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SINNER : SACRIFICE FOR REDEMPTION | 10 Minutes GAMEPLAY Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games | 2018

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SINNER : SACRIFICE FOR REDEMPTION is coming to Nintendo Switch. SwitchPlanet presents to you 10 minutes of it's gameplay. ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ 12 BIG SWITCH GAMES CONFIRMED 2018 http://youtu.be/lwPDh8yG_JQ - Follow Us - Twitter ⇒ https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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Text Comments (158)
SwitchPlanet (3 months ago)
(LATEST!)30 NEW Switch Games Announced https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzg9VNZZ57M
Madara RD (3 months ago)
para cuando Dont Strave en (ESPAÑOL )?
Patrick Olmedo (1 month ago)
the only problem with this though the animations. it kinda looks a bit stiff or its just me
Dormin (3 months ago)
Finally some good indie game on Switch <3 No more pixel art 2$ steam sale crap.
Dormin (2 months ago)
Actually i do, i do games in Cryengine and Unreal. 3D programming is much more complicated and 3D modelling is so much harder than doing pixel art.
yugi muto (2 months ago)
Dormin how are they lazy you say something but have no idea how much time it takes to make good sprites animations and programming
Dormin (2 months ago)
This doesn't change fact, that these ale just lazy and boring.
yugi muto (2 months ago)
Dormin but 16 bit is simply on of the best 2d sprites you can make
Dormin (2 months ago)
I like playing indies, but still 8bit stuff even if made with passion is still lazy and you just can't deny that. Stardew Valley, Hyper light drifter and Shovel Knight are amazing games- that's what i can't deny, too. But it's getting boring when we got another indie 2D 8/16bit platformer...
Zeron' (3 months ago)
Good graphics but terrible music.
Thomas Murrell (3 months ago)
Is there any release date ?
ZEUS (3 months ago)
David Phillips (3 months ago)
I love the depth of the levels and the details in the environent looms awesome
Alexis Acuña (3 months ago)
Another Dark Souls clone? Really?
Jonah Aqui (3 months ago)
Dark Souls: Colorblind Edition
ivan tri mundial (3 months ago)
Dark souls, is that you?
H2o Fablicious (3 months ago)
Xbox 1 it said LT switch doesnt have LT
jodiexalazar2 (3 months ago)
As a guy who's been there since ds1 .... Y'all need to stop with all the DS comparisons. Making dumbass connections between cuphead and mh world
pagro xxx (3 months ago)
Looking forward to this game
CHRISTIAN R. (3 months ago)
Hopefully this game looks and runs decent in handheld mode. I can handle 540p if the framerate is at least a stable 30
Numb Skull (3 months ago)
Is that the correct release date? Either way this game looks pretty fun.
icy veil (3 months ago)
Love the art style.
Sif grid (3 months ago)
I want developers to release them in Japan
Alfonso Wang (3 months ago)
It looks far more better than the trailer and it's a Chinese game with developers who have Triple A games developing expierience.
Mprime4 CODE (3 months ago)
Lol you know the producers of this was ecstatic to hear about dark souls being delayed
symmetricon1982 (3 months ago)
Is the game only boss battles?
CHRISTIAN R. (3 months ago)
symmetricon1982 yeah, boss rush
Devon Grant (3 months ago)
I like the Dark Souls look.
vic twenty (3 months ago)
looks real rough around the edges
Brandom Wood (3 months ago)
es un dark souls fucionado con zelda
Not Maxie (3 months ago)
Mini dank soul 11/10 will buy
Joshua Nicholas (3 months ago)
A indie Dark Souls game
cmnweb (3 months ago)
Dark soul lite.
Cassio Santos (3 months ago)
This is hype. Well... An indie scale of hype, at least. The second boss in this gameplay is hell fuckin cool. (It's just a part of the battle, but you can see already the gameplay). The game seems to be a "Boss rush" type of game. The bottoms maps aren't related to the DS genre (finally someone change that). For each boss there are specific conditions to battle. This game has a great potential by it's price and the quality.
Cassio Santos (2 months ago)
yugi muto I saw it... But I didn't like it... (That in Unreal 4)... I don't know... The graphics are good, must the movements... Aaaah.
yugi muto (2 months ago)
Cassio Santos if u think this looks good for an indie you haven't seen cryzenx zelda Oot remake
Eduardo Arias (3 months ago)
10 minutes!
Epic Sans (3 months ago)
Wow Dark souls is that you.You lost some weight
Liquid (3 months ago)
Is this the switch version? I Don't want to be fooled with this 60 fps gameplay like with older gameplay videos on your channel...
