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Thorin's Thoughts - FACEIT Major London Quarter-Finals Draw (CS:GO)

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Some thoughts on the FACEIT Major London Quarter-Finals draw and the story-lines it suggests. Want exclusives like the ability to ask me a question in my monthly AMA or have input into my content? Join the Scrilluminati today: https://www.patreon.com/Thooorin This video was kindly supported by: Gardner Wilson Dean Tanglis Alex Adams Eddie Wingfors Andreas Snazore Westerlund godawfulwasteofspace Kyler Harris Travis Greb James Harding Daniel Yordanov VeXii Robert Baxter Special thanks go out to JerCkysMiNi0n.
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Text Comments (296)
Thooorin (1 month ago)
Forgot about the Bucholtz system so there was no randomised element in the draw
KRISHNA YADAV (1 month ago)
mibr faceit major champions........
Jaqba (1 month ago)
Thooorin unacceptable
Joshua Weiss (1 month ago)
we have 6 of the top 8 no?
matar alketbi (1 month ago)
who will win ?
oded eliyahu (1 month ago)
you are human we forget stuff :). keep up the the amazing work
Wretched Egg (25 days ago)
Yeah, the lack of drama in the playoffs was rather unfortunate. All to chalk, barely any of them even competitive. In some cases the underdogs were just too tentative (i.e. CoL vs MiBR) and in other cases the favored team was far too strong. There really wasn't much drama with the map picks either, wish some teams had made more aggressive bans to shake things up.
Bradley Firby (1 month ago)
Whoever wins the Astralis-FaZe game wins the Major, I'm calling it
kigirik i (1 month ago)
Format is very unfair
aXentOG (1 month ago)
Tarik in the clg jersey?
Bakkmann69 (1 month ago)
Fääsit major?
Dr. Lejos (1 month ago)
"godawfulwasteofspace"I lold
Comet Crew (1 month ago)
down for double elim but I personally would not sit down for map 1 or 2 of a bo5
astralis gonna win idc
Hello There (1 month ago)
Astralis vs NAvi Big vs faze Mibr vs liquid coomplexity vs hr prob the most balanced imho
yash chaudary (1 month ago)
Wait finals isnt bo5? Wtf bo5 always made me happy and excited
William Dahlberg (1 month ago)
Given these eight teams in the New Champions Stage, what would be your pick for the most interesting/fair/exciting bracket?
nooobiechild (1 month ago)
Can we just all admit that the swiss system is retarded? The fucking swiss system destroys fair play. BO1s over and over are you fucking kidding me? The fact that fucking HELLRAISERS and COMPLEXITY are in the top 8 is just fucking baffling. Can't wait to watch these new guys absolutely wet the bed on the main stage. Don't you just love those fucking 16:3 games.
so★ (1 month ago)
It's going to be a interesting major that's for sure
Liselotte Pumeluff (1 month ago)
Can we have a Moment of silence for Fnatic not Qualifying for top 8 for the first time since Majors in Csgo😓.
Jared Poon (1 month ago)
The thing is....regardless of how you feel of the seeding, the teams in the top seeds won against their opponents, whereas the better teams in the lower seeds did not. Yes, sometimes teams get lucky draws, but few teams go 3-0 without some measure of skill, and if you go 3-2, like Faze did, then you messed up somewhere. You can blame seeding and drawing tough teams, but look at Liquid. They beat NiP, one of the strongest teams coming out of challenger, and Astralis, who may be a favourite to win the whole tournament. The best teams are the ones who can win (also when it counts), and so getting a bad matchup is at least somewhat your own fault. I mean, GSL groups don't guarantee weird matchups either. We could have had GSLs and top teams still matched up against each other.
headless (1 month ago)
Liquid v. Astralis 16-13 8-16 22-19
ThεMini (1 month ago)
this guy really hates brazilians uh
ferric (1 month ago)
Great video, as always Thorin, but one thing you got wrong was that olof would be the first player with 4 major trophies if he won. He didn't play with them in DH winter 2013. Other than that, great video as always!
ferric (1 month ago)
Nvm, I should watch for another 5 seconds before commenting :D
Tyler Swales (1 month ago)
Olof coming back from a second big break in his career to play like a top 10 player his form in the major so far has been amazing great numbers and sick clutches
Mara Gossep (1 month ago)
Being Danish I was grateful watching your Hunden interview. But I have hungered for a long talk with an Astralis player. Xyp9x or Gla1ve, the brains, are preferred. Please convince them. do whatever it takes :D
Yugo Betrugo (1 month ago)
The swiss system is making me so mad, at every fucking event you get shitty draws, it's hilarious. Most of the time you have some upset eventually, and then the system completely fails. Why not 4 groups like in football, first 2 advance, spread best teams across the groups. 3 fixed games in group, everybody plays every opponent in the same group. I hate these systems that match teams based on their result, it just happens to be so unfair so many times, when teams don't get to even play the "freewin" in the group.
