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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Leaks & Rumours (Mostly Lies)

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has about as many false leaks and genuine rumours floating around as you'd expect for a Smash game, so let's laugh at them. Check out our full site ■ http://www.nintendolife.com Like us on Facebook ■ https://www.facebook.com/nintendolife Follow us on Twitter ■ https://www.twitter.com/nintendolife
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Text Comments (1060)
JakeBakedACake (23 hours ago)
Ok, I can't blame anyone for saying this, but we now know that anyone who said that Isabelle would be a Villager echo was fake. If you look at the official Smash Ultimate website, you'll see that Isabelle is listed as number 68, not 45ɛ, meaning she's her own fighter
Orion L. (3 days ago)
I has a leek, pretty tatsy if you ask me.
Undying Obsessions (8 days ago)
Elma would be cool. Too bad I have to wait until 7 to do so. xD Oh I can dream. Also I could see Skull kid coming, and maybe tails or shadow. Maybe Shadow.
MMM Pantherlily (8 days ago)
Kratos was in All-Stars so I don't really see it
*insert picture of "Sitting 60s Spider-man" here* Everyone here wants either Skull Kid/Isaac playable; I'm just hoping that the Jambastion Generals are playable.
Spark412 (14 days ago)
Ada Guerin (16 days ago)
I just want skull kid and geno..... PLEASE...... PLEASE YOU BOOTYFUL GOD NAMED SAKURAI!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!
GaryTheGecko (17 days ago)
My great uncle's friend's dog's sister's coworker's wife's cat told me that Fortnite default skin is in Smash Ultimate
Oh Okay (18 days ago)
Krossfade (18 days ago)
Sakurai please let me have this!!!
PLEASE DEPOSIT 5 COINS (20 days ago)
Guys I got a leak, the new secret mode is accually rule 34
PLEASE DEPOSIT 5 COINS (20 days ago)
Imagine a trailer for shadow that reveals silver too
Aura Sayge (23 days ago)
why are people saying yellow and purple are waluigis color scheme?? waluigi is purple and black theres no yellow except for the backwards upsidedown L?
James Wilhoft (23 days ago)
If the stage builder allowed you to use any themed element it would be amazing.
MAHEM FACE (24 days ago)
I want shadow and skull kid
ムジュラ マスクplease!
shiny sableye (28 days ago)
you are weak and will not survive the winter bc you hate gen 5
The Austin (28 days ago)
You know we all want Sora.
EpicDj388 (28 days ago)
Well your problobly right seeing as a popular leaker has predicted that skull kid will be in the game but as a boss for spirits mode
Abryn (28 days ago)
Also, why is Elma a no? When Smash was in development, Sakurai didn't have Xenoblade Chronicles 2 to work with. So if he wanted to add a Xenoblade character, Elma would have been the best pick.
Abryn (28 days ago)
I'd say that the Golden Sun reference is not that much of a stretch. It should be noted though that the comparison is typically between the Smash screen and the final boss screens of Golden Sun and TLA, which both feature dragons.
The Illustrator (28 days ago)
I have a conspiracy on how Solaire might be a potential fighter.
General Gorilla (29 days ago)
Some of these leaks are trolls or making fun of these leaks.
720-P (29 days ago)
guys im Sakurai ! and waluigi is in smash haha you are welfcome am totally legit saukrai am not scam
ShadowInkling (30 days ago)
20:26 If that would ever be the cause (which will be NEVER) i would name it memories
Skadoosh (30 days ago)
I’m still hoping Spyro will join the fight. The opportunity for his reveal following a Reignited Trilogy for Switch is too good of a prospect for Nintendo to pass up
Itsyoungdoz (1 month ago)
15:00 Noob-Smoke?
Naxtinguisher (1 month ago)
I work at nintendo and i can confirm momokun is a k rool echo
henry walton (1 month ago)
as soon as I saw Tapu Koko I thought maybe just maybe it could work because it's such a unique character
Ryan Kelly (1 month ago)
Because pretty much most of the world want Waluigi I would be surprised if the don't even hint at him like twelve times
mrclidexx does games (1 month ago)
sakurai is a man who thinks about these things,and he is very crafty at hinting fighters.i mean he sneaked in a barrel in the e3 direct,and that would hint to king k rool,and nobody even noticed it.if he put in something in his background,and a multiple details in said background hint to skull kid,i think this is a actual like prediciton
PixelFlip (1 month ago)
I swear if gardevoir gets in and decidueye doesn’t, also skull kid HAS to be in the next direct
Tony Galiano (1 month ago)
I don't understand why everyone is saying that the chairs match Waluigi's color scheme. Waluigi's color scheme is purple and black. Wario's is purple and yellow.
davyt0247 (1 month ago)
CEO is a video game tournament, Nintendo brought Ultimate there.