AH SEU VOU (3 months ago)
At the beginning it says "PC version same as Switch". But it was definitely above 30 on the switch trailers. Not sure if it hits 60 but again that was early footage and will be better when the game actually releases
P R (3 months ago)
This channel is the biggest most bullshit click bait Nintendo channels have to offer
Ice Dragon (3 months ago)
The game got pushed back didn't it
AH SEU VOU (3 months ago)
Yeah they delayed it because they decided to port it to the switch last minute and they wanted all versions to release at the same time
MAD Klein (3 months ago)
shahad aljallaf (3 months ago)
Tappxxor (3 months ago)
i love the graphics !
Please. Make a Can Nintendo Switch run overwatch or final fantasy XV please
solboogie08 (3 months ago)
Just cause this indie Dev did not go with a retro 8 bit look I'll support them! We need more modern looking indie games! And no I'm not a graphics whore! Just tired of all the eshop 8 bit games in 2018! That shit is played out!
ivan tri mundial (3 months ago)
solboogie08 not all indies are 8 bits, we have aragami, a tenchu like game, mark of Ninja is 2d but looks great, guns gore and canoli is awesome, an evolution of metal slug...
CHRISTIAN R. (3 months ago)
solboogie08 Agreed
vic twenty (3 months ago)
its not so much the 8 bit look that annoys me its the art direction copy they all do ironically sinner does have this also that UNITY LOOK were everyone is following the same look
solboogie08 (3 months ago)
ZEN0XX Official it looks like Ninty is going all in on the 2nd half of the yr! I'm sure we'll get at least something that suites your and my needs! I would be devastated if they have a mediocre E3 tho! I don't want to remember all those yrs with the Wii U😖
ZEN0XX Official (3 months ago)
solboogie08 I hope I'm not setting my expectations too high but I do hope for some pretty big AAA titles for Switch to be announced at E3 this year (Fortnite, maybe BO4 & anything else that would suit the Switch)
marksapollo (3 months ago)
What a weird game!
Crazy Master (3 months ago)
I didnt know this was going to be switch release, Im excited again XD I just bought Immortal redneck and naruto ninja storm 3, next will be wolfenstein and this game XD
Geko (3 months ago)
Is immortal redneck multiplayer online too?
Sunny So Cal (3 months ago)
Checks Comments I’m Not The Only One Who Thought About Dark Souls 😂
Sunny So Cal (3 months ago)
Kinda Reminds Me A Dumb Down Version Of Bloodborne I Like It Tho 😅👍🏽
Nahuel CC (3 months ago)
Boring as fuck just like the game is trying to copy.
sacha kıran (3 months ago)
This game is lag
Dark Souls suffered a delay; This would've surely been nice in its place😊
Hell's Servant (3 months ago)
Dark souls clone. Meh.
Nesty (3 months ago)
wish they made a ghosts n gouls 3d
Daniel Avila (3 months ago)
What kind of Dark Souls is this?
Mahlio (3 months ago)
This game is basically Boss-Rush Dark Souls with a reverse leveling system, you get weaker every time you defeat a boss.
smallmak5 (3 months ago)
So this is like what, cartoon dark souls?
Frozen gamer (3 months ago)
Dark Souls had a baby
GrayscaledGamer! (3 months ago)
The game looks cool, but the sound design is all trash.
Adam Barr (3 months ago)
Zerokill 503 (3 months ago)
Aaas flipao ;v
Madara RD (3 months ago)
para cuando Dont Strave en (ESPAÑOL )?
Close2CMusic Music (3 months ago)
Awesome thanks for the new video guys really appreciate the fun gaming entertainment
roughy762004 (3 months ago)
importryderify (3 months ago)
this game reminds me of Dantes inferno
DarshUK (3 months ago)
Why is his/her head so big?
Pedro Rojas (3 months ago)
Demon Souls pero con buenos gráficos.
OctaneElement (3 months ago)
Another dark souls....
Jun123 (3 months ago)
This seems more in line with Furi than Dark Souls.
Ivan A. Vazquez (3 months ago)
Are there only seven bosses and nothing more? I mean, are there more enemies rather than the bosses?
Nintendo Aiko (3 months ago)
Yess please. Finally a dark theme game on the Switch. :)
maestrojo (3 months ago)
So, is it just a boss rush game?
PluckyBrit Gaming (3 months ago)
Not very original, dark souls meets Nier automata
I like the art direction of this game,it looks unusually.
뿡뿡! ^__^ (3 months ago)
"UNUSUALLY" is an adverb, not an adjective, as are most words that end with "-ly." The game looks unusual.
Keagan Gill (3 months ago)
First of all this Definitely isn't running on a switch and second of all this is clearly a dark souls rip off, not even like "inspired by" or some crap, this is a straight up dark souls clone and I don't even play dark souls and I can clearly see it.
Travis Philip (3 months ago)
It's like a baby Dark Souls.
Inuyashiii Kid (1 month ago)
Travis Philip no Stfu
DCEUMedley (3 months ago)
Wow running 60fps
Yusuf Surya S (3 months ago)
A.J. Diaz (3 months ago)
Looks good.
