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Top 15 Adventure Games NINTENDO SWITCH ( Upcoming 2018 & 2019 )

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Here 15 of Best New Adventure games 2018 & 2019 will release for NINTENDO SWITCH. please SUBSCRIBE == https://bit.ly/2HoiVTy == to support me also leave comment to share your thoughts
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Text Comments (113)
Jim (13 days ago)
If the Cat Girl one has combat, i'd buy it.
Aurora Luna (2 months ago)
#16 for me is the lair princess and the blind prince cuz that is adventure i cant wait for
Cute and Dorky 2pm (2 months ago)
Walking dead seems so interesting, but i might get scared lol
Arbitrary Ideas (2 months ago)
Unruly Heroes is giving me A LOT of Ori and the Blind Forest vibes
Arbitrary Ideas (2 months ago)
4:19 pssht, hands are overrated
DrawingAThing (2 months ago)
Kappiokka ꕤ (2 months ago)
Hey! The style of Afterparty looks like Oxenfree! Are they by the same developers? I LOVE Oxenfree. ♡
Scrap metal games (2 months ago)
The game with the cat girl looks like a mod for a already existing game, I still wanna play it tho
TooStonedForThisShit (2 months ago)
maybe i should sell my switch
SpiritWolf Luna (2 months ago)
The cat girl reminds me of the little Miquote girl Kloe from Final Fantasy XIV and also the light tower reminds me of a certain area around La Noscea in FFXIV. I wonder if the ones who made that game knew about FFXIV
Taylor Foy (2 months ago)
Aw man no rhythm heaven
The flying piece of crap (2 months ago)
Bring we happy few to switch
Tabbiya (2 months ago)
The Walking Dead game seems cool but the art style is so hard to look at
Tox (2 months ago)
Is there a particular reason why the majority of these trailers for video games show little to no... playing of the video game?
PlvisZand :0 (2 months ago)
None these games seem to interest a lot of people, including me.
Maybe Later (2 months ago)
I wanna play the kitty game!
Ryan Morris (2 months ago)
Nice game list, very interesting games coming out!
Doukz (2 months ago)
honestly? None of these look good. Cat Girl could be promising if that's just the first stages- the lighting adds nothing to the immersion, the animations are weird, and there doesn't appear to be much to do but walk. Maybe we'll get an official trailer one day.
GreenEvilMilesSmilez _ (2 months ago)
Whats up with the sharpness on the thumbnail
Crystal Secret (2 months ago)
It's kinda funny, I'd rather play a Hat in Time again over any of these. Actually that's a fact.
DrawingAThing (2 months ago)
Crystal Secret not even walking dead???
Steph Fromm (2 months ago)
Only liked the tell tale walking dead but ... You can get that on every system even mobile 🤷.... Switch is only good for pokemon, Zelda, Mario and super smash
n00dle (3 months ago)
omg i remember broken age aaaaAAAAAA
Ruby Creed (3 months ago)
Love Broken Age.
Olivia C. (3 months ago)
I knew Afterparty was by the creators of Oxenfree the moment I saw the text boxes.
Gildardo Arteaga (3 months ago)
Where are VR chat
Acriz Caazi (3 months ago)
Christ, I remember Broken Age... that was SO long ago. Maybe now I can see what happens after girly gets on the ship.
Alessandra M (3 months ago)
I like afterparty, AI and the cyberpunk story ^^
Dani Leopardeye (3 months ago)
What ever happened to Season of Heaven? It was the reason I initially got the switch 😢
Aneeda Anus (3 months ago)
That thumbnail needs a little more frying.
Kody Ward (3 months ago)
Giraffe and annika's music sounds almost like saw theme
Stinky Pinky (3 months ago)
my gf wants to sit on CANDLEMAN
Pound Cake (3 months ago)
Giraffe and Annika? The animations so far seem absolutely trash :/
Clairenime Ogolo (3 months ago)
The Cat girl game is Cute- But the animations need more polishing. I'm going to Give it a benefit of the doubt that Its In its starting Stages- the Movements Are stiff and the lighting on some places Like the Lava zone Seemed odd.
Crystal Secret (2 months ago)
I'm really counting on that's beta, because those hand movements and running hurt me bad.
oscar martinez (3 months ago)
Overall the games aren't good. 2/10
Ash - (3 months ago)
I can't wait for afterparty
Space Kitty (3 months ago)
I've played the professor Latin game and it's really good!
光銀 (3 months ago)
Indie games sucks
Ethan Vaughn (3 months ago)
Im sick of all these low end indie games n shit, i want good games to come out like the walking dead!
