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Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games So Far

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Presenting a list of the top-rated Switch video games currently available in stores and the Nintendo eShop. These are the highest-rated titles for the Nintendo’s newest console. Support this channel by getting these games through the affiliate links below: * Arms https://goo.gl/75knV7 * Disgaea 5 Complete https://goo.gl/iNe5yy * Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star https://goo.gl/M8h93K * The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild https://goo.gl/1g8WSv * Mario Kart 8 Deluxe https://goo.gl/82Vrg1 * Puyo Puyo Tetris https://goo.gl/TEMS2Q * Snipperclips - Cut it out, together! https://goo.gl/T3vH6k * Splatoon 2 https://goo.gl/LnzsD2 * The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ https://goo.gl/8myQsr whatoplay updates you with the latest, the most anticipated and the best PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, iOS and Android video games today. Subscribe now at https://www.youtube.com/user/whatoplaychannel Discover and Share your video game choices at http://www.whatoplay.com. Connect with other whatoplay followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ - https://www.facebook.com/whatoplay - https://www.twitter.com/whatoplay - https://instagram.com/whatoplay - https://plus.google.com/100536220375867144593/.
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Text Comments (1669)
Tahu Luke (2 months ago)
Boi fate extella should be number 1
Gene Reyva (3 months ago)
TLoZ:BotW is the most overrated game since the Half-Life games.
Gucci So TV (4 months ago)
Worst top 10 I ever watched literally.
KouhaiChan (5 months ago)
whatoplay (5 months ago)
Hi! This video was released last year. Currently, Bayonetta 2 has a Playscore of 8.74.
Mòrag 23 (5 months ago)
With Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Atelier Lydie & Suelle and Splatoon 2, Fate/EXTELLA The Umbral Star is in my favorite Switch games in spring 2018! This version sold almost the same amount of units as the PS4 (170K vs. 180K), but was release 6 months later, so it could have sell more! Fate/EXTELLA Link WILL come to Switch, is inevitable, it'll just be release after PS4 and Vita
Titiana Rasputin (6 months ago)
differnshate? really? I wonder what iZack thinks of this.
ReflectedBoy7 (6 months ago)
Kid Icarus for switch would overtop every game of them.
Taylor Smith (6 months ago)
wait did you not mention odyssey?
Pika Toad Gaming (6 months ago)
I hate the switch i love i ps 4
Shilvio D. Linton (6 months ago)
I really dislike the voice. The enthusiasm sounds forced.
Dimentive (6 months ago)
I was surprised that Super Mario Odyssey wasn’t on the list, but then I looked at the date.
Dimentive (6 months ago)
I honestly love this channel and has been a fan for years, but c’mon: That thumbnail is a bit clickbaity.
Edward noi (6 months ago)
They didn't show Xenoblade... Or Pokken... Not even Odyssey.... I disagree.
whatoplay (6 months ago)
Hey Edward! We have a couple of videos about Nintendo Switch games released after this one. Here are the links: https://youtu.be/1byQNNt1nJ8 https://youtu.be/kMlTAtfv_Vw We'll surely release another Top 10 in the future :) Thanks for the suggestion!
Edward noi (6 months ago)
whatoplay My bad, this just appeared on my news feed on YouTube thought the video was recent. Didn't check the date. Do you plan to make a new list?
whatoplay (6 months ago)
Hi! Xenoblade Chronicles 2 wasn't released yet when this video was posted. That game has a playscore of 8.47. Pokken Tournament DX didn't make it with a Playscore of 8.12. At the time, Super Mario Odyssey didn't have a Playscore yet, but currently, it has an excellent score of 9.48.
Mekalor (6 months ago)
I love your voice and your accent! Can't believe the comments, these people have been living under a rock.
Where is oddessey
whatoplay (6 months ago)
Did you mean Super Mario Odyssey? When this video was published, that game wasn't released yet. Currently, it has a Playscore of 9.48. To check on you favorite game's Playscores, please visit our website: https://whatoplay.com/
Hentai Lover (7 months ago)
Only clicked because of the tits
Tyler Yang (7 months ago)
I see tamamo, I click
Dark Yagami (7 months ago)
id love to see the persona saga on the switch
SaltLevelsMax (7 months ago)
"eye-zack" lmao
Gael32 (7 months ago)
"Finally giving us a way to play console quality games on the go..." You forgot about the Vita didn't you? That's ok... the Sony did as well.
scarlett taylor (7 months ago)
arms isn't a good game.
