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Archer Growing Up

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Three problems: 1) While Wee Baby Seamus is the one with the "archer" tattoo, if you darken his eye brows, it does visually convey a baby Archer. 2) I omitted Archer in prep school because the animators used his adult design. 3) The bootcamp clip might also have used an adult Archer, but I kept that clip since his face was turned away. My personal take on watching it all in consecutively: The way Archer suppresses/distorts memories, his dad probably had a moustache, which doesn't narrow matters down much since Len Trexler and Major Jakov both rock them.
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Nathan McCollough (4 days ago)
He got his schlong stuck in a vaccuum cleaner.
Ben Hinman (1 month ago)
You left out the part of him riding his lacrosse stick going "woooo!"
Lazy Ryn (1 month ago)
1:15 Motherboy! Gotta love the Arrested Development reference :D
dave41184 (2 months ago)
Young Sterling is hilarious, he could have a spin off of his own :)
David Jones (2 months ago)
Sadly, claiming homosexuality won't save you these days...SUCK ON THAT EQUALITY ELLEN YOU DEGENERIS WORSHIPPING NEIL PATRICK HARRISONS!!! 🍑🍌🍒🍭🍹
RINX (2 months ago)
That’s some good succ
Le gameur (3 months ago)
Jonathan Sayah (3 months ago)
And people wonder why he can be a jerk and idiot at times.
mrpurple11 (3 months ago)
Sterling is that kind of character who is a terrible person but I still wish him happiness and all the best in life. God I need him to be happily married with Lana and for Lana to keep being a milf and his best friend!!😭😭
Guilshad Joseph (1 month ago)
Well I guess so
A.G Productions (4 months ago)
And I thought Bojack had a rough childhood.
Mabsss33 (4 months ago)
Cyril's dad is Sterling's dad
SuperMaDBrothers (5 months ago)
LOL the end is fucking amazing
JEREMY IDK (5 months ago)
That ending of made in Georgia opening with the song peaches from the presidents of the United States was funny as hell.
Sterling Archer (5 months ago)
Thats wee baby seamus
The crazy Entity (5 months ago)
you never hit on 17
ForceMaximus84 (5 months ago)
Eastbound and Down!
Nate Landherr (5 months ago)
Anyone wanna see muppet babies with Archer
PetersaberHD (6 months ago)
God damn, Elvira.
PercyEngine45 (6 months ago)
Reginalds a gay name but mallory isnt
Random VIDEOS (6 months ago)
What i dont get is wtf ever happened to the real dad? Yes, i saw the gift but why AFTER the mom kill herself and shot her son why did the dad not step up and be there for archer?
NC.Orbit (7 months ago)
You forgot about him getting dunked into the toilet
Dorktoys (7 months ago)
Very true, but that episode was two years after I put this together, and they seemed to have otherwise cut the flashbacks. I know I missed a flashback to him cleaning the fireplace while the dog had a birthday party, but by the time I realized that, this video had so many views and I didn't want to restart.
Un5t0pPa8l:3 LU (7 months ago)
"My water just broke and I need a drink"
Shelton Ross (8 months ago)
Can't drink, can't play cards, what good are you!
Nate Escobales (8 months ago)
WORST...CHILDHOOD...EVER!😖😡 (Comic book guy reference!)
paul you (8 months ago)
Why did she shoot him?!
BloodiedScythe (8 months ago)
"Archer, get your things!" "He's gay..."
Rimabros 98 (9 months ago)
2:40 I died XD
Machinen Kanone (9 months ago)
So....as you can see the tinnitus has been, literary, a life long issue.
Madame Tigre Le Deuxieme (9 months ago)
Plot twist: Cyril is Archer's real father lol
Tyrese Jefferson (9 months ago)
I think archers dad Is Burt rennolds
Trill Gates (9 months ago)
Damn. Woodhouse was kinda cool back then.
SpookyRoseV (9 months ago)
I love how Mallory feels have Archer’s middle name being a girls name (being after herself) is less gay than Reginald
Saucy (10 months ago)
souptroophat Esplin (10 months ago)
Spy sappen my wine glass
Alex Braunberger (10 months ago)
I wonder if they will ever reveal who Sterling's father was.
LD SL (10 months ago)
We will miss you Woodhouse
What episode is it
That baby in the thumbnail is Seamus
Spenser Graham (10 months ago)
1:05 getting that tinnitus in early, I see
Woodhouse met Malory when she was pregnant
mattmanj gigs (1 year ago)
ih8study (1 year ago)
Wait this means if he was born around wwii, archer is like in his 60s
Un5t0pPa8l:3 LU (1 year ago)
woodhouse is a real friend lol, when he kick the vacuum cleaner under the bed LOL
Shanki Oad (1 year ago)
Anyone else think that Sterling was cute as a kid?
Fantastic backstory !
TheSpicyIceCubeXD _ (1 year ago)
lol that ending
doeboyelsancho (1 year ago)
Reginald = toø gay Sterling & Malory = not gay "That is classic YØU mother!" -Årcher
Daedalos (1 year ago)
I can't help but laugh so hard everytime they show that clip of him alone at the lacrosse field
BOB (1 year ago)
just like my mom
Anis Dabchy (1 year ago)
Archer was born in Casablanca???? just like me.
DASUPERCATMAN1 (1 year ago)
Why is Seamus in the thumbnail?
Maddy ;-; (1 year ago)
Was this an actual episode? ;D
Rimabros 98 (9 months ago)
Madi c; yes
MrGrownman455 (1 year ago)
Now Malroy is a strong woman. LOL She made me Elitist but you can't help but respect her and see her as one of the guys.