troy ray (1 month ago)
wow simple is still 20. that really put its in perspective. unreal
Tomáš Vysloužil (1 month ago)
This Major has so good storylines!
der fehler (1 month ago)
Really hope faze win over astralis. Olof And niko on fire rn, guardian looking solid And hitting crucial shots, Rain seems a little off(please fix, rain), karrigan is so shaky sadly, dont know why... But faze, win over astralis, you legends!
zyhx 420 (1 month ago)
Why play leggit when you can hack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5anUumzw_rA
Ersh Man (1 month ago)
Agree for finals best of 5 it makes sense considering the massive build up to get that far...
ahmad rusydi (1 month ago)
i get what u say sir thoorin. your point n explanation r based on factual data itself like fire power, map pool, strats, experience n placement/achievement in LAN before major but it still a MAJOR. thats why cloud9 can win in boston before n before that gambit won in krakow. the hype, the confidence, the pysical n mental condition, the crowd, PC technical issue n much more elements still does not count into the conversation. i dont know but i could feel something suprising will be brought out by complexty n BIG in this tournemnt just because they have hometown player in their team.
MyRevoltec (1 month ago)
ahmad rusydi the elements you are talking about play a role, yet can't be taken in consideration if you want to have consistent predictions..
Mara Gossep (1 month ago)
They were able to win because of shitty tourney formats.
thoorin I am not receiving notifications of your new videos even though I have the bell activated. What should I do?
królik z Ravensburga (1 month ago)
washed up as fook
Carl L (1 month ago)
MiBR went against NiP to get out, not against G2. G2 sucked ass against Faze.
Andik Dog (1 month ago)
Navi faze clan in the final
Daniel Venns (1 month ago)
I am really curious once it comes to Liquid Astralis
ThεMini (1 month ago)
probs best game of the major. it was best game of playoffs
DUNEMEISTER (1 month ago)
Inb4 liquid win
Nate Vierthstein (1 month ago)
Keep your thoughts to yourself. Nobody asked for it fucking idiot.
ThePlazaPlayer (1 month ago)
I think he forgot eleague does bo5
Jered Huckleberry (1 month ago)
0:22 are you ok??
Neo! (1 month ago)
14:06 Neo in 1.6
AzeTyler (1 month ago)
why you barking mate? @0:23
Still Closed (1 month ago)
After watching TI for 2 years, this format does't feel right.
Still Closed (1 month ago)
I hadn't watched a video in a while, what's up with his accent, it seems heavier than I remember.
PetrushT3 (1 month ago)
That underestimation of Na'Vi. Excellent.
The Eastbrook (1 month ago)
CSGO majors are lackluster as fuck. After watching Worlds, The International, Evo, CoD Champs, the major just doesn't have the same magic.
The Eastbrook (1 month ago)
+charlie saville Same, the International got me so invested with the storylines that Valve got out of the players in the interviews. The backdrop, the player intros, the build up was just all amazing. The major is basically like "Hey, we got 4 good teams and the other 4 are okay and are only here cause of our shitty swiss system, so just expect the expected"
charlie saville (1 month ago)
Yeah the major can be improved. Doesn't touch the international and the format is a big part of that IMO. I love watching it because I'm a fan of the game but I can see why it doesn't attract as many viewers. I enjoyed the international and don't even play dota.
- mostrandomnerd (1 month ago)
Double elimination and bo5 is a must in any great tournament. Totally agree.