Megamigit23 (7 months ago)
Inov-votive mechanics?!? 14:15
Megamigit23 (7 months ago)
Binding of Isaac costing more than double on switch than all other platforms makes no sense at all
Kouska Chikara (7 months ago)
id say splatoon is good , if its net code weren't shit, no matter where i am i dc constantly only on that game no other online game have i disconnected so often it makes it unplayable. sad to say im prolly gonna trade it in soon
Jacob Trudell (7 months ago)
Why you say Isaac weird? It's a well known name
whatoplay (7 months ago)
Hmm, we get a lot of comments about this. I think it's our accent peeking out.
snowy leopard (7 months ago)
The announcer really sold it
Matthew Miranda (8 months ago)
11:08 *1080p visuals
Se7enty4 Gaming (8 months ago)
Zelda set the bar high.
Kyuujuuni (8 months ago)
Who paid this lady?
Godboundedbyrules (8 months ago)
I'm a simple man, I see Tamamo no mae, i click.
LittleKlas AS (8 months ago)
Actually there isn't much game on the switch.... Zelda and Mario kart are all from Wii U
Ghostly 00 (8 months ago)
Eye Sack, Dis Gay Uh, SaL Mon. Plz stop
Dionysis Tsirigotis (9 months ago)
0:52 - "Much like any roguelike or road-like(?) games..." Umm... What?
Miia Raven (9 months ago)
I bought my Switch 'cause Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Why is it not heeeerrree?
Mr SoulVault (9 months ago)
just waiting for tomodachi life. dont mind me
Mikko Anthony Ting (9 months ago)
I honestly enjoyed xenoblade waaay more than zelda.
Overdrive (9 months ago)
I feel like I’m the only one who did not like the Zelda game. It’s not really a Zelda game, it’s the Witcher: PG edition.
Jeff LeFevre (9 months ago)
Binding of I-zach? People make me sad...
Brandon O'Dell (9 months ago)
#1 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe #2 Fast RMX
Turky Alasiri (9 months ago)
arms looks amazing, no doubt. However, unless it gets more modes other thann just battling a guy infant of you, like a group mode where you walk and capture and do stuff, then it won't live long because its boring. more modes then I will play it again cuz I bought it and left it aside
Philip J. Fry (9 months ago)
Brennan McAuley (9 months ago)
What is nba 2k18 play score
Ripable Paper (9 months ago)
She said samonoid wrong
Donnie Machine Gun (9 months ago)
botw is overrated
Porter0012 (9 months ago)
Man, Switch had a rough release lineup, aside from Zelda. It's thankfully gotten better and better, though
WTFemon (9 months ago)
sahlmon runs? lol sorry
Reggie Mass (9 months ago)
Lists are bs
imohsowrong (9 months ago)
Pretty sure 75% of people saw anime tiddies and clicked on. :/
Robert Armstrong (10 months ago)
eye sack
StrikerHeadshot (10 months ago)
Where the FUCK is Mario odyssey!?
Fred Eric (10 months ago)
There is nothing more annoying but hearing a narrator being so hyped for fucking nothing. Jeez, i almost cut the sound
SiMsTR eXe (10 months ago)
This is your top ten list!? You suck. What is this wordly or trendy!? Wtf!? Be different be unique! Nothing else could top breath of the wild!? Wtf!? Of course not ( sarcasm) 1. Doom 2. Wolfenstein 3. Resident evil revalations collection 4. Ultra street fighter 2 the final challengers 5. Sonic mania 6. The legend of zelda breath of the wild ( it actually is a good game he runs and jumps but doesnt have to be #1) 7.xenoblade 2 8. Etc. You get the point
SiMsTR eXe (10 months ago)
JediPancakes (10 months ago)
us zelda fans waited 5 years not 1
Arcade (10 months ago)
Brandon Durocher (10 months ago)
Hell yea , I’ve been out of the console gaming for years and into pc , but it has always been a huge hobby of mine .In super excited about this system and it’s potential .
THECHOSENONE :3 (10 months ago)
Little me Foxy (10 months ago)
Am I the only one who does not want legend of Zelda
Keannu (9 months ago)
Little me Foxy nope :)
Parker Hann (10 months ago)
I got botw for Christmas and I have at least 100 hours on it
Galax Tube (10 months ago)
Just as a note: the reason Mario Odyssey isn't here is because this video was made before October.
Leonidus Cousland (10 months ago)
Switch games are way too expensive.
Jordan Cardenas (10 months ago)
Those tits though
hardw0od (10 months ago)
Sheikah Chick (10 months ago)
Fate/Extella looks like Dynasty Warriors gameplay style. Is this true?
