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18 Amazing Upcoming Xbox One Games You Must Play In 2017

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Xbox One still has loads of amazing upcoming games in 2017. Here are the top 18 upcoming Xbox One games in you should be excited about. Let us know your favourites in the comments below! Team Xbox On lives for Xbox - when we aren’t making videos, we’re glued to the screen. It’s fine, as long as someone opens a window occasionally. Join our Xbox experts Benny, Lydia, Graeme and Matthew for great Xbox content throughout the week, giving you the best access to the biggest games on Xbox. Want more of the team? Benny: https://www.youtube.com/user/BennyCentral Lydia: https://www.youtube.com/user/SquidGame Graeme: https://twitter.com/AceyBongos For all the latest news, follow Xbox UK on Twitter: https://twitter.com/xboxuk Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
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Xbox On (10 months ago)
What games are you looking forward to playing in 2017? Did we miss any potential future classics from the list? Let us know!
- Falc0n - (5 months ago)
Xbox On crackdown 3
The unknown rex (6 months ago)
Xbox On what about 2018?
Eli Hanley (7 months ago)
Xbox On I hope a new splinter cell comes out
Shubh Mathur (8 months ago)
MADDEN NFL 18 #TeamBenny
ARFSY (9 months ago)
Xbox On F1 2017
Dylan Handsome (2 months ago)
I'm planing to get star wars battlefront2
Hi Cunt (4 months ago)
I hated destiny 2 failed have played for 9 hours and I want them 9 hours back
The unknown rex (6 months ago)
My new xbox one s profile: the meme king937
The unknown rex (6 months ago)
Is white noise on xbox one?
The unknown rex (6 months ago)
You forgot monster hunter world and Jurassic world evolution
Seventh Bison990 (7 months ago)
general Fatboi (7 months ago)
These games are not xbox games as such "xbox games " implies such exclusives these are not exclusive to the xbox one so do not call these "xbox games" call them games you can play these on ps4 and pc this channel is pandering to the masses as a cooperate "xbox slave" this is why i hate xbox channels ps4 channels and reviewers and i bet your channel is also bias but i cannot confirm this but since it xbox on and not something console war neutral i can see you ground and agenda here just from your title i play on console and pc but the console channels are trash compared to pc channels what are ya doing mate
Mondo 75 (9 months ago)
Assass creed
K1W1 (9 months ago)
What's the music playing during shadow of war?
KitKat Kid (9 months ago)
Am I the only one looking forward to battlefront 2?
BlazeTac 1648 (9 months ago)
Ha, suck it I already preordered battlefront 2
Dr Drey Jr. (9 months ago)
Thank you for this video! It was super helpful
IV Coyote VI (9 months ago)
I'm gonna get dishonored 2 i also got prey
Brandon Schuh (10 months ago)
Cant wait for that forza motorsports 7 along side with battlefront 2 they are gonna be amazing
LolDed XD (10 months ago)
Call of Duty World War II should have been number one.
D1SGUSTANG (10 months ago)
Can't wait for NFS Payback & The Crew 2
Kieran Husbands (10 months ago)
Why is destiny still 30 fps??? :(
ELYXAI (10 months ago)
Can anybody tell me whats the song called at number 16 i realy need to know
Caleb Belsinger (10 months ago)
all I care about is star wars battlefront 2 and cod ww2
Freelance Foot (10 months ago)
How much is Cuphead? $20...worth my money I guess.
Freelance Foot (10 months ago)
And Cuphead looks interesting....I'll check it out.
Freelance Foot (10 months ago)
When Matthew set up that trap, what was going through your mind? I'm autistic...I want to know. Please TELL ME. This isn't social engineering. I just want to know. And Vampyr looks fun ....here's my gamertag: look me up. I dare all of you. SWS Freelance.
Freelance Foot (10 months ago)
Tea is wonderful for you. Keep drinking it.
Dat Wesley (10 months ago)
the woman in this video, you need to fix your voice.
Aquaticfish man (10 months ago)
already preorderd destiny 2 anymore suggestions thinking about preordering ac origans,far cry 5 maby and thats about it
chris empire (10 months ago)
Hsjs RBLX (10 months ago)
The cod comes out on my birthday 😄
kanna the real nigga (10 months ago)
what about agents of mayhem?
PESKYWAABBIT (10 months ago)
South Park and Cuphead are definitely my top picks of E3 2017. Cannot wait to host these on my channel!
RMGB TV (10 months ago)
So in The Evil Within 2 it looks like you're in a world made of Probiotic yoghurt?
War Dip (10 months ago)
Lol, The Fractured Butt hole
TheGamerBoy1192 (10 months ago)
I had crackdown 2 It was amazing can't wait till crackdown3
Walter Mojica (10 months ago)
The Evil within 2!!!!!!
Adolf_the_jewbaka (10 months ago)
Rip Xbox one
Antonio Rivera (10 months ago)
i meant crew 2
Antonio Rivera (10 months ago)
the crew w
0:45 aka. Almost direct copy of Excalbur's 4th ability.
