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Red Dead Redemption 2 | 28 Things You Need To Know

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Red dead Redemption 2 is within touching distance and like most Rockstar fans I’ve read every morsel of information I can from those people lucky enough to have played the game. Here are 28 things you need to know about Red Dead Redemption 2. Oh and if you still have GTA V get in installed again… there’s some free content to unlock for Redemption 2. But we’ll get to that soon….
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PlayStationGrenade (1 month ago)
Red Dead 2 is so close! Who’s buying it? More importantly… Will you be a gentleman or a murderous outlaw?
Conan Daisy (7 days ago)
Maybe both
ArtrtisicSea (17 days ago)
PlayStationGrenade 3 hours and rdr2 will claim my soul
penguin dude (20 days ago)
Tic67000 actually I'm 15 and my parents don't allow M rated games yet
Kenny Rutter (21 days ago)
Y is so dam bad
ManBearPig (21 days ago)
I might have been tempted to buy it if had had cars instead or boring slow horses who run into walls. might get it when it hits $10
RoboTerminator (2 days ago)
Wait battle royale will happen ???
Maxx Mania (7 days ago)
Ha ha RED Harlow I'm from Harlow which I now be calling it..... RED HARLOW 😂 👍🏻
Kris Nisbet (9 days ago)
John isn’t an npc
Jamie Brolga Kaladin (14 days ago)
If Clint Eastwood aint in it then I aint playin.
RazzleDazzle HD (14 days ago)
subscribe back i have Red Dead Redemption 2 videos too.
Albert Bremner (15 days ago)
I'm not playing BF4 here. FP isn't worth a damn to me. I am in this for the cinematic experience. I am living in a movie. But the Dead Eye experience after a few days is already a HUGE problem. I didn't play the first installment of this and i immediately assumed this would be a GTA V version - Wild West from the get go. Targetting is fucked up, controls are fucked up. And the Dead eye thing is beyond fucked up. I'm really struggling early with this game. I will not even consider playing online with this thing. It's gonna be full of abusive fucking jerks just waiting for you to blow you up with pink RPG BS all over the place. GTA V was a bad enough experience. But that was like 5 years ago. I'd rather camp and enjoy the solitude. And the scenery.
Ya_Boi_Kobe (15 days ago)
Hitting up on the D pad while aiming lets you ads yw
TripAce (15 days ago)
imagine lassoing someone on a horse and then riding the horse half the map 🤣
Cooper Allgood (15 days ago)
I have question after the completion of the game can I still play it
Xenzlo (17 days ago)
Emilie Gee (15 days ago)
Xenzlo spoiler
SplitERin2 (18 days ago)
I would really love to see a documentary about the development of this game what they went through, what decisions were made at what point to get this result. 8 years is a long time to wait for any sequel. I don't think they started on it tho until like 2012. I'm not at all sure of this but I think they we're struggling with a story and which way they were gonna go with it. I'm glad they went with a prequel tho, cuz if they do make a 3rd game based on Jack Marston getting revenge then I imagine the story will be far more in depth if Jack trys to get help from surviving vanderlin members to do so. finding Arthur for help or another would really make for a good game story.
Viki Gladwish (18 days ago)
The double action revolver is reds and he hid it
Yabba Dabba (19 days ago)
2 is simply riding the success of the first. If 2 had to stand on it's own merits, it would have been a major failure. It's boring as fuck.
m a (19 days ago)
Am i the only one who noticed that dislocated hand on the thumbnail?
Luna Sikkens (20 days ago)
Does anyone know how to activate the quest shown at 11:59??? I tried to fight someone in the pub but ended up having to flee the city with a $180 fine hahaha
Andrew Ruiz (20 days ago)
Sounds to me like WESTWORLD! I want!!!!!
Jarvo Hull (20 days ago)
Free Real Estate (20 days ago)
If you play fortnite you dont deserve to play this game...
Free Real Estate (20 days ago)
PlayStationGrenade Its not a goooood game... This is my opinion and i respect your opinion👌
Free Real Estate (20 days ago)
PlayStationGrenade But why fortnite tho?...
PlayStationGrenade (20 days ago)
Well I’m going to. 🤗
David Van Berlo (20 days ago)
Will this be available on pc? I would love to be a murderous outlaw :p
gimpyone (20 days ago)
1 thing I already know about this game is that the graphics are awesome but somehow the gameplay really sucks which makes it a horrible game altogether. My rating of RDR2 is 0. Sorry the first one was way better then this current crap.
Richard Layman (21 days ago)
How do you acquire weapons to go on wheel to use. Trying to get rifle from horse.
Zachary Farina (21 days ago)
I uninstalled GTA5 for this
FafaroJackfruit (21 days ago)
Psycho mantis?!
not AGENT429 (21 days ago)
not first
Josh Gonzales (21 days ago)
Never got my horse or tomahawk ?
