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Are AMD’s CrossFire and Nvidia’s SLI technologies dead? | Hardware

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If you want the ultimate gaming PC you want to throw as many graphics cards as you can at it, right? Well no, despite both Nvidia’s SLI and AMD’s CrossFire multi-GPU technologies potentially offering the highest gaming frame rates imaginable they’re both being increasingly sidelined. We investigate just why that might be. ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Twitch: https://twitch.tv/pcgamesn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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PCGamesN (4 months ago)
Have you ever jammed more than a single graphics card into your PC?
Rob Noe (18 hours ago)
Since I like flight sims, I tend to jam more than one gpu into my system and have been doing so all the way back when I had 2 GeForce 6800 Ultra's. I would upgrade every 4 or 5 years and do the same thing. Most of the games I played sli/crossfire worked either by a little or by quite a bit. If I had issues with games, I tended to find myself just not be inspired to play that game. Unfortunately, it seems that there has been a few changes only recently where games are being upgraded and the upgrade will cause issues with running sli/crossfire (World of Warcraft is a grand example as they eliminated the explicit full screen mode). If this ever becomes a thing again, I see it taking a little while as the support is now moving away from the gpu drivers to the game itself requiring to be coded for it. Just like it took a while for the technology to mature with XP, Vista to mature into 7, and AMD to have a competitive IPC with Intel in gaming... We just have to wait for the explicit multi gpu to mature with DirectX 12.
jay buff (10 days ago)
Ran XFX rx-580 8gb crossfire with XFX rx-480 8gb on Gigabyte 970-gaming sli. Dual boot win8.1Pro64bit - win10Pro64bit. It all ran fine, just wanted to preserve the 480 so stored it safely back in its box.
Uzishan (1 month ago)
had 2 r9 290 till 2016 and they worked great. especially on dx12/vulkan titles
Jacob Hook (2 months ago)
I have 2x R9 290s (due for an upgrade I know, but I'm waiting for this legendary 2080 card to release). I originally just had one, but I bought another when I noticed that Fallout 4 was straining my card more than I'd like. Ironically fallout 4 had graphical issues that made it completely unstable when running in crossfire. That's been my experience with crossfire in general. No game I play seems to support it naturally. Sometimes I can force it to run by messing with settings in Catalyst, but half the time that will either make the game unplayable (crashes or horrible visual artifacts) or else give me worse performance than only using one card! I feel like the second card really wasn't worth the money.
gingerbeargames (4 months ago)
I had 2 770's until about a week ago when one died on me. Was about 2-3 years of use, had quite a positive impression of the tech. I remember when Far Cry 3 was recent and on one card i could do ultra 1080 at 30, but with both it was at 60. There have been a lot of instances where games just didn't support it or, even worse, had negative scaling. It was still enough to give me a huge boost in games that did bother to support it, it's just a shame that not everyone can justify the time to implement it. Hopefully DX12 can change that.
boonfoxx (19 days ago)
Multi-GPU set-ups have been doomed for failure from the beginning. The future of tech has always been about streamlining with max output. A mulit-GPU set-up is not exactly streamlining. It's not more bang for your buck, it's more bulk for your buck.
Ramon Juez (1 month ago)
Crossfire with 2 Vega 56? I can get 2 Vega 56 for the Price of 1 Vega 64
praetorxyn (1 month ago)
Crossfire / SLI is only ever worth it when you are using two of the best card.
yeahthatsright33 (1 month ago)
Hold the phone, so yes while Crossfire and SLI are dying (maybe not SLI anymore after Nvidia’s new bridge support for the Turing cards), am I wrong in saying that multi gpu rigs for gaming isn’t exactly a terrible choice if we’re choosing NEW amd cards because of the DX12 support?
Joshua Campbell (1 month ago)
Why can't more videos be like this. We'll done.
Cry (1 month ago)
Huge Ass Tower Case with Tempered Glass? You better be rocking a 3 slot hybrid card or sli/crossfire all im saying.
IRQ1Conflict (1 month ago)
Multi-gpu is FAR from dead. Unlike devs that put more stock in HR/diversity programs. Hopefully, more and more crap companies will die a much deserved woke>broke death and make it easier to pick games that were made by people that care about games and their customers rather than virtue signalling. Adding multi-gpu support is a good investment. Adding blue haired SJW's? Not so much.
