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7 Useless Enemies You Can’t Believe Killed You

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There are plenty of seemingly insignificant enemies that can easily dealt with one on one, but what happens when they learn the power of TEAMWORK?! Here are some of the enemies that we could've totally taken out if they hadn't got their mates to help... --- Outside Xtra is a companion channel to Outside Xbox, covering the wider world of gaming with weekly lists, Let's Plays and shows with your hosts Ellen and Luke. Look for regular appearances by OG Outside Xboxers Andy, Jane and Mike, and generally more of the videos you love, about more of the platforms you enjoy, from a team now two people larger overall. Thanks for watching and be excellent to each other in the comments. Find us at http://www.outsidextra.com Subscribe to us at http://www.youtube.com/outsidextra Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/outsidextra Follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/outsidextra Put a t-shirt on your body http://www.outsidexbox.com/tshirts
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Text Comments (2863)
Outside Xtra (7 months ago)
What? This thing? Kill me? HahahahahaOH NO THERE ARE LOADS OF THEM. Yes, here are the weakling enemies that only beat us by numbers. That's what we tell everyone, anyway...ahem...
Brett h (3 days ago)
7 powerful weapons that actually kinda suck Storm Breaker - Dark Souls 3 Hammer of Dawn - Gears series Orbital Canon - GTA online Etc
Harsh Parekh (1 month ago)
Bees from 3rd birthday
Forthepaycheck88 (2 months ago)
If you take their limbs, they are still over 80% combat effective... so aim for the central nerve stem, and bring them down.
g3nesis g4mer (2 months ago)
green slimes from terraria... please don't judge me.
Jimmy Casket (2 months ago)
Yeah... no, Cazadors are like Bloatfly sized Deathclaws, they don't belong on this list
Drachenxx (10 hours ago)
What about Porings in Ragnarok Online?... Almost everyone who played RO at his first mmorpg got screwed by one of those little pink cutish things.... Those things didn't even needed to swarm on you And then came back several levels later just to mass genocide them for the sake of revenge
Dan Baldwick (1 day ago)
i' surprized Goombas didn't make the list, Those little Chestnut bastards have killed me more times than I can count.
beastcon (1 day ago)
Getting drop by a bloodbug in fallout 4 well it was in survival
Beard Hat (2 days ago)
Top of the list is murlocs Demonstrates modern day murlocs which a brainless player can kill in droves Not the original murlocs who ran around at 200% move speed and would run away at half health and aggro half of the loaded zone to come kill you
Shugglepoz (2 days ago)
Has the world forgotten the existence of the skeever?
Scott Simpson (2 days ago)
What about those weird child sized necromorphs from dead space 3?
Tyler jay Phipps (2 days ago)
Uhh goomba in mario oddesey duhhhhhhh
Philip Buxton (2 days ago)
What about the Racks from the borderlands series? Those basterds are easy to kill but a group of them will wreck your berserker or gunserker in seconds
Michael Zoller (3 days ago)
I wouldn't call being killed by zerglings embarrassing. I'd give a single zergling good odds against an elephant.
Kr43he (3 days ago)
Those god damn 2d ass piranhas! >.<
Bunny Cake (4 days ago)
The rats in Skyrim. Those fuckers are so hard to see.
247HOPALONG (5 days ago)
One game where this is a mechanic is Shadow of War and Mordor. Little guy beats you and brags about his new promotion. Insult to injury.
what about skeevers in skyrim they pissed me off
Pierre Saul Aragones (7 days ago)
Hello Outside Xtra Cast, I’ve only recently started watching your videos this past week or so and would like to kindly pass on some thoughts. Thank you. Although I don’t know many of the games you’ve covered, the skits and segues are absolutely adorable and a joy. Facial expressions, interruptions and commentary are well executed (pun not intended considering the theme of this video). So yes. Thank you for the videos and smiles. Sincerely, - a fan
Split Personality (7 days ago)
What about grunts?
