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Overwatch Animated Short | “Hero”

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Old habits die hard for one ex-Overwatch agent in our fourth and final animated short for this season: “Hero.” Watch it now and then begin your watch May 24 on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One: http://www.buyoverwatch.com "Hero" follows the masked vigilante Soldier: 76 on a personal mission to Dorado where he's set to investigate the illegal activities of the Los Muertos gang—but an unexpected complication threatens to compromise his objective. Like Us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/playoverwatch Follow Us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/playoverwatch
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Text Comments (35092)
U.S. Army (51 minutes ago)
Why didn't he use another rocket when they tried to escape it's only an 8 sec CD
Zace That (1 day ago)
It’s kinda annoying that she isn’t sombra it wouldn’t make sense because sombra was orphaned at a really young age and in 2077 present day in ow she’s thirty and soilder is old it just doesn’t make sense
bill cipher (2 days ago)
Solder 76 it's hero I love solder 76
bill cipher (2 days ago)
Durr Burger (2 days ago)
Soldier 76 mains?
jamesbowles77 (2 days ago)
3:17 reminds me of fortnite lol
Parker Stinar (2 days ago)
Make a movie
Hayden Lowe (3 days ago)
Soldier 76 is my favorite character to play as in overwatch
Not Echo (3 days ago)
“Don’t call me a hero”
Cristopher Almeida (4 days ago)
"ma maniii" what a terrible voice actor
Jayce Morris (5 days ago)
Head cannon expected: The girl is 76's kid
Alexander Kilsby (5 days ago)
Her: (In nigh pitched voice) I am not a baby anymore mama stop treating me like one. Me: are u sure about that
yeppiyep (5 days ago)
that voice tho
Teresa Vortex (6 days ago)
Oh 76 !!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
ericrose94 (7 days ago)
Jesus Christ thats Jason Bourne!!!
Ross Arnold (9 days ago)
Woah goosebumps
Hoa Dinh (9 days ago)
The girl running around is me trying to find the shortest way to the payload then having to back the other way 😂😂
CatNamedjordan ! (9 days ago)
I mean, She COULD be sombra. But she doesnt have the Beauty mark(mole) or whatever. But in sombra's origin story It shows the team who attacked the girl(here), getting the data she had gotten. in THIS story, so much is different.. It just doesn't add up. she looks so much like sombra though, It's crazy. I mean, contacts and all could change her eye color. But in the origin story she had the personality that of this girl in THIS story. Am I thinking about this too hard? PROBABLY.
Reaper Reyes (10 days ago)
3:59 just...shoot
Stale Pando (11 days ago)
The combo with the rock music at the end tho
Jack Curran (12 days ago)
When the fight scene happened it looked a lot like me playing Titanfall 2 defending noobs form people that team up on them and yes i do protect noobs
Emerald Boss1 (12 days ago)
Did Sombra narrate this?
prismsky LOL (12 days ago)
Is she sombra or no?
Connor Lockhart (9 days ago)
Emo Otaku (13 days ago)
76 terrifies me more than the edgy smoke cloud
VicUltraGaming 64 (13 days ago)
ChaotiX (14 days ago)
Jack was just dealt a really bad hand in life. He tried to unify the world and it returned the favor by criminalizing him and his friends. Of course he's old and bitter. He still cares about the world, he's just trying to fix it on his own terms.
C-BASS TN (14 days ago)
Is that girl sombra
MelanieMartinez (14 days ago)
Don’t hurt the omnic.
Zenny LZ (14 days ago)
The fact that Soldier HESITATED to save that girl shows how far jack has fell
InsidiousCrisman (15 days ago)
Someone needs that biotic field
Taylor Krane (15 days ago)
4:20, jacks hips.
Tobias Bo (16 days ago)
3:45 I'm thinkiN "HAVE SOME CANDY" all angry:D
Carlos Turcios (16 days ago)
The symbolism when soldiers jacket is in half light and darkness is just...wow
Fugitive Drop 722 (16 days ago)
Batman + gun = Soldier 76
Willette Moore (16 days ago)
This makes me wish they had a movie
Rick Jane (16 days ago)
Gimmie mcree
recondohoe (16 days ago)
This is extremely racist and bigoted. A white male "saves" Mexico as usual.
5000screamingdittos (17 days ago)
I'm ashamed to say it, but I have a crush on 76
alba troaz (17 days ago)
What's that last Mexican tune ?
Shauen Kim (17 days ago)
Soldier reminds me of Batman
Hor se (18 days ago)
los muertos
Genny Subs (21 days ago)
Papi 76
Jakub Novotný (21 days ago)
Play tf2
PasscodeAdvance (21 days ago)
I remember seeing this!. This year was it?
