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7 games where the bad guys win

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Sometimes the bad guys win. There's nothing you can do about it; no happy ending, no last-minute reprieve. These are those games, when evil triumphs over good and our heroes watch their worlds burn.
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MAINTITLE (1 month ago)
where the fuck is Hatered?
KiryuGodzilla1 (2 months ago)
At the end of Decepticons campaign in Transformers The Game, The Decepticons wins and Sam and Mikaela's fate are unknown and at the end of Aliens faction campaign in Godzilla Unleashed, Vorticia and the Vortaak have successfully conquered the Earth after SpaceGodzilla is defeated by 3 Alien monsters and at the end of Mutants faction campaign, after 6 monsters were defeated by a Tyrant Mutant monster with all 7 power surges, the crystals overruns the Planet Earth and Miku states SpaceGodzilla has won and all hope is lost, while SpaceGodzilla roars in victory.
andre zico (4 months ago)
Bayonetta is evil all could end better
thestrategygammer (10 months ago)
i dont see why the singularity ending were you spared barisov (the doctor) is supoced to be a bad ending. Shure we do not know all the information but i got the impression from the information you coud gather in the game that Barisov would have rejected a millitary conqest of the world and only whanted to use E99 to help humanity. and with this tecnology the soviet union coud have won the cold war by simply being more advanced the the west and the wold could be a great place we do not know
Master Asia (10 months ago)
Dead Space 3. With the DLC you learn Carver and Clark get back to Earth to warn them about the incoming threat, only to arrive to the sight of the Brethren Moons already there, feasting off the Earth.
Kent Huang (11 months ago)
Mortal Deception was a win for the villains. Only a few of good guys in the game survived and some weren't so lucky. Li Mei is captured and enslaved to serve Onaga, Raiden sacrifices himself and returns in a more sinister being, Cyrax is trapped in another realm, and Sub Zero left to bury Frost whom he thought was dead. That just left Bo Rai Cho and Kenshi to deal with Onaga when he returned.
Tnightslasher (1 year ago)
you forget call of duty ghosts
ZeMegaManEnt (1 year ago)
SPOILER ALERT: both Autobots and Decepticons end up on Earth.
Princess Celestia (1 year ago)
how about ten games where the hero has to rescue the villain?
Ignit Wacom (1 year ago)
I hate the fact that there are SO many games making anti-communist propaganda. This is not the cold war anymore, just stop.
Alistair Wetherall (1 year ago)
Actually the first Singularity ending is subjectively better than the rest.
Emil De Maeyer (1 year ago)
What about outlast???
QuanTicTaco (1 year ago)
GLaDOS should easily be on that list
drusik (1 year ago)
Dead Space? Where the good guys accidentally fuck over humanity?
I was gonna say kotor on the evil side
FlamingSquirlLauncher (1 year ago)
I always kill Ross and the other guy in the few shots you get as John at the end. It took me forever to figure out why I couldn't find him as Jack.
Dario Marvulli (1 year ago)
ZAMASU tea maker 啊 (1 year ago)
heroes of might and magic 3
bestsnowboarderuknow (1 year ago)
No Final Fantasy 6???
Carl Trinidad (1 year ago)
cod ghosts
Psycho333 (1 year ago)
Well there are endings for Heavy Rain where the villain wins and in Last of Us Joel BECOMES the villain.
Matthew R (1 year ago)
Star Wars The Force Unleashed is another one.
Clang Clang (1 year ago)
Maybe could've concluded Witcher 3 "bad" ending (eventhough it's a choice ending basically), the unwinnable fight at the end
Manny C (1 year ago)
yo red dead mann. red dead.
Pierce Garramone (1 year ago)
Dmitry Zhabishe (1 year ago)
What's the name of background track? It's so cool.
Balta Skywalker (1 year ago)
This guy talks just like MatPat.
Luis Calisto (1 year ago)
love how you say there's spoilers but not for which games, cuz fuck me right
Mitchell Hunter (1 year ago)
Always considered "Kill Demichev" in Singularity a good rending.
Mattias Bygge (1 year ago)
Another game is Might and magic: dark messiah. it has a good ending too though.
