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How To Defeat Assassin’s Creed Odyssey's Legendary Boar

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Here are some tips for fighting down one of Assassin's Creed Odyssey's toughest fights, the Kalydonian Boar in the earlier parts of the game.
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heavymetal111x6 (9 hours ago)
I just stayed on Phobos and sniped him with arrows. Didnt take a single hit
Scorpio69 Poison (1 day ago)
Just wait until your facing the legendary lion I was level 30 and I beat him
Victor Mariano (2 days ago)
So I’m not going to say that I’m an absolute genius, but deff top 5. What I did was raise my bounty so that 2 mercenaries were hunting me, when they got close I led them to the boar, they took care of the boar for me, when the boar was low on health I shot it with an arrow and killed it, then I killed the 2 mercenaries who were low on health because of the boar, andddd your welcome. Little hint = you have to keep the boar between you and the mercenaries and they will keep fighting, and be weary of the little boars he summons. Gamer tag : blazersvm. Shoot me an add on Xbox and let me know how it goes.
Dorphius_NL (2 days ago)
why did no one mention stacking the engraving +15% damage vs animals... it makes the fight so much easier.... use the tools the game offers
Jamel Watson (2 days ago)
Thank you for this. I've been having a bitch of a time with this stupid pig!
Religion LOL (2 days ago)
This thing is so god damn OP and gay. This is what I have always wanted to do in AC is fight a stupid fucking pig.
Dan Mingoia (2 days ago)
Man it took me what seemed like forever to kill that sob.
Kyle Smith (2 days ago)
the boars in this game are way to strong im playing the game on the hardest difficulty and I never felt like I couldn't get past something until this fight I still don't understand why boars are so strong
DirtyBrownwt (2 days ago)
Kyle Smith I had two random mercenaries wonder into the area when I was fighting, I just sat back and they were able to take out half its health
Ambush king (2 days ago)
Lol the boar didnt stand a chance against my assault
Nathan Ragland (2 days ago)
Cthulu (3 days ago)
Second Wind is a must. Use paralyzing arrows to knock out the small boars. I noticed he summons fewer for each one knocked out in the previous batch. I used a spear and would land quick hits then dodge after every 3-4 hits. I used the poison blades ability to add in some damage over time. It's small since it has a shit ton of health, but any extra damage helps. I beat it on hard at level 13 after about 8 tries. I was so hyped after i finally did it!
Pikachu (3 days ago)
I dont see much challenge in that. But i do find it hard to fight the farting boar, his farts bring me down to zero health in seconds, and his farts keep lingering. Strangly i do not die from the farting just keep at 0 health. but than one hit from the boar and iam dead. I do have some elemental resistance, but it doesnt seem to do much against the farting creature. :(
gamer taboo (3 days ago)
Pff try it on the hardest difficulty. That looked like cake.
Steve Carey (3 days ago)
Heather, this is an excellent video. Great narration, good examples.
Chloe Chen (4 days ago)
xbl Sorly (4 days ago)
Pro tip: don't fight that shit at a super low level.
King Reef (4 days ago)
I got my bounty to 5 and they fight the damm pig for me hahaha
I know someone mentioned running to the back of the cave, but if you're looking at the cave there is a tiny ledge inside it on the right you can climb up and stand on it and shoot arrows till you beat it.
Dab3stxblasassassin (1 day ago)
+Chump Chums also, the nemean lion can be killed the same way.
Chump Chums (1 day ago)
Mate I just did this. Took me 3 mins. Wow thanks
Roman Bartík (3 days ago)
Dab3stxblasassassin ok thanks gonna try tomorrow
Dab3stxblasassassin (3 days ago)
+Roman Bartík it should be at the back of the cave. On the right side, it hangs down about ,there is a ledge you can climb. I hung off it the tapped RT
Roman Bartík (3 days ago)
What do you mean, I can only leap there, keep hanging, but can’t shoot.
Michael Younes (4 days ago)
Actually this fight was pretty easy I did it on hard first try I don’t know how people struggle on this
Candy Van Man (5 days ago)
This shit took 35 minutes
darak2 (5 days ago)
Coming back later is bad advice, since leveling up in this game won't make you stronger (every enemy levels up with you). You shouldn't come back later except if you are missing critical skills such as second wind. The fight is going to be just the same, otherwise.