Márton Vojtkó (21 days ago)
it should have ended at 5:34
Ripped Pheonix (21 days ago)
My fav is soilder 76& Reaper
Anime cutie Gamer (22 days ago)
My favorite animated shorts for overwatch is this one and alive about widowmaker and tracer
M Farhan (22 days ago)
tell me how many time he **gurnt**
John Hartigan (22 days ago)
Daddy 69 Reporting for Duty.
Rocket Mury (23 days ago)
Anyone knows if theres a longer version of the song at the end
Y Bailey (24 days ago)
Is that sombra
KI GO (25 days ago)
NovaLlama (26 days ago)
the girl later after years of motivation from this day was recruited by the B.O.P.E. After years of working and perfecting interrogation skills she later joined team Rainbow and wad known as "Caviria" aka GOD F****** D***** I HATE THAT STUPID SPOOK B****.
JayDog (26 days ago)
omg... it all makes sense now... The little girl was pharah the mother was ana. soldier and ana were parents of the child, so he saved her.
Kai Donovan (27 days ago)
Soldier 76 vs Batman
Kai Donovan (27 days ago)
Is it me or does all the Overwatch animated shorts kinda seem like disney movies?
ThebestbitsYT (27 days ago)
and ppl say genji is cooler, at least soilder is a normal human, genji needs robotic enhancements
Mystery Man (28 days ago)
Hes not playing by the rules anymore but the hero i him never dies
Jonesmash (29 days ago)
6:16 there is a pattern on the moon
Axon Drell (29 days ago)
Coco looks great
Galaxy Crew (1 month ago)
YouVSMeTV (1 month ago)
Because he's the hero the world deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So they'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.
Saphira Rasgando (1 month ago)
Think about it she runs away from the wounded robot omnic to save her money
LouisWilkins (1 month ago)
isnt this rly obvious that the girl is sombra, shes a girl after the war, she looks alot like sombra and she may have tried to become a hero but then was rejected which could lead to her being evil, oh and her mother talks about her making a decision that dictates her life
Chris Swifte (1 month ago)
I wonder if this is young sombra
YMA pensevie :P (1 month ago)
Kaden Kim (1 month ago)
Soldier 76 and Torbjorn are my two mains.
Sadashes (1 month ago)
Does anyone know what is the name of soundtrack at 4:25? Thanks in advance
Charkit (1 month ago)
Those guys are the good guys. They were moving the payload.
Celina NekoChan (1 month ago)
Daddy 76 ❤️
Marco Ossa (1 month ago)
Herro? Mista Obama >;3c?
Blendi Fortnite (1 month ago)
They should do a parkour mode like if you agree
Time Dragon (1 month ago)
Where does 76 come from? And I'm not asking where the character is born, I'm asking why he calls himself Soldier 76.
TheHypersniper0812 (1 month ago)
It's his number from the early days of the Overwatch during the Omnic Crisis, and he has always called himself that - since he has always said that he is just a soldier.
TheHypersniper0812 (1 month ago)
It is just his number he had during the war in the early years of the Overwatch - before it all went wrong. Because he is just a soldier (in his eyes)
Young punks... Get off my lawn!
가짜얼음 (1 month ago)
3:36 I have osteoporosis
Ana Amari (1 month ago)
Why does mexico hate lucio so much? 5:40
puggie (1 month ago)
they were listening to lucio’s music in the truck.
Harry W. (1 month ago)
Batman 76
Porgy (1 month ago)
is the girl in this grow up into sombra?
Sergio Leyva (1 month ago)
Moth Circuit (1 month ago)
Great Juice (1 month ago)
It’s just a bucket of bolts! (Suddenly an actual bucket of bolts is dumped in his eyes) AAAAAHH! MY EYES! THE BUCKETS OF BOLTS GOT THEIR REVENGE!
Epic Gaming Z (1 month ago)
I've got you in my sights (=0=0=)
The Forgiven (1 month ago)
Glitzed Shante (1 month ago)
This is why I like Sombra so much.Im upset she sort of forgot what Soldier did for her
Gaming Waffles (1 month ago)
That’s cool, there’s a six on the moon
Robin Ruttner (1 month ago)
Soldier76 is just the definition of „Daddy“
12234d (1 month ago)
Is that a young Sombra?
PandoraTime (1 month ago)
Why does no one care for that malfunctioning robot on the ground after the Los Muertos steal her purse... 😭
Uforex (1 month ago)
they need to make a Campaign for overwatch ASAP
Og Nops (1 month ago)
I’m kinda late but what if that girl is sombra
kjulo13 (1 month ago)
Is that sombra
Dio Putro (1 month ago)
fallout 76 shortfilm lol
The Shelbeth (1 month ago)
Poor Sombra
The b30st pekka (1 month ago)
Soldier is awsome
Brian Boyles (1 month ago)
I'm getting a Ghost Rider/ Raphael's Nightwatcher vibe from him
Great Bro (1 month ago)
*Daddy 76*
N.A.B. Gaming (1 month ago)
That scream at 2:03 though😂😂😂

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