Remme Family (1 year ago)
The Evil Within! I mean, yeah, Seb lives...but Ruvik achieves his goal :D
Habib The Sloth (1 year ago)
God of War? You play as the bad guy
PiK (1 year ago)
Where are all the GTA games? You're playing as the bad guy.
Controversial Radio (1 year ago)
Not really
Volken (1 year ago)
Fishistic, Worse than Hitler. You..do you know this is about communism?..Are you challenged in the brain cells are just retarded if you compare Communism to ''Fishistic'' You mean Fascism but still think 'Hitler' is bad, When you don't know who himmler is, Or what the Communist did to the Tsarist, Ukraine, Gulags Ect.
Thracian Tendency (1 year ago)
Every world war 2 game.
AdrenalStorm (1 year ago)
What about Starcraft Expansion: Brood Wars. Kerrigan wins and becomes Queen Bitch of the Universe?
Dominik Römer (1 year ago)
Final Fantasy: Crisis Core thou. ...Kinda.
Dovahguiin (1 year ago)
I half expected Final Fantasy VI to be on the list... Then again, Kefka does get his ass handed to him eventually.
Amaranthus616 (1 year ago)
You could say any GTA game or free roam crime game because you are the bad guy.
ToxicDragon4569 (1 year ago)
No Spoiler Warning? We are talking about ENDINGS here
DerTikimann (1 year ago)
Portal. Best example.
NenoMeister (1 year ago)
DarkTradFR (1 year ago)
Kingdom hearts birth by sleep ? Xehanorth wins i'll put it number 8 :D
NinjaPanda 236 (1 year ago)
in FNAF sister location, you get your guts pried out and had your skin turned into a suit for anamatronics to hide in.
Elizabeth Lestrad (1 year ago)
I'm surprised Mass Effect 3 and Final Fantasy XIII (parts 1 and 2) didn't make the list...
Matilda Starlight (1 year ago)
Is That Sephiroth On That Thumbnail?!
Matilda Starlight (1 year ago)
+DIO Thanks!
Dovahguiin (1 year ago)
2:05 That's Dracula. (Alucard is Drac's son in Castlevania by the way)
Matilda Starlight (1 year ago)
+Al Ashworth Thats Alucard!
Teresa Ashworth (1 year ago)
+Mochil Monica I believe it's from a Castlevania game... And you don't have to capitalize every letter in a sentence, you know.
Matilda Starlight (1 year ago)
Al Ashworth But It's Looks Like Sephiroth! What Is That From?
Ray Butler (1 year ago)
Every GTA ever...
Ray Butler (1 year ago)
AC Rogue, the Templars win, you kill two incredibly important Assassin's, one from Black Flag and one from Unity.
NagandEmerald (1 year ago)
Overlord. Seriously, the motto of the game is "Evil always finds a way."
argenis cañez (1 year ago)
In some endings Heavy Rain, Legacy Of Kain Soul Reaver 1 & 2...while in one Kain scapes in th 2nd one Raziel gets lost in the spiritual world
Arcueid Brunestud (1 year ago)
Soul Nomad. The villain(you) ends reality including him/herself for the lulz.
Joseph Richardson (1 year ago)
formula vitamin point.
Zhalos (1 year ago)
Warcraft III : Frozen Throne.
drsatanrx (1 year ago)
I don't think Diablo 3 really counts....
Timotius Petrus (1 year ago)
is i not mistaken killzone shadowfall bad guy win
ProbeVoyages (1 year ago)
XCOM: Enemy Unknown...why wouldn't they include a game where the only canon ending is "you lost because the aliens were stronger than humanity, what the hell did you expect"?
ProbeVoyages (1 year ago)
+Private Switch Yes, but XCOM 2 is fighting the bad guys AFTER they won.  So XCOM: EU is still a game where the bad guys win.
Private Switch (1 year ago)
ProbeVoyages maybe because of XCOM 2?
Keith (1 year ago)
I know the alternative ending I'm propossing isn't really playing within the rules of the genre but i hoped in red dead redemption I could've shoot the gun outta that old mans hand and just leave him to whimper. So I could at least feel like jack was the better man.
