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Previously on Pillars of Eternity - everything you need to know before playing Pillars II

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Get Pillars of Eternity II right here: http://pcgamesn.2.vu/Pillars Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire releases on May 8, but what if you've forgotten everything that happened in the first game? Don't replay a 100 hour RPG, just watch this video to get up to speed and ready for your next huge adventure. ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Twitch: https://twitch.tv/pcgamesn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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Text Comments (20)
PCGamesN (4 months ago)
How many hours are you planning to put into Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire?
Exmatrix (4 months ago)
thinking of an answer worries me too much
Ryan Neilan (4 months ago)
Put around 100 into PoE1 on my only playthrough. Hopefully something similar.
Core Fanatic (4 months ago)
All of them, I will squeeze the sucker dry
ChrisSymble (4 months ago)
All of them :D
The Dice Must Roll (4 months ago)
They said Pillars 1 is a good gauge of how long it'll be, so probably around 40~ hours. I eventually dropped 130 hours into PoE, but it took awhile.
Antares 8001 (4 months ago)
Am I the only one who finds it weird that POE2 is a direct sequel? I mean the first game did a remarkable job a tying up loose ends and the ending felt pretty final overall.
This skips over several pretty important details that will likely be relevant to Deadfire. Namely, the details behind the player's relationship with Thaos, the methods through which the Leaden Key created the Hollowborn (the Engwithan ruins), and the Animancy Trial in Defiance Bay. I think those things are a bit too important to just skim over.
Matt Pearl (4 months ago)
I loved the video, especially how you say "cadaver tree" (which makes it sound like cadavertry, which would be the worst puppet show)
Rainji HBM (4 months ago)
I'm going to make my character in POE2 look similar to the orlan baby that I saved in the sacrificial bloodlines quest, just to bring that feeling of nostalgia.
Rainji HBM (4 months ago)
hahaha agree
aeoncz (4 months ago)
Ah, ok, that's understandable then. On a different note... imagine someone who hasn't played PoE reading the following: "plus I grow a little bit attached to that orlan baby (even though she spent most of her time in my bag)." - that's gonna bring up some questions lol.
Rainji HBM (4 months ago)
aeoncz I want to try something totally different , and using the same character with a different class just doesn't feel right, plus I grow a little bit attached to that orlan baby (even though she spent most of her time in my bag). I really wanted to have the option of taking of care of her(feeding her and other stuff ) but the game just didn't offer it.
aeoncz (4 months ago)
Wouldn't it be way more nostalgic to just recreate your PoE1 character though? :p
Norn Ront (4 months ago)
This was so well done! Thank you :)
TheKraige (4 months ago)
Amazing video, a great way to get hyped for PoE2. And given I've only made it half way through the first it's hugely helpful.
Ancient_Ys (4 months ago)
Ready as I'll ever be :>

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