M4c3s (1 month ago)
Navi vs Bitch will be awsome xD
Cozy Solo (1 month ago)
Simple is literally the Lebron of csgo.
robot (1 month ago)
leo (1 month ago)
I hope BIG will be like cologne, the farther they go in the tournament the better they get
Chunk (1 month ago)
Yup hopefully
YourNo1.Ohmie XD (1 month ago)
yep me too
Maki (1 month ago)
screw volvo and their sh*t system, i'm done watching cs
The Badger Show (1 month ago)
Swiss rounds are about a useless as a knitted condom. Best of 1 elimination matches are painful to watch and way too random. I have tickets to SSE arena finals, thanks to current system I get to watch top teams like complexity, Hellraisers and BIG
Ender (1 month ago)
The Badger Show Alright so Complexity are admittedly a bit of a random Team to be in the Top 8 but then again they actually played very well and are now matched against Mibr so you probably wont have to suffer them too long. Hellraisers is actually pretty fair if you look at the list of teams that could have made it instead, the only names that would come to mind are NiP and maybe G2 though G2 played horribly in their last Match and Hellraisers managed to beat fnatic even though they got of to one of the worst starts possible (giving away such a lead on the first Map in the elimination match of their first major, man i thought they were done) so I’d say they actually kind of deserve their placing and again: I wouldn’t expect them to go further so I really don’t see the Problem here. And lastly Big, I might be a bit biased here but I actually think you have absolutely no point here. Big has repeatedly proven that they, with proper preparation, can beat pretty much any opponent. To be fair they can also loose against most teams because of their lack of firepower that may carry other teams through regardless but considering their strategical and highly intelligent style of play they are always fun to watch and as long as they turn up their firepower (looking at you nex) they could even do some decent damage. In my eyes they are definitely Top 8, Navi will be a hard opponent though. So all in all I would deem your rant unjustified, for pretty much all of the good teams made it to the Playoffs and the other Teams that made it “somehow” (col and hr) probably wont make it further but still deserve to be Top 8 imao.
malv0e (1 month ago)
inb4 hellraisers win the major
Yamini981 (1 month ago)
wtf happened at 0:22
Lord Desann (1 month ago)
Gapi P (1 month ago)
The format is absolutely pathetic. I never knew why people even like the Swiss system. It ALWAYS fucks things up. It's the most horrible system if you only have BO1 matches because upsets happen. Just make a group stage with BO3s.
Jake Bishop (1 month ago)
You keep saying NA'VI doesn't look amazing this tournament and I don't really get it, they've only dropped 1 map which was 16-14 against astralis. S1mple and electronic are both playing fantastically, and putting up amazing numbers despite having played some pretty good teams. So other then losing 16-14 and having one questionable half against faze, when have they been looking out of form?
Jake Bishop (1 month ago)
+pickmeando they were kinda shaky at Stockholm but that's because they had 0 practice time going into the event.
pickmeando (1 month ago)
I think he more so means the time going up to the major
Jake Bishop (1 month ago)
I think they kind of look like this every tournament, like at esl one cologne, they lost to g2, then almost lost a bo3 to ence. One reason i love watching NA'Vi games is nearly every game is close, and every game is sketchy. This tournament they got one of the hardest draws out of any team and went out 3-1, 2 rounds from going 3-0.
Edward Jimenez (1 month ago)
NA'VI doesnt look amazing as there is internal struggles in the team. Individually they can perform good but they are struggling as a team.
Tay Xu Zhi (1 month ago)
If faze wins astralis than they win the major. Mark my words If they lose they wont win the grand slam. (Watch me get this wrong)
HenriqueRJchiki (1 month ago)
Faze went 2-2 dude and got pushed back on second map by fucking g2 lmao, if they do beat astralis they'll just end up losing to TL or some shit.
Nishant Jain (1 month ago)
I like the way you said team liquid will brutalize hellraisers 😂
Larz Ulrich (1 month ago)
ANGE1 is a legend compared to anyone in TL tbf. But ye, theyl win
mw t (1 month ago)
xXJackirBlackBloddXx (1 month ago)
rip nip
WTWRCPMCB (1 month ago)
i think his analysis on mibr was a bit off, col went 6-1 total and only dropped a game to astralis really hard to make an argument that they wanted to draw col over big when col 2-0'd big. the only reason mibr might be happy they drew col is they "historically" dominate them. Regardless of past games col in their current form shouldnt be slept on, and should be a legitimate dark horse to make the finals. 9/17 calling it now Liquid vs coL finals, all NA finals/back to back NA champs game is truly dead
ThεMini (1 month ago)
mibr even said col is such an hard team to go against cause you dont have much info on them which is true
CS GO (1 month ago)
Just a random thought why do you need to use headphones.
Mara Gossep (1 month ago)
He is mute when not wearing anything on his ears. Or it's his comfort zone. Or he is listening to chilling music.
zamelification (1 month ago)
What's up with Faceit and round difference in a swiss format in order to seed teams? This is so dumb, every team got a different road to qualify, round difference doesnt tell us anything.
Kevin Johnson (1 month ago)
did your accent get stronger somehow?