Spartan11117777 (1 year ago)
Hey!!! You forgot Gears of War 3 where Humans are the Alien Invaders from Outer Space, landed on Planet Sera, established Government Superpowers, had their Wars with each other, then eventually the Original Inhabitants of Planet Sera fought back...then Adam Fenix Genocided most of the Locust Race. The Bad Guys aka Humans Won... And also I read an Article on GameInformer telling about this Topic "Where the Bad Guys Win"... they Mentioned Killzone Games where the Helghast were the Victims of Cruel Government Tyranny from the ISA...then they struck back at them, had their War on Helghan Planet and Completely Genocided the Helghast Homeworld even if their were People who didn't agree with Helghast Way...they died too on that Planet in an instant. :)
PillsburyDoughboy (1 year ago)
Hate to say it but the worse COD should be in this list, Call Of Duty Ghosts. Logan (the protagonist) gets his bitch-ass dragged by the assumed-to-be-dead Rorke (the main antagonist).
Axial (1 year ago)
Dead Space 3's Arrival DLC is probably the worst. Moon-sized eldritch abominations have arrived to convert Earth into Necromorphs and there is NO indication that the result will be anything less then the extermination of the entire human species. Actually a rather fitting ending for such a Lovecraftian cosmic horror story of a game.
Akin Khoo (1 year ago)
outro is to loud... dislike.
Mike (1 year ago)
Final Fantasy Crisis Core definitely deserved a spot on the list. Zack's final moments still hurt!
Strength Beyond (1 year ago)
Would you consider that the bad guys winning, though?
Abyss Walker (1 year ago)
Real Shit Dracula has to save this Fucken World From Satan
pencil (1 year ago)
General Shepard triggered the war? I think fucking Makarov nuking US troops triggered the war.
ik0 gaming (1 year ago)
Name of the games that are spoiled - Singularity -Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness -Transformers : Fall of Cybertron -Diablo -Call of duty :Modern Warfare 2 -Red Dead Redemption -Halo Reach
ik0 gaming (1 year ago)
+ProbeVoyages 😅
ProbeVoyages (1 year ago)
+ik0 gaming I guess it would be better to at least know what you're going to spoil so you don't spoil it completely, but it still seems a bit silly to me.
ik0 gaming (1 year ago)
+ProbeVoyages not really. If the user knows the name of the games he will be able to decide wether these games are worth spoiling or not . There are instances where I see a spoiler alert warning and I have to stop watching the video just because I am unsure whether my fav show/game is spoiled or not
ProbeVoyages (1 year ago)
Technically by saying those names you'd be spoiling it anyways since the title + spoiler warning would guarantee that the bad guys win in that game.
ik0 gaming (1 year ago)
+KnivesEco Personally I deny to watch any video which claims to spoil something but this time I went YOLO and just wrote the titles just in case a viewer wants to know the names of the games spoiled
Shal (1 year ago)
Destroy all humans??
Keishin B237 (1 year ago)
to be fair the covenant spaired a good portion of Reach from glassing because they were looking for foreunner artifacts that, coincidentaly, allowed the defenders of reach to hang on for so long
Viking Wolf (1 year ago)
Actually Jun don't die in Halo Reach. No one know whats happen to him. He gose with Dr. Halsey to escort her. So the whole team don't die.
Matthew Melange (1 year ago)
Lorgar Aurelian (1 year ago)
Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.
Arthur Pendragon (1 year ago)
Spoilers ahead, thy be warned! Max Payne 2: Mona dies, leaving Max broken (again). Sure, Vlad is dead as well, but it never felt like a victory (i know there is an ending, were mona live, but i see that as non-canonical) Half Life 2: Episode 2: Alyx' Father dies' the advisors fled, and we are still waiting for Pt 3. Definitely a victory for you bad guys (that means you as well, Valve, :-)) Nier: okay... technically there was no "real" bad guy. But mankind is fucked, no matter what happens.
Gattsu Brando (1 year ago)
Final Fantasy VI?
SonofRiggnarok (1 year ago)
3:00 Oh wow the bad guy wins? I didn't see that obvious ending coming?
