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Realistic Vs Unrealistic Skateboarding Games

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Don't forget to check this channel out: http://www.youtube.com/manoodle123 Since EA Skate came out back in 2007, it has been impossible to discuss the game without mentioning how unrealistic the Tony Hawk games are in comparison. But is it really a bad thing that the Tony Hawk games are unrealistic? Some people enjoy the arcade style that the Tony Hawk games have to offer while others just hate it. In this commentary I'll be talking about realistic and unrealistic skateboarding games. Don't forget to leave a comment about what you prefer. Play Tony Hawk's Underground Pro online today: http://phun.freeforums.org/thug2-3-click-installer-2-0-t5156.html
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PaYq Defqon (4 months ago)
i play skate 3 because i like to do tricks that i can on a real skateboard
waters228 91 (8 months ago)
It depends. Let's face it. All video games are unrealistic. The point is to make the games harder, challenging, and enjoyable, and it would be inevitable to do all that in a realistic game. However, when it comes to storyline, I prefer realism.
daniel bosques (1 year ago)
What about skate and destroy for ps1?
Jacob Higgins (1 year ago)
when you're looking for fast paced high score games unrealistic games are the go to. but when you're just chilling I like to play skate 3
balf1111117373 (1 year ago)
When he goes into the skate park at 6:53 that shows what's wrong with THPS. think the very first Tony Hawks Pro Skater was the best. It had the perfect balance not too realistic but not too unrealistic. To do a 900 was pretty hard. But in the newer games you could do about 10x 900s using the revert button in a combo.
steeelo (1 year ago)
skate 3 un realistic? yeah right.
Landen Myracle (1 year ago)
It's the same deal as if you like Forza compared to Need For Speed. Two different games for different playstyles for different outcomes
Daddy Mysterious (1 year ago)
I luv skate 3 for its realism but i love tony hawk for its fake impossible movements XD
Unrealistic since I grew up with Tony Hawk games and always enjoyed them. Nice video man.
Dazzie (1 year ago)
Technically you can play realistic on Skate 3 just play Hardcore mode
PepeTheFrog (1 year ago)
Realistic and tony hawk is shit
adarel reyes (1 year ago)
lets just all agree that THPS5 killed the series
Levi Castelo (1 year ago)
who gives a shit if a game is realistic or not? It's all about having isn't it?
Charlie Dourbet (1 year ago)
there is a beauty behind both types of games but, you can't shit on something that you don't understand. "trick lining" is a very difficult skill to adapt to. Also there is multiple difficulty's for multiple play styles. I love my fair share of thug but, you can sleep on the diversity of skate 3.
Josh Refe (1 year ago)
I play skate if I want realism. Tony hawk is a whole other experience for me
in my opinion :) i tjought the same as u. TH cant be beatn ;) but :D that changed cuz skate was made with love and itz a pretty realaxed and lay downz game :) but still playing th but was the favorite till skate came out 😘 good video 😌👉 And if u want 😀 we can play some THUG PROZ just send me a YT message 😚
anthony santis (1 year ago)
is this thug pro?
anthony santis (1 year ago)
which tony hawk game is he playing
MLG_ Ben (1 year ago)
+anthony santis Underground Pro, If you wanna know what it is, Go to the bottom of the page
Jorge Yanez (1 year ago)
Why Styx he's actually playing THUG pro. A mod for Underground 2.
Why Styx (1 year ago)
anthony santis underground 1
HI, BILLY MAYS (1 year ago)
Skate 2
threeballbanger (2 years ago)
First good realistic skate game was Thrasher "skate and destroy"... like doing a kickflip over a gap was a sick trick, like in real life.
Pumpkin Smasher79 (2 years ago)
How is HD worse than Ride?! Sure it isn't good persay, but after getting the hang of what breaks the gameplay, I found it enjoyable. And I think it can be played a more realistic than THUG for example. As for Shaun White's Skateboarding, it's a poor man's Skate. Not bad, but not the best you could be playing.
Christopher Edwards (2 years ago)
Realism = Replay Value = Challenging Physics = Best Skateboarding game ever made.
