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SHOWDOWN! : Sony Platinum Headset VS Sony Gold Headset

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So many of you were wondering what the differences were in the new Sony Platinum headset and the Sony Gold. There is a $60 price difference.........but is it worth it? Buy the Platinums here: http://amzn.to/2kuFQ0L Buy the Golds here: http://amzn.to/2kC8fRz Find Me Here Twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficialGamesky PSN: kvmartin Steam: Gamesky
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Text Comments (903)
dinho gago e o show (1 day ago)
Hahahaha i from Brasil.
dinho gago e o show (1 day ago)
I like this hat. What team It is?
dinho gago e o show (1 day ago)
I like This hat. What team It isso?
Gamesky (1 day ago)
dinho gago e o show thanks. Oakland A's
TheTripleDvine (3 days ago)
Great review. Thanks!
Sloth Op (4 days ago)
Why the fuck does mine only last 7 hours my platinums
Izv (8 days ago)
I have a question for who bought the Platinum one have you tried it on ps3 and worked ?
Jaiden Brown (8 days ago)
I have the gold 1 and went to sleep when I woke up the henge was broke but I had insurance so I got a replacement for free.
UofODucks 541 (10 days ago)
My golds just broke after almost 3 years.
Controversy Owl (11 days ago)
Does the virtual surround work with movies? I have never been able to tell the difference when using both 2.0 and the platinum. Games are fine.
baklash84 (12 days ago)
Gold is better in my opinion. I’ve had it for 3 years and no problems. Very nice and dependable
Daquan Green (13 days ago)
This headphone are horrible !!! Don’t buy them
got both and the golds are way better...
Airbake (1 month ago)
Just because ya put some velvet n the mother f****** doesn't make them good headphones. Turn my left headphone up turn them shits up~~ Fistacuffs.. Dave Chappell
Gaven Montalvo (1 month ago)
Looks like I’m getting the platinum
RogueGhost OracleGamer (1 month ago)
The new style PS headset were poor next to the older pair.Sound was okish butvthe style and comfort was bad. Ended up going on. Amazon for a reduced price Astro gaming A40. Same price as the platinum when I bought on Amazon. Very dissapointed in sony. The PS3 pulse pair had better sound quality.
Gamesky (1 month ago)
RogueGhost GamerFTW the Pulse Elite is by far their best headset
YggdrasilAE (1 month ago)
Abdullah B (1 month ago)
Forgot to mention, the Sony Platinum has an advantage over any other you'd mention due to the fact that some game developers designe their game to sound differently in them (with the 3D audio and all).
Abdullah B (1 month ago)
YggdrasilAE Thought you were a troll first, but turns out you're a real audiophile. I see a lot of complaints about the bass and mids, and overall performance in gaming headsets compared to a 'Better' headsets like the ones you mentioned. But it doesn't bother me at all, in fact i prefer gaming headsets like the Gold/Platinum over those because of the 'Gaming' features such as the 7.1VSS and 3D sound. I wish you won't go over telling me that these are gimmicks cause i tested them myself. Verdict: I'm going to use my gaming headsets for gaming so i wouldn't mind if it preforms badly in music or any other area.
YggdrasilAE (1 month ago)
Hmm basically any other pair of headphones :D. I tend to use my V Moda LP2's/M100's amped with a separate clip on mic like talk show hosts use... Or The V Moda boom mic from V Moda... So I get better build quality and better sound... Finally at times I'll use my Sennheiser HD600's for a really good sound experience in games when I'm playing them for the first time or in not in a party... I can also use a clip on mic with them too so yeah.. Or the Sennheiser BT4.40 with a Bluetooth Dongle so I can use them like a PlayStation gold headset. My point is gaming headsets are meh overly bassy bad mids ect. Try Hyper X Cloud Alpha they're wired but built better.
Abdullah B (1 month ago)
YggdrasilAE Do have better options?
こんにちは。 hi! Which is better? Which is your recommendation? use englrsh tranation application
pooya emami parsa (1 month ago)
Hi do you steel thinking samsung level on pro is a good choice? Or there are some better headphones ?
We are the Federation (1 month ago)
It an amazing headset 10 out 10 and good review m8
Mr_ Potato678 (2 months ago)
What about thenew gold headset and the platinum headset?
Camping Elitist (2 months ago)
If you all just save your money and buy the logitech G933 for Ps4 or Astro a50s for ps4 you wont have to watch reviews. Trust me. I've bought them all.
