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Octopath Traveler Review

9733 ratings | 453958 views
Octopath Traveler reviewed by Seth Macy on Nintendo Switch. Octopath Traveler: The First 24 Minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AJvN4_43Ok Subscribe to IGN for more! http://www.youtube.com/user/IGNentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN #ign #gaming
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Text Comments (1961)
fahad dhas (54 minutes ago)
too much pixels
Vapelad Dabberboi (7 hours ago)
seth macy? more like seth macuck
supercool1412 (9 hours ago)
7.8 out of 10 the sprites should been more high dev and the battle choreography should have improved even more i know gacha games which have better sprites and battle choreography but alas this square ENIX we are talking about they should drop any FF clone and Final Fantasy and only focus on Kingdom Hearts and Dragon Quest
A C (11 hours ago)
Anybody here in comments purchased this game? Is it worth £49.99 realistically? I can't decide whether to go for it or not... or would Xeno be a better RPG?
derekisazombie39 (13 hours ago)
Between this, Monster Hunter, and Zelda. I think it's time for me to pick one of these consoles up. Fantastic review btw, One of the better ones I've seen from IGN!
Blaze rod (13 hours ago)
Is it difficult for games to add a option to upscale the in game menus THEY ARE SO DIFFICULT TO SEE IN HANDHELD MODE at least for me
Fabien Prox-Trm (20 hours ago)
Best game since like 20 years :O :D
Kuro Bones (23 hours ago)
Bravely Default? Lol
Franco Rossel (8 hours ago)
Same developers.
Xavier Roberts (1 day ago)
Switch Rules
SplitMind Presents (1 day ago)
MardooGames (1 day ago)
This won't age well in europe other than the UK, so i'm gonna wait and get it cheap later on haha
Tyler Scow (2 days ago)
So based on the video it's a walking simulator?
William's Cringe Fest (2 days ago)
I have a question...where can I see my enemies hitpoints? It feels like I have no idea whether to be more risky or safe because I have no reference point to how weak my opponent is.
William's Cringe Fest (2 days ago)
Franco Rossel oh wow thanks
Franco Rossel (2 days ago)
The color of their names change as their health drops. White is healthy, yellow is about half HP and red is about to die. Cyrus also has a skill that reveals exactly how much HP an enemy has left.
José Yánez (2 days ago)
Contrast this to the FIFA 18 review on the Switch.
kee ming ang (2 days ago)
Sounds like Bravely Default gameplay. Why does he he sound like it has never be done before
Christopher Uruchima (2 days ago)
Cool points to anyone that can tell me how to play through the stories? Should I finish each character one by one or do all the stories together chapter by chapter? Im lost haha
Christopher Uruchima (2 days ago)
Franco Rossel oh thats right 🤦🏽‍♂️😁😁 thanks man! (Hands cool points)
Franco Rossel (2 days ago)
There's a nice summary on the Journal so you can get a refresher on everyone's story anytime.
Christopher Uruchima (2 days ago)
Franco Rossel oh alright I guess that makes sense! I wanted to do Thierons story from start to finish, but I was worried that I would forget what the heck was going on with the other characters since you have to play there chapter 1's to get them lol
Franco Rossel (2 days ago)
It's completely up to you. There's no "right" way to do it, it's open ended.
Jared Tayag (2 days ago)
This game is heavily similar to Golden Sun. Golden Sun should be remastered or at least w a different story.
mabiee (2 days ago)
93% lmao
big gummy (2 days ago)
another lame game for switch, turn based rpgs sre wsy too old as well as ff tactics styles pixel drawings. 9.3 is a deceptive score made by ign.
The Rookie (2 days ago)
Great now I have to get a switch
Maniac536 (2 days ago)
I’m glad I got my copy when I did
liam gw (2 days ago)
I thought you need to 100% a game or be close to that to review it.
Jeffrey Lin (2 days ago)
all i remember about this review is 53 hour
ZeldaInferno (3 days ago)
I love how most of the comments are people begging for this game to come to other platforms... When in reality, Nintendo funded this game so it will most likely never come to any other platform.