0Paronomasia0 (21 days ago)
As a real life horse owner, I am unreasonably excited for the horse care part of this game. 😂
Tom Meneses (22 days ago)
I wish the hyper immersive mode was an option, like Survival Mode in Fallout 4. I don’t mind eating for health and stuff, but the other stuff sounds like a grind
Broken Sypher (22 days ago)
What’s up with the dislikes?
SAVAGE (22 days ago)
Goin for the ultimate exition steel case
SAVAGE (22 days ago)
Amazing review thanks it help me decide i sub n like
Gage Crooks (22 days ago)
You can make him fat?! Lol Fantastic
Ian Simmons (22 days ago)
Holy fuck look at that, it’s Uranus
Quinn Russell (22 days ago)
k i was already hyped…. but now knowing u can blow limbs off!?!?!?!?!? IM GOING INSANE THATS AMAZING
HTO (22 days ago)
I get payed Tuesday imma cop for sure
TWO CENTS (22 days ago)
The mask doesnt work!!! Anyone else notice that!?!
Seth Newburgh (22 days ago)
8:02 you said it pretty well actually i think that was all right, then again you probably say it better then most americans considering the language is english.
Kevan B (22 days ago)
Some of these changes sound absurdly tedious. I don't play these games for the "joy" of micro managing. HAVING to eat, drink, and change clothes sounds dumb. As does having equipment degrade from use and environmental side effects.
CaptKush (22 days ago)
Oh.... so.... basic
AD Westy (22 days ago)
I'm determined to play this game as good-ish guy, but being an arsehole seems like so much more fun.
Alpha Coo (22 days ago)
It sounds like some machine learning mechanics are being used
George May (23 days ago)
Watching this purely for 9:53, love your content keep up the great work!
King Ezra (23 days ago)
does anyone know the music at 9:52?
Brian Fulmer (23 days ago)
Bought it, played 12 hours of it, not impressed. Its boxed up and on the shelf. I think gta has always been a bad game and for kids. But hype made me give this red dead 2 a chance. I did. Its definitely not more beautiful than uncharted. Its probably the slowest mobility game that I ever played. Didn't finish it but the story didn't spark an interest like the Witcher game did. Didn't seem as interesting as FallOut. Maybe this game is just a GTA thing....
Richard (23 days ago)
I never played Red dead revolver but now i wish i did
Mathilde Fabricius (23 days ago)
Can i get this on ps4? And how do i get it 😅 sorry i have too be this girl, but i really want to play this game😝
Mathilde Fabricius (22 days ago)
+¡Ricola! Thanks 😁
¡Ricola! (22 days ago)
Mathilde Fabricius It’s on the play station store
elliott j-s-r (23 days ago)
So eventually you can go to the original map or red read
Drop a like if you're in the PS4/ PS4 pro sqaud
MagicTeddy G (23 days ago)
28 thing to know, but most important: is it gonna be released on PC?. Peace
Charlie Money (23 days ago)
Press down on the d pad when aiming to aim down the sights and most the shit on this video is dumb yes you can blow people’s limbs on rdr2 I blew some dude head off on it
Uncle Dad (23 days ago)
You said it takes place before the last game, then said it was a sequel
YungJust (23 days ago)
I play in first person to simulate far cry
M C (23 days ago)
You're a cowboy harry
Mr Snake Bitez (23 days ago)
Did you seriously compare this game to fortnite? There was tons of different games to choose from for that analogy and you chose fortnite? Come on dude!
bcove90 (23 days ago)
havi a..lol
sros6 (23 days ago)
Why aren't there any transgender Asians with bionic arms in this game?
Dr. Commie (23 days ago)
Landon is in this one 1:15 - There are strangers missions about him if you go into a saloon in Valentine
Mr Grey (23 days ago)
Or you know.. You could just play the game yourself, you know.. Keep the fun/experience/excitement there.
StatueOfAGoat PS4 (23 days ago)
Hey I also found a UFO IN THE GAME look on my channel at the latest vid it's crazy ( this isn't spam btw haha )
1.9M views B (23 days ago)
I blew a guys head clean off with a shotgun. Blood everywhere.
Darin Preston (23 days ago)
Stabscotch! Nice
Darin Preston (23 days ago)
An Old West Witcher...nice!
TheHeatGaming (23 days ago)
I dont wanna know about a game that I won't play in a few months for the exam
Mike (23 days ago)
Oh no don tell me there are npcs in this game.....
Wikkitt Klown (23 days ago)
Who's " Ahh-Fur" 🤔🤔🤔 you mean " Arthur "
Mr. Nick107 (23 days ago)
UGHI am so frustrated because I'm watching this on the 27th of October 2018 which means the game released yesterday found out my father pre ordered a back in July but I'm not allowed to have it until I have had my grades up for a month which means when I play it it'll most likely be not as relevant or popular which sucks also yes I am a kid legally still so yes I know woe is me or whatever
Andrew Kerbey (23 days ago)
So who's watching this while taking a shit, after playing, about to go back and play more?
Fred (24 days ago)
What happens if you don’t keep upkeep in the camp ? Just started the game and it’s so incredibly good.