Yukari MAiG (1 month ago)
I’m so frustrated Astralis got Faze again....
Austin Cox (1 month ago)
Olof is the fucking GOAT
Scissored Zamai (1 month ago)
Thorin have your accent really changed? I struggle understanding you now. You sound so much more British
Greifvogel (1 month ago)
I agree about the format. But common. As in your prediction video, you don't give the underdog-teams enough credit. Back then you completely ruled out BIG. Well guess what, they made it. Now you dismiss Complexity. Sure, they haven't played Astralis and TL and only played BO1s, but give them some credit. They showed up very fucking strong and I honestly believe they have a shot at winning against MiBR. The same goes for BIG. I think they shine even more in a BO3 format, although they'll have the hardest time of the underdog-teams if S1mple and electronic show up. Hellraisers also played very solid, especially with ISSAA now I don't think they'll win vs TL, but they are not easy to beat either. All in all I'm excited, but predict Astralis winning the Major.
Greifvogel (1 month ago)
+MyRevoltec I was refering to his Legends-stage prediction video. Sorry if I didn't make this clear enough.
MyRevoltec (1 month ago)
Greifvogel lmao, he didn't even say anything bout big m8
Greifvogel (1 month ago)
+Mitchell again, yo uj lowball BIG. They played BIG twice and they did good, even strategically. Skill-wise, BIG isn't a T1 team, that's obvious, but strategy-wise they are on par with the biggest Teams in world. I get your point, but you can't draw an example with Astralis as the enemy. Astralis won fucking 16-0 vs MiBR.
Mitchell (1 month ago)
Complexity did play astralis in the group stage on Inferno and lost 16-4 other than that they've just been playing tier 2/3 teams
thegoodcoffee (1 month ago)
I'm not that much knowledgeable of the system, but i think even esl cologne did a betted job of organizing a tournament
edu99d (1 month ago)
So funny that people don't understand that mibr lost 16x0 to avoid faze ,and saving strats , you can hate on brazilians as much as you want , but when we win this major i'm gonna die laughing .
Mara Gossep (12 days ago)
+edu99d Hats off for being dead honest mate, I love you now!
Dhivyandharsan (1 month ago)
yes that is delusional and its never a good thing. I think the word you are looking for is passionate. There is nothing wrong with being passionate but when you spout bullshit about how your team and your players are better than other teams (when they clearly arent), its delusional.
Paulo Vitor (1 month ago)
that's delusional? yes, but that's how we usually support our teams, either in soccer and e-sports as well, no major crime committed here everybody just chill the fuck out #somosMiBR
TriHard (1 month ago)
You’re a fucking joke
edu99d (1 month ago)
+Mara Gossep exactly , but i'm still believing
Toropetskii (1 month ago)
@Thooorin it was bucholz seeded, people knew the draw before it was announced because there was no randomness to it
Prog47 (1 month ago)
It would be better if elimination matches(low matches) in all rounds were bo3.
Aaron Bryce (1 month ago)
First, I feel like in the GSL format we got less upsets. That would especially be true if they were all bo3s. And God, we probably can't do double elimination for every tournament, but let's at least re seed.
Wigglyworm5 (1 month ago)
NA vs NA finale!!!
Jordan Vruggink (1 month ago)
Na'Vi looking "ropey"? idk what major ur watching.....
23rubel (1 month ago)
Aw man i was so mad when i saw the Astralis/FaZe draw. I thought this could finally be the major for my boi GuardiaN, but now i have to hope that Astralis doesnt have a good day and just flexes FaZe out of the Tournament. Its proprably another time he fucking plays his heart out and they loose in close 3xTriple OT fashion. Why on earth do we have this matchup in the QF -.- And i agree, the Major should be something magical, not just on the presentation, but starting on the format. It should be a journey, i mean its the biggest tournament you can win in this game. I think Majors still miss a huge potential in many points.
Mitchell (1 month ago)
It was a BO1 on arguably their worst map though, a BO3 would have been different
Andik Dog (1 month ago)
Bruh faze clan lost against big why should they get an easy draw
23rubel (1 month ago)
dont even get me started on the NiP match. NiP has a special place for my neutral fan perspective heart, and yes they achieved alot this time, but man they played sloppy. They could have won that series.
A4R R4A (1 month ago)
If only NiP won against mibr all of the matchup would be completely different.
