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Ghost of Tsushima Mongol Invasion Gameplay Trailer (4K) - E3 2018

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Jin rides a horse into battle and brutally slays his enemies with some unexpected help in this extended gameplay trailer. Watch more from E3 2018 here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0RmpVWSiqM&list=PLraFbwCoisJAcQvOvliIp_1bYkRlB8cVP&index=1 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (1977)
TroVe OldSkoolFameli (1 hour ago)
Im from mongolia but i cant understand daat accent mongols
TroVe OldSkoolFameli (1 hour ago)
Im from mongolia but i cant understand daat accent mongols
Malinowy Garnek (7 hours ago)
"PSHHHHH nothing personel kid..." THE GAME
Mongol: pencil
Marco Aurelio (11 hours ago)
I want to listen to that flute while i travel japan in the back of a horse going through bamboo forests , mountains etc
Marco Aurelio (11 hours ago)
That is how you make a videogame ...not a damm assassin´s every year or so; reusing , reskinning, recycling the same engine and textures and physics...AC franchise got veeery greedy , their only concern is money ...there is more to it , loving what you do and make others fall in love with the art....then money comes as a byproduct of that.
wichitchai pondon (11 hours ago)
Samurai jack
Zechen Wang (12 hours ago)
I might sound a little bit harsh but it was a little bit like gerald of tsushima. Maybe games are all like this nowadays.
Scream Dark (16 hours ago)
Outfits change,?
bfmvr onnie (17 hours ago)
IGN: 9/10 too much glutten
Trae Davis (17 hours ago)
Beautiful game!!! The sunlight coming through the clouds....the music build up is absolutely brilliant
Life Chaser (20 hours ago)
David Chhakchhuak (23 hours ago)
Finally gameplay cant wait to play for myself 😍😍
Carlton Carlton (1 day ago)
i would like to see realism in games nowadays...
This is what happen in the age of himiko lol
itsddashrock (1 day ago)
seems like now that were at the end of this gen's life cycle now were getting the amazing games.
Barry Carter (1 day ago)
What consule will this be on?
Boney4000 (1 day ago)
This game was not on my radar. Like, I didn't even know this was coming. This looks like a must-play. Right up my Alley....
AmrikazNightmar3 (1 day ago)
I'm loving this... 2019 is gonna be a great year for gaming!
Nomad 2713 (1 day ago)
Can’t wait for this!!!!
Chris Romberg (1 day ago)
Jakus Attila (1 day ago)
Omg.... <3
jesus morales (1 day ago)
I’ll let the appropriate authorities judge the moralities of my actions sir And they shall -
DavidAkhter (1 day ago)
The untrained Nadir horseman is willing to die so he gives it his all, that is the difference between you and him.
Jang Bae (1 day ago)
Aww looks amazing but I thought I could play as a mongolian lol
Jasluvdeep Singh (1 day ago)
This is the one game I am definitely playing at least once in my life
dan matic (1 day ago)
Wow so hyped
Quan Tavis (1 day ago)
Just sold mine 🤦🏾‍♂️☹️
Quan Tavis (1 day ago)
Another ps4 game damn
Mustapha Yudin (1 day ago)
SeeDzNutts (1 day ago)
If they add a little Shadow of Mordor to the hack & slash animations they'll have a clear winner.....cuz the satisfaction you get from wielding a sword in that game is pretty amazing.
MDT 123 MVP (1 day ago)
Ghost of Sashimi looks absolutely delicious!
Vaden (1 day ago)
I don't like asian culture but this game is so inspiring and atmosphering that I'd play it
teddyjr73 (1 day ago)
Dave Von Saunder (1 day ago)
IGN = fake news
Anthony Bailey (1 day ago)
My goodness!, the graphics, the environmental physics, the traversal, the COMBAT...this is masterful!!! if only it were coming to PC...
seng vang (2 days ago)
definitely need a ps4 pro for this. looks damn beautiful
mperry94 (2 days ago)
So PS5?
Erlangga Aryasena (2 days ago)
This remind me of tenchu
kristof berzinskas (2 days ago)
so you are basically mayamoto musashi?
chitterlingsrtasty (2 days ago)
Holy crap this looks good
no (2 days ago)
Hold your hyped horses everyone . We all now what happend with "The Order" .but to be fair this looks so much cooler lol
no vnm (2 days ago)
Amazing !
Grant Gordon (2 days ago)
No rag doll psychics? Weak
gabi8o (2 days ago)
english language not immersive at all :(
Anonymous TM (2 days ago)
harry ehibor (2 days ago)
imagine this game with parkour
Jose Portillo (2 days ago)
This going to be my next game for years like the wild hunt
E372727 Wu37 (2 days ago)
I thought mongols never made it to japan? Because of kamikaze(divine wind)?