Olivier Harrisson (3 months ago)
So when will it be release ?!
Alberto Lameira (3 months ago)
I want this wow :o
roughy762004 (3 months ago)
Dark Souls, is that YOU?! XD
dajam9035 (3 months ago)
roughy762004 Dark souls as a baby.
Hello Thursday (3 months ago)
Delayed because of consoles *sigh*
Albert Racq (3 months ago)
It is wow.
Kachibachero (3 months ago)
mmm personally I like more this art style than the more realistic art style of Darksouls
Ebefren Revo (3 months ago)
Guys. This is NOT Switch gameplay. Please.
nothing to do here (3 months ago)
I like the aesthetic of this game and it's art style
Syuna (3 months ago)
Finally a non pixel indie with good graphics!
Bridget Cru (3 months ago)
You must be young person
Pedro Vazquez (3 months ago)
Sandro Solórzano (3 months ago)
Syuna there a lot like this in eshop.. search
Tufan5230 (3 months ago)
Syuna it was time for that
nupkoo (3 months ago)
Мне одному будто, что там очень немало каменных членов вкруг шефа?
Бля,сейчас буду воображать их при битве с боссом.
GuyRification (3 months ago)
Like Dark Souls but only bosses? I don't know, it looks pretty cool but I enjoy the world/levels more than the bosses in DS.
neruYT (3 months ago)
It is a indie man...
丨丂爪乇乂 (3 months ago)
The little brother of Dark Souls
Steven (3 months ago)
Looks like a right cheerful hoot. I hope they make it more grim before it releases.
ZeroHxC07 (3 months ago)
Bozz soulzzzzz
ZeroHxC07 (3 months ago)
Looks pretty cool
Allen Unknown (3 months ago)
Is that exclusive on switch? Coo gameply
Allen Unknown (3 months ago)
majd younes oh ok sorry
majd younes (3 months ago)
Imposible Bot no it isn't..this video is a PC gameplay footage
Nelson Macedo (3 months ago)
Guys it says right on the start that this is PC gameplay but it should be the same as the switch gameplay. Let's hope for 60fps.
Edward921 (3 months ago)
good game
Alex Nascimento (3 months ago)
Looks awesome
Christian B. (3 months ago)
Its comming to switch??? YES
Esteban R Longoria B (3 months ago)
it takes a little too much from Dark souls aesthetics and gameplay, but it looks very good and fun.
dropanuke (3 months ago)
How come the buttons showing up don’t correspond with the switch control buttons ? Mmmmmm
Terril Basquine (3 months ago)
It on pc just look at the left side at the beginning of the video
majd younes (3 months ago)
dropanuke they said it's a PC footage at the beginning of the video at the bottom left..haven't you seen it??
Jason Dawes (3 months ago)
dropanuke I believe it said at the bottom left of the first part of the video that this was pc gamplay that was the same as the switch. Or something to that effect.
dropanuke (3 months ago)
I think I’m going to troll this video poster forever
dropanuke (3 months ago)
Just watch the first 1min and look at the button options on the gameplay Those look like Xbox one buttons to me
TonyKanameKuran (3 months ago)
Imagine if Sinner on the Switch running the same 60fps as the Switch version! Praise the second sun!
邱俊瑋 (3 months ago)
What! Dark soul cute version?
Alessio Cece (3 months ago)
snuff 99 OK interesting!!
snuff 99 (3 months ago)
Alessio Cece nah mate, it was a psp game yonks ago. Decent movie as well
Alessio Cece (3 months ago)
snuff 99 do you mean infernium??
snuff 99 (3 months ago)
Kinda like Dantes inferno
Alessio Cece (3 months ago)
邱俊瑋 😂
Geko (3 months ago)
I like it, it reminds me Dark Souls, and it's running in 60fps. Very nice
Geko (3 months ago)
Guys, dark souls is better for everything compared with this game, it only reminds me dark souls
뿡뿡! ^__^ (3 months ago)
Yes, obviously, but graphically, the enemies look better than DARK SOULS.
Didnt say it was but for what it is, i think its worth its price. But thats just a personal opinion
Geko (3 months ago)
obviously not as good as Dark Souls
Doesnt mean it wont be just as good so you can still have your hopes up for it
Pasi. (3 months ago)
Is this really Switch graphics and 60Fps? WOWW :0
Ebefren Revo (3 months ago)
Allendry Roque 30 / 60 are not the same. The difference is quite noticiable. But yes, a solid 30fps is always good.
Allendry Roque (3 months ago)
60 and 30 fps are the same but if the switch can keep 30fps in to the peak then it look like 60 fps
majd younes (3 months ago)
Pasi. It is a PC gameplay footage..they mentioned that in the beginning
Ebefren Revo (3 months ago)
jodiexalazar2 (3 months ago)
Pasi. Nope xbox

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