Lord Sunshine (8 days ago)
Baldur's gate - Xvarts
Son Of Trex (8 days ago)
The cold x viruses before the varia suit
wlvz 01 (8 days ago)
Then cazadors are dangerous by themselves nvm a pack of them lol
Trevyn Lane (8 days ago)
XCOM 2 Advent Troopers. They kill more of your guys then any other enemy in the game and they are the lowest level bad guys in the game.
mignonthon (9 days ago)
Cazador weren't useless, they serve for somewhat wall to the player to not exploring some areas too early in the game. But if you manage good you can walk through them.
jones81381 (9 days ago)
Cazadores really shouldn't have been on this list. Even one by itself is dangerous. Modern Fallouts are difficult to add to this list since enemies scale with your level but your best bet for a weak Fallout enemy that can be a problem in numbers is feral ghouls. A single feral is barely more than a nuisance but in large packs they can whittle you down unless you have good armor to protect yourself and powerful weapons to deal with them quickly.
Cole Tellin (9 days ago)
Skeleton babies darksouls 1
Aston (9 days ago)
The Nekker cave in Witcher 2. They took everyone by surprise.
Chris Milton (9 days ago)
Lolz they have God mode turned on for their starcraft footage! At least when they were playing as the zerg xD.
Brian Cooksey (11 days ago)
I made it through a half dozen giant spiders in Pathfinder: Kingmaker only to be defeated by a swarm of regular-sized spiders. *sigh*
B345T N1NJ4 007gaming (12 days ago)
God their content is good, but their jokes are sooo~ cringy. Stay off the screen with the skits!
Thrakad (13 days ago)
I'm glad Dark Souls got a mention but is anyone else surprised they didn't talk about the torch hollows from DS1?
Sgt. Rackhamm (13 days ago)
Wait- How did the Grunts from Halo not make this list???
Rainbow Gazelle (15 days ago)
Cazadors are fucking terrifying I don't know what y'all talking about
Caitlin Brewer (15 days ago)
Fucking bears in Skyrim
Stan Smith (16 days ago)
Both of the women on this channel are SMOKING HOT!!
Jj The 13th (20 days ago)
10:35. Okay let's have a look shall we.. Hmm.... One..... Two... THREE.... nope nope nope nope *she says as she backs away slowly* lool
andrea andrea (20 days ago)
murlocks? no way lol especially not a priest or any type of class that has on demand selfheals cuz at that lvl 1 flashheal bringsyou 0-full unless you just run trough and pull like 20 other than that impossible to die on a priest to a murlock
Kyr Royal (20 days ago)
Tomb Raider III doesn't have sharks...
00rphb (20 days ago)
Why not try and go somewhere a little more historical, that also have very beautiful scenery, like Bohemia in Central Europe 15th century. Kingdom Come Deliverance have no dragons, and all of the monsters are human but that dosn't mean that it dosn't have its fair share of challenges.
Calebmufcthompson (21 days ago)
Wildcats on gta v piss me off when you go for a walk in the hills 😂
Alex Newman (22 days ago)
Skyrim Skeletons. One is a pretty manageable even at lower levels, but they are normal in tomb with 5 or 6 at a time
Tim Lammers (25 days ago)
the little flood guys from Halo, the ones that run at you and just pop. So easily dispatched but in a swarm can kill your shield and health like nothing
The spider King (26 days ago)
Question in the beginning is easy just use a cat to distract her then attack her
Random Leveled Loot (26 days ago)
*Me going into video*: "I'm positive the Soldiers from For Honor are on this list" *Me leaving video*: "Where the hell were the soldiers?"
datanimeboi 1 (27 days ago)
U ever die by a squad of orange bokoblins when ur maxed in breath of the wild it sucks
Okay, y'all done goofed hard with the cuccos, the zerglings, and the cazadors. How about we replace them with enemies from the same company but actually are freakin' useless? Ones that when you get killed by them, you actually feel demoralized from said death, hm? Cuccos = Deku Baba. The fly traps have attacks that are SO obvious and SO easy to avoid. I would have put Glass Joe here, but at least he has the ability to move around. Zerglings = Fallen from Diablo. Come on, you kill one of them and they scatter. How embarrassing is it that you can't kill one of them before they swarm you and off you? Cazadors = Mudcrabs. Especially ones from Oblivion. They're the first enemy you encounter after the starter area, and it's like, eh, I can kill one of these! NOPE!
Prince Halt (28 days ago)
Skeevers, and wolves in skyrim
Christopher Clark (28 days ago)
Cazadores are easy if you know how to deal with them....(whispering) it’s the wings
Awesomemerc13 (28 days ago)
Why did they include cazadores when an adult cazadore can kill an adult Deathclaw with its poison.
