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Highlight Reel #382 - Monster Hunter Makes Perfectly-Timed Shot

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Highlight Reel is Kotaku's regular roundup of amazing plays, stunts, records, and other great moments from around the gaming world. Please check out the original videos in the links below, and send us your favorite clips to highlightreel@kotaku.com. To submit, either send us a link to your video on YouTube, a game DVR, Streamable, Twitch, or just send us the raw file (YouTube links are preferred, as they allow us to attribute credit. For the sake of privacy/ease on our end, please avoid Facebook video and Google Drive). Please also give a description of your moment, and confirm that you recorded it. Wondering how to capture footage on your console or computer? Here's our guide on how to do it: http://kotaku.com/how-to-capture-game-video-on-ps4-xbox-one-pc-and-mac-1659764485 You can follow Chris Person (the editor and voice of Highlight Reel) over at twitter.com/papapishu. If you have any questions or concerns about the show, please contact Chris. Sources: 1. Dying Light - You think those biters out there are dangerous? - Simon Larsen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wmlDAvaMIw&feature=youtu.be In dying light, I’m talkin’ about people. 2. Overwatch - Mei is the Devil - Imprala https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs07MlZ4SLs0bKSdNF2orpQ In Overwatch, this is evil even by Mei standards 3. FIFA 18 - Should it bend like that? - WickedHaus https://clips.twitch.tv/InexpensiveFairAppleCharlieBitMe In FIFA, Bend it like Beckham Bodyhorror. 4. CoD: MW2 - run over by hardly moving car - durfynoob https://www.reddit.com/r/GamePhysics/comments/851m18/modern_warfare_2_run_over_by_a_hardly_moving_car/ https://gfycat.com/DirectFreshArgali ALTERNATE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sy34GgoMNak&feature=youtu.be In Modern Warfare 2, speed kills. 5. Fortnite BR - Kalaalivik https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7AoIbEinaU In Fortnite, saved by parking meters. 6. Fortnite BR - jordan addison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEat8zv9u8w&feature=youtu.be https://www.reddit.com/r/FortNiteBR/comments/845oct/thru_the_house_snipe_wait_for_it/ Also in Fortnite, through the house 7. Monster Hunter: World - _2018031921161611 - courtney delahunty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnew-ieXobI&app=desktop In monster hunter, fantastic timing on this. 8. Monster Hunter: World - 8 of about 100MHW: Great Jagras on top of Deviljho glitch - Kotaku Clip -RadKennster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9vmaYiymZc Also in Monster Hunter World: truly the most terrifying monster of all. 9. PUBG - 905m Kar98 Boat Kill, I'll never top it - infamouschloe http://twitch.tv/infamouschloe In Battlegrounds, this Kar98 boat kill. 10. Sea of Thieves - These are sharks - SirAxilotl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlZ0vFCSaIg&t In sea of thieves, sharks are graceful 11. Sea of Thieves - Rocket Ship - Craig Dunlop Also in sea of thieves, water’s choppy today. 12. Sea of Thieves - Get rekt idiot - chinglishtv https://clips.twitch.tv/SteamyInexpensiveCheesePeteZaroll (No V.O.) 13. Sea of Thieves - BurkeBlack/CrReaM https://clips.twitch.tv/DependableTubularChimpanzeeVoHiYo No nice pirates. 14. Sea of Thieves - Putting our old ship to rest - TamlyTime https://clips.twitch.tv/BravePricklyHamburgerMau5 Lastly in sea of thieves, R.I.P. to the ship, she’s gone to heaven. 15. Watch Dogs 2 - Katana https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAa55G32GZY Let’s end today in Watch Dogs 2 where Marcus is calm under pressure.
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Text Comments (130)
OpticalDuck2 (1 month ago)
4:25 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it’s gone
Jarrod Aruseanoex (3 months ago)
he come under pressure sure only because bullets fly throw him to
Sorry N Advance (3 months ago)
Marcus should be lucky that those guys went to storm trooper Academy
Trevor Thieme (3 months ago)
3:19 Can I have a link to that video? :)
Lucus Trainor (3 months ago)
More like glitch fest 2018, these aren’t exactly highlights...
Rumford Chimpenstein (3 months ago)
CD Warrior (3 months ago)
That’s not what they meant when they said bring me that horizon Going Merry
Hezkore (3 months ago)
Can you believe it?! Someone killed someone in Fortnite, PUBG and Overwatch!? That's worth a highlight!
iGhoulONE (3 months ago)
Hello, curious. Is the highlightreel@kotaku.com an email?
