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NEW Nintendo Switch or Switch PRO Coming In 2019?! - Rumor Rant

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It seems the rumors Nintendo Switch revision is real and coming in the later part of 2019 but is this a good thing? Let's talk about new screens, better handheld mode, and if the Nintendo Switch PRO is going to be awesome! Share and subscribe if you liked it! Consider supporting the show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DreamcastGuy Follow me on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamcastguy Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dreamcastguy Instagram: http://instagram.com/dreamcastguy Business email: Mark.shockley@yahoo.com All clips of audio and video used in this work are used for entertainment or education purposes under the fair use clause found in sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law (title 17, U. S. Code). If you have any dispute please contact me. "EDM Detection Mode" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Nintendo Co. plans to release a new version of its Switch videogame console next year to maintain the sales momentum of the device, according to suppliers and others with direct knowledge of the plan. Sales of the Switch, introduced in March 2017, are still solid but are no longer delivering the favorable surprises that marked the machine’s first year on the market. Nintendo shares, which rose sharply last year, have trailed the broader stock market this year. The move to update the Switch suggests the Kyoto, Japan, company is moving quickly to ensure its flagship product doesn’t lose competitiveness. One option is improving the display, they said. The current Switch uses a lower-end liquid-crystal display without some technologies that are standard in more recent smartphone LCDs. Updating the display with these technologies would make it brighter, thinner and more energy-efficient. The updated Switch isn’t expected to adopt the organic light-emitting diode or OLED panels used in Apple Inc.’s iPhone X series. Nintendo is looking to release the new Switch in the latter half of 2019, perhaps as soon as summer, the people said.
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DreamcastGuy (16 days ago)
Sorry I look sweaty here lol. My AC is out again so it's a million degrees in the house but I HAD to talk about this! Hit that LIKE button and thanks for watching. :D
Twisted Soul (15 days ago)
thought u were gunna make more vids since no top 10 Thursday this week......also since u 100% games why dont u make your reviews longer, u could say so much more in your reviews seems like bare minimum at times, I love your vids, just seems like your slacking lately.
J (16 days ago)
DreamcastGuy you made a whole video on August 19 “New Nintendo Switch or Switch PRO coming in 2019” making fun and denying any possibility in Switch pro saying “Maybe after 3 years” So why at 0:40 You said “when these rumors spread three months ago I decided to do some digging” how come you knew this was possible when you made a video denying it? Dreamcast guy get your shit together, we want to trust you so don’t contradict yourself please! 🤦🏻‍♂️
Optimus Prime (7 days ago)
So where's the video of you destroying those AT games consoles? Would love to see the dislike count on that one.
Beto Aguirre (7 days ago)
Good work.
Raul Alvarez (11 days ago)
Mario Party 5? that was funny
ZeonicFenrir (11 days ago)
Still not interested on the switch
Larry Collins (12 days ago)
dude please, back up alittle bit, too close all up in me bizzness lmao
Lamarr Dijey (13 days ago)
>Holds up a New 2DS XL, which is literally more powerful than a base 3DS. Great job illustrating your point, bud.
Rick James5678 (13 days ago)
I'm getting tired of these mid and late cycle "refreshes". Either make a Switch 2 or Wii 2 like like you should have. First it's the Switch, then Switch Pro, then Switch Pro S, the Switch Pro sX, etc. Basically the same product for idiots who buy the same product multiple tmes.
