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Fun Games with S.T.E.M. Games for Kids - Building blocks

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Plastic Cups: http://amzn.to/2ofeGff Jumbo Popsicle Sticks: http://amzn.to/2oeYjiH Wooden Blocks: http://amzn.to/2ngqrCL Stem Kids: http://amzn.to/2of7TCe Today we are doing a S.T.E.M. activity. S.T.E.M. is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education. For this activity we will need 1 - building blocks 2 - plastic cups (we used 3oz size) 3 - and large craft sticks S.T.E.M. activities are great to do with your kids because the skills and knowledge in each discipline are essential for student success. But also because these fields are deeply intertwined in the real world and in how students learn most effectively. We had three building challenges for our activity. Challenge #1 build a tower with only one block at the base Challenge#2 build the tallest tower you can with a square shaped base Challenge #3 build the strongest tower you can we tested the strength of our towers by seeing whose tower could hold the most books. Building with blocks is great even at a young age, it develops motor skills and hand-eye coordination, spatial skills, a capacity for creative and divergent thinking, social skills, and language skills. If you enjoyed our video be sure to like it; if you want to see more videos like this subscribe to our channel. Have fun building your own towers. Thanks! Kindergartner Reads Lalaloopsy's "The Ballet Recital": https://goo.gl/pNt2Pc Kindergartner Makes Popovers: https://goo.gl/lsQXIe How to make magnetic slime: https://goo.gl/1N1rAO How to Create Color Changing Milk: https://goo.gl/1snl01 Subscribe: https://goo.gl/P3yHTo Instagram: https://goo.gl/4I9rwo Facebook: https://goo.gl/uQsV6w SmartMadeFun.com For business or sponsorship inquiries, please contact us at https://www.youtube.com/smartmadefuntv/about
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Text Comments (14)
Mayku (3 months ago)
Awesome. Great to see kids getting involved.
Walt Perko (6 months ago)
Next step is: The "RoboGuts™ S.T.E.A.M. Education Program" sold direct on http://www.R2Pv1.com/ ... the "RoboGuts™ S.T.E.A.M. Education Program" is a series of experiments to help you learn how to use and control several different electronic components with FREE simple BASIC language structured programming samples, wiring diagrams and 3D printer files for the X-Projects. After completing a few experiments you are ready to start building toys and animatronics using the X-Projects for starting points.
CENTRA STUDIOS (7 months ago)
How is this any different from kindergarten?
Jhaenette Tejada (9 months ago)
why are you throw the sience toy to your kids
Emy Ruth (1 year ago)
I'm going this the first week of class!!!
S Godwin (1 year ago)
Totally doing this one with my 4 and 5 year olds. Thanks for the idea!
Alyssaurus Rex (1 year ago)
One, I love this series! I'm doing some research to create a similar series for work (I work with kids at a public library), and I'm getting some great ideas and pointers here - this series is so well done. Two, is it just me, or do these kids have some AMAZING fine motor skills?! WOW! Keep up the great work, both kids AND creators!
I cannot wait to try this with my kindergarten class. Thank you!
Happy Bright Kids (2 years ago)
STEM concepts integrated with storytelling and the art of puppetry encourages children to think in a more connected and holistic way https://happybrightkids.com/elementary-school-assembly-programs.html
Mariah Beanon (2 years ago)
Love it I will ask my teacher to let us do that
papy nounn (2 years ago)
Great video. Watched with great pleasure. Thank you and good day:)
WonderBricks (2 years ago)
Wow!! Great job!!! Liked!! :-)
Science Kids (2 years ago)
Looks like fun for all ages!
Mark Nielson (2 years ago)
Of course talents vary from person to person but so many kids sadly believe they aren't good at math or science. Doing activities like this with kids at different schools has shown me that lots of kids can do much more than they thought.

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