WillowfurTC (3 months ago)
All I saw what cat people and I’m in!
Scarlett Wilkins (3 months ago)
2:00 game in the thumbnail
born to be gamer (3 months ago)
Love the switch so much game for free
Snivy Servine (3 months ago)
That second one looks... off for some reason. Not that I hate it, but just sort of looks uncanny. Or I need to go get my eyes checked again.
Dwight Gibson (3 months ago)
My reactions: • Holy fuck. They’re bringing Broken Age back?! • Giraffe and Annika? What IS this? Seems peaceful. I’ll have to look further into this... • The final season of The Walking Dead?! But I haven’t played the rest yet... • Wait, a new Layton game? But I haven’t played the rest yet... • Oh, yeah! STARLINK, boi! • Candleman, huh? Very surreal. I’m interested... • Afterparty? Seems interesting enough. • A Monster Boy game? Already? Fuck yeah! Oh wait, I still haven’t played the one that’s already out... • Another Sight seems interesting, but I’ll need to find out more. • Sense looks great! I’m in. • Holy fuck. They’re bringing Grim Fandango back?! • Unruly Heroes looks like an interesting idea, especially for multiplayer. I’m interested. • Fucking Steins;Gate, boi! • Now this Spectrum looks interesting. Colour me white with interest. • AI seems awesome, with the whole world-shifting thing.
Natalie Marie (3 months ago)
Looks shitty as usual
R_E_M (3 months ago)
Cat girl game kind of needs a lot of polish..... not looking so good with that movement/gameplay
Beautiful Mind (3 months ago)
Game 1 0:01 Game 2 1:58 Game 3 4:55 Game 4 6:14 Game 5 7:50 Game 6 9:24 Game 7 10:35 Game 8 11:38 Game 9 12:55 Game 10 13:19 Game 11 14:09 Game 12 14:45 Game 13 (loud audio) 16:09 Game 14 18:13 Game 15 19:03
Snowflake Demon (2 months ago)
Thanks man, that’s exactly what I needed! I mean...I saw this after the video but thanks anyway xD
Omniblacklight (3 months ago)
Thank you so much
Luna Trap (3 months ago)
Thank you
Beautiful Mind (3 months ago)
That catgirl game looks really bad
Force User (3 months ago)
Unruly Heroes, Journey To The West in Rayman Legend style
Rochelle Paris (3 months ago)
The cat girl one looks cute
Caffeine Rush (3 months ago)
Thought that was genderswap Sonic and Tails in the thumbnail. My morbid curiosity is going to get me killed one day..
Señor Tequila Purr (3 months ago)
Cyberpunk?! *SOLD*
Eat The Carrot! (3 months ago)
That second game is super lame and stupid
Neo Android (3 months ago)
Layton Mystery Journey is out in JPN only for switch
Айсори Мизу (3 months ago)
Okay, cat-girl from Draw with me
lc comics (3 months ago)
Dust and elysian tail where you at?
Emily Kearns (3 months ago)
For a moment, I thought it was like Alice in Wonderland, but it just FEELS like it.
Sam Pepper (3 months ago)
I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT BROKEN AGE!!! I’ve not seen it in *years!!*
Sarah miau (3 months ago)
Fake ??
Dante Corbett (3 months ago)
Bring Ni No Kuni to the switch!!!
Ryan Morris (2 months ago)
Dante Corbett I think they are bringing Ni No Kuni to the switch if I'm not mistaken!😀
Bruticus87 (3 months ago)
Even though I don't particularly like the way the second half of Broken Age was written (really poorly), I have to say that they spoiled some major things in this trailer for those who haven't played yet.
Xavier B. (3 months ago)
Id play Candleman~
Self Confidence (3 months ago)
Catgirl one has health bar but didn’t see any combat or any other actions beside walking...
Icypop Stuff (2 months ago)
I mean u must of missed the boss fight scenes and obstacles...
KimeoPlayz (2 months ago)
Self Confidence Very Early in Development Maybe?
Star Petal Arts (3 months ago)
Is Stein's Gate the full visual novel?
Doomtrigger (3 months ago)
Jordan Jordan (3 months ago)
Doomtrigger I don't think it's a trap... but yeah 😂
Kentendo 64 (3 months ago)
Broken age is dope, loved it on PS4 as soon as I learned how to use the spoon
Nivek Cares (3 months ago)
Gonna wait on monhun xx and darksouls remastered
Antoinette .W (3 months ago)
Layton's game game is coming to the switch in Japan 8/9 no US release date yet.
Cristina (3 months ago)
Antoinette .W why game game?
