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Top 25 BEST XBOX 360 Games of ALL TIME | Chaos

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Text Comments (1361)
Renee And Brent Schunk (22 hours ago)
Halo reach is by FAR my favorite
Gamingwussupyalls (1 day ago)
GTA v is the best
Tim Korosil (1 day ago)
What about gta4 and 5
XxItsYoBoi JuanxX (3 days ago)
0:24 i have it but it still has the red light
Kotekofficial (3 days ago)
Resident evil code veronica x is the best resident evil everrrr
Chnio (3 days ago)
K want to buy
Jackie Ortega (4 days ago)
Abubakarally (5 days ago)
Black ops 2 the best game ever
The Mo (5 days ago)
La noire is good but a lot of space
Ben Butler (6 days ago)
I need to get a Xbox controller
Nahum Hernandez (6 days ago)
call of duty of course
evolution (6 days ago)
Anyone want to license transfer, I have Forza Motorsport 4, Forza Horizon, LEGO LotR, LEGO Star Wars, Need for Speed Rivals, Need for Speed Most Wanted and Rayman Adventures. I need FIFA 18/17/16, any Metro, NBA 2K18/17/16, Sniper Elite, Sniper Ghost Warrior. My gamertag CapturedSum. My e-mail: ttmaster111@gmail.com
helen doyle (6 days ago)
I want it
Ethan Medina (6 days ago)
I'm rolling with borderlands as my #1 #BorderlandsSquad
Benedek Matolcsi (6 days ago)
Portal is like Quantum coundrom
spartan 121 (6 days ago)
Best BELIEVE halo is here
Noble Nowell (7 days ago)
You forgot lotr bfme2 possibly the best rts game for the 360
ghisp (7 days ago)
Skyrim should have been at 6th
Eiminas Eiminukas (8 days ago)
Gears of war is my vairet
Solgaleo Plays (8 days ago)
Bo2 is my fav to!!!
Isaiah Ferguson (8 days ago)
I love l4d and la nore
Isaiah Ferguson (8 days ago)
And batman (best superhero)
Line 360 (8 days ago)
Still play cod 2 still thousands play it's the best for ever made
Ayden Corral (9 days ago)
Bo2 was the last good call of duty game
I like gears of war series
Dylan Anson (9 days ago)
Why isnt skate 3 on here
brandon mason (9 days ago)
It's a shame that Kinect Adventures wasn't on here... Oh well
Ryyan Akhtar (10 days ago)
My favourite games are of dbz
Wada atari (11 days ago)
Where's mineralogy its an open game too :(
William Beisel (12 days ago)
Why no cod world at war 😭😭
Boushra Hariri (12 days ago)
Halo reach
THEM POTLINE (12 days ago)
My favorite game is resident evil 4 have a lot of memories with it plus I have completed it like 6 times and still is awesome
Yeah. They came from your brain. The best KILLING games of all time. Real smooth. Real smooth
john lacy (13 days ago)
Now that's a list!!
Cristhian de oliveira (14 days ago)
Too many fps games...
Bluejay &! (14 days ago)
Why do I see so much PC gameplay?
I got a Xbox one and 360
Mr. BOB (14 days ago)
Why you didn t put gta 5 on first place
All Game Series (14 days ago)
Far cry 4 is also on xbox 360
Mrsteal Toint (15 days ago)
I love bo2 I was so shook because it’s my favorite game
[Insert Meme] (15 days ago)
My top 10 10. Minecraft 09. Halo Reach 08. Fallout 3 07. Black Ops 1-2 06. NFS Most Wanted 05. Skate 3 04. NFS Hot Pursuit (2010) 03. Modern Warfare 2 02. Burnout Paradise 01. Halo 3
Bailey harris (16 days ago)
gamer548 patino (17 days ago)
I love skyrim
gamer548 patino (17 days ago)
Chaos i like halo reach also
Elie Milan (17 days ago)
I want the gift card
Cedric Caruz (18 days ago)
Is there any upcoming games on Xbox 360 2018
Grazina Nosikova (19 days ago)
i have xbox live
namia get (19 days ago)
gta v tooooop
MyNameIsSean (19 days ago)
Halo 3 odst is the best
Assassins creed
joe bothe (20 days ago)
Jorge Rendon (21 days ago)
This was an excellent list but...but u forgot oneee game u forgot any sports game ex:football
Chirstian Gabuat (21 days ago)
Dameon Kitts (22 days ago)
Yo, ik COD Black Ops w was gonna be first, that like everyone's favorite game
jan (23 days ago)
I like CoD black ops 2 but I also like CoD ghost
Jalal tube (23 days ago)
I want to win an amzon gift card
Jalal tube (23 days ago)
my favorite game is mortal kombat9 and mkx
UnderTale 994848 (24 days ago)
My fav game is super meat boy
matt perez (24 days ago)
Want to buy my parents something nice for there anniversary
Luis Antonio (24 days ago)
18 is the best I have 1 and 2
TheBrokenMan (25 days ago)
where was Dark Souls 1-2, Assassin's creed 2/ blackflag/rogue, and where was Witcher 2? sry, but these are really big names...