Pondga Dobcool (1 month ago)
Gen 5 had the best Pokémon games
stephen flesch (1 month ago)
I'm a Zelda nerd so I would freak if Skull Kid is in Smash but to be honest I would prefer Ghirahim. He's more fabulous.
stephen flesch (1 month ago)
Or Vaati
stephen flesch (1 month ago)
Or Zant. He works too
silversonic99 (1 month ago)
At this point I want skull kid to NOT make it so I can laugh at all the smug assholes
lordsinister1232 (1 month ago)
so.... whats the hate with gothitelle? i loved the pokemon design personally. dont really care much about the smash thing about the pokemon but like... why the kind of disgust?
John Z. (1 month ago)
Actually, if you look at the rathalos picture again... A FOURTH CHARACTER IS MISSING WHO COULD IT BE :O I'd be effin bored if its rathalos armor hunter though... that armor is used WAY TO EFFIN MUCH and is boringbland as all hell.
Joe Emerson (1 month ago)
dude doesnt know what ceo is... lol
Tyno Dino (1 month ago)
My father knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who works for Nintendo and I can confirm that Monita from Nintendo Land is in Smash Ultimate
Tyno Dino (1 month ago)
Her final smash is: Tutorial which instantly kills everyone on screen and it crashes your game afterwards
Thrashes (1 month ago)
I think the gardevoir leak (if true) is sakurai trying to get representation form all the generations trying to find 2 pokemon that could fit as fighters and echoes of each other.
RandomAccessMisery (1 month ago)
5:00 pretty sure Kilian's joking, bud
jockgoth (1 month ago)
If you don’t think those chairs are a nod to Skull kid like the ladder and barrel is to King K. Rool.... it’s just too much to basically not be true at this point and I would be surprised if it wasn’t
Ed (1 month ago)
Do you not know how to do research? Do you just shit videos out without any work? Go fuck yourself. CEO is one of the big video game tournament conventions in the US. I was there. They had the Smash Ultimate demo at it. Do you really think an non-important convention like that would have nintendo's interest to bring the demo there? Do research on topics before you talk about them. Fucking christ people like you piss me off. 5 seconds of google search would've told you what CEO is.
Frank TruthTV (1 month ago)
Where do I remember this guy from? I vaguely recall him saying something foul about a game I like but I forgot which one Oh well
Jonathan Saavedra (1 month ago)
The thing is smash bros has pokemon from every generation but 3, 5, and 7 and Gardevoir is from gen 3 and Gothitelle is from gen 5 and if they choose to go with that than that means that they have to put a gen 7 pokemon. Comment down below what kind of gen 7 pokemon you would like to see in smash
zeoxdragon (1 month ago)
I have one for Porky, is an image full of data of how he is in smash and that shit:http://is2.4chan.org/v/1534551614750.png
Jamar Wright (1 month ago)
The only leaker I trust is Veggeben the person has been right on everything he or she has leaked so far
schindlerteejay94 (1 month ago)
Zent and his leaks he found on Reddit.
Carrera Comix Studios. (1 month ago)
About Banjo & Kazooie, the evidence. When the ultimate roster was being finalized, in 2015, Phil Spencer of Microsoft & Rare was approached with the question of Banjo in smash, saying yes, and that would catch sakuri's attention. And since Microsoft and Nintendo are buds with Fortnite and Minecraft, so it is possible. Also, King k Rool is technically a rare property, but guess who got in despite of relevancy? If Geno and Game n' Watch got in, then it is a go. Even back in MELEE, Sakuri considered BANJO. And, there once was a leak that came out BEFORE the announcement of smash in march and predicted Ridley, Inklings, Ice Climbers, the Belmonts, Geno, the echoes, and popular echoes like shadow and Isabelle, and Banjo. Overall, this is a chance of 40-80%. Or, this may just be a big load of mumbo jumbo. (pun intended :D ) 1 like = 1 ballot.