603Video (3 months ago)
Are we ignoring the floating fortnite heads?
PhoenixKsE (3 months ago)
2:33 "That was 10,000% your far-est shot ever." "far-est"
Kotaku (3 months ago)
Sea of Thieves is going to be great for the reel. If you're playing and have a clip, or see a clip online, send it my way!
zDupz (3 months ago)
My buddy and I got sniped at 1:22 till 1:41
kareem Akbar (3 months ago)
That cola burst though haha
GameSnippets_Jimmy (3 months ago)
Marcus be like 'same shit different day'
8523wsxc (3 months ago)
All multiplayer games on this planet suck; they are developed by assholes an played idiots.
Numpty Cunt (3 months ago)
Jho ate that Jagras so hard that his nose became one.
The Stalker (3 months ago)
Ship funeral like merry. Ends up flying like sunny.
ark13700 (3 months ago)
1:15 tfw fortnite randomly doles out bs headshots to make players feel skillful
ark13700 (3 months ago)
Actually yeah, your explanation seems right
Kalaalivik (3 months ago)
I flicked it as I shot. If I didn't it would just to right pass him. Also notice how the recoil works after my clip. Nowhere near as much as my shot... So... I flicked it as I shot him.
Kewkky (3 months ago)
I thought the exact same thing. Yay inflated egos!
Dingus (3 months ago)
That was aimed nowhere near his head, and yet the bullet went straight to it. Hmm.
Sean A Gordon (3 months ago)
MW2? what year is this lool.
Marcus Kane (3 months ago)
I see pubg/fortnite clips, i click dislike.
Darchangel (3 months ago)
This is still one of my favorite shows on yt
SleepyWaffles (3 months ago)
Is that Gassy at 4:15
Kevin H Cuevas (3 months ago)
Was that watchdogs 2 running at the lowest settings ?
darkphoenix2 (3 months ago)
Those Sea of Thieves clips were amazing
Arc Ray (3 months ago)
that last one was total aimbot hax, all of those were perfect headshots
DeadlyYellow (3 months ago)
Sweet, an Overwatch clip I can observe and understand as an outsider.
BAD HOBO (3 months ago)
4:20 R.I.P Merry. You were a great ship. But Sunny is way better.
Goddammit, Janice! (3 months ago)
I like how the mermaid still sends up a flare when ship goes flying off.
Raphael Chagas (3 months ago)
Monster hunter videos zzzzzZzzzZzzzz
stiflash (3 months ago)
Raphael Chagas my god that amount of kids who came from destiny 2 on monster hunter and are already bored 'cuz they have to WAIT for new content...
Preston Garvey (3 months ago)
Okay, sea of thieves looks pretty fun so far
David Navarrete (3 months ago)
I'd love for some Splatoon 2 content, really
Sknots (3 months ago)
I really hope Sea Of Thieves makes up for its lack of content soon because it looks like its a game with tons of potential
suronia1 (3 months ago)
and fixes for the many many bugs
Nethilious (3 months ago)
Sea of Thieves is Esports ready
Raymond Lim (3 months ago)
I thought that monster was part of the cutscene
Mummy Long (3 months ago)
you guys should stop with the battle royale clips, the game archetype is just boring now
Katana (3 months ago)
Yesss, second time making it into highlight reel!
SolCalibre (3 months ago)
NEVER joke about there being a kraken lest the joke end up on you.
Sseccanya Bricknell (3 months ago)
Funny how they make the one piece reference to the ship then it acts like it has the cola burst on its back
Not Serious (3 months ago)
King Eclipse either would work
King Eclipse (3 months ago)
* Impact Dial *
alupihan (3 months ago)
I never knew Monster Hunter have monster fusion now
Allen Hines (3 months ago)
1:57 goddamn it handler how many times do we have to save you, is this going to happen when Lunastra comes? or even Alatreon?
AlphA NeoX (3 months ago)
Allen Hines Stygian/Vanilla Zinogre is definitely on top of my comback list, followed by Nargacuga and Magala.
Allen Hines (3 months ago)
AlphA NeoX the monster I want the most in MHE is Zinorgre
AlphA NeoX (3 months ago)
It seems Capcom forgot about Lunastra already... I want Rajang to grab the Handler by the leg and drag her Harambe style for his cutscene xD
IBlameNargles (3 months ago)
The clip at 4:06 is very funny but I think it's the biggest problem with the game atm. Too many players kill because they can. If they did it to take treasure I would at least be fine with it but no one ever does. The only time someone stole from me was when a guy took an empty chicken coop off of me...for some reason? This game could be so much more enjoyable if people actually communicate and talk to each other (obviously killing will still happen but the communication in the game is essential imho).
