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Panzer Corps: Afrika Korps Trailer

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Welcome to the desert! The year is 1941 and you will lead the German Afrika Korps, and its Axis allies, into Libya and Tunisia during the North African Campaign of World War II. The reputation of the "Deutsches Afrikakorps" or "DAK" was synonymous with that of its first commander Erwin Rommel. Now it is up to you to overwhelm the Allied forces in North Africa, secure the Suez Canal and take hold of the oil-rich lands of the Arabian peninsula; maybe even invade the underbelly of the British Empire and threaten its crown jewel: India. Panzer Corps: Afrika Korps is an expansion for existing Panzer Corps owners and a full stand-alone for new players. With more than 20 new units, 24 new scenarios, new dynamic and varied scenarios and weather types, players will have their wits and tactics tested in this turn-based strategy game of the award-winning Panzer Corps series! http://matrixgames.com/products/434/details/Decisive.Campaigns:.Case.Blue
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St Jesus (5 years ago)
what i learned ''trailers are better then games''
RexDegrelle (6 years ago)
Panzer Corps: Afrika Korps Now Available!
JuhanRoss (6 years ago)
I have no clue about this game, but I love the style of this video
BioActiveGames (6 years ago)
this is so kick ass, im so buying it.

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