18 days ago)
So when you play multiplayer do you share the base, or is it just the host that owns the base and the "Guest" is not allowed to do anything or is it like a server where you can join whenever (without the host) to continue playing and fixing your character? Just want a clear explnation about the multiplayer part becuase im quite lost on that part and im thinking of buying the game Thanks!
Gary Conrad (18 days ago)
Ana_A (18 days ago)
It has been pretty fun. I see they've been paying attention and fixing glitches and added a bunch of new stuff in relation to the previous game; zombies behave more interestingly and the community building is more intricate. Been playing and watching it here (has no commentary ) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LtGzBZLedU&t=466s
MOHD AFIQ (19 days ago)
"Hey Joe do you want play zombie game "
Savion Bold (20 days ago)
I love it
Ana_A (18 days ago)
Same. I see they've been paying attention and fixing glitches and added a bunch of new stuff in relation to the previous game; zombies behave more interestingly and the community building is more intricate. Been playing and watching it here (has no commentary ) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LtGzBZLedU&t=466s
Dwayne Jones (20 days ago)
Chick at GameStop forgot to ring up my games so I got this game for free 😂
Ana_A (18 days ago)
lol lucky you. It's been pretty fun playing it. I see they've been paying attention and fixing glitches and added a bunch of new stuff in relation to the previous game; zombies behave more interestingly and the community building is more intricate. Been playing and watching it here (has no commentary ) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LtGzBZLedU&t=466s
DeltaCommentary (21 days ago)
Jokes on you I pirated it.
Alexis Cani (21 days ago)
I Really love the game, but it think that when you reach the stabilization of your crew you do not have much to do...
austin havlen (21 days ago)
Ive only played state of decay 2 for maybe 3 or 4 hours max and i think its pretty cool so far.
Mario Infante (22 days ago)
i havent bought this game yet but it looks badass!
Logan Bettle (23 days ago)
Can you play with your friends online?
Logan Bettle (23 days ago)
Can you play with your friends online?
Torex (23 days ago)
for the many years i have been waiting for the second game, I am extremely disappointed to the point were I phone up Microsoft and ask for a refund which they did allow. what really annoys me is the skybox, why the fuck is it constantly orange? it hurts my eyes. this blood plague shit is just another annoying infestation type thing you have to do. the game is just loot and kill, no purpose and no objective, theres no fucking ending like you just starve to death at the end. the game is bland and its just a remaster of the second one. the construction system is completely overhyped with these useless mods that just wastes time. the multiplayer is a good and fun way to troll people or get trolled like blowing up every car or blocking all entrances to your base some how.
TheStevenrobinson (23 days ago)
Name a single game that doesn't have bugs. Here's one even better, name a single piece of software that doesn't have bugs. All i'm saying is, maybe software is just buggy in general. The more complicated the more bugs. Wait till 2060 or some shit i'm sure video game developers will have much more knowledge of bugs and they will no longer exist. Until then, if it isn't game breaking, your wasting your breath bitching and complaining. Just don't buy it, the game will continue to do just fine without you intoxicating the community with your bitching. Cheers
TheStevenrobinson (24 days ago)
https://youtu.be/aoXrS_Qjudo?t=360 HAHAHAHAHA
W.D Graster Gaming (24 days ago)
Do u need online like for honor is it a open world for other people to play
Jamison S (26 days ago)
I personally got bored with this game in about 3 days, i've heard alot of people really love it though I just though it was kinda pointless
Connor Wolf (26 days ago)
i'm just asking since i'm worried that i need extra money for it Do you need Xbox Game pass & Xbox Live?
Marcus Crowe (26 days ago)
Everything is amazing except for the co-op
alex alex (26 days ago)
it so stupid only for win10
Paul Chambers (26 days ago)
It's ok. ONLY ok though. It's boring at times with no end game. lots of rinse and repeat and too much grind.
dardydo (27 days ago)
I was excited to hear the release of this game, but really bummed by the reviews. I'm scared to buy it now, but it's still bothering me that I haven't at least tried it... Oh well
Merrick Kent (27 days ago)
Do we need xbox live to play State of Decay 2 on PC?
john lemuel hidalgo (27 days ago)
All character were left handed? wtf
Alexander J. (27 days ago)
This game needs this at least : 1. Defenses for outposts like SOD1. 2. Having 3 live in survivors at outposts of upgraded. 3. Sewer entrance or caves with massive hordes and multiple freaks for big rewards. 4. Being able to reestablish the town by buy and building up various facilities within the town, (governor...walking dead town ie) 5. Enlarge hordes to 10 minimum zombies and 3 freaks, more engaging. 6. Gas should last longer just saying ?! 7. More outposts, should be 8 to 10 total.
