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The 12 Best Games For Playstation Vita

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Our list of the 12 best games for PS4 as of April 15th, 2016. We'll be updating this list as new games bump off old ones, and will be adding videos for our other "Bests" lists as the year progresses. For a written list and an update history, visit: http://kotaku.com/5886630/the-9-best-games-for-the-playstation-vita For top-12 lists for more platforms, visit: http://kotaku.com/thebests For more videos, news, previews and reviews, go to http://kotaku.com
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Text Comments (151)
Max Wolf (1 year ago)
Awful list... clearly a clueless gamer made this.
Natures Degenerate (2 years ago)
Sorry but most of these games are fucking annoying, there is way too many JRPG's and platformers on every platform not every game should be a triple A fps but godfuckingdamn! also where the fuck is uncharted? Is that a bad game now? Like compared to the binding of literal shit I mean Isaac. Sometimes I think gaming is going backwards lol
Darx (2 years ago)
i REALLY recommend trails of cold steel. i think i might like it even more than persona 4. its just that good guys
zippoiii (2 years ago)
there are 12 PSvita games?
Stevan Savic (2 years ago)
bullshit list
Maciek1704 (2 years ago)
Wipeout 2048? :(
Patrick R (2 years ago)
I like how this video embraces the Indie nature the Vita has grown to. I've been trying to talk myself into buying one... I really wanted Jak and Daxter on the Vita but it sounds like Sony messed that up too. I do like the Indie games though... I don't have a ps3 or a ps4. I want the Vita as a standalone portable gaming console....
Jason Jay (2 years ago)
perhaps the list should of been named differently maybe top 10 favorite vita games would of better represented what this list would be but yea that is just my opinion. Most of this list i wouldn't personally consider to be anywhere near the best games on the system interesting games for the system yes best not imo. At least it gives different suggestions to those looking for them to try out on the vita.
Luciano Martinez (2 years ago)
Hey is it possible to play Undertale on the PSVita???
Grant Williams (1 year ago)
Luciano Martinez I don't think so
Renegade Bastard (2 years ago)
When Sony stepped down and abandoned the Vita, the community stepped up. A special thanks to Limited Run Games and websites like The Vita Lounge.
Savage Bubble (2 years ago)
is it possible to trade in assassin's creed 3 liberation for lego marvel's avengers for vita at gamestop
Fuwa Fuwa (2 years ago)
how do people find turn based RPGs fun? i just can't get into them. I really want to like persona but nope, turn based gameplay is a turn off for me.
Sam Henri (2 years ago)
It's analysing a battle situation, coming up with a custom strategy and then that "Fuck yeah!" feeling from watching your planning and preparation successfully crushing your opponents, or the unexpected "Oh shit!" moments when the enemy AI does something you didn't expect that brings you dangerously close to death, that make turn-based RPGs (like Dragon Quest) so fun!
Spiderfly (2 years ago)
I totally agree I just don't get it I can't get into them at all I find it very boring.
Fuwa Fuwa (2 years ago)
+theinstigatorr i know and i i hate pokemon games
theinstigatorr (2 years ago)
Pokemon is turn based
online 0227 (2 years ago)
for me, hatsunr Miku series, Freedom wars, Hero Must Die are top 3 vita game lol pretty sure Hero Must Die isn't released in NA tho.
Spiderfly (2 years ago)
Spelunky is my most played game on the vita! 100% it though and would love more Spelunky levels or a sequel?
Susano' o (2 years ago)
i would have added soul sacrifice delta and freedom wars
karmierez (2 years ago)
What? No Muramasa the daemon blade ?!?
YakuZa (2 years ago)
the Vita is dead though.
AstroOT (2 years ago)
alvin that's me
Falconer UA (2 years ago)
Spiderfly (2 years ago)
Nah vita is alive very much so expecially in Japan it's the console I play now I love it so much.
bigwhiteshogun (2 years ago)
+beer van de ende me too :)
TeddyBear312 (2 years ago)
+bigwhiteshogun yup, i love my vita
calleha (2 years ago)
What's everyone's problem with this list? Personally, I think it's a great list of Vita games. Some JRPGs, some VNs, and some fantastic indies.
Jackson (2 years ago)
I like the video style, quick and concise without the common bullshit
Zoliea (2 years ago)
No mention of Little Big Planet for Vita? The Vita version was a real masterpiece that ran better and with more functionality than LBP2 on the ps3.