The Rookie (2 days ago)
ZeldaInferno Now I have get a switch, well guess that means I held out too long
Seph Angel (3 days ago)
In all honesty though, what struck me most in octopath besides the gameplay, storytelling, and graphics is the soundtrack. Battle1, Decisive battle2, Stillsnow, and Journey's End are very pleasing to listen to.
Seph Angel (3 days ago)
PSA :) Turn 1 charged Donate BP into Triple charge sorcerer spell = instant kill on all mobs
ThePresentation010 (3 days ago)
Talks like hes learning how to read and mincing each word. What in dafuq..
Ubergamer (3 days ago)
This was really encouraging for me to buy this game. IGN should put this guy on the spot light of their games reviews.
Agus Gomez (3 days ago)
Friendly reminder to boicot Square Enix until Octopath Traveller gets released on ps4. Let them know that we wont stand by this "switch exclusive" bullshit. We dont want that! Nobody does!
Haley Lee (3 days ago)
I wish the old Final Fantasies can be remade in this fashion.
Ray Young (3 days ago)
Now why can't square make a final fantasy game like this I feel like that's what older fans have been wanting for literally decades at this point
TimeSplitterChimp (3 days ago)
Wonder if this was not a Nintendo exclusive if the score would be as high...
Agus Gomez (3 days ago)
TimeSplitterChimp dont worry! We as a community have the power to boicot this company until they release on ps4!
PineAppleProductions (3 days ago)
100% my GOTY
Agus Gomez (3 days ago)
PineAppleProductions it will be when it gets to ps4! Boicot Square Enix!
Brandon Cary (3 days ago)
I feel like the Voice Acting for your characters is a little lackluster during battle as they very often repeat the same things during fights. Very little variation on their lines. Would be my only complaint for the game so far tbh
Vita Spieler (3 days ago)
Love his enthusiasm!
Norwing Martinez (3 days ago)
Ign you do a bad job review video games you and gameinforer to damm short and surprise you givein this game a 9.3 i will do a way better job reviewing this game .
Az Azer (3 days ago)
LA LA LAND of jrps ??
Zoomin (3 days ago)
Just another reason to buy a switch
Agus Gomez (3 days ago)
Zoomin it will happen and probably within the following month or two. We are boicotting square enix to have this released in ps4. Nobody is gonna buy anything from them. We're a huge community, and are gonna take a chunk out of their pocket for their greed!
Zoomin (3 days ago)
Agus Gomez it either will never happen or you'll have to wait a couple years
Agus Gomez (3 days ago)
Zoomin persona is a great game! I have over 140 hours on it! When this gets to ps4, it could be the next great ps4 rpg!
Zoomin (3 days ago)
Agus Gomez best game on PS4 is persona 5
Agus Gomez (3 days ago)
Zoomin you dont know what you re talking about, obvious shill
Myrdin (3 days ago)
Didnt hear of this game before this video. Definitely something I might wanna check out. Thanks for the heads up !
Agus Gomez (2 days ago)
Myrdin if I can bring this game to ps4 through will power and my own rights then this man too can do the same with pc
Myrdin (2 days ago)
Cant really see anything trolly about his reply. There are emulators for other consoles, sooner or later a switch version will surely pop out as well.
Agus Gomez (2 days ago)
A troll for wanting what's rightfully mine? Okay.
Kid chaor (2 days ago)
lol you gotta be a troll
Agus Gomez (3 days ago)
Myrdin dont worry, dont give up! We are a huge group fighting to get this to ps4! Im sure it can get to pc as well if the demand is high enough! We are boicotting square enix!
SaiD23 SaiD (4 days ago)
The new final Fantasy
Marcos Lessa (4 days ago)
over hyped
Nerdasaurus (4 days ago)
This guy should do audio book recordings
Lombard (4 days ago)
Got Octopath Traveler add before the video.
