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difference between repack,reloaded and rip games

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Difference between repack,reloaded and rip games. For more please subscribe. This video not encourage piracy or giving advice to pirate a game. Only for knowledge purpose . For more details visit my website www.playvic.com
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Text Comments (53)
majorkonfuzion (13 days ago)
nooo! what happen ?? i lost my hearing !!
Akash Chowdhury (18 days ago)
Are vai music sunu ya tutorial?
ISACONASO (23 days ago)
so reloaded is the better option?
ISACONASO (23 days ago)
thank u :D
TheSam (23 days ago)
ISACONASO yes, if u have internet and storage space go for reloaded
Yousef Techn0 (27 days ago)
and fitgirl
Arman Hossain (1 month ago)
u stupid....first remove the bg music
Girish Kamble (4 months ago)
Music too loud bro
TKOG (4 months ago)
Nice vid! Could have done without the loud music tho lol
Mark Coote (4 months ago)
Thank God my grandmother's sister's uncle's father had a cousin who's mother's brothers blood aunt was from Pakistan....or else i couldnt hear him over the music....
Masti Fest (5 months ago)
sound volume should be high
MRweak555 (5 months ago)
wow i couldn't hear anything ,
Jawad Ibraheem (5 months ago)
Did u even watch the video before uploading it? The music is way louder than your voice.
NDx (5 months ago)
sound ka to gand mar diya bhai tune!
Geoffrey Zoref (6 months ago)
Aside from the music being too loud as others have said, the effects and editing are top notch. Tell me, what program are you using for the effects/editing?
Salman Sayyed (7 months ago)
Which type of games are best in them
Ra Skull (7 months ago)
chutiye awaj kaha hey teri is video mey?????
Monju mia (8 months ago)
could you please tell me about the Grand Theft Auto V Fitgirl Repack?
patel jigar (8 months ago)
dude first of all you have to do better with your speech, some words and making your entire comments fully loud. I and everyone here cant even hear perfect because of loud music.
Satanu Maity (8 months ago)
sound not good
Mohammed Viso (9 months ago)
Thanks a lot man
Pavan Adhao (9 months ago)
fu**ing music are u ----
Faisal Antu (9 months ago)
fucking music is louder than your voice
fishman tomer (11 months ago)
hello im indian technical support,how can i help you?
fishman tomer (11 months ago)
are you using a PC?
laiba Rao (11 months ago)
how to fix 0xc000007b error?
Otaku gamer (11 months ago)
Can't even fucking hear u
sheeraz Sheeraz (1 year ago)
Cannot even listen
Syed Saffan (1 year ago)
Man I Can't Hear you The Sound is too low & Music is too high
Datta Narhare (1 year ago)
Where is u r speaking sound just music is there.. 😕😕
TheSam (1 year ago)
sorry for the sound u can watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYFqza5ljp8
Danang Gamer (1 year ago)
Waleed Leda (1 year ago)
keep your music low plz i can barely hear you :/
Samy (1 year ago)
very good music
George Gabriel (1 year ago)
Nymark (1 year ago)
Video is a complete waste of time, you can't hear a single word.
Azikizi MAT (1 year ago)
I DIDN't hear any single word
WAC Oussama (1 year ago)
Thanks for informations, I have a little advice for you, you should reduce the music volume, because we don't hear your voice so good. Good luck
TheSam (1 year ago)
WAC Oussama thanks for the advice.....
Guru Gamer Kratik (1 year ago)
keep your voice loud.
farabi jd (1 year ago)
Mayur Sarode (1 year ago)
cannot hear what actually the person is talking about the music volume is much higher than the person
RSG (1 year ago)
thx now i finally understand but which do u think is better
walid elmatador (1 year ago)
Could you just turn down the music, i can barely hear you talking -_- thanks anyway
meteora8888 (1 year ago)
dude...the music is so loud we can't hear you speak
Istiaque Ahmed (1 year ago)
please keep your music down
Medo 983 (1 year ago)
That was very usefull , Thanks a lot but i recommend you to lower the music volume a little bit , TUMPS UP
TheSam (1 year ago)
Medo 983 thanks for the tips
Karan Singh (1 year ago)
keep your music low, i can barely hear you
TheSam (1 year ago)
Karan Singh next video i will keep that in mind
Gustavo Pagán Torres (1 year ago)
Music or you speaking?
patel jigar (8 months ago)
yup absolutely right said.
Hafiyyan R (1 year ago)
Thank u sir

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