Bad Sector (2 years ago)
im looking to buy a game should i go for persona 4 golden or trails of cold steel?(never played neither)
Bad Sector (2 years ago)
thanks man
Nightfury oblivion (2 years ago)
Both are good games it's so hard to choose. :3 i went through Trails of Cold Steel, since it's also like a persona feel, with some "Tales of" feels. It has a sequel too that i'm waiting for
ItsMe Kirakie (2 years ago)
I think that they wanted to make people aware of other games aswell
Nope Noperson (2 years ago)
You completely neglected Uncharted, Freedom Wars, and Killzone. And half of these are multi platform indies. Then again, I've always known Kotaku to have the worst opinions on everything in gaming.
Manuel Newton ML (2 years ago)
+Paulo Cardoso - Haha, I thought you were referring to Minecraft, its story mode its garbage. Probably 3D Dot Heroes had more story than that. People got hyped with everything, from scannable toys, to technical demos for VR headsets.
Paulo Cardoso (2 years ago)
I agree with their choices (mostly). I don't see the criteria you're implying, because they featured exclusive, non-indie games too (Danganronpa, P4G). There seems to be a "problem" with current gamers mentality, that makes them believe that a 3D game is always a more respectable experience than an arcade/2D game. That's my only explanation for finding so many people online putting mediocre 3D games in front of brilliant, original and fun 2D indie experiences. Don't get me wrong: I like a good 3D open world experience as much as any other gamer. I like them when they're actually GOOD games. I just find mind boggling why so many people instantly dismiss brilliant 2D (or retro looking) titles released on Vita, and at the same time get hyped for any piece of trash with 3D polygons... it is a really disappointing thing to watch for someone who grew up in the golden age of gaming (the 90s, that is). For reference, I played all three games you mentioned. None of them are worth more than a B/80 in my opinion, and I know I'm not alone on this. Agree to disagree, because taste is subjective, just don't think you're mentioning universal acclaimed games that were omitted by a utterly unfair magazine; it's not like Persona 4 Golden was omitted, if you know what i mean... ;)
Manuel Newton ML (2 years ago)
I agree with you. It's like Kotaku saying all PS1 2D titles were the best in the system (comparing them with indies, but not saying there weren't 2D masterpieces) and 3D games like GT, MGS, FF7, RE and so on were like "MEH !!, they're just 3D but no story or deep gameplay". Thank God Kotaku's word in gaming review industry have no good value for most of us, real gamers. If it were, just imagine how big controversy could cause. :(
Peahnuts (2 years ago)
some really lengthy, deep, and well presented JRPGs that should have been on this list instead of some of the indie games. i LOVE hotline miami, but i'd there are so many more games that give you more hours of enjoyable gameplay for your $$.
jokejoke (2 years ago)
all these games seems to be shitty third party games.
King Kazuya (2 years ago)
Called Danganronpa a Persona esc game....fools...
Video world (2 years ago)
This list was beautiful and no kill zone and freedom wars exc. witch are great games but I speak for a lot of people who don't want to see every video with the exact same games
GalacticTuxedo (2 years ago)
wher teh frick is cod declassified? omg thus list suhhhhhcks. coe is the bessst franchise EVAR. -Said nobody ever
Macc Gaming (2 years ago)
That game sucks
Freedom Wars should have been on the list!
Isaiah McDonald (2 years ago)
Crap list
Jaegerfett (2 years ago)
Waleed Mushasha (2 years ago)
I was searching for new games but I found that I have all games
jokejoke (2 years ago)
While I can understand that they're trying to promote "less known" third party games, I feel like they're actually more or less shit and shouldn't be in this list at all.
Joseph Olvera (2 years ago)
The mispronunciations are slightly annoying.
Eric Payne (2 years ago)
Ive yet to get a Vita but ive been wanting to get one for awhile. I would definitely get all these when i finally get the extra money to get the Vita
NueThunderKing (2 years ago)
+Eric Payne (s7121n9s) it is, don't listen to the other guy. Even though it has few exclusives, the portability of many indie and not indie games makes it worth while. Plus all those PS One games that are cherry on top.
Eric Payne (2 years ago)
+Christian Sims whys that?