Michael Hobbie (2 years ago)
To be honest I like both realistic and unrealistic skateboarding games (: unrealistic skateboarding games are so much fun to play. Out of the Tony Hawk series I really enjoyed American Wasteland and Underground 1&2 and I also liked pro skater 3. In the skate series I really liked all of them. Except for the one on the wii since I haven't played it. Also have you ever tried Thrasher: Skate and Destroy on the ps1?
blue cheese soup (2 years ago)
Realistic skateboarding in video games can be appreciated by knowing how difficult it is to make it realistic (ex. hardcore mode in Skate 3, that shit makes it difficult to make a bank-to-grind). However, the bail glitches in ea skate make it have replay value because they're so fucking hilarious :D so overall I like how relatable realistic skateboarding is but the skill and just pure amazement behind thps is unmatchable (plus the nostalgia behind THPS2 is just UGHHH lol)
Cadan Masters (10 months ago)
blue cheese soup I like realistic skateboard games, but for me skate 3 hardcore mode is still too easy and unrealistic
Cyber Renaissance (2 years ago)
I used to film bails in THPG video editor, lol
Scootakip (2 years ago)
Which is better: Project 8 for PS3 or for PS2? I remember getting the game for PS2 and hating it because I thought it was lacking content. Maybe it was because I was playing a downgraded version since I was playing it on the PS2?
Icebears4ever (2 years ago)
+Scootakip PS3 I'd say, but the PS2 version is enjoyable if you are aware of the limiations.
SamJC Drums (2 years ago)
I've gone from Tony Hawk's Skateboarding (UK ver) to Skate 3 and I prefer realistic games, though I still love unrealistic games. Though I think with the new generation and the engines out there, there's less scope for unrealistic skate games now. It's hard to build on (IMO) THUG 2. For me the physics in THPS 4 were the best they've ever been, and maybe that's set to stay that way. But the newer engines / systems suit realism and the skate way of playing much more and make it much more attractive. Also, really liked your point about Skate 3 being unrealistic. Skate 2 100% best skate game IMO. Great video :)
- HAWK - (2 years ago)
Skate 3 was the glitchiest thing fucking ever, And i fucking loved it.
Kritz (1 year ago)
Illuvial (2 years ago)
Wait you honestly think that THPSHD is worse than Ride or Shred? Man I get that THPSHD isn't as good as the classic games but I enjoyed it, I don't get why people act like its the worst thing ever...
Icebears4ever (2 years ago)
+MGSPhantom I haven't played Ride or Shred enough to give any opinion on that really.
The Mad Hattress (2 years ago)
Ok, explain. How the fuck is Skate 3 unrealistic? It's practically the same as the others!
LA Gaming (2 years ago)
For me i like realistic skateboarding games
PepeTheFrog (1 year ago)
I agree
Danny Perez (2 years ago)
Are you using a controller to play the game? If so maybe you can help me :) I just bought American wasteland for PC but it says it doesn't detect my Xbox one control and I really don't like using the keyboard for this game. Can you please help me
Icebears4ever (2 years ago)
+Danny Perez No I'm using a keyboard.
Tristan Brown (2 years ago)
same thing on how i feel bout gta nd saints row i play gta for some realistic things nd saints row for some unrealistic things so i will buy both
Radtati (3 years ago)
Unrealism. TH underground is my favorite
Philippe Gerber (2 years ago)
Same here !
Icebears4ever (3 years ago)
+Malcolm Wise :D
torberen (3 years ago)
Wait. why is skate 3 unrealistic????. in skate 1 the character is gliding towards the rail and in skate 3 hardcore mode u have to hit it right on. and the skate tricks and grabs in skate 3 is not unrealistic to my knowlege all the moves have been done by a skateboarder.
torberen (3 years ago)
+Icebears4ever im also wondering if i heard correctly you said one of the skate games had unrealistic tricks. what trick was this?
torberen (3 years ago)
+Icebears4ever yeah well if u compare easy mode is regular mode on skate 1 !. and u cant say that a game is unrealistic if it lets you choose easy over hardcore. 
Icebears4ever (3 years ago)
+torberen Because on easy mode...
Classicckkk Gamaahh (3 years ago)
TO ME, its unrealistic that underground 1 has freak-outs
Philippe Gerber (2 years ago)
+CozmicVideos Oh ok. My bad. It just looked like American Wasteland to me. In a THUG map.
CozmicVideos (2 years ago)
+Philippe Gerber Actually it's THUG2 with a mod called THUG PRO. Google it.
Philippe Gerber (2 years ago)
He's not playing Underground 1. He's playing American Wasteland with an Underground 1 mod.