Rumford Chimpenstein (3 months ago)
if they added some factions so that you had potential teammates out there then the communication would increase a lot
IBlameNargles (3 months ago)
Oh okay. And yeah, I get that the whole game is about being a pirate but killing isn't the only thing pirates can do. Also, I ran into 6 players today (4 in a galleon, 2 in a sloop) that showed me that the game isn't full of murderous pirates so my original comment now is pointless haha I should have waited a little longer before writing my comment, the game has only just come out after all and it just keeps getting better and better imho <3
Kotaku (3 months ago)
If you watch the whole clip (linked in the description) they do contextualize that he's just amped up because they dealt with a bunch of jerks prior to that guy. I think that as the game goes on, more people will find ways to be cooperative in the game, but at the same time it's also literally a game about pirates.
Xiyo Reven (3 months ago)
it's hard to pull up on a ship and not be fired on while also checking to see if they even have loot in the first place. So you're going to run into a lot of people just bombarding your ship and then checking to see if there was any loot to begin with. The ones that are truly annoying is when they stay around and leave your ship alive and just spawn kill you on your ship. You don't get points, you don't get loot-- they're just spawn killing you to spawn kill. I had 1 friend on our galleon offer the idea to do that at one point and we all disagreed that it's a scummy thing to do. Sadly, you cannot avoid people like that in games they're always going to be there and it sucks, but generally my experience has been very nice. (I guess because I generally win ship battles and then leave without camping or anything crazy?)
IBlameNargles (3 months ago)
Yeah, that's what I'm saying, the community is part of the game. And I don't have anyone to play the game with so maybe that's where I'm going wrong. It's mainly groups that kill me, I've yet to see another person on their own like me (maybe I have, I probably got killed from afar). Im also playing it “pacifist style” so I try and talk my way out of things so obviously I expect to be killed, but like I said in my original comment no one communicates :/ I have tried several times to get a random group together but that always results in: a) I can't understand them because they speak another language. b) No one uses their mic/the in game text chat options. c) People in groups run off and do their own thing. I'm a pretty unlucky person so I hope all of this is just my poor luck. Hopefully other people are enjoying the heck outta this game with friends because that seems like a lot of fun and the best way to play <3
dannybob42 (3 months ago)
He had to mention Merry :’(
Akanome (3 months ago)
Hope next episode there'll be some ni no kuni 2 clip
The monster hunter clips are getting very boring
Kewkky (3 months ago)
They're as boring as the BotW videos. I find far less enjoyment watching someone do something "skillful" for no other reason than to entertain spectators, rather than do something "skillful" either accidentally or in a split-second decision that decides whether they win or lose.
stiflash (3 months ago)
The new cool thing to say in 2018 after "destiny 2 is trash" : "Monster hunter world is boring" Yeah, that was sarcasm if you dont get it...
Not Serious (3 months ago)
So is your mom
ll AnEnigmaticWolf ll (3 months ago)
The Man Who Created Turtles To Take Over The World. To you, maybe.
Fergus Lang (3 months ago)
4:38 Shit Ussop using that sky island impact dial again
Full Charge (3 months ago)
Now that's how you scuttle your vessel.
THEKINGBETWEEN (3 months ago)
I was just about to comment that it must have been the thousand sunny Cou da burst
Morse Code (3 months ago)
Fergus Lang lmao
Seamus Mullins (3 months ago)
I hope games never stop having bugs, because that is half the fun of this show XD
Sabertooth 3604 (3 months ago)
4:35 that one piece reference
Nightbladez (3 months ago)
Ari_Dexel (3 months ago)
kgies1 (3 months ago)
These monster Hunter clips are boring as hell
stiflash (3 months ago)
kgies1 and now you are hiding behind the fact than what you said is an "opinion"...the sentence " those monster hunter clips are boring as hell " is more a provocation than an opinion you are litteraly saying that the game is boring and the clips of this game doesn't interest anyone don't ne surprised if peoples start telling you that you're acting like a kid...
kgies1 (3 months ago)
stiflash Just stating an opinion on the vids, feel free to disagree, you don't have to be such a dick about it ;)
stiflash (3 months ago)
kgies1 well look likes your kind of "good guys" all acts like 10 years old kids...but that's not a problem if your 10 years old too ^^
kgies1 (3 months ago)
stiflash yup, just trying to keep up with the cool guys!
stiflash (3 months ago)
kgies1 hey ! look like the new "cool thing" to say now is monster hunter is boring because too many people says "destiny 2 is trash" and you want to stay original...pathethic
YZ (3 months ago)
That Mei execution was fucking brutal.