Spawn Cap (2 months ago)
I liked older headsets. Ones that allow you to blow your eardrums out if you wanted to. These all have limited volume.
Gamesky (2 months ago)
Spawn Cap agreed. There are still some studio headphones out there that you can do permanent damage with
iMAGiX (2 months ago)
4:33 The Gold has 2 Microphones too (in the 2015 version[CECHYA-0083])
Nick Harrell (2 months ago)
Just got the platinum today, so far its awesome!
miguel hernandez (2 months ago)
Do these have a volume Button like in general not just phasing chat & game sound
Gamesky (2 months ago)
yes, they have the separate volume controls
Coxys Games (3 months ago)
Which is newer
Gamesky (3 months ago)
The Platinum. Although Sony just released the new Golds and they're really good
RosendalTV (3 months ago)
the platinum has burnt 3 usb ports now. 2 different headsets and now on 3rd ps4 because of that. Sony just sent a new one as they knew it was an issue. Don't get the Platinum!!!!
freddy javier (3 months ago)
Hello my bluetooth adapter is broken what can I do
ZombieKiller 2.0 (3 months ago)
Are they better than the pulse élite?
Gamesky (3 months ago)
More comfortable but doesn't sound as good
Worldsend247 (4 months ago)
Will you be doing a review on the new updated Sony Playstation Gold Headset?
Worldsend247 (4 months ago)
Sweet 👍
Gamesky (4 months ago)
Worldsend247 yes, it releases Feb 22nd I believe
Mauro Macias (4 months ago)
Can I use the platinum for the PS3?
Krulliebollii Channel (4 months ago)
Got a question: one of my big problems is, i cant hear my self when i talk and game with my friends and allways talk kinda hard. Does the platinum do that to?
Mantitties _17 (4 months ago)
You should do a review on the hori tac pro for ps4
Gamesky (4 months ago)
Mantitties _17 I will check those out
Mantitties _17 (4 months ago)
Why have good when you can get great
Worldsend247 (4 months ago)
Awesome review 👍
Gamesky (4 months ago)
Worldsend247 thanks so much
Jose Martinez (4 months ago)
Thank you sir
هنا هنا (4 months ago)
Igor Barbier (4 months ago)
Should i buy the turtle beach stealth 700 or the platinum ps headset?
Gamesky (4 months ago)
+Igor Barbier I personally like the Stealth 700 better
Eric*** (4 months ago)
thumbs up for this review, just got the platinum and it's worth it,, the sound is great both for gaming and music and as for comfort it's fine for me nothing i can say, thanks gamesky really appreciate your review...
Mrtscrp30 (5 months ago)
i definitely believe the platinums are superior to the other 2 ps4 headsets , but all they are is a polished version of the Gold headset, i get so frustrated with the windows attitude of product releases with all companies. release half engineered crap and let me pay for medicocre quality improvements and expect me to cheer for a revision to what should have been a stellar product from a reputable company.?????
Christian Gutierrez (5 months ago)
I'm Stuck choosing Between Sony Platinum, Astro A40 TR, and Razer Tresher Tournament Edition need help! 😥
brutus dashow (5 months ago)
Very nice review. The best i saw
Gamesky (5 months ago)
thanks so much, I appreciate that
Hank Greene (5 months ago)
I bought the gold headset recently and found out that it uses up both of the USB ports that are on the actual PS4 for the adapter and the headset charger. That leaves me needing a USB to charge the PS4 controller and not having a USB port. Is there a solution to this besides using a separate USB port aside from the PS4 or a separate charging station for controllers?
Eric*** (5 months ago)
another nice review, it made up my mind guess i'm going for the platinum for my ps4, thanks...
Gamesky (5 months ago)
+eric alfonso no problem
William Davis (5 months ago)
How do you fix it when people say you are echoing? I turn down microphone sensitive almost to the point where they can’t hear me.
ALMOST OFFGRID (5 months ago)
Special note ._.Us guys with super senetive hearing ._.._notice major differences ._:)
Bear Music (5 months ago)
They look like fake Xbox headsets
Dr. Lemonz (5 months ago)
To improve the mic quality just connect the headset to the controller with the HDMI cable and it sounds alot better
Corben Gridley (5 months ago)
I just got the Gold's a few days ago and they are absolutely perfect. The Surround sound works great on my PS3 for Netflix and Gaming. I don't think I would spend that extra money.
hbgalore1 (5 months ago)
Idk the Platinum looks a lot like the pulse elite which were super uncomfortably especially wearing glasses it was like a vice grip on my skull.
