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The Walking Dead Game - Official Trailer #4 (2018) Zombie Game

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The Walking Dead Game - Official Trailer #4 (2018) Zombie Game • Release Date: Fall 2018 • Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC • Website: https://www.overkillsthewalkingdead.com/ ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Text Comments (3434)
Hallie Finley (4 hours ago)
Is this game made by the same people who made until dawn?
сук будто эпично
rafif rabbani (18 hours ago)
1:12 ouchh
Against Ballveer (21 hours ago)
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CaKe_Stratsy (21 hours ago)
is this real life?
Valitha (22 hours ago)
Where is Clementine? :/
level 5 (1 day ago)
I love redheads!
Darlan Santos (1 day ago)
A série é um lixo e não será diferente no game
Momos Shidos (1 day ago)
The Dark (1 day ago)
This is the last of us
Pakao Boyz (1 day ago)
Bogdn (1 day ago)
Nah GTA SA graphics are better...
Dylan Mcpherson (1 day ago)
Literally it's kill or be killed in the Zombie invasion
Rafernape Games (2 days ago)
Nice one buddy!
8_Bfsh_8 (2 days ago)
Esto tendra que ver con la serie? Porque yo ni vergas la eh visto
My name is Connor (2 days ago)
Gamers Village (2 days ago)
Where is clementine
Jordan Pringle (2 days ago)
That thumbnail face gives me the lols
Mr Ayi (2 days ago)
We Dont Need This We Love The Last Of Us 2
Aurelie sand (2 days ago)
Le papi est fou
Aurelie sand (2 days ago)
Thiago Mors (2 days ago)
mas a menina teve a jugular cortada, como ela não virou e atacou a pp qnd estava desmaiada???????
RealSan Games (3 days ago)
Uhm.. This isin't original.. Its not TellTale Games ;-;
BDK Jojo (3 days ago)
3:30 bill from left 4 dead??
ObjectiveX (3 days ago)
Did anyone else think about the last of us when the girl was thrown through the glass and got a piece in her neck 😂
Tio Freddy (3 days ago)
Que trailer em
Saku ARMY (4 days ago)
This Is not a games Of telltale guys, this Is not The "original" The Walking Dead (why? For The graphics, obvius, And, see, NO THIS A GAME OF TELLTALE!)
Kids magic FT (4 days ago)
upcoming games https://youtu.be/nascrePMczo
combat jack (4 days ago)
Looks too good to be good. I have learned to expect disappointment
SynsterBros (4 days ago)
Was ready when i saw this game saw the ganeplay im not buying ot xD
Titan3 Gaming (4 days ago)
Normal Cesh (4 days ago)
ЕЕЕЕее,долой хуемразей.Долой патриархат!!!!
am bored and hungry (4 days ago)
Where's Clementine
MUDINHO FALANTE (4 days ago)
ola amigo tudo bom! na minha opinião jogo também tem que ter opção para jogar solo,,porque aqueles que compra o jogo primeiro,,,,zeram o jogo e depois só querem zoar não levam o jogo mas a serio,assim ta sendo no gta v,, ninguém quer mas fazer as missões online. nem todo mundo tem dinheiro para compra um jogo no lançamento.bom é isso vc tem influencia para fazer essa discussão coloca essa idea no teu canal para ver quem concorda ou discorda.
WOW! this is AMAZING!
docomo user (5 days ago)
Soy Bruno (5 days ago)
M. I. E. R. D. A
Lukas Bosbach (5 days ago)
Ist so f*****g awesome!!!
smokeee (5 days ago)
Can we please see gameplay instead of all the cinematic shit
huub vingerling (5 days ago)
Cinematic trailers are useless AF
;3 Treez (5 days ago)
Ахуенный трейлер игры Dead Island!
чей ПК это не потянет? мой
Beto Goncalves (5 days ago)
Nice dozen cinematic trailers, Now can we actually see more gameplay trailers considering the game comes out this year?
Emil l (6 days ago)
I think he is clementines grandpa
Krishna Raj (6 days ago)
Muritos 😂
MistyWind (6 days ago)
the graphics look just like tlou
Pamela Gs (6 days ago)
I need play that , srry The last of Us
Cadete Vieira (6 days ago)
This is Old man is the Dale?