23rubel (1 month ago)
yeah i know it wasnt a draw, i just still called it that for some reason, a habit i guess.
rk43100 (1 month ago)
My ultimate dream for this major would be FaZe winning and Guardian retiring as a major champion
Suno (1 month ago)
He Said that FaZe was gonna be his last team
Mitchell (1 month ago)
because he's said a few times that it will be his last
Julian (1 month ago)
rk43100 why guardian retire we need him to carry FaZe to another major😂
Jay Janda (1 month ago)
Faze vs Astralis on 1st round... :(
W.Roark (1 month ago)
I love how I can u see you recording Tarik in the intro lmao
Andrew Haselden (1 month ago)
i think you underestimate complexity way too much
Inda K (1 month ago)
Tbf they have only played a few bo1s and it's not as though the players are experienced on big stages let alone a major stage.
Alexdgod (1 month ago)
col navi tl ast >>> col tl >> col wins
Bacon_Bitz27 (1 month ago)
I like the idea of a bo5 but I don't like how there is less room to make map ban mind games. I would like a bo5 where the last two maps are just the first two maps again. Also an hour brake after the 3rd map for the teams to look at the demos of the games they just played. Example: NaVi bans Cache FaZe bans Overpass Navi picks Dust 2 FaZe picks Inferno NaVi bans Mirage FaZe bans Nuke Train is left. First Match: Dust 2 Second Match: Inferno Third Match: Train (If neither team has three map wins by this point there is an hour break to review Train + Dust 2 demos) Fourth Match: Inferno Fifth Match: Dust 2
Mara Gossep (1 month ago)
Mind games aren't entertaining, till the moment their effect shows. It just a term applied to hype up what is otherwise insanely boring until the moment the so-called "mind games" shows its effect. 5 maps have better chance of crowning the best team as champions.
Inda K (1 month ago)
The matches will get boring if they play two of the same maps as we will likely see similar games plus I severely doubt teams will gain much from watching a demo in 30 mins so it's not like they can suddenly gain a new strategy or completely change their game style.
Dominic Biggs (1 month ago)
mibr is too weak. they just seem so disconnected from each other
Uyoku Dantai (1 month ago)
Astralis vs compLexity in the final.
HenriqueRJchiki (1 month ago)
nope, Team Liquid vs COL
zZArsenicZz (1 month ago)
And be like Liquid SK in 2016 final, walk over and dull. And I have tickets for the major 😭
Wretched Egg (1 month ago)
bo3 means they just need to upset on two maps. Opposing teams don't really know their map pool, and MiBR doesn't have the deepest map pool yet themselves, they can end up walking into a trap. Moreover MiBR is prone to making mistakes atm, it's easy to see a world where CoL upsets MiBR but likely gets no further. And if they do get further (most likely over a Navi) it means they're legit and not just some bo1 upset team. Astralis is the only team that hasn't looked shakey at times this year, especially in recent months. Best I can tell CoL permabans Overpass, and avoids Train and Dust 2. They're really good on Inferno, have been dominant over a small sample size on Cache (one of MiBR's fav maps), and have had good showings on Mirage (but ban it out against strong Mirage teams). The few times they've been tested on Nuke they've done well, and have had mixed results when tested on Dust 2 (another of MiBR's favs), seemingly about 50-50 there. Basically, if MiBR doesn't pick train there's a strong possibility they can walk into a trap letting a combination of Inferno, Mirage, Cache, or Dust2, all maps CoL will feel comfortable playing (and how confident is MiBR in Dust2 after that 0-16 to Astralis anyhow?)
Astro (1 month ago)
Bruh this ain't DOta 2
kevin3943 (1 month ago)
+Astro just like OG had no chance right
Carson k (1 month ago)
EXACTLY! Major finals need to be best of 5. My friend I and argue about this all the time. He think that best of 5s would be too boring and it would be too one sided. I think that's retarded.
I really think if Liquid can scrape it out vs Astralis the major is theirs (obviously picking Liquid and Astralis over HR and Faze, Navi in final)
Astro (1 month ago)
BIG could suprise Navi.
Wretched Egg (1 month ago)
Pretty sure everyone would agree.
villen (1 month ago)
I wish this fucking thing was over already, most boring major of all time
Jack Mosher (1 month ago)
Quote me Liquid are gon win this major
Jerome Ley (1 month ago)
why havent thorin made a video on olof yet? i feel like he needs his own episode because he was so good 2015. he deserves an episode as much as get right does IMO
Kai Green (1 month ago)
A double elim final 8 bracket would go a very long way to fix the horrible seeding. Even if you do get the stupid first round matches with the best two teams playing each other.