Javonte Foster (2 days ago)
Bruhh I'm a level 15 and it's like I'm being killed by everyone by default
Garrett Duncan (5 days ago)
i used a spear and when he’d come at me jump circles around him and hit him it was kinda tricky but it worked i reccoment using griffins scythe just get it from that one mercenary bitch at level 14 and it’s easy
sneakybawls (6 days ago)
Yup that pig was a pain. I ended up killing him with my bow. It's the fight that finally got me using the ranged attacks. I've since respecced to be better with the bow. I'm usually big on stealth and in other games, like Elder Scrolls for example, I was ALWAYS using bows but for some reason wasn't using it at all in Odyssey till that boar. But ever since I found the ease of hiding in a bush and sniping bandits and clearing out a good chunk of forts while they run around not seeing me is pretty sweet. So I have to thank that goddamn pig for making me finally use my bow. LOL
RoLliNgPaP3rS (6 days ago)
Lvl 38 boar is fuckin stupid hard. Just beat it at lvl 36 and took me hours.
I waited until I was a level higher then the boar. Then, as I was finally fighting it, a bounty hunter showed up with his cute ginormous pet bear. It was epic! Everyone was fighting everyone! One of the best gaming moments I've ever had.
Monkey d. Madara (7 days ago)
this is some dark souls shit
SlimClickens (7 days ago)
Impossible to kill it at level 11. I see the poster was a level 17. Guess I'll just have to hunt rabbits until I earn the 180k xp required to get to 17
Robert Chan (8 days ago)
so kratos cant kill the boar cause freya scold him for almost killing his friend and this assassin guy just happens to kill that boar......meh lets kill that boar and use his hide as boots. wheres cu chulainn he likes to kill pigs oh w8 his on FGO worst time to get summoned just look at those pigs.
Josh62403 (8 days ago)
I killed the boar then tried to deliver the hide and it’s glitched and all she says is did you get lost
Ahmar Camacho (8 days ago)
I lured some op mercenaries to the fight, they were a big help
George Miller (8 days ago)
IF YOU GO TO THE BACK OF THE CAVE and fight the big one till the little ones come the game will glitch and you can take out the big one with arrows only. they will stay outside the entrance to the cave and not notice you. your welcome
RED (11 hours ago)
Thank you so much, it works!
nissanZchick1 (2 days ago)
Yes! Thank you for this!!
Falconn XXIV (2 days ago)
Yes so I used the technique and when the pigs came they were busy ducking on the teeth while I shot mama piggy to oblivion. Thanks for the heads up!
Megan D (4 days ago)
I literally never comment on YouTube videos but you are theeeee best! Thanks so much
patatmayo (5 days ago)
Finnaly thank you
Jackjude (8 days ago)
I'm going to give this one a miss.
Lee Gibson (8 days ago)
Attack the boar until it shouts for his mates. Then run around in a big circle getting head shots on the big boar. Ignore the small ones they seem to have difficulty locking on to you while you're running around in a circle. I only got hit once doing it like this. Kill his mates once the big boars dead.
esroy_al_yuan Xp (8 days ago)
I laughed at the people who had trouble with this. I just dodge and slashed it to death
Asen (8 days ago)
JαmëŽǎɏe (8 days ago)
Did it at 14 with Nikolaos’ sword. Used second wind, sparta kick (damage bonus from sword). Dodging the boars attacks and using rolls as smaller boars flash helps. Was a fun fight, nice to see propper boss fights to pad more to the ARPG aspect.
Valen Pro (8 days ago)
If every enemy was like this in the game, I'd think about buying it.
Kody Lieberman (8 days ago)
I used swords heavy and light attacks on the big boar while dodging. Every quarter health as he runs away I slammed him with arrows which stopped his healing effect. I then used poison to take out the little boars with light attacks and arrows. Wash rinse repeat and he died
biohazard724 (8 days ago)
Poison, Second Wind, and Hero Strike are your best friends. Also get those perfect dodges dialed in.
Zamri S (9 days ago)
It's not that hard if you know how to perfect dodge and Second Wind is very helpful skill to have. Adopt hit and run tactics.
Hailix (9 days ago)
Just stick to the butt and you will do fine.