Kujo. (2 years ago)
it's not worth it
Azodnem Kram (2 years ago)
The vita is so cheap now. Maybe I should get a second one and play games from both the jp and us ps store whenever I want. x)
Azodnem Kram (2 years ago)
Dude, that's awesome! I got mine a year ago for $260 including 6 games, the vita 1000, charger, and an 8 gb card and I've been loving the vita and all the great games it has to offer. I eventually got a 16 gb card and ps plus a few months later and it's been enough space for me. I'm still planning on getting a 64 gb sometime
Jolly (2 years ago)
+Azodnem Kram You got that right. Buying used gives insane value. I just bought a vita oled yesterday off craigslist. $150 for the system, a 16 gig memory card, 8gb memory card, case, speakers, official headset, charging dock, and two games persona 4 golden and borderlands 2.
MtMarshi (2 years ago)
I think it speaks volumes that I own every single one of these games.
Leorio Paladiknight (2 years ago)
My mom wants to kill me yay!
Rui de Sousa (2 years ago)
Uncharted: Golden Abyss is Vita's no.1!
Travis Schpeltinger (2 years ago)
The usual suspects...Fucking cancer of gaming...
ilikebacon247 (2 years ago)
+Travis Schpeltinger There are some games that I wasn't surprised to see here, but also some that I haven't seen before. At least kotaku was willing to mention the system. that's more than Sony did in the last 4 years.
Carmeice Long (2 years ago)
and Injustice Gods Among us
Carmeice Long (2 years ago)
What about one piece and Dragonball Z
abe link (2 years ago)
Killzone, Freedom Wars,
iamtheju (2 years ago)
I've only played Tearaway and Gravity Rush of the games on this list and they were terrible. Excluding Hotline Miami this looks more like a list of least interesting Vita games. I love Vita and I worry that people reading this list now will not buy one.
Some Loser (2 years ago)
+iamtheju I only recommend those two for the story.
hinatalovetonaruto (2 years ago)
+iamtheju your just not into visual novel games and thats ok. i am not into them either
iamtheju (2 years ago)
+I hate my life Kappa Zero Escape looks like a cheap PC puzzle game from the 00's. and Danganronpa looks like there is even less gameplay.
hinatalovetonaruto (2 years ago)
+iamtheju well I love gravity rush and it pissed me of that gravity rush 2 only coming to ps4..... I never finished ffx-2 it got me bored halfway
Some Loser (2 years ago)
Or zero escape?
HK Felimban (2 years ago)
The 12 Most Underrated Games for PlayStation Vita (in no particular order): Demon Gaze Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God Criminal Girls: Invite Only Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Brandish: The Dark Revenant SteamWorld Dig Riviera: The Promised Land Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders From Planet Space Gravity Crash Ultra Frozen Synapse Prime Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
New Age Retro Hippie (2 years ago)
I second you on earth defense force 2. EDF! EDF!
Horribad Gamer (2 years ago)
Why are Killzone and Freedom Wars not on the list? Both games are even still quite active in multiplayer!
shadowmaksim (2 years ago)
Let's see, of the games listed, I've gotten: "Tearaway" - It's interesting to say the least. Wasn't really find it too interesting until somewhere in the middle though. "Gravity Rush" -It's definitely interesting, screwing around with the gravity mechanic is fun but it shows that it was a launch title for the Vita, along with being the first entry to something. It's unpolished in many areas and the story kind of just ends, hooking in for a sequel that is fairly overdue at this point. And that's it. Don't really have much interest for the rest. And the two that I have played, I thought were closer to average than anything great. At least there was something in this list that I have played, that's a step up I guess.
wolf in the wild (2 years ago)
no killzone? no fun...
Dor Mango (2 years ago)
hi watch my ps vita games :D sub me pleaseis give me a motivation to this hobby
Melinda Montgomery (2 years ago)
No killzone?
Shaolin Punk (2 years ago)
Great list!
Kevin Locust (2 years ago)
fuck sony for abandon this wonderful systems
Jared Saliman (2 years ago)
Its not completely dead now
ValenteFV (2 years ago)
does anyone know if you can play PS one games in the Vita I need me some breath of fire, some of the best RPGs out there for the PS one.
hinatalovetonaruto (2 years ago)
+ValenteFV there a quite a few ps1 games u can play on vita
Anthony Campos (2 years ago)
Regardless of how you feel about the Vita, Killzone should have at least made it on this list.
NueThunderKing (2 years ago)
+OldAccount it's the perfect portable fps. It should be on the list.