David Watkins (10 months ago)
Would love to see Catan be backwards compatible
KoS (10 months ago)
anyone looking forward to spiderman, ni no kuni 2, god of war, days gone, detroit become human, monster hunter world or uncharted the lost legacy? oh wait.. sorry (not) hehehe common, you should have added ori and the will of the wisps, best game coming from xbox
Charles Fowler (10 months ago)
number 3 just sounds like the hunger games
The Gram G (10 months ago)
Far cry 5?
Noob Saibot (10 months ago)
Dislike for not including Skulls and Bones.
Noob Saibot (10 months ago)
You missed a lot of s*it about swbt2.
Gecho (10 months ago)
1:48 on Xbox it said October 17th before E3
Evan Foster (10 months ago)
Can't wait for Assassins Creed Origins. Ever since next gen versions came out its gone downhill. Glad they're back into the assassin storyline
Alpha Male (10 months ago)
Watching this video 1080p 60fps on the Xbox One S, I Pre ordered Destiny 2 , CoD WW2 And Evil Within 2 gamertag xKilluminatix3. I must admit Xbox Won E3 this year i also own a PS4.
xavier stargher (10 months ago)
pip pip
Triggered_patrick10910 0 (10 months ago)
welp time to save all my money and then spend it all like a drunk guy in las vegas
L0nE GaMeR (10 months ago)
i got my xbox one s yesterday my first next gen console
The Kid (10 months ago)
L0nE GaMeR good for you
Kanati96 (10 months ago)
No mention of Fortnite? 😮
FGl 81 (10 months ago)
What about project cars 2?
Lord Friedrich (10 months ago)
Nobody plays sport games. Only filthy casuals.
PESKYWAABBIT (10 months ago)
Agreed XD
griffin gamer (10 months ago)
screw Xbox go playstation
The Kid (10 months ago)
Griffin Gaming butthurt
A Skeptical Charmander (10 months ago)
Need for Speed is for idiots that dont know anything about cars, the same idiots that call a Ford Mustang a supercar.
Deon Thompson (10 months ago)
is there ever gonna be another CONDEMNED
_adr1xl_ (10 months ago)
Why would you put Fifa 18 not Madden 18????
Ahmed Amro (10 months ago)
Ahmed Amro (10 months ago)
well I want all the games
john kinkle (10 months ago)
the sad moment when most if not all are just multiplats that would give you a better experience on ps4 and pc. hold this Xbox one L
Gummycore Gamer (10 months ago)
@6:22... Doctor Who's a vampire? That makes so much sense now.
Soundgarden97 (10 months ago)
Nice multiplat list. At least now it makes sense as to why a video titled like that exists right now
Aaron Cumberbatch (10 months ago)
no sea of thieves?
ғroѕтιe (10 months ago)
Where's the new colossus?
Advance Elite (10 months ago)
PlayerUnknow Battleground is the only game I want
Brix (10 months ago)
Gotta say. I think Xbox won e3.
InFuriousGamer (10 months ago)
Rip my wallet…
England is my Avenue (10 months ago)
Okay so I see the #PCmasterrace people are here. I do agree PC is better but not everybody can afford a good PC. I am one of those people but I still have fun playing my Xbox One. I don't care if PC has more games and exclusives as long as I am happy with what I got. I really liked playing Gears of War 4, Black Ops 2 (backward compatible), Overwatch, The Orange Box (backward compatible), Fallout 4, and Rocket Leauge on my Xbox One. Plus I don't think anyone cares if you think PC is the best. I am only excited for Player Unknown's Battlegrounds and Sea of Thieves because E3 wasn't that great this year for Xbox.
Leek Force (8 months ago)
England is my Avenue finally someone actully gets it
Dremora Lord67 (10 months ago)
I'm excited to play these on my PC
tachanka the wanka 69 (10 months ago)
lydia sounds sick af
Classic Turtles (10 months ago)
Sony PlayStation ❤❤❤❤
TSDBULLS 23 (10 months ago)
When is the next gen Xbox coming out
Jag_Master__ (10 months ago)
15:20 no this can't happen
scrappy doo (10 months ago)
so like, 3 exclusives?
WeasleySkoot17 (10 months ago)
I swear this is the fifth time you made this list, and it's the middle of 2017!
