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DEVIL's HUNT Game Trailer 2019 (PS4/Xbox one/PC)

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DEVIL's HUNT Game Trailer 2019 (PS4/Xbox one/PC) SUBSCRIBE - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcH3D_e9fzxvf1ELkSeVSLQsub_confirmation=1 My email for business inquiries & others: rainbowarthd010@gmail.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The war between Demons and Angels takes you to hell and back in this third person action game. You are Desmond, the one man with demonic powers who can decide the fate of our world by joining either side of the conflict. Release: Q3 2019 / Ps4/XboxOne/PC Game Website: http://www.1cpublishing.eu Steam Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/887720/Devils_Hunt/
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Text Comments (19)
Первый гол (2 months ago)
покупайте петухи и ватнички русские, поддержите российского говнородителя и в будущем он вам и далее будет торговать гавно
supanovakane (2 months ago)
Everybody saying it looks like prototype but i need to see some gameplay.. Hopefully for me... its more of a beat em up or hack n slash game
T Bag (2 months ago)
Prototype was the dogs tits!
R1po (2 months ago)
i talked to my friend Doom-Guy... he spent his vacation in hell 2016 and he was highly pleased... a huge range of entertainment and a lot of cardio activities (running & jumping mostly)... the only thing he didn't like was the personal... it wasn't quite friendly, but he dealt with them... he's planning on returning there soon... but i'm sure you could check out the Devil's Hunt Tour... same location, different travel agency, right? : ) but i will check the test/compairing sites before i book my trip
PC Principal (2 months ago)
You folks should read the synopsis for this game. .__. It seems pretty damn interesting. 2 hours of high quality cutscenes .__.? Going to hell and back. Desmond (protagonist) was hell's executioner. battlefield between angels and demons is in the human world .__. He's losing his humanity and shit. Count me fucking interested. "I'm the savior and the destroyer." Nice line right there too.
boba swet (2 months ago)
Interested but need to see more!
Greg Hach (2 months ago)
Mr gamer (2 months ago)
Ill probably play this dam it looks like a prototype spin off
UnleaSh AniMs (2 months ago)
Prototype 2 😕
Edgar Infernal (2 months ago)
UnleaSh AniMs ? Prototype 3 you mean ?
SiLaS 13 (2 months ago)
Yup, definitely a Prototype vibe!
Beast Within Gaming (2 months ago)
Looks good
Nintenerdo (2 months ago)
This is the closest I can to prototype 3. I'll take what I can get
Mr gamer (2 months ago)
But it will me good. I’m betting prototype 3 will come out 2020
Brian Kennedy (2 months ago)
Looks Promising <3
mike fabio (2 months ago)
Getting some devil may cry vibe😈
XxJigsaw_GamesxX (2 months ago)
Anyone else getting a Prototype vibe?
*Bang Bang Bang* *pull my devil trigger*
The new prototype sequel

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