CYCO274 (5 months ago)
Good comparison thanks, gettin the platinums.
Met182 (5 months ago)
Tremendously well done review, thorough and really helpful. Thanks.
Remex56 (5 months ago)
I like the gold although the mic is absolutely terrible even with the chat all the way up my friends can barley hear me i would just buy a turtle beach
wtfalz (5 months ago)
Best review man love it👍🏼
Omeda 115 (5 months ago)
Gold is better
Daniel Huckabay (6 months ago)
Nice video man. You almost had me sold on the platinum until you mentioned that surround doesn't work on the pc. I appreciate that tho, I would have been irritated to buy them and then find out that surround doesn't work.
Jedadiah Tucker (6 months ago)
well that sold me, ive bought 3 of the golds now, i love that headset. however ive bought 3 sets because i keep breaking the hinges. i live in a apt with pretty loud neighbors so i tend to fall sleep with my headphones on. i use them mostly on my pc cause screw 30fps my ps4 is a blu ray player now.
Harish Naik (6 months ago)
Which headphone is better with psvr if money was not issue..
Gamesky (6 months ago)
The Platinums
• Elite (6 months ago)
I’m getting one today but I don’t know which to get hopefully the platinum 👍🏻
AsOx_Striker721 (6 months ago)
angry poor retards hating
Umair Zakir (6 months ago)
Gamesky (6 months ago)
+Low Spec Flyer hello
Vinnie P.B. (6 months ago)
Thanx a lot, @Gamesky - I made the right decision because of the descriptive review in your video!
Brandon moz (6 months ago)
Can you talk to your friends
Bennivideo (3 months ago)
Brandon moz yes
J LOVE (6 months ago)
Pulse elites (gta v version) master race here
Sol_Protege (6 months ago)
I got the gold headset for $44 thanks to black friday
Gamesky (6 months ago)
Sol_Protege damn, that’s a deal
7r Grov1 (6 months ago)
The gold headset breaks so quick.. it has such a "cheap" feel.. so sad that they are one of the only ones that support surround for ps4
Austin _s197 (6 months ago)
Got a gold for Christmas last year but the hinges broke last week so I was thinking about getting a platinum to replace it and now I know I will for sure
Erik Amador (6 months ago)
Thank you for making this video. Im going to buy the platinum headset :)
Ulises Mendez (6 months ago)
El problema es que aca en Argentina no son simplemente 60 dólares. El gold cuesta $2000ar y el platinum $4200ar. Es el doble!! Entonces nose si dejarle todos mis ahorros a sony por algo que muchos opinan que no lo vale, o invertir en los gold pero teniendo en cuanta que quizas me dure dos años como mucho
KONABOY92 (7 months ago)
Can either be used for the ps2?
kelman liu (7 months ago)
Is there a switch for the VSS on the platinum? I know GOLD has the option to activate and deactivate it.
Mr Bob (7 months ago)
If you get Gold ones get extended warranty. .they break at just over a year every time😨
Brian Méndez (7 months ago)
Would you recommend me the platinum or the razer kraken pro v2?
Snoop Man (7 months ago)
I have a platinum headset and is not going to be comfortable after 3 hours of playing because the rubber silicon on top will hurt the top of your head.
Dus Doe (7 months ago)
I own both for years now and I use the golds 90% of the time . They are the cheaper pair but sound better , I mean a lot. Better IMO . Both are top tier and you can’t good wrong ..Oh I also have the platinum dual mic. I don’t mind speaking with ppl not over them , plus the golds can be adjusted to be louder then you’ll even need a mic to be. oh the platinum are bass heavy , insanely bass heavy. Sony’s attempt at dual shock headphones. So with the bass and tight fit (and I’m only hat size 7) they are too much. The golds I put on and never have to think adopt them
Anton Ho (7 months ago)
i hope you're not getting paid by sony to push the platinum when the gold might just be as good
Gamesky (7 months ago)
+Anton Ho the Gold is a great headset too. And no, I’m not sponsored by Sony
Kennedy Alquillera (7 months ago)
Good job bro, will be taking the platinum
Jediくん (7 months ago)
Hadi Alyami (8 months ago)
الي مو فاهم شئ حط تعليق عربي لان ذولا سبايك
Hadi Alyami هههههههههه
For the gold wireless headset , where can i go for voice changers ... anyone know?