Boco Corwin (3 months ago)
So, what's the deal with Sea of Thieves?
Void Riften (3 months ago)
Bullets are no match for Ultra Instinct Marcus
Motul Autech (3 months ago)
Why Monster Hunter World look awful? Because is not on pc
stiflash (3 months ago)
The only you will got in posting this is hate...i really don't see why your doing this
SuperJack600 (3 months ago)
Nice bait cuck.
angel lara (3 months ago)
Motul Autech I think you're blind
Butlermagic95 (3 months ago)
4:40 There's a joke here about airships.
John Z (3 months ago)
We have mw2 content already? Hmmm I see what’s going on
SenMysrana (3 months ago)
Well. Speak of the Kraken, I guess...
CD Warrior (3 months ago)
SenMysrana the poor guy was just kraken a joke
Chris Gowen (3 months ago)
Shit, there goes my other hand and foot!
balrog0444 (3 months ago)
Some Jhos are savage brutes, brutally whipping enemies around and devouring them afterwards without a shred of remorse. That one just wanted a new hat. See that smile? So innocent.
Garrett Seno (3 months ago)
balrog0444 clearly it plays Tf2
Jamdouglass (3 months ago)
i’m very tired of the monster hunter clips but whatever
Not Serious (3 months ago)
Tough shit
AlphA NeoX (3 months ago)
Like Kotaku said a while ago with Overwatch, send them content worth featuring if you don't want to see clips from trending games. So send your stuff or stfu.
biohazard724 (3 months ago)
From Dark Souls 3 to Overwatch to Rainbow 6 to PUBG to MHW the most popular game at the time is gonna get the most clips. Accept it and move on.
Iosis6 (3 months ago)
The one with the monster on top of the other one was the first one I have laughed at or even really found amusing.
balrog0444 (3 months ago)
Suck it up princess, with the undisputed king of gluttony arriving there's going to be a few more yet.
bling0holic (3 months ago)
I have been watching these for a good 'ol year and half, and there are some that just stands out, but holy lord, does the Sea of Thieves 3rd one is hilarious lol xD hahahaha *swipes tears away* that made my day, GJ Kotaku!
B0bby ai (3 months ago)
Rip Going Merry 😪
Sean Gillooly (3 months ago)
yeah I'll still cry at the Merry-Go funeral. idgaf they play that sucker up and it gets me everytime
Morse Code (3 months ago)
B0bby ai 😥💗👍
Kleber Anderson (3 months ago)
That poor Hanzo
Dingus (3 months ago)
He deserved it.
Jonathan Harris (3 months ago)
4:50 It's gone off to be with the Big Ship in the Sky.
Andy Munch (3 months ago)
Flipped off to Davy Jones's Locker!
dude dude (3 months ago)
Jonathan Harris I just wanna see a clip of the guys it landed next too lol
TamlyTime (3 months ago)
You can actually see me cover my mouth with embarrassment!
Clapper (3 months ago)
The ship got scared of the streamer teeths, ugh...
Time Mage (3 months ago)
fun fact, that clip was actually a teaser for the canceled studio ghibli movie "Sailboat in the Sky"
Ethan Harkin (3 months ago)
steven bush (3 months ago)
R.I.P the going mary
paul192837465 (3 months ago)
Wow Didn't know Deviljho can fuse with Jagras... EVEN BETTER LOOT!
Brandon Miller (3 months ago)
paul192837465 yeah makes this awsome longsword attached to the end of a greatsword
AchingScaphoid (3 months ago)
I'm here before there's a thousand views. This is a slightly remarkable coincidence.
This is the lengthiest "First" comment I've ever encountered
Paulo Tado (3 months ago)
Kotaku's sexy voice makes the entire video worth it.
Kotaku (3 months ago)
my father is mr kotaku, call me chris
TheZaius (3 months ago)
Yeah, Mr. Kotaku has a nice voice.
Galactic Magic (3 months ago)
*Chris Person's voice :)
RoderickThe13 (3 months ago)
That Dying Light clip is just perfect.
Juan Omeasoo (3 months ago)
2nd comment
Leaf Truft (3 months ago)
FIRST :) Comment and like I hope
Mk12dexxa6 (3 months ago)
009nhalf first comment on the first comment first comment I hope :D
009nhalf (3 months ago)
First comment on the first comment. I hope

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