Danny Decadent (1 month ago)
Fuck off Nintendo Life, jesus fuck you are so god damn annoying and hateful, fuck off you god damn fucking bitch ass slut
Jeremy Garner (1 month ago)
Horrible, seriously, stop making videos please.
jsjs djdn (1 month ago)
Skull kid is not going in smash EVER!
Jeremy Garner (1 month ago)
You dont know what CEO is, do some research before you make a video.
Kevin Calderón (1 month ago)
Gardevoir Trainer (1 month ago)
I have 90% faith in the Richter leak. I'm not just saying this because of Gardevoir. No one ever talked about Richter. But I still take it with a grain of salt.
Fernstrom (1 month ago)
Damnit, I just want Rayman.
Joshua Flores (1 month ago)
justin linn (1 month ago)
Please dont make skull kid anymore mainstream
justin linn (1 month ago)
Dark Void (1 month ago)
Baseless claims and empty assumptions made by randos with no valid certification or proof. Not a single screenshot? And the last one was definitely just some moron wishing we got Melee HD instead. Geno, Walu, Majora, and maaaybe Gardevoir are _possible,_ the rest I call horseshit on. I'd personally love Zoroark. But irrelevent GOTHITELLE in Smash my ass. Surprised no one said Goku 😂
Theoddballguy (1 month ago)
16:51 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ there’ll be more stages that’s obviously not all. Jesus. They said there were 60 something in e3 characters and now it’s already 73. 20:35 that’s so fucking stupid if it’s true.
secretagentlucario (1 month ago)
Don't forget about the original fake leak, the Gematsu leak. :p
Neon Silver (1 month ago)
Gen V was the best Pokemon gen. With that said I still don't want Gothitelle as an echo fighter. Edit: A lot of gen V's designs were inspired by Gen I's original 151 designs. If you think V is the worst than you are also without realizing it bashing gen I. I'd argue that Gen V has some of the more unique designs like, Darmanitan, Krookidile, Hydreigon, Haxorus, Zebstrika, Scolipede, Cincino, Emolga, Leavanny, Whimiscott, Scrafty, Zoroark, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyruem(aqquired taste), Victini, and a few others. There are quite a few dumb looking ones, Vanilluxe, Garbodor(inspired by Muk and in my opinion is a much better design than Muk), Cryogonal, Sawk, Throh, KlingKlang(Inspired by Magnezone line but done worse), Maractus, Unfezant, etc. The community agrees that Gen V is very stylized but the don't have the worse designs, in fact I don't think any gen has bad designs as it's majority. Edit 2: Tapu Koko would be interesting Edit 3: I know this idiot didn't just say Pip Boy is a playable fighter...smh. Anyway, as much as I love Sora, I don't know if that'll happen. Edit 4: Regarding the 'Spirits' mode, of course most of these are stupid but some of that have some interesting ideas
Desghidorah The great (1 month ago)
Subspace emisary 2: Return of tabuu
Izzkka (1 month ago)
I just went skipping trough the whole video looking for Sans I don't like the idea of Sansie in Smash but I heard thousands of rumours about him going into Smash Bros. I would personally prefer Undyne (even though my favorite character is Papyrus!), Undyne would fit better as a fighter.
MicManGuy (1 month ago)
Spring man is hot garbage. I would literally take freaking Ribbon Girl over him. And literally ANYONE else from ARMS is more marketable than her.
Ethan Lee (1 month ago)
aw... i really wanted Banjo & Kazooie in smash... even if they were introduced as DLC i would be happy :(
Gallade should be Gardevoir echo fighter I agree
Ced8897 (1 month ago)
Please STOP calling him Skull Kid.... It's Majora.... MAJORA!!!! Not Skulls kid... He is a puppet controlled by a mask, which is Majora, as a villain... NOT a friendly skull kid who plays the flute and dances around.....
Dark Void (1 month ago)
I keep tryna tell people this. Also Majora is a more 'badass' name
Nessgriffin1995 (1 month ago)
Ninten and Elma are actually extremely likely despite nearly no one putting them in leaks anymore. They were both relevant during the Smash Ballot. All of these leaks are just piggybacking on what other leakers said.