Jessie Guerrero (10 months ago)
I though the switch only made 6 games no far. Mario Odessy Mario Kart Legend of Zelda 1 2 Switch Wwe 2k17 And lego undercover .
Bombosa (10 months ago)
Sal-mon, eye-zac. These pronunciations are killing me.
Jon Idoncair (10 months ago)
i always love watching these videos. as a plus I enjoy the dumbass comment section blaming whatoplay for them stating facts of top ranked games of collective scores from the internet and not their own personal opinions as they state at the beginning of every. single. video. yet nobody listens and bitches questioning how their fav game/hated game was higher/lower than another......
Zammle Man (10 months ago)
Soooo no Mario odyssey? I didn’t even know some of the games in here existed and you didn’t put Mario odyssey?
J Nunez (10 months ago)
I feel like mario oddysey should have been on here
Cryo (10 months ago)
The part where they talk about Disgaea 5 is completely incorrect the PS4 version has better quality visuals than The switch in the colour as well as for all the "content" Disgaea switch costs around £60.00 (im UK) where on the PS4 it costs around £25.00 this is because on the switch your buying both the game and the DLC content. Where on the PS4 you buy the game at £25.00-£27.00 without the pass then you buy the pass and you get the exact same content. As for terms of graphics, they are wrong and I hope it was by "mistake" as I really don't like when people provide wrong information about games just to try and get you hooked on a console I could be wrong when I say that and it could have just been a simple mistake which I hope otherwise if I find any more mistakes like this while watching their vids they just lost a sub. Also, I currently own both versions of the game on Switch and PS4. I like the Disgaea series in general.
Death March (10 months ago)
Don't buy arm's it was such a huge failure that is why no one talks about it anymore....
Nick Cullen (10 months ago)
binding of Isaac should be like number 1
Death March (10 months ago)
why would a OLD game be number one?
roisin dubh (10 months ago)
Someone’s Canadian
anime games suck dude
Even a goddamn alien can pronounce Eye-Sack
Lost in Aokigahara (7 months ago)
It’s not pronounced “Eye-Sack”.... it’s pronounced “Eye-Zick”
Ian Crawford (10 months ago)
I own 4 games. Skyrim, Mario Odyssey, Zelda BoTW and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I'd say they are all pretty good.
Ian Crawford (10 months ago)
I own 4 games. Skyrim, Mario Odyssey, Zelda BoTW and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I'd say they are all pretty good.
Weirdizo (10 months ago)
Number 9....what? A Warriors like game that only has a single player experience? What kind of lonely weirdo you take me for hahaha, if it doesn't have local co-op on a warriors game its not really worth it for me.
Be Our Third Wheel (11 months ago)
I wish don't starve together comes into switch
Against the Grain (11 months ago)
Ima hardcore xbox player but damm.. I remember F-zero... Might have to get one
Steven Wood (11 months ago)
The switch looks really good there games never lack content on it 😥
Inchido (11 months ago)
*B O O B S I N T H E T H U M B N A I L*
SaveMeMoon (11 months ago)
Ok I thought this list was ok till #2. I mean MK 8 Deluxe really??? It's the worst cash grab of the console so far.
PonyStorm (11 months ago)
misterPAINMAKER (11 months ago)
None of these games is worth 60$.
PaleVoyager (11 months ago)
Top Ten Mispronounced Words
Gavrilo (11 months ago)
That fate is a stupid musou and it gas a higher score than Isaac? Fatefags are so dumb
Sans the Comic (11 months ago)
I just got a new switch for $398
LightXDark689 (11 months ago)
Lol Nintendo haters are mad. So much salt here in this comment section. What's wrong? Can't handle the truth that the Switch is selling and will continue to sell.
Matthew Cates (11 months ago)
Zelda deserves a 10.
The Nintendo switch is winning the pspvita Wow and PS4 the switch and the Xbox one X are the best
IMRavnos (11 months ago)
Binding of EYE-ZACK is a horrible game and is trendy thanks to children getting off on the word afterbirth and the concept of living abortions.
Carl Bishop (11 months ago)
don't know what your on but your voice goes right thro me you to talk to fast
Gregory Newpher (11 months ago)
Where the f@ck is Mario odyssey
Wong Fei Hung (11 months ago)
Orochi 2 nintendo switch anyone
Andrew Kender (1 year ago)
This girl is wayyyyy too enthusiastic.
Greg Furr (1 year ago)
The announcer talks like Sarah Palin.
S.S Seiko (1 year ago)
S A H L - M O N R U N
Chandler Thistle (1 year ago)
Why are you talking like a six flags commercial?
Randy Lothrop (1 year ago)
I don't think this announcer could be any more Canadian.

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