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JD war, mmo Online Strategy Game in a web browser.

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MMO Online Strategy Game in a web browser. Level up, Build Your Bases, Train your Troops and send them into Battle for domination of the last remaining landmass on earth: Antarctica! Installer Free game client, 100% web based! Allows fast access to the game, no physical software distribution or installations. Game world dominated by players. Real time base construction, Turn based combat. Guild system, commander system, battle grounds, auctions, gear upgrade, world quests, region domination and many more rich game playing experiences. Players can engage in Player vs. NPC battle, 2 Player vs. 2 Player battles, Guilds battle. And Battle grounds for competitive play. Game engine provide fast response ,reduce player attrition rates.
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siferlaidi (5 years ago)
looks like an interesting game, yet the name is nowhere to be found....
dkstarcraft (6 years ago)
whats the name of the game, and can u give me the link ?

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