Untraceable (6 days ago)
False advertising
〰〰Autumn (2 days ago)
Untraceable how u sound dumb
3:35 is it just me or does he look real it’s giving my the heeby geebys
Party Monster (6 days ago)
I don’t understand why they won’t make a walking dead ahem based on amc series u play as rick wake up in hospital there to lazy bro
Lorelai M (6 days ago)
Opening scene reminds me of that one level in The Last of Us when they end up crashing the truck, especially the part where she threw a can at that guy's head and the girl gets a glass shard to the throat. The gameplay will probably be more like TLOU than Telltale, and I have a feeling that TLOU probably did it better than whatever this is going to end up being.
Eduardo Moreira (6 days ago)
Como é q dá deslique nesse jogo O jogo do sonho
basictrashmouth (6 days ago)
Good 👍
Francisco Medina (6 days ago)
Esta wea es igual que the last of us
Svenskas (6 days ago)
Cant wait
Eu Curioso (6 days ago)
Que delícia.
I kamchybekov (6 days ago)
graphics is awesome OMGGGGG
jia wei Jian (6 days ago)
Sketch Turner (7 days ago)
Where's Joel and Ellie?
Kamilė K. (7 days ago)
thechristenedone (7 days ago)
Giving me The last of us vibes.
Fry :3 (7 days ago)
good luck good night😂
Christian Nuñez (7 days ago)
That second part is so good, great writting, great acting.
Edurne M G (7 days ago)
Creía que era The Last of us XD
ethan box (7 days ago)
So, what I'm seeing here is a rip-off of Left 4 Dead with The Walking Dead stamped on it...
DuckSauce (7 days ago)
1:08 The last of Us anyone?
Rising Star (7 days ago)
please don't tell me its a game , the graphics looks so real , not even 1 % game grpahics . What an amazing game . I wish to play this if I can afford .
super exciting fun (7 days ago)
Its the amazing world of gumball
Im_Quiet The_Silence (7 days ago)
Now my favorite character
diego manzanet (7 days ago)
Aguante the last of us wacho El que no conoce a dios a cualquier santo le reza El que entendio entendio
Jazmín Mora (7 days ago)
Caleb Davis (7 days ago)
Nah bruh if Clem not here neither am I 😤😤😤😤 #TellTaleDaGoat
Dany R13 (7 days ago)
Cleiton XP (7 days ago)
Kkkk a silki .... mano o jogo vai ser fodaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
モハメド・アリ (8 days ago)
Get Hyped
MANI TRIPPLE G (8 days ago)
This scene makes me so happy for some fucking reason. 😂
Abbas Mughal (8 days ago)
Damn grampa got no fear
Abbas Mughal (8 days ago)
No dont kill people you gonna create more zombies
FutureYandereDiary (8 days ago)
Is that... Zoey and Bill?
When does it come out?
Lorena srz (8 days ago)
Le copiaron a the last of us 🤷😂💔
TianaHotelHideaway (8 days ago)
Very realistic but telltale games is better
Tom Tra (8 days ago)
i dont watch the series, i dont play that game but damn thats really the best trailer i ever seen :D
FakeGamer (8 days ago)
Xbox one?
LE TORTLE (8 days ago)
rojina b (8 days ago)
rojina b (8 days ago)
Pakjira Teepsawan (8 days ago)
รอดูตาเอกเล่นได้เลย 5555
Anime Guy (8 days ago)
I thought this was Telltales Walking Dead and when the girl got hit by bottle I was thinking, oh is Clem gonna save her
asesino xd (9 days ago)
Se ve que va a estar de pita madre :y
楊楊森 (9 days ago)
AnDIi #YAICEGLIST (9 days ago)
intergalactic24 (9 days ago)
Where is the gameplay? I am tired of games just showing cutscene trailers,, show some fucking actual gameplay then we will see
Wow that's cool
HeadlessHobbit (9 days ago)
The cinematics really got me hyped
thiago quagliardi (9 days ago)
Alfin algo de zombies
Denae Kilgore (9 days ago)
These graphics holy shit!
hilak x (9 days ago)
Pq vc não colocou a original? "Shawn James "

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