warden Cross (14 days ago)
1:18 calling New 2DS xl 3DS xl *sigh*
Geo Master (14 days ago)
I rather have the switch just be the same just some tweaking the hardware run smoothly and keeping the way it is then some new model
Enrique Pinero (14 days ago)
I may be in the minority here; but I would prefer if next year they came out with a more powerful Switch and not a small refresh. If the difference is only superficial, then why bother getting it? I would just stick with my current one; unless it breaks. A serious premium upgrade,  would be worth spending money on. I pre-ordered my switch since before launch and had it day 1 and would not mind spending $400-$500 if it was a heavy upgrade. For those who just got their Switches, they could still enjoy it, until the next gen PS5 and Xbox one two, come out; because at that point; it will be harder to port those games to the current Switch, if at all.The fact that they are trying to stream Assassins creed and RE7 on current Switch, makes me think it is hitting the limit of it's power even before next gen. As much as we may think it is too soon, it is needed and I rather next year be a real upgrade than a refresh that then gets followed by an actual upgrade/successor in 2020. Current Switch will still get a lot of sales as the more affordable switch (with maybe a price drop), with new 1st party games, indies and last gen ports still being compatible; which is still a good case scenario. Again, if the PS5 and Xbox two comes out; there is no way we are going to see those games even land on the Switch at all. Also if they keep the screen 1280 x 720, but no bezels; that would be fine. It would have even more battery life and that resolution is good for retro games as well (any higher and some retro games may see more pixles).
Foxfang (14 days ago)
I hope it will be a pro upgrade. I been thinking of getting a switch and soon as I herd the rumors up an updated one, I put that idea on hold. whatever happens it will be interesting to see what it is nintendo put out. I myself don;t have any hopes or expectations really, just that I would like it to be more powerful then the curent one becasue why not? hehe.
Nin10Turd (14 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks this guy looks like Greg Paul
Lee Croft (14 days ago)
Be nice if this one doesn't warp, crack, has a better battery and have a dock that doesn't scratch the screen, just saying...
Gambit2483 (15 days ago)
I think this has more to do with the fact games like FF 7 Remake, RE2 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3 are all HUGE games in Japan but simply cant come to the current Switch. Nintendo also knows PS5 is coming out soon and will completely blow away Switch in terms of power. This would simply keep switch relevant and capable of keeping up with modern games
McGwire Peña (15 days ago)
I don’t know but the reason Nintendo gave will set up the system for failure, it feels kind of a desperate move to reach sales. Gamers will buy into it, but the average person won’t know and if is more expensive then I don’t know if is a good idea to release so early in the switch life. I don’t know I see a case of Icarus - flew too close to the sun. I don’t know just an opinion.
Kevin S ツTM (15 days ago)
wishlist: - 128gb of onboard mem, - Enhanced OLED screen that doesn’t scratch when ‘docked’ - Increased battery capacity - A fucking COD title already ffs, a Wii/U can!!! Only THEN will I invest £280/£300 Ninty.
I bought a Nintendo Switch recently after the Nintendo Direct, showing that final fantasy games are coming, now they’ll release a new enhanced version of the console WTF!
Masgil _ (15 days ago)
I really hope they name it Super Nintendo Switch
Nysro1640 (15 days ago)
It's Nintendo... if they made a plastic turd and slapped a Nintendo label on it I would throw money at them.. lol
Tyler pantaleo (15 days ago)
If the switch pro version releases with a 900p screen, 8hr battery life, larger internal storage, little more ram, etc. I would buy it. But if it just the first to i listed i wouldn't for 300+, especially since they never seem to have price drops.
- ̗̀ Buizel NX ̖́- (15 days ago)
First stage is Denial. Wii U started with a laughable 8gb storage. The DS with the Phat and 3DS with the tiny slow 3DS. Last stage is Acceptance Thanks for beta testing the Switch
Chad Kirk (15 days ago)
Unless it has a actual functial d pad with an actual center ball pivot, local backup, and better battery life I'm not buying.
Greg Morton (15 days ago)
Yes! Interested. I've been waiting for this refresh. I knew would happen.