nicholas georgoudakis (8 months ago)
The gold are better platinum is uncomfortable
DaNtR3 GAMING (8 months ago)
This video is excellent,recommended
Lil Tunechi JR (8 months ago)
Gold are trash
klof dxb (8 months ago)
يعطيك العافية 😍
Dat Vader (8 months ago)
That’s not the sound quality of ps gold lol the fuck is wrong with your headphone
Gerilix YT (8 months ago)
i have both of them
cesarebboy (8 months ago)
thank you so much for your review i'm are really interested to get one of those as soon as possible because I have never played a game with the headphones and for me the sound quality is very important! Thank you so much for your help
FLEX_NYC (9 months ago)
Are they headphones compatible with the PS4 slim does it require optical audio ports?
Gamesky (9 months ago)
Fel_718 yes, these don't require an optical cable
Head Shot (9 months ago)
I'd stick with the gold i have had 2 platinum headsets upto now 1st wouldn't pair and dongle died on the 2nd after updating I rang Sony and they're just as thick as shit
juusukun (9 months ago)
Thanks for the video but I want to clear up your misunderstanding of the virtual surround. It is not done physically so the amount of space inside the cups for your ears has nothing to do with it. It's purely software, it can be done with earbuds. Little differences are applied to the sounds, since something in front of us sounds differently based off of the way it bounces off of our earlobes compared to annoys that would be behind us. It also adds delays, typical stereo only has audio coming out a single Channel to simulate noise on that side, whereas virtual surround would have the noise louder in the side it is supposed to be on, as well as milliseconds earlier. Which is how our brain figures out where sounds are coming from in real life.
Ayaz chaos (9 months ago)
Where is the mic
MikeD20 (9 months ago)
Anybody know a fix for audio not working in the left ear? Yes it's on all audio etc. Tried resetting too.
Z Fighter (9 months ago)
TheRoyalGamer (9 months ago)
the mic difference with the gold and the platinum is so much better
Adam Cambron (9 months ago)
Nice video bro!!! I'm struggling with my friends hearing me with this new PlayStation gold headset It's definitely the buttons! I just want them to be more accessible and don't want them to hear me fumbling with buttons Toggle or slide would be epic And can't tell weather or not I'm upping chat or game Mostly I want to ask why can't you use the battery power to boost the headset when connected to iPhone pandora Thanks for listening to me ramble I'm only watching you because I'm really ready to buy another headset more user friendly And you popped right up Not afraid to spend just want the best Ps great video I'm definitely gonna watch you from here on out
Anton Iliev (9 months ago)
720p ? You are definitely not meant to be here...
MrDunkyBoi (9 months ago)
Where is the mic? is it built in?
MrDunkyBoi (9 months ago)
nvm 5mins in the video, I found my answer lol
Glasofruix (10 months ago)
Got the platinum in the mail yesterday, tested out for a couple of hours and so far so good. Soundwise it's comparable to my sennheiser HD 598 (my baseline to compare to other cans) and sounds more like a GSP 300 (which is also great on its own), while not as clear and airy as the senns, one of which is open, it does sound pretty close (the mids and highs are a tad muddier though). Not being a bass head the platinum sounds OK to me in that departement, not overly bassy, not overly recessed, a bit less balanced than the senns overall but not fatiguing in the long run. Now the main feature i bought this for is the 3D audio, even if it's quite limited in scope right now given the small amount of games that support it (and let's be honest here, it should not be limited to just the expensive platinum cans, being a HRTF algorithm processed by the console itself...). I fired up uncharted 4 for the testing and i must say i'm impressed. Positionnal cues are spot on with the added benefit of being able to tell the sound source's actual elevation and distance, something that does not work so well with traditionnal 7.1 simulation. In other games the VSS is good, though not as good as the GSX 1000 which, with the excetpion of 3D audio (and good old EAX), blows away the competition when it comes to simulated surround. Did not have the occasion to test the microphone yet, but i suspect that the quality is satisfacory.
Unkindtaternuts (10 months ago)
Gold built cheap breaks at hinge point total trash .
fried rice (10 months ago)
I've had the problem of the cracking around the sides for years and have finally bothered to look up a review on the plat headset because I thought it would just have the same crappy plastic as the gold but I am impressed that they bothered to do something about it and so I am definitely going to get it when money is good.

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