MikeTheEnforcer (3 months ago)
Only like 2-3 games looked good the rest looked like crap.
Maoh (3 months ago)
That second one is Kemono friends right?
Super Sayan (3 months ago)
& Yu Gi Oh For switch ❓
Claud Nine (3 months ago)
Dr Judgement (3 months ago)
The cat girl one might be cute and Atlus is looking better but the rest just make me sad on how far down many games have fallen into one pit of despair or worse. But they are not yet out.. So they may be saved.. Naw.. Most are doomed to become 5 dollar bin junk..
Dr Judgement (3 months ago)
Pip Squeak : Yeah I got to admit it!!! The cute factor is going to be this game's biggest sell factor. It's what got me wanting to buy it but it doesn't mean I cannot see it's flawed. The cat girl was clearly stiff and unreactive in places she should be reacting at least a little.. But it clearly still early in it's development.. So here's hoping they iron out those issues or the cute factor may not be enough to help out that game which would be very sad as games like this are only now reaching our shores.. I tell ya.. Japanese gamers got it made.. They got plenty of people that understand this is just a entertainment media just like T.V. was at one time. The only diff is video games are better because you can INTERACT with it..
Dr Judgement (3 months ago)
Eric Nick : Look all I care about are GOOD games!!! I could care less if you see me as a freak or not.. Not I am because there's stranger people out there..Boy are there stranger people.. Like guys who come to a gaming community to complain about the gaming community.. We know we are NOT perfect.. But here's a clue about the real world that I do keep in contact with.. NOTHING IS PERFECT!!!! Nor is it my fault that the vast majority of garbage games are Indie. DO NOT get me wrong!! Some of my fave games are Indie.. but for every good indie there's over a dozen indies I would not even waste more than one second just looking at them.. Nor do I care if the Industry is Triple A or the lowest bottom feeder.. If the game looks like garbage and/or plays like garbage then I'm doing the world a favor by saying It shouldn't be ANYWHERE!!! There only one real use for awful games.. Pushing the delete button!!! ' ' As for the gaming community.. Yes there are trouble makers but you are talking to the wrong gamer.. I'm just a videogame guy who just wants THRESS things out of GAMES.. To look good, NO CENSORSHIP and be playable.. What's more I consider these three to be so important to ANY videogame to the point that they are ONE thing.. Lastly we the biggest buyer of video games have the right to complain about something we care about if other people are doing stuff to make it suck.. It was NOT caring that got T.V. in the mess it is in.. Just saying...
Pripara Punicorn (3 months ago)
I want the catgirl game based on cuteness alone!
Eric Nick (3 months ago)
Dr Judgement You freaks complain about the triple A industry only to not even touch the indie space. The gaming community is pure trash that should be burned down to its very core.
Aldrin Giron (3 months ago)
Rip switch
Faith Dale (3 months ago)
What about Octopath Traveler?
sarah watkins (3 months ago)
These are adventure games these aren't the only games coming out.
Eat The Carrot! (3 months ago)
Botw, odessey, splatoon 2 are the only good switch games. Everything else is pure crap. I hope 2019 does well for the switch...
Cristina (3 months ago)
Aldrin Giron suck my pussy
HunterStynk (3 months ago)
Mmmmmhhh.... MHXX, SSBU, Mario Party, Pokemon RPG 2019 (not let's go shit).... Switch is not dead yet...
Grant Blackwell (3 months ago)
(looks at unruly heroes) No. Don't tell me they actually made a game based on Journey to the West!
Alden Bunag (3 months ago)
Whatever the team behind Danganronpa and Zero Escape is creating, I want it, as well as the next Ace Attorney. I want to catch up on Professor Layton but the games are still relatively expensive and I've only played the first 3.
Jin kisaragi (3 months ago)
I wan't them to put the 3 zero escape games on switch right now!
Alden Bunag (3 months ago)
I noticed the reviews weren't as good after but I mean as long as the story is still compelling, I don't mind.
Casu (3 months ago)
In my honest opinion you've missed nothing. The first three Games of Layton were so amazing. After that they get bad :/
Charlie Marie (3 months ago)
Why does the game at 2:35 look like a ripoff of Ni No Kuni 2
Jeremy Grigson (3 months ago)
Because… it does.
Dr Judgement (3 months ago)
Might be related to it and even if it's not.. It's not like anime cat people are a rare trope. The only thing that really matters is if the game play is good as the game looks and from the looks.. More work is needing done...
xXBoogiepopXx (3 months ago)
Charlie Marie Anime cat people with blonde hair arent exactly rare archetypes.

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