Jason howe (15 days ago)
horsepower is never going to be a thing because are never going to see a 1080p let alone a 4k game on any nintnedo platform, this is a knee jerk reaction from nintendo to get gaming vendors to their platform because everyone has left nintendo in droves because thet have not not the hardware requirements to spport modern games and games dev have given trying to build anything on a nintendo platform in the 12-15 years because the hardware wan not there to support the games thus is why you only see games on the xbox/pc/playstation platforms
pittkendoka (15 days ago)
If it cost more the an original switch and dosent have exclusive games i'm not buying it. i been waiting 2 years to be able to afford a regular switch. maybe this will make the price on the original drop to where i can afford it.
WitcherBruce B74 (15 days ago)
I've been thinking about picking up a switch for a x mass gift for myself. Now I'm not sure if I should wait or not...
opus 1033 (15 days ago)
Well cell phone companies release new models every year. We live in a very demanding time. I think Nintendo recognizes this. It's another big company trying to meet demand.
alpan (15 days ago)
It’s too soon god damn it
El Comanche (15 days ago)
Lol. Love the ending. Haha
77tele (15 days ago)
It will fail
Lamonte Hughes (15 days ago)
It would never be bundled with a game out the gate.
daniel f. (15 days ago)
A Switch, thats feels more like a great smatphone would be nice. High quality body with better screen and more power to play without lags in fullhd. 400$ would be fine for more quality and power. Battery life not that important- powerbanks that cheap so its not necessary to make the switch weaker. The biggest problem with the Switch - wait - with Nindendo! The most games are to expensive.
ZFighter1011 (15 days ago)
Not really. The article clearly states that NOTHING is set as far as its features. The article ASSUMES things and that is all.
Local Folks (15 days ago)
I'd buy when I see metroid prime 4
Random Channel (15 days ago)
Better fps would be nice.
James Machuga (15 days ago)
it's going to be a more powerful switch and it will be announced January
Regular Joe (15 days ago)
Does it even matter? The Switch aint got no games!
Relyea (15 days ago)
I imagine the next switch would be a lot better than a battery. Id image a better screen, more storage and it will likely have better security.
Jacob Wright (15 days ago)
Just give up Nintendo
Nathan Dugas (15 days ago)
All I care about is some sort of hardware revision to give me a good reason to buy a second Switch. My wife can have my old one (for games like Animal Crossing and some other more casual games) and I can use the new one. One feature a new Switch really needs is an anti-glare screen. To be able to play Switch outdoors like in the original reveal video would be really nice.
Nester Powers (15 days ago)
Nintendo definitely wants switch to sell like the 3ds and then some. The patent nintendo made for multi units processing games together gave me an idea. Nintendo doesn't want multi switches per house hold they want multi switches per person, they are gonna release a dock that holds 2 switch units and can be utilized like a 3ds...at least I hope, if 2 tethered switch units can play 4k graphics plus instead of passing a controller to a friend to play together you can pass an entire unit to play something like splatoon together
YujiKid (15 days ago)
RMG (15 days ago)
I will only be excited if it is a mini version. I will definitely buy it if it is
BlueCorp (15 days ago)
If this is true, i'm never buying first releases. I'm going to wait until the final console is out. Wasted my money for a lesser version. Thanks.
jak jak (15 days ago)
You said it wasn’t happening.. “fictional machine” oh whoops did you say fictional? this is why you don’t put your name to calling something out as fake just because you don’t like the idea.
Frostyx (15 days ago)
wtf! where in that tweet says that is a pro switch!? what was said was that nintendo switch will have a revison ( improvements) and was said that it could have a better display for better energy comsuption! that dont make a pro model!! a revision is exacly this. new ship because switch is 100% hacked, and better screen for longer battery times! hate when people assume things based in words that can be miss guided for someone with influence like u! Shame
Adam G (15 days ago)
I would 100% buy a pro
AhhCmon (15 days ago)
1080p screen, 6-8 hour battery life, redesigned Switch Dock, get rid of the joycons and include a pro controller, redesign it to a more Vita style and make it more compact, it still should cast from handheld to tv mode and include a game for $299...and make the system out of better materials like aluminum and real glass instead of plastic...if they can't do that at least make it out of better plastic
Pete HrapStick (15 days ago)
If its true Imma get it since my switch got jacked
Aaron Dunham (15 days ago)
As long as they don't call it the "New Nintendo Switch" like they did with the 3DS.