Exjoria (3 years ago)
The challenge of trying to perform a ridiculous combo vs trying to look good. I love the arcade, score driven style of the Tony Hawk games, but I don't mind skate. Tony Hawk and its unrealism takes the cake for me
Felipe Vieira (3 years ago)
is this THUG PRO?
Icebears4ever (3 years ago)
+Felipe Vieira Yes my friend it is.
SamTheAverage Gamer (3 years ago)
I like unrealistic
Icebears4ever (3 years ago)
+Wheel master We all do. :)
Morgan Bautista (3 years ago)
I prefer realism in a skateboarding game. In my opinion Skate3 wasn't as unrealistic as you think. I'd say most if not all of the tricks it had have been done. Skate3 is my preference over EA Skate because you can Run, edit footy and do more tricks. Maybe one day there will be a Skate game with the same atmosphere as THUG 1 & 2 mixed with American Wasteland. Just Imagine Skate3 with Jim Phillips Art plastered everywhere. That's what I'm waiting for! Just keep it realistic!
WolfvonW (3 years ago)
For me, unrealistic is more fun.
Niño Rattaa (6 months ago)
Icebears4ever (3 years ago)
SkullMan (3 years ago)
I don't want realistic when I play games. The point of video games is to escape from reality . in real life I'd fall in my ass as soon as I got on a skateboard .
SkullMan (3 years ago)
Screw skate !!! Tony Hawk for life!!!
Nodin G (1 year ago)
but tony hawk is better
Nodin G (1 year ago)
skate is good also
XGAMERSREVIEW (3 years ago)
or just go outside and actually go skateboarding x3 ^^
Brian V (1 year ago)
If you wanna play a skateboarding game, go out and skate. If you wanna play Guitar Hero, go play a real guitar. If you wanna play WWE 17, go become a pro wrestler. If you wanna play The Sims, have a real baby and build a house by hand instead. If you wanna play Call of Duty World at War, go back in time and join the Russian army instead. If you wanna play Dragonball Z, go become an actual fucking super saiyan instead. Do you see what you're doing? Do you see the problem here?
ttheomen (2 years ago)
+XGAMERSREVIEW you sound like a poser tbh
XGAMERSREVIEW (3 years ago)
Diego Ruiz (3 years ago)
+XGAMERSREVIEW I suck at skateboarding, I can't even ride and feel safe doing it (let alone do tricks) but *skate* gets me a lot more than *THPS* (and I LOVE THPS4). Blackbox managed to make me feel a skater, to make me feel I was doing what the screen was showing. I had to do a decent ollie to get over the bar, I had to land in the correct angle to keep balance, I had to pump at the right moments to speed myself up... Also, the fact that it had a real competition that is as known as the X-Games was a huge boost. I wasn't doing tricks in some made-up competition, I was in the biggest REAL competition in the World One final thing Blackbox added? Style. There is a photo mode in Blackbox's skateboarding games because style and size matter, because you can do one simple combo 5 times and get 5 different photo sequences
Sid Alflatt (3 years ago)
I like to do both realistic and un realistic skate games, that's why I like skate 3 because I know the difficulty settings don't do to much but if you play on hardcore its way more realistic to do trick, and when I'm learning a new flat ground trick or a trick down some stairs in real life I do play on hardcore because personally it helps me learn the trick, but I will always love tony Hawks games as they were the first skating games I ever played but skate 3 is what I play most of the time due to graphics and the layout plus park editing feature compared to the other ea skate games.
SouthernR0cker4Life (3 years ago)
You can play the older TH games realstic. Go to options and turn off the autokick feature. You have to press the square/x button to push.
Ciaran Yuill (3 years ago)
What tony hawk game is this you're playing and can you get it for ps2?
peetarararar (3 years ago)
Thug Pro is fan made. The people working on the project created the menus and have made a lot of alterations that make the game really it's own title. They've imported levels from so many different THPS games, and even the Disney Skate game. Neversoft didn't work on Thug Pro, no studio did, and no money was paid to the developers. The developers aren't paid at all for their services, and upkeep Openspy too, which is a clone of Gamespy since the service went down. The reason they made it, because they're fans. Fans made it, it's fan made. It doesn't cost money. It is dependent on a thug 2 installation. DAY Z had the same start from ARMA II. Thug Pro is it's own game.+Night SaverMC
Exzavior Williams (3 years ago)
i play on Gamecube
AlbinoSquigley (3 years ago)
+Exzavior Williams PS2*
Exzavior Williams (3 years ago)
+ciaran yuill Tony Hawk UNderground 1 its available for Gamecube PS3 adn Xbox
peetarararar (3 years ago)
+ciaran yuill thpsx . com
Reel_Account_Tv (3 years ago)
I like Tony Hawk  games better because I can 360 no scope pro the powerlines and grind and go fast and combo like its nothing all you have to do is keep the bar in the middle. Anyone can do it, it is easy to pick up and best evenly balanced for all players young or adults.