Cannibal Gamer (1 year ago)
Aww woodhouse looked after archer good
E Figueroa (1 year ago)
What if sterling had made it in the army?
E Figueroa (1 year ago)
Mallory was low key hot when she had sterling
The1980Philip (1 year ago)
Wow, Archer's mom was kinda hot.
Electric_Blue69 (1 year ago)
Aww I love archer as a kid so much.
Scary Dude (1 year ago)
His supposed father gave him a stuffed Alligator for his birthday. "I hope you like Alligators." "I do." Yet, one of his 3 biggest fears, according to the episode, "Pipeline Fever", are Alligators....possible link?
The Crimson fucker (1 year ago)
Maybe the alligators are a repressed fear of who his father was.
aguy654 (1 year ago)
We will never know who his father is, but we always know that his mother is just the worst, like the absolute worst.
Guilshad Joseph (1 month ago)
And shes a hoe
Amilcar Aviles (1 year ago)
What episode was archer born in
chauncy primm (1 year ago)
Him and the bike memory. His mother omg
1:32 square and the circle _lustidid_
1:11 no don't do it! GoD said don't get your hands dirty! AND NEVER WORK ON SUNDAYS EVER AGAIN! _LUSTI-has-A-boss_ HIS NAME IS GOD
Lord Gamer (1 year ago)
2:25 the mother was dressed up like Elvira from iw zombies AOTRT
gee his mom is SUCH a BITCH 😒 !!
CriterionCafe (1 year ago)
1:59 Cyril is Archer's dad
Guilshad Joseph (1 month ago)
That's why archer hates cyril
PercyEngine45 (6 months ago)
CriterionCafe then how are they roughly the same age present times
2:54...I have wondering...is the doctor like in a way related to Kriegger ?
PercyEngine45 (6 months ago)
Bender Bending Rodriguez what if he was krieger
1:29...why was she wearing an eye patch ?
Maria (1 month ago)
Oh who remembers
n o (1 year ago)
how did he start to get scared of alligators
ObiTrev (1 year ago)
2:13 Greatest costume ever!
Dartanyan Elson (1 year ago)
I've seen worse childhoods, but even that's no excuse.
Sage Ninja (1 year ago)
say what you want about Mallory Archer, but she was one exquisitely stunning woman when she was younger.
Guilshad Joseph (1 month ago)
Shes a hoe
Quân Bùi (1 year ago)
Whats the tune @ 3:46????
Tony (1 year ago)
"Sterling Reginald Archer" I like it, way better than Mallory.
J Munguia (1 year ago)
"Yes, Woodhouse, and then you can go buy some wax for your cross" DEAD 😂😂😂😂
Joseph Cole (1 year ago)
"Oh, well then I'll just get my coat" "And I'll wait here, for the ambulance to take your grievously wounded child to the hospital for emergency surgery." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
BradDaMan (1 year ago)
Anyone else notice how Archers "real father", had the same voice as Cyril.
ErwinSchrodinger64 (1 year ago)
At 3:33, that's a scene from the film, The Natural where an up and coming baseball player, Roy Hobes (played by Robert Redford), gets shot by a crazy lady.
Brightsmile Puppylove (1 year ago)
... Wow, a lot of stuff just made sense.
Mr Jinks (1 year ago)
Awesome well made video, great job! ;)
Tyler Sczublewski (1 year ago)
archers dad sounds like kriger.
Frank Bowman (1 year ago)
Worst mother since Grendel's mom.
Elektra Nachos (1 year ago)
Ray: "Wow. Really? My momma told me how much she loved me all the time." Mallory: "Exactly! And look how you turned out." Ray: "Uh... with high self-esteem?"
eoin bergin (1 year ago)
is burt Reynolds his dad?
Bmon44444 (1 year ago)
Anyone else pick up on the reference to "The Natural" when Arthur gets shot by the lady asking him if he will be the best player ever?
dodgers doon1130 (1 year ago)
yeah lots of friends
Tariq Yarbrough (1 year ago)
Woodhouse: Could his middle name be Reginald? Malory:........No a little too gay. 😂😂😂😂
trackboy17 (1 year ago)
Huh I wonder what made him go from loving alligators to hating them?
whowantsabighug (1 year ago)
So he had to either become an absolute asshole or break.
Alice Fay (1 year ago)
archer sounds like bob from bob's burger
Xander Van Zyl (9 months ago)
Alice Fay he is bob from bobs burger just watch the first episodes of season 4
Brandon Harris (1 year ago)
Mallory definitely has problems 1.had Kriegers parents killed 2.was never there for her son 3.never told Archer she loved him 4.Left him in a police station on Christmas as a child 5.Made him drink 6.Took all his halloween candy 7.is a general asshole with no moral qualms about some of the ways she treats people
If you noticed a dope hound had more parental skills and was more in his life than his mother who wasn't a druggie.
kkknotcool (1 year ago)
She went from young then old then young again in the first three chronological clips. (you can see her turkey neck and gray hair under the veil when she is in grieving clothes)
anime avenger (1 year ago)
You know what Woodhouse did a better job of raising Archer and he's addicted to heroin.
Dustin Cordell (1 year ago)
what a bitch i would gave her a dirt nap
Jason Lee (1 year ago)
which episode is 1:21 from?
ᓰᖶSᒪᑘᑢᗩS (1 year ago)
Jason Lee s1 ep9
Robert Smithson (1 year ago)
Archer Begins
Vincent Esposito (1 year ago)
Machines can hurt people.
Gary Oak (1 year ago)
3:31-3:35 anyone else hear the exact whistles that are used in ARK?

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