Tomas o'connell (10 months ago)
Jacob Hewitt (10 months ago)
Assassins creed origins
Steven Tcheouafei (10 months ago)
I felt like the male talking has better taste in videogames IMO
MS1 TNG (10 months ago)
Not going to hate but wears agents of mayhem
Shane (10 months ago)
Eurus 21 (10 months ago)
they are games for all console not just xbox.
enderman 360 (10 months ago)
can Graeme do World's Hardest Achievements with Benny
Could've just called it 18 games you must play. There's only like 3 xbox exclusives in there. Realistically most of those games also arent even gonna be looking better than on the ps4 pro since its both just checkerboarded 4k
RBloop (10 months ago)
Sony's JRPG coming to steam or is on it. PSNOW plays PS4 games on the pc. Suck it nerds
RBloop (10 months ago)
Sony E3 was utter garbage
lost oaknight (10 months ago)
middle Earth shadow of war deserves to be number one but that's just my opinion
PESKYWAABBIT (10 months ago)
It does look insane. Made want to play Shadow of Mordor all of over again! :P
lost oaknight (10 months ago)
I meant not a big fan😂
lost oaknight (10 months ago)
I think destiny 2 looks good I'm just a big fan of that kind game my top 3 are shadow of war, star wars battlefront Il and crackdown 3
Xbox On (10 months ago)
We argued about the order for several days. In truth we want to play them all!
Sebastian Zamarripa (10 months ago)
I can't wait for lego marvel superheroes 2 u guys should include that
Sebastian Zamarripa (10 months ago)
You missed lego marvel superheroes 2
Guyb (10 months ago)
Console peasants #PcMasterRace
Stephen Cottee (10 months ago)
D2 😀😀😀😀😀😀
Kieran Westgate (10 months ago)
Xbox games we must play? Well first we'd have to all go buy one
Old Man (10 months ago)
PUBG is the biggest game on waiting on for XBOX1...and Spiderman on PS4
Mike Lee (10 months ago)
One of the worst line ups I have seen on Xbox in years, Xbox really need to up their game. absolutely nothing to get excited about except Red Dead 2 and PS get the content first.
LuisPlayzz (10 months ago)
Most of the games on this list is available for PS4 and PC so this a Xbox one games list. Sure they are on Xbox one but it's of a " top 18 games in 2017" than a "top 18 Xbox one game in 2017" Edit: yes I do know that I didn't make that much sense with my grammar
sara hujik (10 months ago)
LuisPlayzz I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who knows that
Mark Irene (10 months ago)
Sony God I have an Xbox one and I agree. There are literally no exclusives anyway at this point
Danny Berry (10 months ago)
18. Destiny 2 - available on PS4 and PC 17. South Park - available on PS4 and PC 16. Crackdown 3 - available on PC 15. Strange Brigade - available on PS4 and PC 14. Need for Speed - available on PS4 and PC 13. Vampyr - available on PS4 and PC 12. FIFA - available on PS4 11. Cuphead - available on PC 10. CoD - available on PS4 and PC 09. Super Lucky's Tale - available on PC 08. Wolfenstein - available on PS4 and PC 07. Life is Strange: Before the Storm - available on PS4 and PC 06. Battlefront 2 - available on PS4 and PC 05. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War - available on PS4 and PC 04. Evil Within 2 - available on PS4 and PC 03. Player Unknown's Battlegrounds - already available on PC 02. Forza 7 - available on PC 01. Assassin's Creed Origins - available on PS4 and PC
jamie rushe (5 months ago)
TDalton (10 months ago)
Danny Berry Thank you for this
Beyond Birthday (10 months ago)
I'm glad for this not a huge fan of exclusive titles,
Gate Crasher UK (10 months ago)
PC fair enough but the One X will run most of those games alot better than on PS4 or PS4 Pro
Spicy Chimp (10 months ago)
Everyone, shadow of war looks AMAZING I can't wait for it😁😬🤑
BloodFlow HigH (10 months ago)
Favorites are Battlefront 2, destiny 2, assassin creed origins and Skull & Bones :)
Danny Berry (10 months ago)
As usual with Xbox gamers, their most looked forward to games are multi-plats.
Samado HawkJD (10 months ago)
700th like
Why do I have Xbox garbage in my recromended? PC: Can be any price Way more customization More exclusives No paid online service More powerful More uses Less limits Mouse and Keyboard Overclocking Real 4K (No the Scorpio does not have real 4K) Uncapped FPS Can use the power of gaming monitors All games are backwards compatible Can be DIY or pre-built Millions of controlling devices to chose from Steam Summer Sale Emulators Virtual Machines Xbox: Forza, Halo, Netflix for games fake 4K and HDR fake 4K games coming soon. I'm not forcing anyone to buy a PC, I'm directing this to the, "Xbox is in almost or every way possible better than PC" fanboys.
Gate Crasher UK actually youre wrong, its already confirmed that almost every game will use checkerboarding technique meaning it wont be native 4k. Inb4 you say "thats what ps4 pro does", ps4 pro upscales and checkerboards. Realistically in most games youre not going to notice much of a difference in graphics except for the few indie games and xbox exclusives that will run in native 4k
Gate Crasher UK (10 months ago)
Actually your completey wrong about 4K on Xbox One X most games will be running at Native 4K (Real 4K). And because the Console is not bogged down by a big OS like on pc it has been compared to having a PC running a GTX 1070 and that GPU is almost the price of the console by itself so the One X will be great value
Yomar (10 months ago)
Lena Oxton How is it fake 4k?
TheGunDealer 7 (10 months ago)

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