Midnight_Pepper (4 days ago)
nier automata pls nintendo
TonyKanameKuran (4 days ago)
Ask Square Enix first, Peppy.
Cloud Strife (4 days ago)
Human train😁😂😃😄
greg cord (4 days ago)
This is defo a Daemon Hatfield game,please be excite,lol....scoop!!
FallingForgiveness (4 days ago)
looks more linear than games of this kind usually are. Hope not
Franco Rossel (4 days ago)
Octopath is super open ended. You can do any chapter in any character story in any order you want, and visit any place from the get go.
TonyKanameKuran (4 days ago)
Never judge a game... especially for a role playing game.
Wayne Kramer (4 days ago)
I hope this means we get to finally have a Super Mario RPG sequel soon...
TonyKanameKuran (4 days ago)
Try harder, Mr. Wayne.
did you know that Octopath spells out the characters name? Here is proof Ophelia Cyrus Tressa Olberic Primrose Alphyn Theroin H'aanit
Chandler Gerald (4 days ago)
Its seems like a solid game but $59.99???
Agus Gomez (3 days ago)
TonyKanameKuran not for long! We are boicotting square enix to have this released in ps4!
TonyKanameKuran (4 days ago)
$59.99 is *WORTH* the purchase. You have failed to notice that Octopath Traveler is the NUMBER ONE selling game in North America, Europe, and Japan?
antony miller (4 days ago)
What’s is about
TonyKanameKuran (4 days ago)
Go to octopathtraveler.nintendo.com and you'll get to know about this game better.
antony miller (4 days ago)
I don’t get it what’s the big deal about this game that I don’t own the switch?
Agus Gomez (2 days ago)
Exactly! We want this on ps4!
Kid chaor (2 days ago)
like spiderman persona and street fighter smh
antony miller (3 days ago)
Agus Gomez you right they should have it in all platforms but it up to square enix then i will play it on ps4
Agus Gomez (3 days ago)
antony miller gamers are boicotting square enix to have this released in ps4! Fight back against the system! We dont want no switch!
Agus Gomez (3 days ago)
TonyKanameKuran dont!
Dean Colby (4 days ago)
Let this man review all your games
I got an ad for octopath traveler on the video about octopath traveler
MRG Hasekawa (4 days ago)
too bad I don't have Nintendo Switch, ... I guess this won't be coming to PS4
Agus Gomez (3 days ago)
TonyKanameKuran it will change! We are boicotting square enix until this game gets to ps4! We dont want no switch!
Agus Gomez (3 days ago)
MRG Hasekawa dont worry! Help us boicot Square Enix by not buying anything they make until this game gets to ps4! We dont want no switch!
TonyKanameKuran (4 days ago)
You're right... Nintendo is the publisher of Square Enix's Octopath Traveler.
Scott Smith (4 days ago)
I love the way this game looks but man there are too many effects, I wish there was some way to dumb down the filters a bit.
Cinemikel (4 days ago)
You can turn off the harsh vignette if that helps a bit
TonyKanameKuran (4 days ago)
Never underestimate the power of Unreal Engine 4.
itsovernyanthousaand (5 days ago)
I've found my reason to get a switch. This looks so beautiful and fantastically put together.
jk rv (8 hours ago)
Agus Gomez better keep playing fifa and call of duty and leave the masterpieces and innovating ones to Nintendo switch
Agus Gomez (1 day ago)
True Roman would you call the people that fought for slavery to be abolished pathetic? Abraham Lincoln? The ones that fought during segregation? ROSA PARKS? If not, you're being a hypocrite against us, people fighting for what's rightfully ours.
True Roman (1 day ago)
Agus Gomez Pretty pathetic man, waste of time
Arif Gunawan (5 days ago)
GOTY Confirmed!
Agus Gomez (3 days ago)
TonyKanameKuran when it gets to ps4, sure! 😁
TonyKanameKuran (4 days ago)
RPG of the Year, to be precise!