Spiderfly (2 years ago)
killzone easy choice for this list
Badboy2525 (2 years ago)
that is subjective
OldAccount (2 years ago)
+Anthony Campos its repetetive asf
ShadowDelta1138 (2 years ago)
+Anthony Campos I agree!!!
fat KoRn (2 years ago)
I love my vita and use it at least as much as my consoles (even at home), but why is this video out now?!?
Astartes Master Remiel (2 years ago)
What about Helldivers and Volume?
micrramy handsame (2 years ago)
there's a lot of 1st partyjrpgs that should be mentioned than shitty 3rd party indie games
Roy Tims (2 years ago)
the eer
GameSnippets_Jimmy (2 years ago)
Really really loved Tearaway, it really is unique, even beside the cool controls (it uses everything the vitas got) it's a nice game with nice design. Sound shapes is also worth a mention, it's one of those games you can play in bursts which is handy and it has a cool soundtrack
Carl (2 years ago)
Basically all Japanese games..
Carl (2 years ago)
+Matt Greer It's been an honour
Slevin (2 years ago)
+Carl Then you're an idiot. Congratulations. 
Carl (2 years ago)
+Matt Greer Yes it is
Slevin (2 years ago)
+Carl Is that supposed to be a criticism? What an idiot.
Lucas de Abreu (2 years ago)
+Carl sweden and america aren't part of japan
95VR407FA5 (2 years ago)
list was full of shitty indie crap. stick to highlight reel
Ryan F. (2 years ago)
every jrpg on vita ever
Houbai Chen (2 years ago)
Where is Killzone Mercenary?! Best FPS on psv!
Lynx (2 years ago)
The 12 Best ( and only) Games For Playstation Vita
Amirul Faisal (2 years ago)
Stfu troll
Anthony Mendoza (2 years ago)
are you kidding me? This list is the tip of the ice burg. I have none of these games, yet a full 64 gb memory card
Jehad Q (2 years ago)
FEZ is really great on Vita and also Rayman Origins.
SilverShion (2 years ago)
Great list. Trails of Cold Steel is one of the greatest RPGs i've played in years
hinatalovetonaruto (2 years ago)
+SilverShion play trail of the sky 1 and SC they are both great to
K. Davis (2 years ago)
+SilverShion Agreed! I need to finish up the game before Trails of Cold Steel 2 comes out though.
Earione (2 years ago)
Darker (2 years ago)
Yes, the only 12 games for PSVita
hinatalovetonaruto (2 years ago)
+Nate Emond I have 23 ish? I forget
Nate Emond (2 years ago)
I have 72
AWESOME666ist (2 years ago)
persona 4 ?? killzone ?? uncharted ???
Josh'sCircle (2 years ago)
+cavemancolton Well who's to say someone doesn't like any of those games? These are what we call opinions, and I for one can believe someone genuinely thinks that killzone will and won't be in the top 12.
cavemancolton (2 years ago)
+MrJoshura Regardless of how you feel about Killzone and Uncharted, I can't imagine that someone genuinely thinks there aren't at least 12 games on the Vita better than those. I can think of many Vita games better than Killzone and Uncharted that didn't even make this list. Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines, Axiom Verge, Trails in the Sky, Rogue Legacy, Olli Olli 2, Muramasa Rebirth, etc. The list goes on for awhile before it gets to Killzone and Uncharted.
Josh'sCircle (2 years ago)
I loved it.
SilverShion (2 years ago)
+AWESOME666ist killzone is not that great
Josh'sCircle (2 years ago)
+cavemancolton elaborate
ForeverAlonzo (2 years ago)
PS Vita? More like animu machine
XDerKleineX (2 years ago)
I rate this video MissingKillzoneMercenary/10.
NeoSquirrel (2 years ago)
...what's a Vita?
Anthony Mendoza (2 years ago)
a pumpkin
Centrioless (2 years ago)
So underwhelming
Saitama (2 years ago)
The description says PS4
nguyen minh hoang (2 years ago)
Unethical Garrogate (2 years ago)
Sideswipe (2 years ago)
kotaku is retarded
NewClouds (2 years ago)
roter_morgen (2 years ago)
There are not More Games for the Vita...
hinatalovetonaruto (2 years ago)
+Koralles0n have you even looked at the vita library? there are tons of game just not games most people expected but still lots of good games
Anthony Mendoza (2 years ago)
yes there are...

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