Blue Dragon (28 days ago)
In my opinion, Dilo’s are super BS in Ark survival Evolved Me: “hey, these things are supposed to be one of the easiest creatures in the game” Before I get hit by 2 poison shots then attacked rapidly In short: Dilo from Ark is an annoying enemy whom everyone dies to at least ones, I mean, they look so easy!
James Whitlaw (29 days ago)
I do miss the icklellerose videos
Quin Ross (1 month ago)
What how did Halos grunts not make the list??
' J Ram ' (1 month ago)
FDR had 4 terms? 🤔
ben davis (1 month ago)
Grunts and Infection forms from Halo, or Husks from Mass Effect 3
Kale Hatcher (1 month ago)
Well... Zerlings useless? search for Zerling rush on google... Zerling are the perfect ash in your butthole!
Little helper10 (1 month ago)
What about the Dung Beetles from ark survival evolved.
Ziggy Campbell (1 month ago)
try grunts they are over whelming
Jonathan (1 month ago)
Awesomeness101 (1 month ago)
Bullet Kin from Enter the Gungeon
gohan king (1 month ago)
She's pretty cute.
Caleb Buck (1 month ago)
How about the broken sword hallows from Dark Souls, they gang up on you and do so much damage with dull fragmented butter knives.
Where are the cave bats from terraria
Zeus4245 (1 month ago)
Cazadors are badass I don't know how they were on this list
Fafushnick (1 month ago)
How about the slave orcs in Shadow of War? You'll be surrounded by actual tough orcs that will kick the crap out of you, and as you try to get away a stupid slave orcs gets the last hit on you, takes full credit for killing you, and then ranks up because of it.
John Smith (1 month ago)
I was with you until you said murloks.... then proceeded to run through them in-mass on a ranged class.....
JustArandom Guy (1 month ago)
Which one of you idiots decided to declare a cazador a "useless" enemy just one can fuck you up fast. Swarms of them are nightmarish but just one can kill you. I'm sure we all died to one the first time we ran across it
Enuma Elish (1 month ago)
If insects were actually the size of Cazadores we would be in some deep shit. The only reason we dismiss them so easily is because they are so small. If they were around our size they would put pretty much all other animals to shame.
ericb31 (1 month ago)
oh, i just remembered...in "starfox adventures dinosaur planet", i once got overwhelmed by a swarm of really tiny monsters...
Josiah McDonald (1 month ago)
Number one nabstablook
Shawn Grubb (1 month ago)
you forgot the worst part about fighting murlocs, they run when their health gets low and warn other murlocs to come bash your head in. In early WoW this was the worst if you were a warrior or pally as you had no way to dispatch a fleeing murloc other than to chase after it mashing your attack button.
Gary4 DLC (1 month ago)
The spike thingy from Tales of Phantasia 🤦🏻‍♂️
Aaron Brooks Jr. (1 month ago)
Lings are useless, you ever played sc1 and 2? You can use them as a scout or as your main unit of chose for an attack, if you wanna say that lings are useless you can say the same for zealots and rines
Awsmman764 (1 month ago)
Grunts from halo
Wrestling star zombie (1 month ago)
What about people on the street in gta? You brush off their shoulder and the beat you to a pulp!
Tim Johnson (1 month ago)
You know what cazadors were before the gene-splicing they were tarantula-hawk wasps an insect native to navada with a sting that is so painful that it is recommended to just lay down and scream in pain because the sting is so painful you become delirious and put yourself in danger
lionlyons (1 month ago)
The Cuccos birds should be in the "times games have had enough of your nonsense" / "games punishing you for being a jerk" list...
Iván Bonahora (1 month ago)
My first week playing The Witcher 3 I got rektd by drowners all the time. Like, White Orchard drowners.
myst9900 (1 month ago)
Yea have to definitely agree about the Cazadors from New Vegas. Those things are as bad as a group of deathclaws. At least Deathclaws dont have venomous stingers. Many a time I just wanted to explore the wasteland and then the game says no by having a pack of Cazadors attack me on site. I thought that one of the main pleasures in Fallout was the exploration but nooooo. Still enjoy the game though regardless of that fact.
Cameron Ball (1 month ago)
Those arent pigs they are boars
Ionmaster 987 (1 month ago)
What about Uruk and Ologs from Shadow of War/Mordor? They're completely bullshit sometimes, and sometimes they just straight up are mortally weak to everything, but kill you anyway! Or the basic non-captains, getting a lucky hit. Bit bullshit, it is.