Jeffrey Benzan (2 months ago)
Here’s the short version, yes
Ed Keosada (2 months ago)
Hmmm...now you can get two used rx 580s for 120-140$. They might be miner cards or actual used cards. With retail 580s running 230-280$ USD. It would actually be obtainable for most people. Sadly the gaming industry is saying gg to crossover/Ali.
Bo Knows (1 month ago)
PC Gameplay the original comment was a month ago which was true i grabbed 2 used for the price of 1 new
Ed Keosada (1 month ago)
+PC Gameplay Yea that sucks. The miners in the UNited states did a big dump. I would recommend searching USA ebay region for international shipping. I have seen some as low as 17 to 25 euros for 580.
PC Gameplay (1 month ago)
I've been checking ebay for weeks because i was thinking of crossfiring for a while now and the cheapest 480 i've seen so far is £175. That's one 480 for £175 . The 580s are a lot more. None under £200. Two 580s for as low as 120 dollars is a little hard to believe.
Skeebis Yeet (2 months ago)
Ed Keosada the problem with it is it saves people money and companies don’t want that they want the most money
Pierre-Luc Asselin (2 months ago)
I have had a 1070 sli setup since the cards basically launched and here's my 2 cents. Even if the games you play don't support SLI nobody fucking cares because guess what, supersampling is your friend. So even if you don't get a fps boost what you get is a dramatic improvement in visual quality.
Gphish (2 months ago)
DirectX 12 supports Muti GPU"s  so Muti  GPU"s are still the sweet spot
Blackstone Hamilton (2 months ago)
I appreciate the info, but with the two of you both talking at the speed of a 50-calibre chain gun, it does come a bit fast and furious. You could consider doing your presentations more in the way that America's Test Kitchen works. One of the presenters acts like the know-nothing shill whereas the other one is the "expert." This way we don't get bombarded with info (having to rewind over and over to catch it all) and instead get to discover the information alongside the less knowledgeable presenter.
Simon Horne (3 months ago)
Crossfire does make sense with vega 64 and 4K , vega 64 in crossfire enables decent 4kfps . But it’s cheaper to buy an gtx 1080 ti . And 1080ti is totally untouchable for 4K . So don’t totally agree . If money is no problem crossfire vega 64 or sli 1080s are worth doing
Ramon Juez (1 month ago)
With Vega 56? I can get 2 Vega 56 for the price of one Vega 64
maki jezakon (3 months ago)
I have RX 580 8gb Nitro+ Limited edition in crossfire with R5 1600x @ 4ghz
Freddie Picciano (15 days ago)
I'm running 2 RX580 Red Dragon GPU's in crossfire on an MSI z370 gaming plus MOBO, and i7-8700k with a moderate overclock (cooled with Corsair h115i pro 280mm AIO), 16 GB (8x2) 3000mhz Corsair vengeance ram. I also have 3 thermaltake riing 12 120mm in front for intake, with a 140mm exhausting in the back. I'm averaging 60fps @4k with high/ultra settings.
maki jezakon (1 month ago)
So far, pretty amazing. Most of the games run perfect. i have Omen by HP 32 inch with freesync, so everything i play is smooth as butter. I noticed a negligible amount of microstutter in some titles but with a bit of tinkering it was fixed. I regret nothing. Its a bit noisy cose i've put my custom fan curve, but i dont mind that. Its the sound of power (being sucked out of the wall). Also, both of them are overclocked to 1430 core and 2100 memory. I Crank up all the settings on max and play without looking at the fps, as long as everything is smooth i dont need to know the numbers.
yeahthatsright33 (1 month ago)
How’s your experience with it?
Bukkakemon (1 month ago)
Nice what games do you play, fps, and settings?
J Fz (4 months ago)
short answer is yes, long answer is sure, yes, for a long time
Olly Barber (4 months ago)
guy in back is too distracting
bpcgos (4 months ago)
What about the potential of dedicated GPU as physx processor? Will it bring any different to performance. Me myself considering to put my old GTX 660 on 2nd PCIe slot beside my 6GB 1060 as dedicated physx card, but it is worth the power /perf ratio?
Soiiobludraider (2 days ago)
+TheTrainStation hwo you do that
TheTrainStation (4 months ago)
i've experienced double the fps on some games, and on some barely 30%. it really depends on the title. But there will always be gains.
PCGamesN (4 months ago)
bpcgos Haven't actually done any testing, but our feeling is that it's unlikely to really give you much in the way of a performance boost.
Alex Warren (4 months ago)
The whole point of SLI and Crossfire is that it looks cool af.

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