Cicen2 (1 month ago)
What about Chibi Robo
Ness (1 month ago)
You'd think a pacman cloud is too subtle.
MrJobocan (1 month ago)
You have Google, you can check what CEO is.
Gold Champion (1 month ago)
All I need is Shadow, Sora, Crash Bandicoot, Rayman and Ken Masters and I'll be blessed. If I can get Ryu Hayabusa and Jin Kazama as well, that would be a bonus
MrServantRider (1 month ago)
Honestly when I watched Gamexplain and they were like "Look at the pose DK is laying in! Oh my, it's just like a certain someone else we know!" and I was like "Saitama?" Because, well, One Punch man lays in similar (not identical) positions when he's watching tv. I think it's just supposed to be a trope of lazily laying on front of your tv and not even an easter egg... lmao
LJC1990 (1 month ago)
The term "grasping for straws" comes to mind with the majority of the rumours
Marcos Morales ll (1 month ago)
At 5:02 that face thing is real. I went back into the direct footage and it’s there however it’s hard to make out what it is. If u tell someone “Doesn’t this look like waluigi” they will probably say yes because u put the idea of waluigi in their head. I think it’s just a random face from someone’s soul and it’s there just to make it seem more spooky. Although tomorrow I meet up with my uncle who works at Nintendo so I’ll ask him lol :)
TerrorDutch (1 month ago)
'Auteur' is Dutch for author. So it would kind of make sense for a final boss named like that to control Master and Crazy Hand? Maybe? Probably not XD!
Tiymako Izau (1 month ago)
To be fair, it's really hard not to look at the Rathalos Tweet without thinking of Golden Sun.
Powerprotoman (1 month ago)
funfact l cancelling was intentionally put into smash however lcancelling sint its real name "smooth landing" is its real name and is even a random trait you can get on gear in smash wiiu and 3ds
Francisco Avalos (1 month ago)
Where can I get one of those pikachu picture in the background???
GlutenFree (1 month ago)
*I N T E R N E T P O I N T S*
Josh Martin (1 month ago)
I really like your videos, but you remind me of Sir Digby Chicken Ceasar
dennix2000 (1 month ago)
Every other smash bros game > Melee :D
Wolf Namina (1 month ago)
Where are my boys Rex and Springman!!!???
Wiley (1 month ago)
If they put Karate Joe in over chorus men I’ll riot.
Noah Lohmann (1 month ago)
I appreciate how you put mostly lies in the title
Lee Thompson-Kolar (1 month ago)
I really want to know what games the trophies will draw from. Will games as recent as Kirby Star Allies and Splatoon 2 be in it? Or will the cut-off date for games be 2015?
Nanobyte (1 month ago)
S H A N T A E or H A T K I D
LinkDoodle (1 month ago)
The picture of Rathalos was posted by Sakurai on his twitter account
Tony McNeill (1 month ago)
Watch spirit mode be a thing. It would explain why characters seem to keep getting killed in reveal trailers. First it was Mega Man and Mario. Now Luigi. lol One you gather the characters soul they will be unlocked.
eegernades (1 month ago)
CEO is a fighting game tournament. Smash ultimate demos were playable there
Domenic Varrati (1 month ago)
Gardevoir? REALLY? I hope that's not real. That pokemon is not that relevant these days, and I just don't find that appealing as a Smash fighter.
Sachi (1 month ago)
Let mike jones in smash 😫👌
BaraTiddies (1 month ago)
14:10 >is it just the same person posting repeatedly Yeah pretty much. Also keep bullying these fake leakers so they go fuck off to somewhere else.
Star Petal Arts (1 month ago)
Look at the background, he's definitely hinting at newcomers! ARMS Rep! WOOT!
EvilMariobot (1 month ago)
The guy talking about Gardevoir and Gothitelle, was saying Simon was NOT in, and Richter was; which demolishes the validity right there. Whatever Sakurai said about "Who's echoing who" about the Belmont characters; even as the leaker goes on to site that Echoes are listed with their counterparts, how did he miss Simon if he saw Richter? "'Prince Fluff for Kirby' ...How would that even work?" Agreed. Chrom also made me feel better about Dixie as an echo. The one talking DLC is bogus because they specifically said they're going to finish the game BEFORE discussing DLC.
puppylover 416 (1 month ago)
That pikachu in the background is making me VERY uncomfortable

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