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10 Most Predatory Loot Box Systems In Video Games

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Text Comments (2163)
Becca Sertic (8 days ago)
I’m just here for the obligatory EA bashing.
Josh Saville (12 days ago)
Guitar hero live's micro transaction system was awful. If you wanted to choose what song you played in ghtv, you either grinded it out playing songs that you may not like or spend money on plays.
Myrna Caraig (13 days ago)
EA sports, buy or die.
[Kritternator] (13 days ago)
Remember when EA was a game company and not a casino
Colin (19 days ago)
I’m surprised konami didn’t sue you yet for that sound in the opening.
Junior Vafai (22 days ago)
The entire reason why people discredit the idea of addiction being a disease that you can't really control is because of companies like EA who continue to profit off of gaming addicts it becomes extreme victim blaming and shifts everything away from these predatory companies But let's face it, even way back when EA didn't have all these microtransactions, were any of their games still any good?
Riki Adams (22 days ago)
I hate microtransactions in games and i hate the companies for doing it. But the issue is the consumer.
Dean Gibbons (23 days ago)
EA seriously need to get their shit together. For fucks sake how many boycotts will it take before they realise they're running everything into the ground with micro transactions!
Mike Upton (25 days ago)
I feel like everyone hates loot boxes and pay to win stuff, but no one is willing to simply NOT PLAY THE GAME.
WernerShadow (27 days ago)
I know people who hacked in unlimited money for mass effect 3 the paid currency
Gerrit Gerritsen (27 days ago)
All I see here is people complaining because they have to either buy or earn the in game items.
Duston McCreary (27 days ago)
These will never go away because too many kids have access to their rich dad's credit cards
Poison (1 month ago)
i love loot boxes. no i am not trolling i really do
Ookami otaku (1 month ago)
Gta online hey can grind for 30+ hours or give us some money for a shark card oh you want that big underground bunker well you will have grind for 50 to 60 hours or buy 5 or 6 shark cards what do you mean this is ridiculous don't you want the new DLC stuff where charging you for it but we will make grind a full work week to unlock it or give us some money but nobody says a thing because it's rockstar
a communist (1 month ago)
ea are greedy b*tch
a communist (1 month ago)
everyone know that
EZ_GoERROR (1 month ago)
Hmm a lot of EA games
EZ_GoERROR (1 month ago)
I’m playing a game called SpaceArena on iOS which does have micro transactions which I thought was stupid but a thing I like is that you can get tons more items through playing the game instead of buying them
HenryClay1844 (1 month ago)
Update: EA kills the World Cup game in favor of more promotion of loot boxes with a "free" DLC that cuts the former WC content by three quarters. Most of the video game press cheers.
Odin Satanas (1 month ago)
Hey, mass effect 3 online was so much fun I played it for so long after release. You unlocked plenty of weapons and characters through gameplay. I'm not saying that wasn't shitty, EA can suck all the dicks. but it was pretty minor. But all of these are sooo exploitative and turn kids into gambling addicts, reports of kids working two jobs and throwing everything at the slots is just insanity
kamikaze khan (1 month ago)
They need to sell the full game and just use loot boxes for extra shit
David R (1 month ago)
NBA 2k18, and all the grinding or opening of loot boxes for Injustice 2. There's even a Trophy tied down to getting a random character's move from a loot box in Injustice 2!
ThisIsCam (1 month ago)
Should have made this 10 devs with most predatory loot boxes. You could have made a much more comprehensive video since gaming these days is like walking through the woods on the outskirts of a big crack-addicted city, at night, with a sandwich sign saying "please mug me"
Cringy Content (2 months ago)
I honestly like loot crates, it adds replayabiliy to games
NotArnar (2 months ago)
I got a Big Shaq and Asnee playing fifa ad
DeAnna Brown (2 months ago)
Where is roblox ??
Hershey11 (2 months ago)
So basically just avoid anything made by EA
xx3070 (2 months ago)
Yes, its nice to know that destiny 2 was willing to admit that the system was wrong, of course it was just a technical oversight according to them and you know they reduced xp rates for things after they updated it cause you know.. the broken version was the correct amount of xp to be getting apparently... but it totally wasn't then trying to short change players, it was just a glitch!... totally!
irix stinger (2 months ago)
Marvels contest of champions... Horrible... that why i quit the game..
Cameron Phillips (2 months ago)
But...but Forza 7 doesn't work like that
Noah Mills (2 months ago)
Ooooof Halo 5
Chris Cameron (2 months ago)
ya cant blame the publisher, yeah they're greedy bastards but they do it cause people are stupid enough to buy loot boxes etc...