Marty Biasy (25 days ago)
I just got my first console (Xbox 360) and I really needed some good advice about games. Thank you.
Callum Duckett (26 days ago)
Xbox 360 for sale until July 2nd: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Microsoft-Xbox-360-Slim-4GB-Black-Console-320GB-HDD-2-controllers-and-16-games/113100684593?epid=101834643&hash=item1a55537d31:g:WokAAOSwqWNbMLBT
Cy Diamond (26 days ago)
Black ops 2is also my favorite
bestintheworldmusic (26 days ago)
How does this video have anything to do with Gears of war cause a scroll to the comments then i saw GEARS OF WAR
3Fekt (26 days ago)
There will never be another Black Ops 2
gamerkid 026 (27 days ago)
I my favorite Xbox 360 game would have to be fable 2 or fable 3
Lemons Tho (27 days ago)
Number one spot deserved it.
Yuan Miguel Ticzon (27 days ago)
Timothy Smith (28 days ago)
The top 10 best. Batman games
I want to win gift card. My twitter is$mohojogon
Aiden Cathel (29 days ago)
I loved re4
Badgerbro 117 (29 days ago)
Where's fallout new Vegas?
captain tattertot (29 days ago)
I cried at the end of halo reach and assassins creed blackflag
MLGmeme Master989 (29 days ago)
Gears of war 2 is awesome except i lost it.
big tex (29 days ago)
Dude you forgot about the Best enimie in Halo 3 the flood
wildside (29 days ago)
i have a 360 and now this is how i buy games thnks
B00KIE385 (29 days ago)
Who here has played halo reach
Vicky C (1 month ago)
Why wasn't The Evil Within on there, too afraid to play?
pale buzurker (1 month ago)
my #1 is sleeping dogs
Caleb Frahm (1 month ago)
I have farcry 2 3 and 4
bad pety thompson (1 month ago)
I love Xbox 360 then Xbox 1
Ryatt (2 days ago)
Top 10 360 games. 1: Halo 2 2: Halo 3 3: Halo CEA 4: Portal 5: Halo 3 ODST 6: Half-Life 2 7: Castle Crashers 8: Just Cause 2 9: Halo Reach 10: Portal 2
Tim (3 days ago)
Ryatt Halo Combat Evolved ANNIVERSERY :D
Mariofool 119 (1 month ago)
At 0:30
Charbel Barrak (1 month ago)
Resin 3
REKAWT LOVE (1 month ago)
I want win the gift card
DJKiller4096 Gaming (1 month ago)
My favorite is cs go
Daniel Perez (1 month ago)
Bo1 better be here
Jefferson Amayamajano (1 month ago)
How about the best DBZ games
Cyprian Sokół (1 month ago)
13:00 It's my number 1
Julia Robinson (1 month ago)
amber porter (1 month ago)
I still like cod black ops 1
K T G (1 month ago)
What why not Bo1
layton smith (1 month ago)
i love my xbox 360
Ur daily memes (1 month ago)
Bo2 is so overrated
Brandon Salazar (1 month ago)
I have borderlands game of the year edition
Ryan Johnson (1 month ago)
I’m sorry but Call of Duty does not beat Halo 3. I could see MW2/BO2 beating halos 4/5 but not 3
JPGAMING (1 month ago)
This list is spot on to my top 25 best 360 games
George Wackenhutt (1 month ago)
Hey Chaos! You can play Halo: Reach on Xbox One too.
Caden Brown (1 month ago)
What about mortal Kombat

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