TheRedheadWithThread (1 month ago)
First Fallout game I ever played was New Vegas. Not too far into the game I spotted 3 cazadores and started toward them in a bid to gain XP. My husband (then fiance) said "I wouldn't do that if I were you." I ignored him saying "They're big bugs. What can they do?" and then proceeded to get my ass handed to me. As I stared at the screen in disbelief, he said "Yeah, cazadores are some of the worst things in this game."
300-I.Q. Prower (1 month ago)
I swear to god if the pigs arent here- you’re damn right they’re number 1! Also the Windbags from bastion. The young ones are weaker than goombas, the old obe are slow blobs that are more annoying than anything else, andvwhile the hammer ones are an actual threat they’re still plenty manageable. ....until you get to the dream sequences, where all 3 kinds are hurled at you en masse and they WILL procede to wreck your shiz, to say nothing of the shrines which can make even the weakest enemy a nightmare.
Mike Warnke (1 month ago)
Uh...what no one ever mentions about those chickens is theres three possibilities as to how they show up so fast. 1-they teleport 2-they fly at hyper sonic speed 3-they’re is simple swarms of them everywhere Idk which is most disturbing. Oh, and chickens cant fly, figure that out.
Nicola Ficini (1 month ago)
what abot the giant mosquitos in the poison swamp in dark souls?
doomblackdragon (1 month ago)
From the look of the comments. It seems to community all agree. Cazordes should not be on this list. A one on one fire they are still super deadly. Only good way to kill one is a long range sniper rifle. They are so deadly trying to face them mid to short range. Yet it funny. I think we come to watch these videos to laugh at the stupid stuff you guys say. Your videos always have like 1 - 2 dumb things in your list that makes us ask. "Do you play games?"
shtaks (1 month ago)
uhmm.. Cazadors are actually gigantic hawk Tarantula mixed with a spider wasp. Not giant bees. They are evil ^ 2 They are death incarnate, they are... sort of cute
Captain Raz (1 month ago)
No mention of The Witcher 3? With those puny imps (name?) that horde on Geralt?
Allan Read (1 month ago)
to beat any and all zerg rushes use the siege tank tactic which is a line of deployed tanks behind a line of them in tank mode plus 5 marines to provide anti air fire this has never failed and is always used by my entire teams in multiplayer games
Der Wolf (1 month ago)
8:49. If I had a coworker like this I would ask HR is it's alright if I duct taped their mouth shut to shut them up.
Chris Schoenthaler (1 month ago)
I’m sorry... did you just put CAZADORES on this list?! FREAKING CAZADORES?! The giant, genetically modified version of the tarantula hawk wasp is NOT a “useless enemy”.
Rsge (1 month ago)
I have recently watched a lot of yours and Outside XBox' videos and I really came to like the content and also your sense of humor - so, subscribing to both channels now 😊
spamuel98 (1 month ago)
Other weak enemies in World of Warcraft that you can't believe you died to: Scorpids, Boars/pigs, Imps, scarlet crusaders, naga, quilboar, spiders, dragonhawks, moths, ghosts, zombies, and gnolls.
Pinhead Larry (1 month ago)
Baby zombies?
zach bolm (1 month ago)
No one should ever be embarrassed that a cazadore killed them. They are winged devils.
judeanwhoremonger (1 month ago)
the little flying drones from the surge ... for fucks sake they got me many times
McKaylee Pugmire (1 month ago)
Beware all swarms
willtofish (1 month ago)
where are the mudcrabs from skyrim?
J-Tech Productions (1 month ago)
What about the bloodflys( and nest keepers) from dishonored 2
Eevee Born (1 month ago)
well the chickens in zelda dont always attack if you attack them like in Twilight princess to embarress you further instead of killingg you you become one for several minutes
SparklyHyena (1 month ago)
Getting killed by a very tiny worm in Morrowind, its possible to miss almost 100% of the time if your character is built a certain way. And almost naked villagers punching your lights out while you are fully equipped
ericb31 (1 month ago)
oh, that reminds me: small flying lizards (i forget the name) in Morrowind could be deadly in a group!
Gandolf8888 (1 month ago)
Comand & Conquer Red Alert series Soviet conscript swarm
Jimmy Felix (1 month ago)
The crows in bloodborn
TheSty2000 (1 month ago)
cazadores are an enemy i can believe killed me. they are fast agile and deadly... if you die to a bloatfly on the other hand...you suck

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