MrBlackhawk49 (2 months ago)
The worst thing about Loot Boxes is that we are buying it... What do you think would happen if just *nobody* buys a big AAA game that has Loot Boxes in it?
Michael Salata (2 months ago)
Path of Exile..yes, free to play...but the "loot" boxes for cosmetics is ridiculous.  You can get infinite duplicates of one item and never see the item you want.
Keegan Nozawa (2 months ago)
I agree on every game except Shadow of War. I've clocked over 100+ hours on Shadow of War so far and never once felt limited behind loot boxes. Didn't drop a cent on them and still got my orcs and forts strong enough to defeat players and the AI. On top of that you can buy loot boxes with the in game currency which you will have in absolute abundance. I average around 20 million on the in game currency every play-through. I'm sure you might feel like it's a grind to get to a point where your orcs are strong, but honestly you just need to pay attention to their abilities. If you avoided Shadow of War because of their loot boxes, try picking the game up on a sale and give it a chance. It was one of three games last year that I actually recommended to people.
Skyler B (2 months ago)
If people would show some spine and STOP BUYING THESE GAMES (I mean not purchasing the game itself) this practice can be killed. I don't mind the mobile market but 60 games is absurd. STOP SUPPORTING THIS CRAP.
Buick Debaron (2 months ago)
The microtransactions in MKX were so pointless that it was hilarious
Deymun47 (2 months ago)
I never get those arguments. Never have I spent a single € for a lootbox or anything in a full price game. I spent money on games like Clash Royale or Hearthstone, League etc. But never ever if I paid "full price" for a game. Just don't buy them and eventually the dev's will learn. One BS example especially is Shadow of War. I did not yet complete the last act because the grinding is too tedious for me at the moment. But if I feel like slaying some orcs in one of my forts I just hit the game up and do one or two defenses. And if you really don't want to to do - watch the "real ending" on YouTube instead of always complaining about the loot boxes they provide.
Bilal Bakthiar (2 months ago)
Almost all in this list was from EA
herve glandu (2 months ago)
Fallout shelter no ? :D
Autumn Wolf Anna (2 months ago)
90% of these games are made or published by EA, doesn't come as a surprise.
Kayana Koe (2 months ago)
Robocraft is definitely one of those games that challenges what is free to play and what is pay to win.
videakias3000 (2 months ago)
those of you who buy ea games,could you please kill yourselves.
Nocturnal Pyro (2 months ago)
Lootboxes are best done like in Overwatch. Where you get 3 weekly for playing the game, and 1 every lvl and the way you do that is. You guessed it, Play the game. Plus the stuff you get from them are purely cosmetic. The worst case of lootboxes I've seen is hearthstone, where the decks you can make are limited to what legendaries you get.
Aaron (2 months ago)
Martin Wolt (2 months ago)
Most predatory game ever? Any one of those quarter-guzzling arcade cabinets from the 80s. My allowances!!!
Edward Vasquez-Lowe (2 months ago)
I miss being able to grind and play to get a gold skin in cod and feel an insane amount of satisfaction. Now all that you do is hope you get something cool.
Felixhrbg (2 months ago)
There are no modifiers in forza 7 lootboxes. Those are just cards that reward your for I.e. driving in the rain or with manual transmission. Also you can’t buy them for real money, i don’t get why forza 7 is getting negative light for fair boxes.
Skuash (2 months ago)
Then, stupid people believe what they say for implementing loot boxes "games are too expensive", $60 per people isn't enough, they need $15.000 per person. Not to mention the users say "it's to support the developers", they have a monthly salary, you pay or not they will make the same amount of money, the only one you are "supporting" is the owner bank account and all the SPONSORS who don't give a fuck about the users. EA everywhere, EA is fucking dogshit I dont know why people keep supporting those thieves in charge.
Level 99 (2 months ago)
serves them right when people pirate their games
Andrew Night (2 months ago)
Mass effect 3 lb with 15k $ = succses? I call bs
Drunk Kripperov (3 months ago)
Games from big companies are not anymore to develop a masterpiece. Just push it out and put 1/3 of the content behind a paywall because it makes more money. Gaming has gone a bad way. I hope gambling in games (read; loot boxes) get banned.
Forgoten Null (3 months ago)
Mass Effect 3 multiplayer wasn't competitive, but cooperative. There's a big difference there. You clearly wrote a script, so proofread it. Otherwise good video.
MrDrainBramaged (3 months ago)
I think madden 18 needs to be on here too..Oh you want the best players in MUT?Sure give us like 700 dollars and you can have them
Camaro ZL1 (3 months ago)
I'm perfectly fine with getting loot boxes as rewards for completing a mission or race, ya know, work for what you want. But I don't want to pay to get four common, basic stuff.
