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Anti bullying short film: The Bus stop (2017)

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You won't believe what happens to the bully in this video! This short film tells the story of Angela, an elderly woman who is bullied by a group of teenagers at a bus stop. She crosses paths again with, Carter, one of the bullies. Their confrontation leads to an unexpected outcome. Inspired by the true bullying story of Karen Klein. Please like this video and subscribe to my channel to see more bullying videos.
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Text Comments (96329)
Carter Mullena (18 minutes ago)
If aney one plays roblox friend me carter1234p and hats bullys
Carter Mullena (25 minutes ago)
At this momint he knew he fuckt up
Liliarna EDWARDS (1 hour ago)
This made me cry legit!
Aron Wants To Play (1 hour ago)
11:37. He learned his lesson.👍
Lange TV (1 hour ago)
See u later constabaoar hahaahha
Hazza Wingrave (2 hours ago)
Bullying ur soooo cool
KIDS' TOYS TV (2 hours ago)
I love it 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
MoonlightPlayz YT (2 hours ago)
Stupid fucking bullies(exept for carter) ill kick their ass first!
Rhian Rhames Salvador (2 hours ago)
Because I love my grandmother
Emanuel Vukadin (2 hours ago)
They will go to hell
Rhian Rhames Salvador (2 hours ago)
But a grandmother it's make me sad
Rhian Rhames Salvador (2 hours ago)
I don't bullying someone
Zachary Moore (2 hours ago)
That's what he diserved
Kayla Zello (4 hours ago)
I feel sooo bad for the grandma poor thinhg
Lps Łüca (4 hours ago)
I cried when she cried 😭💔
TheEpic Wolf (4 hours ago)
Izaak Gann (4 hours ago)
Carma for Carta
myia epperson (5 hours ago)
😭😭😭😿 I feel bad for her if someone do that to my grandma's I would kick them
pumpkin eater 69 (5 hours ago)
Ohh I can only imagine if I saw this woman getting bullied
Xx unicorn _love (5 hours ago)
I'm gonna beat there asses
Paddle Clean (5 hours ago)
who else got really said when the old lady cried
Paddle Clean (5 hours ago)
the poor lady she should be loved and cared for
Aidee Lope (6 hours ago)
go suck a dick
Aidee Lope (6 hours ago)
K'riyah Cockerham (7 hours ago)
I cried when she cried I hated those boys. They made me sick and mad
Natasha O'Reilly (7 hours ago)
That is not ok
Piper reynolds (7 hours ago)
I cried 2 times
Tim Brown (7 hours ago)
Boo the bullies 😡
Aubrianna Moffatt (7 hours ago)
This is sooo sad and heart touching. Its just so nice that little things can change what people feel :D
Samantha Craig (8 hours ago)
The old Lady is beautiful like sunflowers I love them
Samantha Craig (8 hours ago)
1 like = 1.000 love for grandma
EthanDSavageGMR 190 (8 hours ago)
I loves this vid like if you agree and or comment
Jakka TV (8 hours ago)
So sad
jeanine sandoval (9 hours ago)
Cater friends were mean to you but kids don’t post to treat you like that
Guardian Angels (9 hours ago)
When she started crying I did to I felt soooo bad for the Lady at the bus stop. Treat others the way you want to be treated
Amanda Blevins (9 hours ago)
Xxwarrior3x ajj (9 hours ago)
This is actually really sweet! It made my heart warm💟💟💟
UT Mob!Frisk (9 hours ago)
The first part where the grandma was getting bullied by 3 boys, at the end of that scene made me cry...
Christine Williams (9 hours ago)
When there ass be old they r going to be sad when some teenagers make fun of them
jeremiah jilbert (9 hours ago)
Morgan Wong (9 hours ago)
Is CAPTAIN canluck even a real comic? I never heard of it
Christine Williams (9 hours ago)
That was so sad that shit is not funny
Its Aleah (9 hours ago)
Give a like
Its Aleah (9 hours ago)
If the boys just grow up they would feel that (bullying)
Doberman (9 hours ago)
Shes fit for being a senior. ( trying not to be mean)
Shayne Koehler (9 hours ago)
it is so sad
Galactrus (10 hours ago)
The kid reminds me of Malcolm from Malcom In The Middle. Anyone else?
Gaming Tech1 (10 hours ago)
That's probably his grandma maybe 🤔
Alex Barclay (10 hours ago)
Don't you have a someone your own age to be rude. huh?