MrCreepyKitty (3 years ago)
thp8 and thpg were this weird middle ground. not arcadey and crazy enough to prov or anything, but also not realistic enough to play like, say, skate.
Wahmett (3 years ago)
Ok, tony hawk's pro skater hd is no where near as bad as ride
Wahmett (3 years ago)
+Icebears4ever it is, but at least it's fun to play even with the glitchyness of it
Icebears4ever (3 years ago)
+RagingRealm It's bad though.
Sophisticated Dinosaur (3 years ago)
i prefer Ea Skate, but i wish that they would have found a way to realistically incorporate flatland tricks, that and old school S-turns. When i play ea skate i can get so much joy out of just riding pools and banks.
Khush Sikka (3 years ago)
oh come on man , ea skate maybe would be better and more realistic , but tony hawk games are not even a single bit unrealistic , they are realistic , i know ea skate is awesome but don't underestimate and misunderstand tony hawk games , they are more awesome and more fun and have all skateboarding tricks  , come on man they are video games , so , chill and enjoy them 
DannyBoy Danny (3 years ago)
I think i would go with relistick
1Hit (4 years ago)
Skate 2 was the best "Skate" game in my opinion.
1Hit (4 years ago)
+Icebears4ever Heyy, awesome that you answered :D
Icebears4ever (4 years ago)
+Jan Kästner Yes, it's such a great game indeed. :)
Thun Sioux (4 years ago)
I always thought EA's Skate series was more of a ragdoll game that so happens to have skateboarding here and there. And well, unrealistic skateboarding is just fun. I know that realism is important sometimes, but it's videogames we're talking about... Can't we just go back to those days?
RealityPalez (3 years ago)
I honestly think the fun part of video games is how UNREALISTIC they can be.
Icebears4ever (4 years ago)
+Thun Sioux I reaööy wish we could.
Nolan Baldwin (4 years ago)
How is Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD the worst Tony Hawk game?
Kinectivity (3 years ago)
+Icebears4ever THPG was good. It plays like THPG if you smeared poop on it then dunked it in a bunch of water filled with tar.
Nolan Baldwin (4 years ago)
Oh those controlls have gotta be so ass like
Icebears4ever (4 years ago)
+Barvoucher Baldwin It might look like a clone, but the sad fact is that it plays like Tony Hawk's Proving Ground.
Nolan Baldwin (4 years ago)
Hmmm. I haven't played THPSHD yet but it looked like a clone of THPS except slightly modified and in higher quality. And also, hi!
Icebears4ever (4 years ago)
+Barvoucher Baldwin It was just that it was so dissapointing I think. Everyone expected so much more. But Robomodo made an awful remake. 
99wildhunter (4 years ago)
I like realistic
Kuro Yang (4 years ago)
I loved THUG2 Online i was so sad they turned off the servers D:
Icebears4ever (4 years ago)
+Kuro Yang Oh, have you checked your internet?