Jared Rooks (15 days ago)
I think when it comes to upgrading the Switch itself with the screen and internals to get it running cooler and lock down a 1080p 60 would be a great idea. However, I think Nvidia will also come out with a new dock with this switch that has an external GPU that will be capable of running either native or checkerboard 4k assets via Thunderbolt. I think Nintendo understands that this is where gaming is headed and they know the new XBOX and PS5 will be coming soon. So why keep playing the catch up game with small intermittent upgrades just to get to a basic 1080p 60 where the current Switch probably should have been anyway. ? Now of course they may may have two separate skus I.E. a new Switch that will run 1080P 60 all around with a basic dock and then a separate sku for a Switch Pro that has the upgraded dock to run 4k assests. for a small incremental upgrade what would really be the incentive for us to shell out another $300 with hardly anything to show for it you know. I think a lot of people would be pissed . Let's be honest if they can pull off the 1080 p60 portable and 4k native/checker-boarding through the dock you are going to sell that thing like gangbusters and gamers get the best of both world. Again all speculation and my pure opinion, but at this point that's all any of us can do. I will keep dreaming.
Systems Commonwealth (15 days ago)
So perhaps this one won't have a 10 year old defective graphics card that compromises the security of switch...and it won't scratch the screen when docked.....and take out that stupid smartphone required app for online play talking....and look technology wise it belong in 2005 when it came out in 2016.....
Jman36x (15 days ago)
Great video dude! Just ignore all the "clickbaiting" complaining, their just whiny and annoying.
Realist 1801 (15 days ago)
Pro ain’t happening , it will be scaled down to 3ds size
Ultima Gamer (15 days ago)
As much as I have the idea of buying a second switch. Because, alot of bigger games in handheld mode are held back by the screen and causes big frame drops, so this will probably fix that. Regretably I will double dip.
chickenator84 (15 days ago)
I still believe they will go the route of a cheaper version of the Switch. This will probably come in the form of a Switch without a dock and/or JoyCons that are not detachable and Bluetooth enabled. Also, I don't understand people that complain about the battery life. I travel A LOT and I play my Switch when I'm on the plane. How often does your average user find themselves in a situation where they simply cannot find an outlet in a 3+ hours span?
Billy Humphrey (15 days ago)
There's no market for a Switch Pro except for a few who just buy everything that's shiny, and the market that exists for a miniature handheld-only Switch is still buying 3DS's, which is why Nintendo smartly added the 2DS XL to the lineup. They would be retarded to cannibalize 3DS sales by selling a Switch at $200 when the 3DS line is wayyyy cheaper to manufacture and already has a huge game library. As long as people still pay $200 for a 3DSXL (like I did) and pay $300 for a Switch (like I did), or start producing 1st-party games that would greatly benefit from (or require) a more powerful console, I don't see a new iteration of the Switch until 2020 at the earliest. I mean look at the WiiU, it was a failure and it took Nintendo years to release something better, can't imagine they're feverishly engineering a replacement for a resoundingly successful console.
Yeshua (15 days ago)
Riperino capuchino despasito
Dark Enkil (15 days ago)
I already gave up on my switch. There's only a handful of worthwhile games, online is still shit, still no virtual console, and the console generation is just about over. Sold it yesterday and glad I did.
Marinus ten Napel (15 days ago)
If they want multiple Switches per household, they need to figure out a way that allows players to be logged in on multiple system simultaneously. Perhaps accounts that are bundled into a Nintendo online family account could be allowed to do that.
gameTR123 gaming (15 days ago)
If there will be. Why would they made smash bundles then? When you buy it. There will be another switch in 1 year and it will be more powerful.