Timanator122 Esparza (24 days ago)
Voice is annoying
SoSuave Tips (24 days ago)
I have 10 GB more on my download at 12 mb/s... it can't download fast enough.
Wayne Pollock (24 days ago)
Got it yesterday. It's very detailed and realistic, but I wanted more action, and don't want to get killed from getting kicked by a horse.
Rory Johnson (24 days ago)
Haven't gotten too far in the game, but I'm really hoping a major character from Red Dead Revolver shows up
Star Gazer (24 days ago)
Don’t watch this it’s like watching a spoiler...watch this after you have played the game for a bit at least!!!
Dsean Day (24 days ago)
Why don’t rockstar make GTA as realistic as Red Dead
Charlie Voves (24 days ago)
It's too realistic and I love it!!
James s (24 days ago)
Jeez if this is red deads graphics what is GTA 6 gonna be like?
echo gameing52 (24 days ago)
Is Red Dead Redemption 2 completely different story I mean like an alternate timeline?
PuRe GhOsTT (24 days ago)
Is there not an option to further aim in your weapon in first person like in GTA? It annoys me that i can't see iron sights in first person
La Levesque (24 days ago)
I actually ride and take care of horses, I love the touch of horse caring.
Riley Hacker (22 days ago)
Likewise! I immensely appreciate the attention to smaller things like taking care of horses and cleaning them and bonding. As well as cleaning your weapons and shaving etc. Might be too in-the-way for some, but it's so enjoyable. Adds to the western experience!
Fish Zom (24 days ago)
I loved the first one. The second has a big issue for me. It the stupid HUD for interacting with things. Moving around a room, or in a fight, you have to look to the bottom right side of the screen to see if there is something to interact with and what buttons to press. So many other games do this better. At least give us the option to have it in the center or off to the side. Game like State of Decay give a glow to interactable objects, and Assassin's Creed put a little dot on them, and has a skill you can unlock to highlight them more, making you waste less time pressing SEARCH as you walk around an empty room. Red Dead has me looking over to the bottom right, instead of looking at what's going on in the room.
Christian Schmutz (24 days ago)
looks awesome but what about the story/talking? i hated the witcher3 because of the endless dialoges i also skip assassins creed often. how is it in this game? can i skip the dick blowing or have to watch all of it?
Archit Gupta (24 days ago)
Lmao that ELLO right at the start
Protodead (24 days ago)
first person for me
CyrilTheSquirrel 92 (24 days ago)
All I need to know is that it better look a thousand times better than this on PC...
Ayato Ghoul (24 days ago)
I just spent £60
DaftPanther171 (24 days ago)
Does anyone else think that PS4 and Xbox one look exactly the same PS4 Pro and and Xbox One X all look exactly the same I’ve looked at two screens simultaneously and there is no noticeable difference. even Pc and console sometimes look exactly the same.
I mostly agree but I find that PS4 Pro and Xbox One X Are more saturated than the normal models!
John Hancock (24 days ago)
You could not cross rivers on foot in RDR1 because you would insta-die.
CanadianM00se gaming (24 days ago)
Where’s my revolver and hatchet..
uV Team (24 days ago)
Lol I got arrested to see what happened and lost everything guns and money don't surrender dying only takes 4 dollors so rather kill yourself then surrender
Giraffe From Africa (23 days ago)
SKEN SQUAD getting arrested is different from dying I haven’t gotten arrested yet but I’ve died
uV Team (24 days ago)
+Giraffe From Africa I have only 11 dollors Lol lost 350 from getting arrested
Giraffe From Africa (24 days ago)
SKEN SQUAD dying takes a percentage of what you have I’ve lost up to 50 dollars when I’ve only had 1.1k on me I don’t even want to know what I’d be now dying really does suck
TheSonOfMars (24 days ago)
So we gone act like that god of war clip didn’t look beautiful
MrSilentGamerHD (24 days ago)
I didn’t get the gta weapons lol my friends got there’s I didnt
Aniket Maurya (24 days ago)
Man, I need to get a console but my mom will kill me.
PandaKing550 (24 days ago)
How do we get access to the stone hatchet and the golden revolver in red dead 2?
Daniel Gabriel (24 days ago)
John Marston says the same lines when looting bodies as he did in RDR 1!!
Major Gear (24 days ago)
You eat in this game? Eating affects weight? Your beard grows? Clothing affect's stamina? This doesn't sound like a game I'd want. Can you turn those effects? I like my games with fewer details with the focus on combat and story.
Tad Ficus Catus (24 days ago)
I wish you could design your own character.
CursedXCarter - (24 days ago)
It honestly was so worth the wait. Probably one of the top 3 games I’ve ever played. If you’re thinking about buying, do so.
Seth Wright (24 days ago)
Lmfaoo everytime he says badass cowboy I swear to God it sounds like he says "butt ass-cowboy"
Tile Artist (24 days ago)
10/10 %100
Tile Artist (24 days ago)
i freaking love this game, and how u treat ppl reflects gameplay nice!!

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