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12 New Upcoming Games 2017 & 2018 | PS VITA

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Here 12 of Bests New Upcoming games 2017 & 2018 will release for PlayStation Vita. please SUBSCRIBE to support me also leave comment to share your thoughts
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Text Comments (47)
goldfingerhardcore (7 months ago)
I love my PS Vita. Take that with me everywhere I go
Eonix (7 months ago)
PS VITA ? Wat is this ?
daniel raj (8 months ago)
OMG.... all the game looks like it would literally suck.... Mobile games get better graficks and game play and on top of that ITS FREE. Get ur shit together Playstation.
Cool Dude (9 months ago)
enough with these RPGs please.. want some Racing,Fighting and sports games !! Latest releases 🙁
xGus17 (7 months ago)
Cool Dude ikr, since sony in japan arent going to add new console games or games specially made for the vita and they are going to focus more on mobile games, i thought that GearClub on the vita would be pretty cool.
Not FBI (9 months ago)
creo que los unicos juegos grandes que nos dieron este año son danganronpa v3 y undertale
Diablo Raven (10 months ago)
What is that song that plays during the "Mask of Truth" one!? I know it but i cant think of the name!
Hamad Alrowaie (10 months ago)
Unfo my ps vita are collecting dust by now 😒 it is useless 😳 i wish i did not upgrade 😳 it will never serpass the psp 😒 i have the gpd win now and playing tekken 7 and dmc 4 on the go 😢rip vita 💔
Don Merrigan (5 months ago)
Hamad Alrowaie I don't understand how a system with better hardware and a 2nd joystick that plays almost the entire psp library but also tons of originals, ps1&2 titles makes you wish you had stuck with your psp instead of buying a vita.
pimped outstereos (10 months ago)
The retro style games look so good on the vita. I wish these Japanese developers would make some different genre games rather than just RPGs and visual novals. They do a very good job of them don't get me wrong but it would be nice if they stepped away from those two genres and did some plat formers or some action games or something
PsyGnosiS (10 months ago)
Secret of Mana incomming...
michael jake usman (10 months ago)
i only saw 1 game maybe playable for me. others are crap! ps1 graphix! come on dev! raise your standards! i think its better if you remake resident evil 1 in vita than this crap of "new games"
mootso (10 months ago)
Add me:droop99
hoIyforks (11 months ago)
Where is danganwaifu V3 though?
Tiger In The Woods (9 months ago)
It's coming in 4 days.
Your Nightmare (11 months ago)
Shitty games for shitty price
Your Nightmare (8 months ago)
Flavor Daddy 😂
Flavor Daddy (8 months ago)
Your Nightmare These all look boring and unexciting. Lord please help us.
Rick Diculous (11 months ago)
The vita can't compete with that BEAST of a console NINTENDO SWITCH
Ahmad Shiddiq Nurrahman (11 months ago)
anyway, thank you for letting me see re:legends trailer. it lead me to be their backer!
Don_ p75 (11 months ago)
Nice this shows that vita isn't dead!!
Aiman Respawn (11 months ago)
Until now im still dont have vita but i will it soon....when i have enough money....all of you that have vita is lucky cause you all have job and some of you made your dad buy psvita for you....but me ?? Have to collect school pocket money...to buy that
Don Merrigan (5 months ago)
Maybe you should stop complaining and get out on that there corner and start hookin already if you want it that badly.
xGus17 (7 months ago)
Don_ p75 i got my ps vita back in 2014 when i was in fourth grade, i raised my own money, my mom or dad would give me 10 or 5 dollars for lunch everyday, i wouldnt eat lunch at all untill i got home, but when i was hungry i bought the cheapest thing, i did that for like 3 months and i had like 250 dollars, i bought a brand new vita straight from japan and my dad gave me 80 dollars for a 32gb memory card. Just keep saving your money and youll have enough to get what you want. Good luck!
Gunheart x Nutshooter (11 months ago)
Aiman Respawn yo I'm 15 and I still need to get my from my job at school
Don_ p75 (11 months ago)
Aiman Respawn (I'm 13 years old) I bought my psvita with my own money. My dad didn't pay.
Rikato Athena (11 months ago)
I love vita
Flavor Daddy (8 months ago)
Rikato Athena I love you
Don_ p75 (11 months ago)
Rikato Athena me too!!!
Martin Mendez (11 months ago)
Encuentro que estos juegos son una burla para psvita , los graficos son casi iguales a una poli station , la consola da mucho más ,esta hecha para juegos de buenos graficos no como estos juegos que acabo de ver , son un chiste no pesa ni 2MB
Wavy Vaporizers (11 months ago)
I swear ps vita hurts my heart so much sometimes it makes me want to learn how to create video games and make a great video game for vita. Imo the best vita game till this day both graffics and online is killzone mercenaries
michael jake usman (10 months ago)
hmm... only played 10 mins of that game. dont really get the tomb raider vibe... and yes.. also didnt finish assassins creed (almost same gameplay)
michael jake usman (10 months ago)
hmm... only played 10 mins of that game. dont really get the tomb raider vibe...
Don_ p75 (11 months ago)
Wavy Vaporizers uncharted golden abyss
Wavy Vaporizers (11 months ago)
Zeevie what u think is the best vita game created?
Wavy Vaporizers (11 months ago)
Assault android cactus looks amazingly fun
Maximillion Roivas (11 months ago)
And still not a single damn wrestling game...fucken hell
Uber Star (11 months ago)
A passionate Vita lover, now developer, is developing a new game called "Glass: A Boxing Story". Look it up on the Vita subreddit
type M (11 months ago)
y always turn base or visual novels Omg
James Jiao (10 months ago)
Good! More!
NYCJoeBlack (11 months ago)
Please state which ones are physical US release, in your videos, please.
NYCJoeBlack if you go to playasia webshop every phisical game avaible in USA even the Asia english exclusive ones.
Jenny Kems (11 months ago)
I wish they have new Fps ,dam I'm done RPG novels ,
michael jake usman (10 months ago)
Jenny Kems sorry but i love rpg.. hate fps games
Honest Gaming (11 months ago)
Great list, shows there is plenty of life left in the PS Vita!
F Game Killer (11 months ago)
thanx ^^
Cop_Fighter (11 months ago)
Il guess undertale is on the list

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