Maria Rodriguez (14 days ago)
Nintendo needs to met their 20 million units quota for Fiscal Year 2019 . Which so far is lagging behind . Selling a ton of bundles is a technique to increase sales . They need realistically to sell 10 millions on Q3 2019 / Holiday 2018 . Which is a huge number . As last year they do "only " a bit more of 7 millions units .
L (15 days ago)
You obviously haven't heard of special edition. They are released all the time,a better version of something won't keep them from releasing.
ReignPlaysGames (15 days ago)
a "pro" makes more sense to me than a "mini" if they make a switch "pro" the switch we have now would essentially be a switch "mini". not to say if they launched a mini and a pro, it wouldnt sell, i just think holding onto a "mini" less capable machine would be wise seeing as the switch we have now is barely up to snuff. with a switch "pro" could we see more up-to-date features, more optimized system in general with apps, using the internet to download and play a game at the same time, more streamlined operating system, etc? im always hopeful when it comes to nintendo innovating their systems, however they always find a way to let someone down. im interested to see who they plan to sell this product to before i just go pick one up.
OpTiOn SeVeN (15 days ago)
You’ve become just a click bait hack
OpTiOn SeVeN (15 days ago)
I doubt it will be any upgrade. Hopefully not.
Matthew Gonzales (15 days ago)
Double the power of the current Switch is not exactly a next generation product, so I don’t think that’s completely out of the realm of possibility.
SweetDangos (15 days ago)
Doubt we’d get a significant hardware upgrade like a switch pro. Hoping it’s just a switch lite with better battery life and maybe trimming down the huge bezels.
KaNawogirusa (15 days ago)
I like the moving clouds in the back 😂
Raphael Pareja (15 days ago)
So just talking is a “rant” now? Lol.
Links68 (15 days ago)
Raphael Pareja LMAO
JoveroIV (15 days ago)
God why are you so wholesome?!
Mikey122 (15 days ago)
Switch Pro? yeah right. Nice click bait mate.
KingZarken (15 days ago)
How about a bigger memory space built in instead of having to buy memory cards with bigger storage space
Z.A.N.A. (15 days ago)
I’m not double dipping for a new switch my switch is just fine.
TheGoodNewsGamer (15 days ago)
Immediately down voted for click bait title. Reports say it's a new lcd screen, not a Pro or Mini.
marlow.e ncna (15 days ago)
Switch pro or switch mini
Derrick La Saga (15 days ago)
They need round put the ack of the joycons so it doesn't cramp your hands (especially the right one). Also they should make the screen bigger and joycons longer.
MegaDollardog (15 days ago)
I’ll buy the new switch pro if they make a darth Vader colored version and it comes bundled with grand theft auto 😂😂😂😂
sonny (15 days ago)
Im interested. Theres a perfect oppertunity to add: Proper voice chat by cramming new hardware into that thing. Even if its bluetooth headphones. Actually bigger better screen by reducing the bezels Make a better hinge with more possible angles and better stability Improved dock that can make any game proper 1080 p with 60fps. Or even 4k or something. Just something to bridge that gap on some things that dont transition as well. Some of these additions would be a sell for me. Heck even better battery life is enough. Not that I take my switch too many places but I like watching Netflix while grinding out levels or armor And stuff like monster hunter would benefit. Plus maybe with better hardware they could stop with there rediculess game streaming experiment. Its bad. Move on guys. Try again in ten years if civilization hasnt calapsed or something and were all still around and still choosing to bother with things like gaming. Also perfect time to make a second SKU that would be handheld only. Like it could still dock and handle multiple controllers but it would be.smaller and the joycons would be fused with the console so it would be better for drops. Meaning better for kids. Maybe add a rainbow of colors and you have.... The iphone XR. Of consoles.
paradoxxor 77 (15 days ago)
*Buys a Nintendo Switch* *Sees the Switch Pro* FUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!1!!! 😲
Chaz Evansdale (11 days ago)
My friend just for a Switch a few months ago. I texted him letting him know there will be a New Nintendo Switch in the second half of 2018. His completely reply was, "Balls"
GrafxGramp (15 days ago)
"switch pro" is probably the wrong thing to call this since it isn't going to be more powerful or necessarily run games better like the ps4 pro. It's going to be a redesign with the same internals it seems.