Kuro Yang (4 years ago)
+Icebears4ever yes i downloaded it but it doesnt connect to open spy D:
Icebears4ever (4 years ago)
Have you tried Tony Hawk's Underground Pro? It's a fan made game that includes all levels from THPS4, THUG1 and THUG2 with online play. More information here: Tony Hawk's Underground Pro: Updates w/ THPS4 Levels & Info
Commander Klepto (4 years ago)
Well it's up to a publisher/devteam if a new Tony Hawk game will ever be made, but looking at todays publishers, they think "nah theres no money". Doesn't matter what tony himself maybe wants. I always lowered the stats on my CAS's to zero and tried to play as realistic as possible. Then Skate came out and I bought the game right away. (bought the xbox a week later :D) I still only have 4 games for it. Skate 1-3 and THPG which I played through once and then never touched it again.  I don't know what do you mean with skate 3 got more unrealistic except for that the whole city it plays in sucks and the superultramegapark is the worst park in the whole franchise not to mention the "story". But the phyics almost feel the same on normal and even better on hardcore. The park editor was the biggest thing on the pro-list for the game but I can't stand playing it with a 20/25 fps limit on created parks. And the most animations are really bad and kinda stiff. Anyways, a few weeks ago I stumbled across thugpro which is really great and will become even better if quazz lives up to his words on future updates, so I'm looking forward to this.  A new Tony Hawk game would require a whole lot of manpower just to make it not suck, because everyone prefers stupid shaders, rigid body/ragdoll physics, 1080p+ and high poly models over gameplay and it would not sell without this fancy stuff and as I said before, there's no money there to farm. 10 years ago we had thrasher skate&destroy (the best skategame of alltime imo), grind session (also very good), the THPS series and even more. Today we have Skate and it's dead... wow (dev-wise). So to finally make a point, (doesn't matter how much I dislike whats going on in the US skatescene lately (SLS, Nike SB (painting old skatespots and sell them like they build it for us...))) Skateboarding in general is more popular than ever. There's more money in skateboarding than ever before. Some dude made the Skate 3 sales go up again. More skateparks are being build all over the world. So a new good skateboarding game is just a matter of time... But still not yet... And the best skate game will always be the game-of-skate with some friends :) Sorry for this huge wall of text :p Edit: Oh, and I prefer realistic gameplay but also enjoi the TH series, so yeah. :D
DUDE LASH (4 years ago)
Shaun White Skateboarding Isn't That Great I Didn't Like It I Got So Lost In The Story Almost Towards The End Because They Didn't Explain Everything Good And I Was Like What Do I Have To Do But There Is No Freeskate Only Story/Campaign Multiplayer But No One Really Plays Online The Tricking System Isn't The Best But Yeah If You Really Want To Play You Can Find It Around 4-10 Dollars Or So
iscream (4 years ago)
tony hawk's motion is the worst in my opinion
iscream (4 years ago)
and they released it months after the dsi came out which didn't have the gba slot which you needed to put the motion pak in to play it
Icebears4ever (4 years ago)
Of course. It was a DS exclusive that included snowboards.
ENunn (4 years ago)
Unrealistic skate games FTW! :D
danaconda2 (4 years ago)
Unreal ftw. Realistic and real life sucks.their all broing. Anyonw else agree?????
Icebears4ever (4 years ago)
I think you know someone... (PICK ME PICK ME)
Troy Jennings (4 years ago)
Unrealism, always the most fun
NoahhFilms (4 years ago)
Not everybody in Rise is a trickliner. We do have a realistic team too, (which I and about 10 other people are apart of). If you want to, you can check out our realistic team and maybe we can change your mind. :P
NoahhFilms (4 years ago)
Anything is possible ;)
Icebears4ever (4 years ago)
+Rise Noah Hopefully I can be a part of that team some day. :D
NoahhFilms (4 years ago)
That's pretty much all we do for realistic. :P
Icebears4ever (4 years ago)
I'll check them out. I like realistic EA Skate montages.
A5H73Y (4 years ago)
Played Tony Hawk games my entire life, seen them get progressively worse. Skate 1 demo, blew my mind and I fell in love with them, until Skate 3. Shawn White Skateboarding is very good btw :)
CharlieQ (4 years ago)
Niño Rattaa (6 months ago)
Julien D. :^) (4 years ago)
How the fuck can you play THU1 maps on THU2 ? O_o
ENunn (4 years ago)
He used a THUG2 mod called THUGPRO. Its standalone too! It even adds THPS4 levels! :D
Christian Deguido (4 years ago)
Tony hawk games are fun for nostalgic reasons, i still play 3 and 4! And i own skate and skate 3
Nicholas Klapatch (4 years ago)
I've logged months more time in Tony Hawk unrealistic games. I logged about a week's time in Skate, but it just seemed to dry to play. I appeal to unrealistic games like this more easily, because there is not the greatest action in skate. I like realistic games though, such as Battlefield because of how broad it is. I always wanted Skate 2, but only got 1.
Wayne Sparks Jr (4 years ago)
I remember playing with you a bit on THUG2 back in the day. Name was usually pHorniCaiTe or Slayer with every letter as a hex symbol, and yours had a bunch of the "foreign" keyboard letters with the accents I believe.. Personally, I prefer skate now. The glitches in the original skate are just so much more fun and allow for some really insane tricks, and some cool spots that are nearly impossible to get to, especially without walking. Doing a double grab as you land let's you land anything, there's a glitch with setting a reset that let's you get to just about anywhere, the park editor in the later games is way more fleshed out than THPS's was without modding, hippy flips(which weren't even supposed to be in Skate 1) are just so fun, and it's overall just a lot more creative and satisfying to play. Skate 2 and 3 are a little less fun in this regard, but I prefer the original Skate to all of the THPS games, even though I have WAY more time in THPS.