James King (3 months ago)
hey the dead space one wasn't that bad, you get the extra bot slots and speed by pre order and they were very cheep, then all you needed to do was just just park by a area with a bench, send out your bots ANYWHERE in the next room and wait, I got a fuck tons of the credits used for the item packs by doing this...it also helped I had a PC nearby and just played WoW the whole time
Josh Matternn (3 months ago)
I am fine with loot boxes ONLY if it's purely cosmetic and only cosmetic, so it doesn't affect gameplay.
Blake Galvin (3 months ago)
Umm why isn’t PUBG on this list, it’s because of the micro transactions that it’s full of hackers
Jack Lis (3 months ago)
I'm pretty sure loot boxes in Destiny 2 were purely cosmetic... The whole point of Eververse microtransactions was for weapon skins etc.
Reese Walker (3 months ago)
The only time I will buy loot crate is when I am in the game.
Aphlack (3 months ago)
I boycotted EA when battlefield 4 came out. Never bought it or gave them a cent after.
Collin Gibson (3 months ago)
I think developers (read: software developers, the people actually writing the code of the game) know these techniques are garbage... the problem is, as you said, the upper management sends down mandates that the actual skilled workers can't say no to without losing their jobs.
Angel Gd (3 months ago)
As long as people are dumb enough to pay for shit, they'll do it. I remember they just used to try to outdo the last great game with interesting ideas in games. Any money grabs like pay tip lines never made much. Want a great game, withhold your cash. Express to developers you're done with them and grow a spine and follow through. The ones that want to have a future will put out some awesome games.
Preston Ruttan (3 months ago)
Fuck ea and wb
HeyBaby Badguy (3 months ago)
Dead space 3 a GOW clone? Get out of your basement son
Should have put Black Ops 3. That game has more than half of its weaponry behind loot boxes with a 0.8% chance. Not to mention that the zombied mode became pay to win with you being able to get ALL perks at round 1
EDGY McEDGELORD (3 months ago)
There is goo loot boxes and bad loot boxes. Good ones are the ones that give only cosmetic changes. Bad ones are likes of Battlefront 2
Kobus Downey (3 months ago)
I can understand loot boxes in free2play games, as long as its not pay2win, but seriously EA, in paid games?
arwoVevo dankkush (3 months ago)
go fuck yourself mass effect 3 is fucking amazing and better then 2
Aidan Garvey (3 months ago)
And people wonder why I never play modern games... It just isn't worth it anymore. I don't want to spend $70 to play a game which is just going to ask me to spend more money to have a decent experience when I can spend less than $10 to play a game from the 90s or 2000s which will be a complete, entertaining experience.
PashaSemf (3 months ago)
Fuck you EA
wolf_pure12 (3 months ago)
With MA:3 I was too young to buy credits and I absolutely loved the multiplayer. It's the entire reason I (regrettably) preordered MA:A. To be fair, I never played MA:1&2 but the time to get a premium crate in 3 wasn't that bad, it only took a couple of silver or gold matches if you pull your weight.
Dat Boi (3 months ago)
Bright Engrams in Destiny 2 only give cosmetic items and have no real reason to grind or pay for. You can't buy loot that affects your power level in Destiny 2. I would call that one a pretty big stretch.
Bryn Morley (3 months ago)
Did you not play Mass Effect 3? It was Co-op not competitive.
LoveAnimeLikeCrazy (3 months ago)
Pardon my language, but what the fuck is wrong with developers
Laslagos (3 months ago)
I find most lootboxes adorable. Lets take Shadow of War for example. They want me to buy boxes with real money, but let me farm ingame currency to buy a weaker version of a box. So.... i see no reason to not cheat tons of ingame currency and buy crates till i collapse. Same with ME3.
Yevvan (3 months ago)
dislike- because of what you said about mass effect 3. that's the most uneducated and inexperienced thing you could possibly say. why don't you go fucking play it
Toni King (3 months ago)
Half of games here is 100% Ea garbage ,I don't understand why would any sane person buy from them after they dominating top worst companies last 5 year's.
Mr.CoolGuy (3 months ago)
You have 777k subscribers!