N.C. LAKE (15 days ago)
Super Mario party, Mario party 5 was on GameCube.
Fat Tiger (16 days ago)
I'd be more interested in a Switch mini than a Switch Pro. Something that's about the size of the PSVita with a 5 or 5.5 inch 720 screen, more ergonomic design, better battery life, non removable joycons, no HD rumble, and doesn't come with a dock, but has a mini dock sold separately. Something like that could be sold as a budget alternative to the full size Switch and replace the 3ds as Nintendo's cheaper handheld.
choco smoke (16 days ago)
No double dipping for me. I've spent enough already just got diablo pre purchased can't spent 300 more lol that's insane. Thanx for the great content Max :-) Takecare
swishpronoob (16 days ago)
I'd get a Nintendo "Switch Plus" if it will be a bit more powerful and $300 with a pack in.
Brandon x22 (16 days ago)
Click bait rant*
logicalfundy (16 days ago)
Give it an edge-to-edge screen and call it the Switch XS ;). More seriously, it's probably going to be a bunch of minor improvements to the system, maybe more RAM for the larger budget games people seem to want for it. If Nintendo gives the new Switch 8 GB of RAM and a somewhat improved GPU, we could be seeing less pushback from AAA game developers.
Jonny Flipswitch (16 days ago)
It's the purple & silver with Mario kart 7 pre installed
Jonny Flipswitch (16 days ago)
That's a 2DSXL not a 3DS
CHRISTIAN R. (16 days ago)
Screw the higher resolution screen. It won’t matter if there’s no power increase. Actually scratch that, a lot of games would look worse
Erika Fuzzbottom (16 days ago)
0:37 Three months ago? I've been hearing about system revisions since the system's launch! And I'm so freaking tired of hearing about them!
Dovahkiff (16 days ago)
I doubt it will be a "Pro" version of the switch, at least not like the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Nintendo stated that they didn't want a Switch 2.0 not too long ago and it would make very little sense for them to release a more expensive Switch considering that Nintendo usually tries to be the cheaper console alternative to the Xbox and Playstation.
Alex Snow (16 days ago)
egggmann2000 (16 days ago)
Hell yeah I’m interested! I hope they get rid of that big bezel around the screen and keep the same form factor
Ronnie Patterson (16 days ago)
Welp , im certainly glad I poped in & saw this. I was on the verge of getting a Switch , just to play as Fox McCloud in Starlink . Hopefully the refreshed unit will arrive around the time Daemon X Machina arrives ? No way in hell im gonna miss the spiritual successor of the legendary Armored Core series ! lol
OmegaFire (16 days ago)
Oh... i cant wait to get the Switch pro and continue playing splatoon 2...?
Ice Dragon (16 days ago)
Id like something with more power and that stays docked.
Gerad Berish (16 days ago)
So I'm currently saving up money to buy a Nintendo switch by early December. Now that this news came out I'm most likely going to save that money and wait until more news or a solid date comes out on this newer more efficient switch. So in my case if there are other people like me who were considering getting one for this holiday season now we might wait to purchase it and save our money for the more updated version of the switch. So in my case this will hurt intendo sales for the year of 2018
Ricardo Amaro (16 days ago)
There are people that won't wait till the end of 2019 to buy one.
Danny Pistilli (16 days ago)
How about some sort of achievement system. I would play my switch way more if that was the case
Matt Wolf (16 days ago)
The Switch underselling this year doesn't surprise me, only a handfull of really good games came out this year.
Please Press Start (16 days ago)
I’ve watched you on many spawncasts so it was time to describe. Great content

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