Ace Chee (2 days ago)
Absolutely fantastic, if the Ai is good and enemies just don't stand around, it'll be my second favorite game of the year
Fabrizio Caiazzo (2 days ago)
Is this a game for Xbox?
migue salvador (2 days ago)
Fabrizio Caiazzo only ps4, sony developed this game
Mike Jonez (2 days ago)
When does this game come out? I just simply gotta have it
carlos garofalo (2 days ago)
The lust of us 2💪💪💪💪💪 Ops, sorry😅
twinkstance (3 days ago)
no japanese voices... thats sad.
Razzrazz90 (3 days ago)
I study films, and one thing I noticed is how Sucker Punch lets the camera set the feel. Notice how you’re almost never looking over Jin. You’re always either behind his shoulder (mostly for gameplay purposes I’m sure) but even in the cutscenes, you’re only ever level with him, as if you’re on the ground taking the journey with Jin. You don’t look down from above as if you’re the one controlling him as your avatar. You’re beside him, and you’re watching him fight, as if as a spectator from the distance. This especially shows in the final duel scene. I feel this also harkens back to old Japanese samurai films where they’d often use the low-mid angle shots as I bet they’re gonna be referencing old films like Yojimbo or 7 Samurai a lot This is likely going to be a very personal story and I’m really looking forward to seeing where they go with this!
Beyond Antares (3 days ago)
Man I wish we had an Avatar last air bender game with this graphics engine
MANish K PauL (3 days ago)
Alas! Not in pc :(
James Ecuasion (3 days ago)
This game looks more AC than the newest AC game and thats a compliment
Scrat lives Matter (3 days ago)
Zelda for adults
ps3person88 (3 days ago)
This absolutely blew me away
Ali Torabi Motlagh (3 days ago)
It looks like a Japanese Mod for The Witcher 3!!!! 😁
Alan Tyari (3 days ago)
This is skyrim & uncharted & tomb raider mix ❤️😍👍🏻
Elias Galeas (3 days ago)
Tachibana Muneshige grass.
VibrantBass (3 days ago)
This is a masterpiece
lilith shopping (3 days ago)
stuning atmosphere
Shantam Sharma (3 days ago)
If Batman was a Samurai
Pacquille Pacquille (3 days ago)
I'll just change the voice to Japanese and put on subtitle if there's an option for that.
If this Ps4Pro now. How will it look on Ps5?
Eric Long (3 days ago)
Why do the mongols don't look like mongols?
John Grublak (3 days ago)
Can we please keep the entire game in Japanese with English subtitles?? Hearing a samurai speak English sounds totally ridiculous!
Zandy Zain (3 days ago)
What If Akira Kurosawa Made Video Games?
Drago Slav (3 days ago)
Class F (3 days ago)
PlayStation 5
ElricBro (3 days ago)
Subs over dubs!
Sahil Koul (3 days ago)
Thank you Sony !
Atul Michael (3 days ago)
Soundtrack is really intense.
FORMIDO BOI (3 days ago)
Others: the AC game we need!!.Me: will he say NANI?!?!
John Magsambol (3 days ago)
Roach's Otaku cousin looks responsive enough
Rey David Gamboa (3 days ago)
Oh my. This game is so beautiful
Wilma Perez (3 days ago)
Es una copia de tenchu
S D (3 days ago)
Hope you can play in Japanese with subtitles.
jkwhitedog (3 days ago)
The sword was clean before it cuts the enemy.
Wisdom Tooth (3 days ago)
Finally a samurai game where you don't fight demons and ghost.
Rondell Charles (3 days ago)
Wow amazing graphics can’t wait for the released date will buy
no (3 days ago)
Did heh just killed the cameraman at the end?
Finally, a new "Tenchu-like" game..
adrian blade (3 days ago)
Best sword game second to Ninja Gaiden.
Deni Deni (3 days ago)
Its amaizing
Rizahri (3 days ago)
game of the year when it comes out?
Amonny (3 days ago)
Attacking one by one? Weak.
Raf17 Fek01 (3 days ago)
Les gens tu leur sors un univers chinois, parce c dépaysant ils sont tt excités. Attendez d'avoir joué au jeu pour vs faire un avis ! D'avoir testé le GAMEPLAY
Beni Ardiansyah (3 days ago)
I want to lay down at that grassland😂
دورة فل ويب (3 days ago)
Best samurai game ever
machete91 (3 days ago)
Man is this the year of games or what I already have like 8 games in my grocery list also adding this one as a priority for sure
Daniel Jackson (4 days ago)
bodysnatchers8 (4 days ago)
This reminds me I never beat Nioh...
tony garcia (4 days ago)
This is epic....
dillamadukes21 (4 days ago)
The combat looks bare bones, nice graphics tho...
Shrivar Naidu (4 days ago)
I underestimated this game

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