Jolly Cooperation (3 months ago)
Im so tired of the lootboxes bullshit. We BUY the damn game and we still need to keep forking over cash to enjoy the fucking game!?
wulfff (3 months ago)
yeah theres nothing really pay-to-win in destiny 2, its all cosmetic...
buniak6 (3 months ago)
Kind of bs with the MAss Effect 3. All the content could be bought by in game curency. A 5$ box could be farmed in under 15 min without anny limitation. They where the progresion and reason to do harder misions for more money. Giving the option of ending the match erlier after doing the credit at 3, 6 or 9th wave, but get less points and a lower score. I had all the content unlocked and havent spent a dime. + It was an optional multiplayed sustem and had no impact to the singleplayer game the game was focused on. Not the ,add on, fake single in all modern cod type shooters that are just a turtorial to the multi. ME3 ending sucked, sure. But the multi ws golden. Hands of.
Scottish Smurf (3 months ago)
You did fuck all research on Forza 7. The loot crates cannot be purchased with real money and do not make your car any faster or better as they give you challenges to do while racing and only get used up if you complete the challenge. You actually make a lot more in game credits by using them as opposed to what in game credits they cost plus they are never forced on you and are completely optional.
Michael Lück (3 months ago)
I mean fuck EA. The Battlefront shit was one thing. But completely RUINING Dungeon Keeper is just insulting. Not only fuck EA but FUCK ... AND I MEAN FUUUUUUUUUUUCK EVERYONE who spends money on this shit. Especially in the thousands. You guys ruin the games, not only the devs.
Michael Lück (3 months ago)
However hard EA tries to ruin games... Namco came in with an RKO out of nowhere and destroyed Metal Gear. IT's like " Oh... EA is sought out to be the douchiest dickhead beyond Ajit Pai? HOLD MY BEER"
darth (3 months ago)
tl:dr EA is garbage / So many people asking about overwatch and cs:go... those are NOT p2w. Yes, they have lootboxes, but cosmetics only.
Andreas Stauder (3 months ago)
we really need titanfall 3
Khijk (3 months ago)
CS:GO. Cases. Enough said.
Unorthodox Reviews (3 months ago)
So people actually spent money in Dead Space 3? How?
Syphic (3 months ago)
Destiny 2 was ruined by Activison
mremixed (3 months ago)
Destiny 2's issue wasn't eververse. That was just one crappy part of a crappy game.
yellow6100 (3 months ago)
EA=Electronic alimony
yellow6100 (3 months ago)
One thing that is good about loot boxes is that it makes you feel better about pirating the game.
Oscar Memo (3 months ago)
todays video game companies are shit...so fking lame. consumers are so fking stupid to fall in the MT trap, stupid fucks
jamesb1221222 (3 months ago)
Kinda surprised CS:GO or really most other games on steam weren't on here. Feels like CSGO was made just because of the store.
Noia (3 months ago)
boycott EA
Gabriele Colombi (3 months ago)
I am ok with cosmetic lootboxes. They are fair, everyone knows skins, voice lines and emotes don't give you an advantage in game. Pay to win lootboxes are pure evil.
Stratelier (3 months ago)
I casually played the videogame adaptation of Pokemon TCG back in ... 2015, I think. I remember in one of its major content updates they changed the way booster packs were opened, giving it an all-new lengthy animation of the virtual pack being virtually torn open and its 10 cards set down for you to interactively click on to reveal. There WERE complaints from existing and longtime players (and myself) that the animation was completely unnecessary and the prior system (where it just popped up a standard window dialog showing the 10 cards in the pack) was ultimately better. We even asked for a switch in the options page to disable it, because the lengthy animation was also prefixed by a lengthy load meter (because it needed to download all the card assets before engaging the animation). Today, I cannot look back on that time without labeling it a lootbox system.
sos van eey (3 months ago)
just came here to say thats if horny is the thumbnail.. just shows you how much EA likes to fuck shit up .. R.I.P bullfrog
Dutch Blades (3 months ago)
Rocket League and Hearthstone cost me quite some money... And Overwatch; but the loot boxes don't require keys, you can get three free ones every week and you get one with leveling (which doesn't take very long to do), so that game is quite alright.
Senator Armstromg (3 months ago)
All the media attention focused on video games promoting violence in children's minds is BS. But maybe it's time they look at whether RNGambling correlates with financial irresponsibility later in life. This shouldn't result in government regulations per-se but consumers should be aware. I'm never buying my future children online gaming currency or lootboxes unless they earn the money themselves and still think it's worth it.
SsshottyThotty (3 months ago)
Overwatch should have been on the list, yes I know those loot boxes only encompass cosmetics BUT that is the only sense of progression in Overwatch. Duplicates are less of a problem now but events still almost force you to pay if you want all the skins or wait again next year which is ridiculous.
darth (3 months ago)
You calling cosmetics in a competitive E-Sport level shooter "the only sense of progression"? Get out.

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