RZ9229 (5 days ago)
Imagine ff6 remake visualy like this
TonyKanameKuran (4 days ago)
First or exclusive, sign me up!
miami cosmo (5 days ago)
reviewer was excited like a little fangirl before a bieber concert
Scorcher Cubone (5 days ago)
Picked it up after remembering that I haven’t played a square enix rpg game in 3 years. Played for 8 hours on my day off, and it’s just phenomenal!!
Agus Gomez (3 days ago)
Scorcher Cubone why? Everybody is boicotting square enix cuz we want this on ps4! Refund if you can!
abdel aziz ogagang (5 days ago)
Problem is the game is running out of physical copies even in Japan.
TonyKanameKuran (4 days ago)
At least they're making more physical copies in Japan. Not to mention that the digital version is number one on the eShop Charts!
KobiscuitTV (5 days ago)
I'm surprised the music wasn't mentioned. That's one of the things I definitely noticed during the demo
Marco Maza (4 days ago)
KobiscuitTV same
DIRTYYETTI (5 days ago)
Lorenzo Vidal (5 days ago)
Sold. I'm getting the game
Agus Gomez (3 days ago)
Dont! We are boicotting square enix to have this released in ps4
theJimmy2 (5 days ago)
I feel like the pricepoint of this game is too high. It costs more than botw, at least in my country. But eventually i will buy it.
Agus Gomez (3 days ago)
theJimmy2 buy it when its ported to ps4! Help us boicot Square Enix and make our dreams a reality
Tom C (5 days ago)
It has over 50+ hours of content. it offers a lot more than many full priced triple A titles.
Kingdom4Real (5 days ago)
First day buy for me. Been waiting forever for a worthwhile jrpg
Edwarz (5 days ago)
Is Square Enix FINALLY understanding that these are the games that matter? Is the golden age of classic JRPGs returning? Or... do they need to see 15 (XV) more failures to realize???
TonyKanameKuran (4 days ago)
It's the first. Trust me... I know.
MrSofly2010 (5 days ago)
A reviewer who went into a game to enjoy it
TonyKanameKuran (4 days ago)
That's the beauty of it.
R0b Cruz (5 days ago)
I want this on ps4
jeff timpano (1 day ago)
There's so many Switch owners and it's so popular that a boycott wouldn't work. I'd love to play games from the PS4 from companies like Naughty Dog but that will never happen either.
Agus Gomez (3 days ago)
MTY1983 we want it now! Boicot Square Enix 2018! No more bullshit! No more switch!
Agus Gomez (3 days ago)
R0b Cruz dont worry, fellow gamer! A large group of us feel the same way! That's why there's a boicot on square enix products until this game gets to ps4! "help us!
MTY1983 (5 days ago)
Sorry dude but Nintendo is the publisher of this game outside of Japan, so it is an exclusive. However, Nintendo is not the publisher in Japan and so may be in a couple years Square might port it over to PS4 in Japan but I doubt it.
Jarock316 (5 days ago)
One day has past since the launch, and the physical copies are nearly sold out worldwide, and sold out in Japan. This could be the beginning of a JRPG resurgence.
Shade (5 days ago)
I want to buy this. But I also want to buy Bayonetta. What should I buy first?
Shade (4 days ago)
Well im gonna get my hard worked money in 10 days and it covers both of these games. so why not
TonyKanameKuran (4 days ago)
Both... final answer!
not alec (5 days ago)
Just got it, who should I start with
john mason (5 days ago)
just got this game and I'm already hooked
Krishna Modak (5 days ago)
I really want this game, but I can't stand turn based battle system..
MTY1983 (5 days ago)
@Krishna Modak try the demo first
Antonio Barbosa (5 days ago)
I feel the same.
Tracer Bullet (5 days ago)
Respect for my fellow Therion main
Tracer Bullet (4 days ago)
I see you are a man of class as well.
James Fox (5 days ago)
Respect for my fellow Tracer Bullet avatar.
Dani Thomas (5 days ago)
looks superb
Timothy Norville (5 days ago)
I was super pumped for this game. I’m only about 5-6 hours into it, and had no idea about a job system! I’m super pumped to get there! Thanks for the review!