SpaceBar (9 days ago)
After a few frustrating attempts I was able to beat it in nightmare mode by just dodging diagonally into the boar's butt and keeping myself as close to it's back side as possible (used a sword but a dagger should also be good). This way he couldn't charge into me since he never had the distance to and his only lateral attack has a slow enough wind up to be dodgable simply by going around the boar while locked on. This strategy works surprisingly well with 90% of beasts. When he spawns the little boar herd you can paralyze them to stop them from spawning or if you haven't unlocked the arrows you can run away and turn around once you have enough distance to shoot an arrow into their heads, be careful to manage the location of all the boars and do not move outside of the top of the hill while you're kiting them or else the boss will get it's health regenerated.
JustA Body (9 days ago)
Even if you are not focusing on assassin abilities you should get Hero strike. It does a ton of damage that scales with your character level and isn't dependent on your weapon stats.
Gedde16 (9 days ago)
Second wind to heal and climb the walls in the cave the boar and piglets can’t get you giving you time for your abilities to cool down
Akanome (9 days ago)
Bulldrome is evolving
Dead Beats (8 days ago)
lol atleast this this time it doesnt bother you when you loot something
Μ4ĆŘ0 (9 days ago)
This pig is a son of a ..., i killed him but the little pigs kill me
Hazard2005 (9 days ago)
I actually had a Merc that was hunting me appear during the fight and had him kill the Boar well I killed the adds, then I killed him and took all the loot!
Absolute Sovereign (4 days ago)
Happened to me too! :D
MrBleepbloopblah (8 days ago)
exact same thing happened to me haha
Kid Gamer (9 days ago)
I had the second wind ability when I fought it, it was tough but I beat it the first time.
Chicken Fried Corgi (9 days ago)
Get the twitch prime reward armor set which focuses on bow damage buffs. Pump out hunter branch. Dodge around head shot the boar a bunch. Ignore the mobs. Took me 3 tries.
Morse Code (9 days ago)
Is this on Console as well?
MadJackMcJack (9 days ago)
I used paralysing arrows on the boar pack. Since they were technically still alive, the big boar couldn't summon more, which made it a 1v1 fight which was much more manageable.
Flygon Knight 87 (1 day ago)
MadJackMcJack did the same thing made it much easier
Kyle Smith (2 days ago)
thank you so much I'm playing on the hardest difficulty and without this I don't think I would have been able to beat it
David Hernandez (7 days ago)
if you would've let the boars live and just focus on the legendary boar with arrows and sometimes flaming arrows it would've made it easier since it basically spawns boars like there's no tomorrow lol
Anonymous (9 days ago)
monster hunter bulldrome and bullfongas assassin's Creed Odyssey peeps complain cos of a bulldrome 😂😂😂 fucki* casua**
Shadow Vortex (9 days ago)
I wish I knew about the second wind ability before that boar killed me 12 times in a row before I finally killed it
Nightbladez (2 days ago)
and now i killed almost every legendary beast without any problems xD
Shagrath06 (9 days ago)
Me too, died 9 times xD
Nightbladez (9 days ago)
first time i tried killing it i died like 30 times and eventually i was like fuck it and returned 12 levels later xD
D.M.S. (9 days ago)
I hate shit like that...
Cross (9 days ago)
Be good!?!? Like who the fuck is not good enough to take on the boar!!!? Poison and dodge it takes a long time but if ur good at dodging ur good..also swords in ACO kinda sucks compared to daggers especially when using poison
Chris Lin (9 days ago)
hmm on nightmare difficulty?
liarextt (9 days ago)
I killed it at lvl 12, it's not that hard
debore 365 (9 days ago)
i fought it on lvl 13, couldnt take him on, continued with my adventure and returned lvl 16.
Heather Alexandra (9 days ago)
Art of the Crowe (9 days ago)
That second wind ability was key for me to fight the legendary animals and the perfect dodge too.
Z Cuerpo (8 hours ago)
It was key for me as well as upgrading my sword and gear
Art of the Crowe (9 days ago)
Spartan kick was great to have too
Nightbladez (9 days ago)
BUT its pretty useful when fighting the nemean lion and the hind :)
Nightbladez (9 days ago)
i just got 2 levels above the boar and absolutely decimated it
Kotaku (9 days ago)
Yeah it's really worth getting ASAP

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