KarolusTemplareV (1 year ago)
Singularity was a really great game.
THE MEMES JACK (1 year ago)
Logans shadow
ChuckPalomo (1 year ago)
Most game here shouldn't really count since the sequels fix everything. A good one for this list would be Dead Space 3, where humanity gets destroyed by cosmic horrors. Doesn't get more final than that, unless they retcon it later.
Rented Mule (1 year ago)
But the list in the video is a list of "games where the bad guys win", not "game series where the bad guys win". Although I do see why you'd say that. I would've preferred to see games where the bad guys "truly" win.
ChuckPalomo (1 year ago)
+Cole Adkins You know what? fair enough.
Cole Adkins (1 year ago)
I don't know, using horror games feels like cheating. Loosing is kinda the norm for the genre.
Derkosson (1 year ago)
Do you know Overlord 1 and 2 ? Where the evil win because you are the evil lord of darkness and you win ? It isn't in the same tone as the other games described in the video, but it deserved a mention.
rabana stras (1 year ago)
gr+: probablemente no leas esto por que esta en otro idioma pero si te da curiosidad esta es mi humilde opinión *7 el final bueno consiste en matarte a vos mismo (al final no morís pero nada de los sucesos del juego entero ocurren) *6 el final en si no es malo Gabriel se vuelve dracula pero luego de beber la sangre de la pequeña Laura y después de consumir al Olvidado convirtiéndose en el anti héroe definitivo (la otras versiones de Castelvania a la larga los buenos ganan y todos son felices, salvo algunas bajas solo para darle dramatismo a la saga) *5 Los transformers son una forma de vida(por ponerlo de una forma) caótica son maquinas hechas para la guerra pero hay heroísmo en ellos como el de optimus ademas esos sucesos llevaron a que los autobots conozcan la tierra eventualmente derrotarían a megatron y llegaría la era de oro es una lastima que no continuaran la saga *4 alguien sigue jugando Diablo? *3 Quisas la saga mas legendaria pero en realidad no es un juego sino una trilogía al final el malo muere y el mundo se salva de una tercera guerra mundial que casi parecía imposible detener *2 el tipo es una anti heroe pero aunque muriera su hijo lo venga no es malo el final el tipo murió como vivió solo eso *1 ya perdí la cuenta con todos los Halo déjense de joder lo único malo es que nunca se acaban y cada ves son mas feos quisas ese es el malo que gana al final pero no en el juego sino en los tipos que hacen estos juegos de mierda y la gente se los compra, como veras los malos solo ganan en la vida real lamentablemente PD el malo que gana es en Darkness al no tener continuación claro
Ieatpaste23 (1 year ago)
In Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 Dracula redeems himself and chooses his family over evil.
ペマPemaMendez (1 year ago)
hey, gamesradar guy, you microphone sucks! get a new one.
Winhert (1 year ago)
frozen throne?
RadiusZero (1 year ago)
Surprised you didn't mention the Shin MegaTen series. Shin Megami Tensei Nocture was my favorite. It is a perfect example of a no-win situation with all flavors of 'bad guys' winning (even the neutral 'good' ending implies the apocalyptic event will repeat in the future over and over again). With the version including Devil May Cry's Dante, you can get the ultimate bad-guy-winning ending. In recruiting Dante, you're encouraged to complete the Amala's Labyrinth and destroy each of its candelbra-wielding gatekeepers. But in doing so, you're led to the Lucifer Ending. OAO Basically, your protagonist takes up Lucifer's cause, destroys God, destroys the possibility of 'Conception', and allows the universe to be ruled by demons. This is actually considered the best ending of them all, LOL. O_O
Eduardo Souza (1 year ago)
KH BBS the heroes are domed from start (the prequel dinamic), ad they even canot stop the bad guy only delay hit
VitoMolas (1 year ago)
what about half life? the combine invaded earth and enslaved the human race
Dmitry Zhabishe (1 year ago)
Half-Life 2 is also this. City 17 is massively damaged, thousands are dead; two top Refugees are presumably dead (Gordon and Alyx); Combine forces are everywhere shooting everyone on sight; whereabouts of Combine's command is unknown (as well as their plans); the Earth itself is polluted and filled with headcrab-zombies and other awful creatures. Episodes 1 and 2 does not improve anything: Combine command was able to flee (and their future plans are, again, unknown), Earth is still infected with all the shit described above, one of Refugee's leaders is dead and people's only hope is mysterious ship created by insane-ish scientists from another Valve franchise.