Jerome Ley (1 month ago)
Faze astralis is gonna be tough, i hope olof niko and guardian pop off, thatd be the only way they would win
Aydn Lewis (1 month ago)
If they get mirage faze will win they've looked amazing on mirage
Aryo Taheri (1 month ago)
It's unreal how bad the format of the majors is. From shitty qualification to insanely bad seedings during the swiss system, it's just abysmal at "crowning the best team in the world". You cannot have a world championship with its own circuit that completely ignores the results from the rest of the CSGO tournaments/calendar. This may have worked in the smaller scene of 2014 when there were only a handful of great teams and far fewer roster changes with no real international squads, but not anymore with the scope of the CSGO scene in 2018 and onwards.
Mara Gossep (1 month ago)
CS.GO should simply adapt the UEFA CL format. It has always worked as intended. Everything circles around the viewer though. That's why we had BO3 sunday. To fill in the gaps. I want the format to be more centered around the teams and crowning the true champion, rather than the production for the viewing experience.
MegaAlpakka (1 month ago)
+kevin3943 Ffs. Its better to have bo teams out of top 24. They had plenty of chances to get into top24. Stupid to give team a spot in major because of one lucky qualifier.
Aryo Taheri (1 month ago)
Catangerine i’m talking about the seedings in the legends stage. Navi played Astralis in their first game, the top 2 teams in the world. Mouz played NiP, MiBR, and Faze and went out 0-3. NiP played MiBR, Navi, Liquid, Mouz, and Vega and went out 2-3. Meanwhile Complexity played Fnatic, G2, and BIG and went 3-0. Helleaisers played G2, C9, Tyloo, BIG, and Fnatic and still went 3-2 against this poor level of competition. The seeding was absolutely ridiculous, where all the good teams played each other and all the shit teams played each other, resulting in good teams getting eliminated in place of FAR inferior teams.
kevin3943 (1 month ago)
+Porky Penguin that's stupid and unfair. That gives 0 chance for teams outside the top 24 to play in a major. Even dota is not like that.
Catangerine (1 month ago)
The seedings were literally based on the performance in the major lol, only thing they should have done imo was add more bo3
Devin Davis (1 month ago)
There's a chance coL upsets MIBR, but given the big stage and experience on the MIBR side, I think they'll win. That has the opportunity to be a great series, though.
Marcos Vinícius (1 month ago)
people complain about the draw but the only match that has few potential to be a great one is Liquid x HR which I think will be an easy 2-0 Liquid with HR not even getting double round digits. MIBR x coL could turn out to be a 3 map series not only because MIBR looked sloppy in a few maps before, but also because coL has been impressive. BIG has the potential to upset Na'Vi if they worked on fixing some problems in their map pool, though it definitely won't be easy in any scenario when you have s1mple on the other side of the server. Finally, Astralis versus FaZe is a series with too much firepower and astonishing playmakers to be boring, even if Astralis is strongly favorite by having the discipline and strategic edge.
OG Bouns (1 month ago)
Just no more inferno please!
hcalmijebi (1 month ago)
Wait, the quarter finals have Astralis vs FaZe? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!
Floris Van zalingen (1 month ago)
Adrian Korndogs (1 month ago)
hcalmijebi faze is dogshit lmao
Astro (1 month ago)
Complexity is gonna get exposed by MIBR.
Zezak (1 month ago)
VoLtShOT (1 month ago)
complexity? are you shitting me? astralis is amazing now but navi, liquid, big, mibr has a much bigger chance in going to final than complexity
Bruno Cardoso (1 month ago)
Mr Studio (1 month ago)
Opinion on potential karrigan replacement ?
Mr Studio (1 month ago)
But if Niko is leading then karrigan is way below average player . Can have coach do strats
Dhivyandharsan (1 month ago)
+Carson k "super egos". As if you have inside information on how each player plays within the faze team.
Carson k (1 month ago)
It would be really fucking retarded (even though I am not a fan of Karrigan), but you wouldn't have anyone to manage all the super-egos on that team.
Kung Lao (1 month ago)
b05 is grueling though especially if it goes down to the final map.
Jeremias Ruff (1 month ago)
Don't sleep on the underdogs. Complexity was just great threwout the tournament. Big gets better every round. Hellraosers.... they have no chance.
MrScarduelli (1 month ago)
It was not a random draw. It used the Buchholz sistem or whatever. So complexity could only get mibr, Big could only get Navi and so on
Ost (1 month ago)
go s1mple

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