Alex Barclay (10 hours ago)
Jerkhole boys
Rileyiscool 9001 (10 hours ago)
All comments 99%:STOP BULLYING😡😡 1%:other
Ella B (10 hours ago)
I was cringing so much lol
lakin phelps (10 hours ago)
So sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Princess Lol Suprise (10 hours ago)
Ninja xx (10 hours ago)
Adriana Cardona (10 hours ago)
Me:I’m proud of him because he helped the women Bad guys:No be mean to that lady Me:to late he’s nice already
Nessa Merentis (10 hours ago)
Now hell learn to not be mean and everything eays for him now he noses 100%best gramma ever like my gramma
Adriana Cardona (10 hours ago)
Women:ya she’s right
Adriana Cardona (10 hours ago)
Boy:You look like an old grandma Me:well your grandparents are old too
Chloe Tang (10 hours ago)
Why are the boys so mean!? I mean like she is an old women! I hope they are just acting, if they are not, I’m going to die!
shaniah Dominique (11 hours ago)
Have love for all grandparents💜💜💜💜💓💗💖💟
Emily Su (11 hours ago)
The boys are so stupid. That a old lady 👵. I feel so bad for her.
that one couch potato :3 (11 hours ago)
roses are red, violets are blue, if you talk smack about grandma your going to be ending up in a grave too #mess with her you mess with me when you mess with me you mess with her you mess with us you better pray
Jacob Moore (11 hours ago)
Dang she sounds like my mom
-Demondevil GT- (11 hours ago)
It was nice at the end :)
1= like for 100%=love for the grandma
Sarah Norris (11 hours ago)
Wow people really freak out about this like bruh There like "Omg I feel so bad I was crying The Who video. Yeah yeah yeah,Sweetie there acting
Gaming with MSC (11 hours ago)
This was mean god bless them I cried and everything at least she taught him a leason
Frankie Roman (11 hours ago)
I would beat his or her ass to
Riyann Dosso (11 hours ago)
This should be a try not to cry video because when the old lady started to cry I couldn’t help it and burst out in tears
Alex Universe (11 hours ago)
That was amazing!
Chloe TheBest (11 hours ago)
They are so rong to heart a old lady’s feelings like that 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 like if you agree
Noel Lacsamana (11 hours ago)
Why are pepole sush haters like omg why those boys are idots
Mekdes Gebretsadik (11 hours ago)
That grandma dealed with em real good!
Carrie Crawford (11 hours ago)
It’s okay grandma
Aira Stoller (12 hours ago)
You guys are gonna be old farts
Stellabella S (12 hours ago)
I hope I’m that pretty when I’m older.
Awesome Wolf 2007 (12 hours ago)
Carter is dum
Lorenzo young (12 hours ago)
1000=each love for the lady
Joan Eddy (12 hours ago)
This story was awesome and a lesson learned.
Freemas Avarientos (12 hours ago)
That’s so mean I feel so bad right now
Tori in the Red Hoodie (12 hours ago)
karma's a bitch
zena Allen (12 hours ago)
Those little children should shut up and should never bully
Shia Animates X3 (13 hours ago)
How rude the teenagers were to that innocent lady
Cool Girl Mia (13 hours ago)
Well she’s not my grandma but I feel bad
Melinda Kefalas (13 hours ago)
That’s lady is beautiful. No wonder the boys bother her
Cool Girl Mia (13 hours ago)
Poor grandma
WT W (13 hours ago)
Grab the belt
Blair Mceachern (13 hours ago)
I would bake my grandma cookies after someone bullied her and give her hugs and clean-up for her.
Jess Chisholm (13 hours ago)
I feel sry for you, lady. Those kids ARE BULLYS
Brookelyn Davis (13 hours ago)
M My My N My Na My Nam My Name My Name I My Name Is My Name Is B My Name Is Br My Name Is Bro My Name Is Broo My Name Is Brook My Name Is Brooke My Name Is Brook My Name Is Broo My Name Is Bro My Name Is Br My Name Is B My Name Is My Name I My Name My Nam My Na My N My M I know no one will like this so I liked it myself. Also do you know what my name is?
Gacha Ella Mini (13 hours ago)
This is just sad
Tesla Allgood (13 hours ago)
(btw sorry for all the dispellings :^
Tesla Allgood (13 hours ago)
bulling is not goooddah
Tesla Allgood (13 hours ago)
drivingmorans123 (13 hours ago)
By Carter, Do you mean Carter Sharer?
Sophie Eblen (13 hours ago)
Poor woman😣😭😭😭😭😭😢
Miclo Godinez (13 hours ago)
I feel sad for the gramma 👵🏻 And I started to😭😭😭
Miia Savolainen (14 hours ago)
That start was sad but end was happy
Crysten Campbell (14 hours ago)
Back off hater

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