Mr No Buddies (1 year ago)
How about Final Fantasy 6 where the bad guy achieves destroying the world and becoming a god.
Mr No Buddies (1 year ago)
PerkulatorBenny or worse... he already destroyed the world
PerkulatorBenny (1 year ago)
That's a "pyrrhic victory" (i.e. you win, but the losses are so bad you might as well have lost). Sure, you kill him, but only AFTER he's already achieved his goals.
ChuckPalomo (1 year ago)
But you beat him in the second half.
gilbert suliman (1 year ago)
whats the name of the first game shown before the list started ?
icspps (1 year ago)
I'm suprised no one mentioned Call of Duty Black Ops. You know... the ending when you find out you were secretly a Russian sleeper agent who killed Kennedy? Or how about Star Craft Brood War, where Kerrigan crushes a Protoss, Terran, and Earth alliance and declares herself, "Queen Bitch of the Universe" and "Queen of Blades"?
Zartyzzo (1 year ago)
Diablo is in here but not Warcraft 3???
Dr Cocktopus (1 year ago)
Evil will always triumph because good is dumb.
Terry 309 (1 year ago)
Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne
Raphael Baron (1 year ago)
Shadow of the colossus
Avery H (1 year ago)
Singularity had a pretty awesome ending. Such an underrated game. Want a sequel!
Avery H (1 year ago)
+Youmeandthatguy53 jeez, it's 30 bucks on Steam!? I guess I'd wait just because it should be cheaper by now. But it's a really good game don't get me wrong
Youmeandthatguy53 (1 year ago)
Is it worth $30 or should I wait for a steam sale
Avery H (1 year ago)
+Simeon Vazharov I wish it had been better received
Simeon Vazharov (1 year ago)
Avery H True
assasinscreed45 (1 year ago)
am i the only one who loves when the badguys win?
ProbeVoyages (1 year ago)
No, but that's because you have to either be horrible, or be really developed in appreciating meaningful plots(like something with a real message or idea instead of "good vs bad and good wins how nice"). There are far more horrible people in the world, so if you go around sharing that, people will probably assume you're the former unless you go into more detail.
Trump Is Mad (1 year ago)
I didn't even think modern warfare 2 was going to be on the list, but damn I'm happy.
kiayin (1 year ago)
I haven't fully beat Borderlands 2, but I know the ending, and Handsome Jack is CLEARLY the bad guy. Also, Game Theory is dumb in my opinion
Hannibus 42 (1 year ago)
+kiayin no they don't! The Bad guys win and Handsome Jack loses! Check out "the game theorists" they have a vid that explains what I'm talking about.
kiayin (1 year ago)
+Hannibus 42 | Maybe because the bad guys lose in Borderlands 2?
Hannibus 42 (1 year ago)
why wasn't Borderlands 2 on this?
Kingrames (1 year ago)
AHHH you left out a big one. Bloodrayne 2. At the end of the game, you fight your way to the top of a tower to prevent a smog machine from covering the world in darkness (cliche, but whatever) and actually stop it, only to watch as thousands of similar towers activate in the distance. The world is covered in smog, vampires erupt out of caves in the ground and race at lightning speed like a tidal wave of death, killing all of humanity and conquering the world. You later find out there are barely a handful of survivors in underground vaults, but at that point, humanity becomes the myth and vampires rule the world.
Hannibus 42 (1 year ago)
Borderlands 2 should've been on this as well!
marge simpson (1 year ago)
Singularity was way better than that overblown piece of shit quantum theory.
xavier pascal (1 year ago)
what about Wolfenstein?
Where is Dante from Devil may cry 1-4
Big Boss (1 year ago)
Why is the video soooo quiet?
Mr. Mister (1 year ago)
You forgot about Overlord.

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