Icebears4ever (4 years ago)
I can't remember that name, when did we play? 2010? My name was icebears4ever at that time.
SK (4 years ago)
Do u reckon after tony hawk..let's say dies..they will start making Riley hawk games?
Icebears4ever (4 years ago)
No, Riley Hawk isn't as special as Tony Hawk. Tony Hawk just gives his son Riley some publicity, but it's not as bad as Jaden & Will Smith.
cookie9999997 (4 years ago)
I love your videos! And I have played thps HD with you it was awesome . I also love thps series .
Andrew Villegas (4 years ago)
I'm like you ice bears I love the THPS series and have all the games like you. And I like unrealistic
Icebears4ever (4 years ago)
+Andrew Villegas It had, but I was forced to audioswap it due to copyrights. But I uploaded the video on vimeo with commentary. Here it is, vimeo link in description: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 100% speed run Commentary by icebears4ever
Andrew Villegas (4 years ago)
Oh ok does it have comentary?
Icebears4ever (4 years ago)
+Andrew Villegas Already made a 100% speedrun of it.
Andrew Villegas (4 years ago)
Can you do a tony hawk pro skater 3 walk through
Icebears4ever (4 years ago)
We're like brothers ;)
Angelo Jazztaz (4 years ago)
Great video but I don't really know what to say about unrealistic and realistic skating games though, like which are better, I like both of them but I just can't choose which one is better
akaVelos (4 years ago)
I love Skate 3, but 2 was just amazing. I couldn't get into Skate right away because it felt more slow and not as fast paced and fun then TH games.
ZEN_Ivan 7 (4 years ago)
Unrealistic Skateboarding games FTW....
ZEN_Ivan 7 (4 years ago)
They should do Tony Hawk MLG
ZEN_Ivan 7 (4 years ago)
Unrealistic Skateboarding games FTW... By the way great video
Icebears4ever (4 years ago)
Thanks man
KoolJohnnyV (4 years ago)
i never liked ea skate
Calvin Amacker (4 years ago)
where are you from? I love the way you talk
Crazy Catastrophe (4 years ago)
+Icebears4ever Do you watch Vinesauce?
Icebears4ever (4 years ago)
chadster123 (4 years ago)
They should release the title, "TONY HAWKS OLD SCHOOL"
Niño Rattaa (6 months ago)
CyCo V i s i o n (4 years ago)
For the time of the pro skaters the series was seen as realistic yet the future tony hawk games continued to add more and more bullshit, Skate in my opinion has a realistic control scheme the physics not so much and the gameplay defiantly not, the skate games similar to the tony hawk franchise they added more and more bullshit that ruined the original idea. 
chadster123 (4 years ago)
Smallish ish levels that worked nicely! Chockfull of challenges. They should have really concentrated on unlockables too! Secret Skaters....Unlockable Videos...Secret Tapes and Items that were tough to find. A GOOD 2 player mode...More is less with THPS...The groundwork/physics were/are perfect! If it aint broke, don't try n fix it!!!
chadster123 (4 years ago)
Don't stop making your THPS Vlogs for us Icebears. I think they are great. I honestly think the franchise got too big. The Team got insanely over staffed, the good/great simple things were forgotten and replaced with fancy bits that didn't need to be tampered with. Instead of making 12-15 HUGE LEVELS that linked to each other....they should have done 18-20 School 2 / Mall / Hanger "SIZED" levels!
Icebears4ever (4 years ago)
Thanks man, I appreciate your support. :)
eggburger123321 (4 years ago)
Wow this totally reminded me about "Simpsons Skateboarding". Gonna go try it out now xD
ENunn (4 years ago)
+Icebears4ever I've played it and its awful. :|
Icebears4ever (4 years ago)
I've never tries that game but I've heard that it's awful.
Bone face (4 years ago)
I prefere unrealism because you can combo more and tony hawk games are more fun to play when it has no open world because you can skate in different places . And skate gets boring after 10 min. I have Shaun white skateboarding and it's bad because it's sort of a puzzel game and a skateboarding game also the controles are pretty bad . Great video icebears
Icebears4ever (4 years ago)
Thanks! :)

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