Krakrock (5 days ago)
This video gives me golden sun feels.
TheGianxi (6 days ago)
I liked the reviewer
Clifford Young (6 days ago)
Can square enix please port this to steam or ps4
TonyKanameKuran (4 days ago)
Sorry, Tekkie... but Nintendo is the publisher of Octopath Traveler. While you're at it, ask Nintendo to port Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for your PS4 and STEAM. 0% chance of that happening.
Antonio Barbosa (5 days ago)
Bruh.. don't make yourself look like a fool. Buy a Switch and play the game. It's worth every penny.
Franco Rossel (5 days ago)
This game is definitely not being ported anywhere else. Nintendo funded it, they own it.
Christopher Roth (5 days ago)
SpiceYourLife I never said that you 'beg' for ports. Also, I don't see whats so wrong about asking for a game to be ported to a different system. Calling it begging is a little to much for my taste. I don't think that this game is going to be ported either.
SpiceYourLife (5 days ago)
Christopher Roth so? I don't speak for them I speak for myself. Sure I would admit that I would love some games on the switch from other platforms but I'm not asking for them which BTW is the same as begging. Besides this is an exclusive and published by Nintendo themselves in Na. So it's not gonna happen?
i thought there would be a 3ds version? o3o?
chrisutubeism (6 days ago)
Game looks great but I still can't stomach the thought of dropping £400~ on a switch with a controller and a game. Maybe if they actually supplied a controller with their games console I might re-consider haha. Waiting for price drop.
TonyKanameKuran (4 days ago)
Youse ain't no supporter, Chrissy.
MTY1983 (5 days ago)
@chrisutubeism there are some deals out there from time to time.
Franco Rossel (5 days ago)
The Joy-Cons aren't bad.
F3ND1MUS (6 days ago)
this game looks amazing
Small Fry (6 days ago)
Hmm.... I'll wait for Projared
Maku Kenobi (6 days ago)
Game is 50$ -_- .......oh well must buy!!
karlos cheleuitte (6 days ago)
98 game!!
Kyle Duyck (6 days ago)
This game looks SO dope. 😍
James Mowery (6 days ago)
That art style
St4rTr3v1Ut10n (6 days ago)
Please use your mouth muscles more when talking, you don't have enough enunciation in your speech.
Charles Brown (6 days ago)
Sounds like an awesome game. Too bad its exclusive to switch
The (4 days ago)
Whats wrong with that
TonyKanameKuran (4 days ago)
If you want to play Octopath Traveler, you *MUST* buy the Switch. Get N or get out!
Colin Tsao (6 days ago)
You are right, but I won't buy it.
Jay Summers (6 days ago)
Art style blows
Marlon Cebo (6 days ago)
Serious question, but did the 8 character gimmick remind you of saga frontier? That game was bad but I imagine this game is much better than Saga.
TonyKanameKuran (4 days ago)
Answer: Octopath Traveler is a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy VI, according to a developer at Square Enix.
Francis TheMule (6 days ago)
Looks like absolute trash. It's 2018, not 1990.
Franco Rossel (5 days ago)
But people want 90s nostalgia. It sells.
Christopher Roth (5 days ago)
Francis TheMule You tell em.
Sam Galea (6 days ago)
Wow a reviewer that is genuinely interested in his game and provides some interesting points.
Octavio Hernandez (6 days ago)
Erick reyes (6 days ago)
I haven't seen a SWITCH exclusive game that has a score of 8 below....all switch game has a critical acclaim and positive reviews...
SpiceYourLife (5 days ago)
Mario + rabbids is 7.5 ... so there not all exclusives are fllawless
Yien Chao (6 days ago)
So there is 8 characters, that mean 40320 ways (8 factorial) to start the game :)
Antonio Barbosa (5 days ago)
Mr Spelly (6 days ago)
Jrpg are games about menu min maxing. Basically Diablo for the sedentiary minded.

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