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Forza Horizon Stunts Remade In Real Life | Xbox On Tour

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Join Leah, Sam, Benny, & Charleyy as they create chaos through the stunning Goodwood estate, featuring stunts and activities including the infamous driving of Ken Block inside the Hoonicorn, expert rally driving from Tanner Foust, and so much more! Xbox On is YOUR home for everything Xbox. Join Benny, Leah, Sam and Charleyy as they bring you all the latest and greatest news, games and updates in the Xbox world. If you want to catch us live, then head over to mixer.com/xboxon and follow to make sure you never miss one of our daily live streams. Exclusive live gameplay, community multiplayer streams and a shiny Show of the Week are just a taste of what to expect! Never miss a moment and hit http://bit.ly/XboxOnSubscribe now! Want more of the team? Benny twitter.com/BennyCentral instagram.com/BennyCentral youtube.com/user/BennyCentral Leah twitter.com/leahviathan instagram.com/leahviathan youtube.com/c/leahviathan Sam twitter.com/samuelofc instagram.com/samuelofc mixer.com/samuelofc Charleyy twitter.com/CharleyyRachael instagram.com/itscharleyytho mixer.com/itsCharleyytho Music courtesy of Audio Network
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Text Comments (23)
Xbox On (1 month ago)
Caprise - drummer (1 month ago)
Xbox On I’m loving FH4! So many fun things to do and OMG sooo many great cars to drive!!☺️
Klumsy Kameleon (1 month ago)
Klumsy Kameleon (1 month ago)
Klumsy Kameleon (1 month ago)
Klumsy Kameleon (1 month ago)
SEGAMAN 101 (30 days ago)
I own all the Forza Motorsport series and Horizon series and Forza Horizon 4 is the best racing game on the planet hands down there was no other racing game out there that can't even hold a candle to it
Looked fun
Sid Mosedale (1 month ago)
Just bought this game, absolutely stunning!
Sir Brody (1 month ago)
The only way to make this video perfect is to put dubstep on😂😂
can i get to 500 subs? (1 month ago)
Your budget must be insane while I can't afford 1000 vbucks anymore let alone a new Xbox and a stunt session
hazy33 (1 month ago)
No, this is a PR exercise put on by Microsoft who then invite the most complimentary and popular channels to have a go. All expenses paid freebie!
MarsProbe (1 month ago)
0:07 - love how all the team are posing, except Benny who is just falling over! 😆
luca magistrelli (1 month ago)
Forza 4 best racing game I have ever played
SOQS (1 month ago)
I'm from Edinburgh so I am so happy that my city was in this game. (btw love your channel)
Matthew Flynn (1 month ago)
Yikes! Those eyes!
hazy33 (1 month ago)
Yikes! That curly mop!
Matthew Hardwick (1 month ago)
Glad to see that nobody died 😅
xxx dragonbeast xxx (1 month ago)
Xbox rocks
Plat Bear (1 month ago)
How's BO4 Benny?
Xbox On (1 month ago)
Maybe Next Time!

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