*Stay-away of this Decay!*
Robert Sanchez (27 days ago)
what gets me pretty pissed and dissapointed is no split screen...itd be a pretty cool game to play with my lil bro but shits wack cuz of that
Snake BOI (28 days ago)
You can get stuck, on rocks so easily I get triggered everytime I see a rock
Knightly (28 days ago)
this game gets so damn overwhelming. Within 10 minutes you can get called by at least 2 survivors(that doesnt sound like a lot but it is at times) and if you don't respond to them quick enough that group becomes either hostile or disappears from the map. And even if you are attentive to them, you're fumbling for your own needs when you cant even just chill and loot for a minute
Warsrecker (28 days ago)
For a sequel It could be more, but we could have gotten less. I think it is the right amount, so I don't get stressed. Though it is a buggy mess, so much I could tell you a tale, so I just take my time, and wait for a sale :)
Strider (28 days ago)
The only problem for me is it's too easy. I expected bigger hordes for this one not the hordes they made out of 3 zombies. 20-50 would be good. I wanted harder base attacks with more zombies. I've never caught blood blague because it takes so much to fill that meter. And it would have been nice if you can pass between the maps and see how your other communities that you already left are doing
ted jones (29 days ago)
On xbox one cant load my save.
ProseColored Glasses (29 days ago)
Fuck Windows 10 and acting like DirectX12 is so special that they can't have backwards compatibility in their games.
Will Simon (29 days ago)
i’m really disappointed with this game. Like it’s fun, but it has absolutely 0 campaign and story to it
Meadowarch (29 days ago)
Think if Fallout 4 was set on State of Decay 2 theme with base building and many more.... State of decay 2 or SoD can be the ultimate survival game. I dont know why developers all around the world suck at making games or they are just making it on purpose. Why we dont have a Triple A survival game with base building scavinging coop lore and many other stuff. For example losing stuff you gathered when killed in PVP really sucks so bad. Survival games should be or must be PVE. I hope Daysgone will give us waht we need but its only on PS4 and feels like after you beat the game there is no shit to do.
Meadowarch (29 days ago)
What gamers need is: Full Open World Scavenging/Collecting Materials even herbs CO-OP available but No PVP (Can be on demand) Story Base Building (Creating Walls, Providing Water etc) Auction Houses so that you can trade or sell with other PVE players. Weapons Customization Vehicles + Customization Deep lores like elder scroll People need to play after they beat the game. IF people PVP then dont lose items... Fuck BattleRoyale and The Games that make you lose all your shit!!!!!! Basically we need a advanced and highly improved version of State of Decay!
GenericYoutuber (29 days ago)
The fact that all your hard work can be gone if your character is dead gives you a whole new definition to an apocalypse game, you just feel the tension .. 1 thing to complain about is there is no room for taking a breath every second you spend your resources drain and its more likely that your base will get attacked..
Ben spooner (1 month ago)
To anyone who says this has no story the legacy goals is the story.
Yash Sahota (1 month ago)
Is it always online or can it be played offline?
Luis Mayorga (29 days ago)
Single player offline is an option
zach.39 (1 month ago)
I never really saw the appeal for this game and didn’t enjoy it too much. Great review otherwise. I just didn’t feel interested in a grind that I felt offered no reward for end-game.
thebestpig123 Gaming (1 month ago)
Why I’m I here I have a ps4
Sawyer Whitfield (1 month ago)
Do you have to be online to play state of decay
Chris Reyna (1 month ago)
Don't euthanize by accident. Lost so much by accidental doing it. So frustrating.
Timmy B (1 month ago)
I play on a computer and I started playing after the big 20gb patch came out so the game runs perfectly fine for me and haven’t seen any glitches yet.
Faiz Iqmal (1 month ago)
love this, got a pc with 4gb ram, amd radeon r7 200, run the game high settings and it still run good.
Kenny Boi (1 month ago)
This is like playing the walking dead
Nightfall is Coming 33 (1 month ago)
This game is a pain in the ass.
Kyle Dolphin (1 month ago)
PC frame rate and graphics on Ultra look awesome so if youre a PC player then you’ll definitely like this game.
Jordan Guzzi (1 month ago)
What's with all the battle royale dorks in every new game review comment section
Malachia (1 month ago)
so this game is worth buying or not?
Joheb Gaming (1 month ago)
Asusual Im here "Before I Buy" but seems Im gonna passing it. Sorry.
Caleb Gordon (1 month ago)
Game looks like shit, This is a terrible time to be a Xbox One player. Seriously i have seen better android games than this game.
moviefanperson (1 month ago)
The game only works on windows 10 with a bunch of apps needs to be run on the background to make the game work shove it up your ass microsoft
Emmitt Nervend (1 month ago)
Whines about "button mashing" combat. Then whines about running out of stamina. l2p.
Eliam Valdes (1 month ago)
I've had it sins day one, still love it
the first playthrough was fun, but just didn't have close to as much story as the first game. I wrecked my cars way to easily, and couldn't get them unstuck. keeping my base upkept while balancing between ally missions was near impossible. so lost friendships with the good ones. plus its hard to find survivors with good traits. although the second playthrough let's you select 3 new ones with traits you pick at random. and the 2nd playthrough has a whole new map to play. which seems pretty cool. So did anyone have fun with the second playthrough more than the first?? really curious
Shellhead (1 month ago)
People claiming this game is repetitive then they go back and fire-up Fortnite for the millionth fucking time.
Vince Adams (1 month ago)
its great to me! But i am a big fan from the start so im bias. i loved how you broke it down and i agree with just about all you said. i subd and im gonna look at a few more vids
traveling47 (1 month ago)
they have it on xbox game pass but i don't think its really my thing. glad i watched the video.
Paul Kurokhtin (1 month ago)
After building a huge base and lvling you characters (which is way too fast) its a boring, repetative, grinding and annoying (cuz of bugs) game. Could give you some fun for like 2-3 evenings but not more.
Crazy Gamer (1 month ago)
It's funny cause i'm installing it. How did I get it Xbox Game Pass THANK YOU!
CajkaSvK (1 month ago)
Nah , i m pritty dissapointerd . i have been curious about this game so long, but now i just feel rly sad about it :/ I was expecting more from Microsoft , cos first part has huge communitie, i thought they might have tried harder
CookieManMan (1 month ago)
I might be bad it might be good but if you get the gamepass its cheap as fu. (Its free)
iSuRRendeReDuK (1 month ago)
Dont forget to mention that its only windows 10 on pc and its gets boring very quickly
Sharky203 (1 month ago)
@dayzdevelopmentteam xP you guys could do this wayyy better for sure like you have but we need this base builder/character progression shit and DayZ will be better than the best game ever
Tyson Allen (1 month ago)
Anyone having the infinite loading screen bug and maybe a way to fix it.
Aoa lok (1 month ago)
The juggernaut pulled my first community member in half the first time her touched her. Wtf are you talking about?!?
Decahexatris ll (1 month ago)
Can't decide on what to buy... This game or monster hunter worlds..... I am really into the division if that helps
Tiny Can America (1 month ago)
Do you know why this game isin't repetitive??? Things get REALLY FUCKING HAAAARD and i love a challenge (:
gunna beesee (1 month ago)
cool game.im a sp .bugs is not a thing i see like never.you lie,cause u always got bugs and i dont.u have not done the game and still u claim to know it.u rush half a game to reach the next game.its true,and u know
gunna beesee (1 month ago)
Afer some time playing some state of decay 2,i must say that its very cool.at first youtube always say any good game is shit.They hate games,and make vid about games,and nothing is cool for these guys.show some respect and know that making games is what ubisoft are kings at.damn fc5,assassins creed origins are real badass games.to say,i hate art like that you are ignorent and full of shit.them needs that hate to feel good
Tcheco Lee (1 month ago)
Only for windows 10 at pc... They will lose money,lots of gamers will not leaving windows 7 for 10,windows 10 sucks balls I wait to see if a windows 7 version comes up if not oh well plenty of games to play.

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